I wrote this in March 2013 and didn’t publish it.  The more things change the more they stay the same it seems.  We apparently aren’t any smarter now then we were 2 years ago, we are perhaps even less smart, which is depressing and disheartening.

When the immigration debate started years and years ago, I had a question.  I still have the same question. I’ve asked it to anyone who displays a proclivity for amnesty.  I’ve asked it to those on the fence on immigration debate.  No one ever answers my question because they don’t really want to think about it.   Here it is the question like the one in Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe.

So if we allow people to enter the country illegally, what other law will they NOT obey because it just doesn’t fit into their personal narrative?  Which laws can be dismissed as simply laws to protect “old white men”?  Which laws will go because they are racially biased or insensitive?  The answer of course is any and every one.  We are now seeing the results of social engineering on steroids. Thousands of illegal immigrants have been released, their crime?   Drunk driving.  That’s right and one has to ask how many times these characters have been arrested, because I’ve never known anyone to go to jail for that (unless they’ve killed people and not even then )

So we have illegal immigrants, felons already, driving a car without a license because you have to have a birth certificate to get a drivers license- so they shouldn’t be able to get a license which is also illegal.   Then there is the  drinking and I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut most of them started drinking when they were not of legal age to drink.

My question is: Why would people who’ve been rewarded when they broke the law (multiple times) seek to obey any laws.

Who’s says you can’t learn from bad experiences.  You can and you should.

Guess what baracky?  I’m not going away.  Go ahead ignore me, marginalize me, I’m not in this for you.  I will continue to call a shovel and shovel, I will continue to shine the light of actual truth on the secret combinations you and your coven are engaged in.  I will continue to remind people what our country was founded on and by whom it was founded. I will continue to cling to my GOD, my GUNS and my country as it was before you fundamentally changed it.

I will also continually fight against obama care, government power grabs and any and all representatives and senators and lobbyists and partisans that support you, that refuse to fight you and that sit on the fence to see which way the people are going to go.  I will highlight those of little or no honesty, integrity and character no matter the color of their skin, the land of their forefathers or their religious affiliation.

I will continue to speak out until you kill me because that is the only way I will remain silent.  I will not go to my grave with the blood of my countrymen on my hands.  I will speak out, I will be THAT woman.  If no one read this blog I will still stand blameless at the last days of treason against my country and my God because I was willing and did remind my fellow Americans what our Constitution and Bill of Rights actually said when it was written, no matter how you change, alter and delete it in the coming eons of your reign.  I will not go away on my own so we will all know what has occurred if I suddenly come up missing, (it’s not like “you people” ie muslims, liberals, socialists, democrats don’t have lots of experience in this kind of activity) everyone will know just who to look to.

So go ahead ignore my blog, blame me for your bad decisions, make me out to be crazy, power hungry and demonic.  It’s called transference and all dictators with delusions of relevancy are prone to it.  Ask Hitler…………when you get where you’re eventually going.  I wonder if all the babies that have been aborted in Illinois will be there to not dip their fingers in the water to quench your fire.  I hope so.  I devoutly hope so.

I was listening to a radio talk show this evening as I was coming back from spending a few wonderful hours with some of the grandchildren. The host was trying to make a point about “welfare” and “obamacare” and the “dole mentality”.  He asked the women if she had only a certain amount of money for groceries for the month and hot dog and steak were on sale which would she buy. She of course said hotdogs because that is what she could afford.  He then asked  her if someone else was paying for her groceries what would she buy and she said
“the steak of course”.  Of course?  Really?  The host also seemed to think this was a no brainer.

Just because someone else is paying for your groceries it’s perfectly OK to buy more expensive stuff?  It’s appropriate to take advantage of someone who’s trying to help you?  It alright to gouge someone who’s coming to your aid, who’s being generous with their surplus because “hey they have more than they need, I should have some too”?

For those who are confused let me clarify.  It is NEVER OK to take advantage of someone.  It is never right to gouge someone who’s trying to help you.  It is never appropriate to take something from someone just because they have more than you do.

The lack of integrity, the lack of self respect, the lack of compassion that this outlines is stunning.  We have lost our ability to think of others, to empathize, to understand.  Some of us simply want more then they have and if they can’t get it legally and morally they’ll take it from everyone else.

Once upon a time there were standards but I guess that’s all so 20th century.  It’s a brave new world, except it isn’t.  We pulled ourselves out of the Dark Ages by our bootstraps.  We had a rebirth where classical standards and cultural mores harkened back to a higher law.  Hopefully we won’t need a plague to bring us to our knees so that we finally can see the depravity we’ve sunk ourselves and our posterity in.  Or maybe we already have.  Pornography passing as literature in schools, violence and sexuality on display on every channel, violence against women and children on the rise all sound like the plague to me.  Of course in the old days you simply died and went on to a better world.  Today you stay alive and  have to marinate in your sins for quite sometime before getting to the point where you seek to be forgiven and by then it’s usually too late.

This is why were at this junction.  This is the time when we either have to put up or shut up.  Me, I’ll always “put up” but I’ll never shut up. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.


Of all the irresponsible, ignorant, false, misleading and wrong headed things I’ve seen lately this takes the proverbial cake.  This nonsense comes to us from the University (of course) of Maryland (again not a surprise at all).  While I realize I am sensitive, probably over sensitive , to the dreck that comes to us from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Maryland, who have given us some of the most useless and dangerous  political figures, at least in the last 50 or so years ( Pelosi is a member of the D”Alesando family, disgraced VP Spiro Agnew, Sarbanes, Mikulski, and too many more to list), I must say that this new ridiculousness has them all beat by a couple of miles or kilometers if you swing that way.

“‘This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida,’ it (an email) reads, in a reference to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The email went out to all students in the Honors College.”

This professor is the Dean of the Honors College at the university.  One would suppose that he would be professional, rational and somewhat sane, but then this is higher learning where we have to debate what the meaning of the word “is” is. He wanted to and I quote from the article “stir the pot”.  Well in the interest of true disclosure then lets really stir the pot sir.

  • Trayon Martin was high, he was acting suspiciously in a neighborhood where he was a stranger, that had been victimized by young black thugs wearing black hoodies-which he was wearing, hence the neighborhood watch.  Someone was following him, so instead of going home or asking what the man wanted he thought beating him up, telling him he was going to kill him and beating his head into the concrete was a good idea.  Zimmerman called the cops and stopped following him by this time so Trayvon was now the hunter and Zimmerman the prey.  While this all is tragic it does not constitute a “racial” incident. I dare say that if the kid had been white the same thing would have happened given the circumstances.  But let’s view a few other tragedies that the Dean doesn’t seem to be a fired up about.
  • Reginald and Jonathan Carr murdered 5 individuals after brutalizing them, raping them and torturing them.  Leaving the last victim for dead with a bullet hole in her head, naked in the freezing cold they were indeed “hunters”.  They stalked their victims.  Funny thing the Carr brothers were black and yet their victims were white. The DA in Wichita Kansas decided that the killings were not racially based and refused to prosecute them as “hate crimes”.
  • Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were murdered gruesomely by 5 animals.  The couple from Tennessee were white the perpetrators, black.
  • Antonio Santiago was murdered as he sat in his stroller by two black thugs trying to get money from his mother.  I don’t know, kind of a different set of circumstances than Trayvon. Ya’ think?
  • Delbert “Shorty” Belton 88 year old veteran murdered in Spokane.  According to the thugs who beat him to death it was a drug deal that went wrong.  Out side an Eagle hall were anyone could see it?  Really?  Talk about being hunted.
  • Michael Daniels of Syracuse was killed in a “knockout” murder where black youths kicked his eye out of it’s socket, he died the next day. Apparently in Syracuse NY this was just a random teenage thing, even better there was no robbery so it’s was simply for “fun”.
  • Christopher Lane was murdered as he walked along an Oklahoma road.  Australian ballplayer was shot in the back by three “youths” who were bored and thought it would be “fun”.  The youths were black and Lane was white but here again we see the “random violence defense” used instead of invoking “hate crime” laws.

And there are so many, many others.

But lest you think I’m beating a dead white horse we have this:

“A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.”  African Americans make up less than 13 % of the population.

And so it would seem that the Dean is correct that it is perfectly OK to hunt black children but he’s wrong that “whites” are the hunters.  Numbers don’t lie and while you can make statistics say anything you want, these statistics don’t lie.  We have the graves and grieving families to prove it.  What we don’t have is real substantive dialogue on how to fix it.  America doesn’t have culture of violence, some communities have a culture of violence.  America doesn’t have to fix it’s culture, communities within America have to fix their culture and having 75% of their children born into homes with out a father and a mother is one of the most important places to start.

But we can’t talk about that.  Professors don’t dare talk about that. It pejorative, it’s racist, it’s hateful ……………but it’s fact. So Dean, let’s stir the pot but make sure you get way down deep to the bottom  and drag up all of the burned and blistered nastiness as well. It’s really the only way to clean it up.


Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece today taking the administration to task over Syria.  She isn’t alone.  In the House of Representative the count is now 6 to 1 against action in Syria.  Our “allies” have deserted us and the word on the street is not just no but Hell No.  Charlie Rangle is “embarrassed” and I’ve got to say if you’re embarrassing Charlie, dang.  I wasn’t aware that Charlie could be embarrassed after the nonsense he’s pulled in the House.

So, Ms Noonan has suggested that the problem here is “Wrong time, wrong place, wrong plan, wrong man.”  Now far be it from me to correct Ms. Noonan because she’s a respected member of the press and writes for one of the few semi-objective newspapers left in the U.S. but I’m reasonably sure she’s missed the point.  While her premise is good she doesn’t go far enough.  How about “our military is not there to fight FOR our enemies” or ” we will now be partnered with the organization that massacred 3000 innocent American not more than 13 short years ago” or ” chaos over peace in our lifetime” or “we have nothing to fear except our allies”?  All of the preceding statements would be true.  Assad may have ordered chemical weapons use but then again I personally think that the “rebels” are not above killing their own, to make sure the world is on their side.  After all it was mostly women and children that were killed and we all know that it is only in the West the women and or children are considered equal with men.  In Islam a woman and her children especially female children are chattel, slaves kept ignorant, and isolated so they are not competition to their male betters.  Islam’s god cares nothing for half of his creation.

Most Americans:

A) Do not want to become anymore involved in the Middle East.  They understand that even those countries (like Saudi Arabia, Quatar and UAE) who are supposed to be our allies are simply waiting for the time when they can take their “revenge” because we are the infidel and it offends them that we have a good way of life, freedom and rights and that we refuse to apologize, bow or pay much attention to their tender “feelings”.  We have helped them develop their oil reserves, we have given them millions of dollars in foreign aid and what have we gotten?  The opportunity to send our military into an area that they won’t fight in, an area where our own service people can not take their religious texts and books.  Where they can’t attend worship services, where their freedoms are curtailed.

B) We do not want to fight along side the people responsible for 9-11.  Al Qaeda is the “rebel” force in Syria.  I realize that Assad is not prince among men but I seriously doubt that the people wanting to take over are any better at all.  As a matter of fact given what they’ve already done in the places where they are a force, I would posit that they will undoubtably be worse.

C) This president, this administration, this party spent the years after Sep. 11th beating every Conservative with the “anti-war” stick until most folks were sick of hearing about it.  All of the old dove-niks and peace-yobs came out of the woodwork to laud obama as the “light bringer” the “messiah” the “great progressive hope”.  It’s been years since the public has been sold such a pile of manure wrapped up in pretty paper and ribbons.  People should have known that the smell would only get worse as the manure putrified, decomposed and molded. Bush was portrayed as a villain, a monster, a waster of our young military lives.  Where were those pesky WMD………………on trucks going to Syria and other Islamic nations in the Middle East.  The evidence was in the soil but no one wanted to hear about that.  The crates were gone so they were never actually there apparently.

Reality is such a pesky little thing and where democrats, progressives and liberals are concerned if it doesn’t fit the narrative it simply isn’t true.  This is what we have governing us today.  A coward surrounded by people who never matured from Middle School.  Across the aisle we have people who twist in the wind even if it’s not blowing.  They are trying so hard to get people to “like” them they have forgotten who put them there.  So as I am wont to say these days, unless someone can put on the big girls panties and stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for us right here in the good ol’ U S of A, they can go play in the cat box that is Syria all by themselves.

Mind the kitty land mines and other nasty surprises.

Random gatherings

Often when one blogs there comes a time when there are just too many items that one would like to deal with/comment on. Today is that day (it’s also the day I woke up half and hour early, so I have a little extra time). So here we go:

Marijuana advocates cheer White House’s stand… Now lets take this to it’s logical conclusion. (Of course Pot Heads aren’t terribly good a logic. A side effect from their addiction as has been proven and documented multiple times in the last 40 or more years but …….) Pot is a gateway drug for many, that’s why most thinking people don’t use it or advocate it’s use.  My thinking is very libertarian on this issue.  Give them drugs.  Give as many people as want them all the drugs they want.  Within a generation the wasters, the addicts and their dealers will be no more. Britain did a similar thing in the 1800’s with Opium.  They developed a system of Opium dens where people went and indulged in their vice. Some turned away from the practice, those who didn’t died. If a person does not care about themselves or their health why should we stand between them and their decisions.  Just keep them away from machinery and off the roads and the problem will take care of itself.  This will free up jobs, schools and other services for those who actually can benefit from them.

Obama Willing to Go Solo…  One wonders what new scandal the president is trying to deflect attention from.  Better yet what power grab he’s going to attempt this time.  Are we really going to get involved in a Civil War?  The better question is are we really going to go in on the side of the “rebels”?  While the power in charge is not what we would like, they have kept Syria, a hot bed of terrorist tendencies, relatively peaceful for the last several decades.   And who is on the rebel side you might ask?  Why our friends in Al Qaeda that’s who.  As someone yesterday opined, we (the United States Navy and Air Force will be Al Qaeda’s air force in this instance.  Yes lets give arms to the people who are responsible for 9-11. If the president drags it out a little longer he can announce his decision on the anniversary of the murder of 3000 innocent Americans at the hands of our brand new friends.  It’s all about the timing. Another interesting fact is that Syria’s 2 million Christians (because there are Christians in the Middle East and have been since BEFORE the profit -and yes I know exactly the word I’m using, thank you- came forth with is divisive, dangerous and heretical doctrine) are standing on the side of the government.  Why?  Well mostly I believe because they know once the Islamists are in charge they’re dead.   Maybe we should start giving them amnesty instead of those who break our laws and attempt to syphon off the increase of others labors.

Man Working At Chicago MCDONALD’S For 21 Years Still Making Minimum Wage… So anyone want a $15.00 Big Mac?  How about $9.00 a gallon gas or milk?  I know everyone wants to pay $200.00 for the internet or $60, 000 dollars for a used KIA.  People can not follow things to a logical conclusion anymore (Might have something to do with the amount of low information voters experimentation with recreational drug use, see above)  If you raise the minimum wage three times  businesses will have to raise prices to cover that.  Businesses are not philanthropies. They do not exist to provide easy jobs, paid time off, health care and social circles for their employees.  Businesses exist to make money, more than that to make a profit.  If they don’t make a profit they cease to exist. As with the Hostess Company sometimes it’s just easier to close the doors and work for someone else or just live off the government.  Millions do it everyday and have been doing it for about 10+ generations.  While I’m sorry this man is still making minimum wage why hasn’t he gotten a better job. Surely he has the experience to do so after 21 years. If not no amount of raising the wage is going to make him any different.  McDonalds should be applauded for keeping him on the job this long.

TX School District Opts Out Of Federal Lunch Program After Kids Refuse To Eat Healthier…  After working in the schools last year (much of the time as a lunch room para) I can assure you that mrs. presidents Orwellian lunch program is a dismal FAILURE. Instead of eating healthier our children are simply not eating. The amount of food going to waste is appalling.  Giving children salad for lunch is not just stupid it’s criminal.  The vast majority of them won’t eat it but even if they choke it down it lasts them probably an hour and then they are hungry again but since these days you can’t give them snacks to take to school unless it’s on someones crazy expensive list (or has to be refrigerated) children go home hungry. One day the kids had applesauce (which was fine, most ate that) a Smuckers peanut butter and jelly pastry thing and something else that I can’t remember off hand, for $2.10. I’ll just bet I could have packed that lunch for less.  Another day they had a waffle (in a cellophane wrapper) no butter, no jelly and cold, along with their fruits and vegetables but no protein except for milk.  I have an idea.  How about we put kitchens back in school, hire some people to actually cook on sight, healthy tasty meals.   It can’t cost more than the food we’re throwing away.

LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE HITS 34-YEAR LOW… I personally can attest to this.  I was out of work for about 2 years.  I have a degree, experience and an excellent work ethic (according to the people Iworked with before) but I needed a job with health benefits for my family so working 3 part time jobs might have given me cash but no benefits.  People are pretty sure that the US is heading for a meltdown and that there is little hope anything will get better.  Somehow the same suspects get re-elected no matter how dismal their job performance is.  98% of African Americans voted for barak obama again.  That community has been decimated by the lousy economy with 40% of black teenagers unable to find work (of course the fact that young black men seem to be attempting genocide might have something to do with employers not wanting to take the chance of hiring sociopaths or psychotics and young black women apparently spend most of their time pregnant – according to statistics- so maybe that’s part of the problem).  The failed policies of “gimme, gimme have failed spectacularly.  We have become a nation where takers out number the producers and looking at our major cities and of course our 1st third world enclave, Detroit, one can see what is in store for the country as a whole.  People however are architects of their own destruction and like lemmings will continue over the cliff because they don’t have the presence of mind to look to the right or left for an escape route.  Better to all die together they seem to believe. Not me, lemmingism is not my religion of choice.

Just yesterday on a radio show the guest host told a story about overhearing a conversation between a black woman and her boyfriend. She incredulously asked him “Why were there white people at the presidents speech honoring Martin Luther King”.  I kid you not.  Apparently no one in her life, parent’s, teacher, mentor ever told her that thousands died during the Civil War so that she could be free.  Thousands more died in the next 100 years fighting racism and bigotry.  The father of the other candidate for president marched WITH Dr. King during the Civil Rights movement.  If we are not supposed to judge all black people by the animals who shoot babies in their strollers, bully 3 year olds, rape 88 year olds, kill veterans and beat kids up on school buses why is it that all white people are lumped in with people who are dead and buried 150+ years ago, or who today are ignorant and moronic.  Why because if those who seek to fundamentally change America can keep us at each others throats they can work with impunity to undermine our rights and enslave all of us.

So for those of you who beat the drum of RACISTTTTTTTTTTTT, good job. Thanks a lot, for speeding the destruction of the only real democracy on earth. What ever you do don’t take off the glasses, we wouldn’t want the light of truth to blind you.  Then you’d have to go on disability and that would be too bad.

Really?  Why in heaven’s name should we stop now? We had an entire year plus of racial politics stemming from the Zimmerman trial.  A trial, mind you, that should never have been pushed through the courts and we still have not seen the end of.  A young black man attacks and beats a Hispanic man into the concrete telling him that he was going to be killed. The assailant gets shot and dies.  All because the Hispanic man, whose neighborhood had been the scene of  multiple break-ins by thugs wearing exactly the same kind of clothing as the assailant, was watching him.  They didn’t speak, partly because 911 told Mr. Zimmerman to stop following Martin, which he did.  Zimmerman was leaving the area when Martin jumped him, it came out in the trial.  But hey if the president had a son he would of looked like Martin so that makes Zimmerman the bad guy for not being the one on a slab, one would guess.

The usual suspects all lined up to race bait.  Jackson, Sharpton, Farakan, obama, Holder, and their cabal. It was all about race, even though I doubt most hispanics want to be classified as “white”.  The leaders in the black community called for boycotts, they called people names, they threatened violence, they held vigils, they marched. They pulled out all the stops. Not since Tawana Brawley have we seen such outrage. Death threats were fielded by not just Mr. Zimmerman but his family and extended family as well as others whose only crime was being “white”.

Let’s take a look at just a few of those affected by the racial politics of Jackson and his coven:

Chris Lane: Australian student killed in Duncan OK by three thugs because they were bored and because he was white.

Fannie Gumbinger NY, killed in a home invasion.  She was white the assailant was black.

Joshua Heath Chellew of Mableton, GA. pushed by 4 black man into a busy street and was killed by an oncoming car.

Young Antonio Santiago killed in his stroller. Oh and you’ve got to love this.

“Of the 48 jurors, there are 19 white men, 19 white women, four black women, two Hispanic women, two Asian women, one Hispanic man and one Asian man.”  The 30 blacks “men and women” were on the bottom of the jury pool list because they were the last people to arrive at the courthouse that day.  I guess if they’d have been on time that might have made a difference but let’s remember the Zimmerman jury

“All of the six members are women. Five are white, one is Hispanic. The four alternates include two women and two men, all of whom are white, but for one male Hispanic.

If they had been selecting a jury of his peers there should have been a lot more hispanics and men on that jury.  The prosecutors probably thought they could get the women to feel sorry for the “kid”. Unfortunately they paid attention to the facts of the case and say the gansta’ wannabe for what he was.

The Florida School bus beating. Yeah no racial overtones here at all.

The Newsome Murders While it is unclear as to whether racism itself was a contributing factor in these murders the fact that the national media refused to cover it makes one wonder about the bias affecting journalists as long ago as 2007.

Ray Widstrand beaten almost to death by a group of 30-50 black juveniles and young adults (children and teenagers in other words).  We get this from the Daily Mail a news organization in the United Kingdom. Have you heard anything about this, it happened on Aug. 4th, 2013?

I could go on but you get the idea.  Everyday there are new victims and everyday unless it is a black victim we get the same nonsense about how blacks are being held down by the man, how they can’t get jobs because of racism, they can’t go to school, yeah you know and on and on.  They can’t get jobs because they don’t care about schooling, they can but don’t want to go to school and work hard.

So come on mr. president make a statement about something else you don’t know anything about. it never stopped you before.  Come on black leader be honest about the real issues BEFORE you try to do something about your part in this.

Or stand by and do nothing.

That seems to be the modus operandi.

I began my college career as an English major. I love the written language. I love it’s ability to illicit emotions, bring to mind fond memories and even help us to see, hear, feel and even sometimes smell the scene painted by a gifted author.  I stopped being an English major when no one could tell me how does something become a classic.  Words have meaning but over years, decades and centuries some people have managed through shear repetition to turn some words in the lexicon into weapons.  This week we have been underwhelmed with the audacity of hopelessness that political correctness has left us.  We are prisoners of language not the masters of it. We are told by agenda driven fishwives, not only what to say but how, when and where we can speak.  Freedom of speech has become yet another causality of the “War on (put your aggrieved victimized group here)”.

So let’s take another look at the dreck we have allowed ourselves to be splattered with.  In a land where people can use the most foul, disgusting words imaginable (and some one can’t even imagine) people are being fired, are being threatened with jail, and/or being subjected to death threats for using a word “one group” considers offensive.  Really?  So the next time someone refers to my ancestors as “micks” or ” drunks” or any number of offensive names for the Irish I can threaten them, their family, their businesses?  They owe me a big time payout for “offending my sensibilities”.  So the words Limies, Krauts, Chinks, Crackers et al are all going to land people in jail for “hate” crimes. Little secret here, people don’t need to call you names to hate you.  They can hate you and smile at you all at the same time.  Most of them don’t give a rats tail what your ethnicity is, they don’t like you because THEY DON’T LIKE YOU.  Please get over yourself, graduate from Middle School and put on you adult panties.

I’ll tell you what.  I’ll get all upset and flop and twitch over the names people call each other the day they make the F word illegal. It’s patently offensive to everyone man, woman or child.  The way in which people use it is also ridiculous.  It’s used as a punctuation mark by people who have so little experience with the activity that they don’t even understand why their colorful phraseology is so moronic.  It makes men look course and unappealing and it makes women look cheap and ignorant.  It makes teenagers and adults look like Middle Schoolers (7th graders even) who became stunted and never managed to mature to the level of 9th graders.

That said I would fight making that word illegal as well.  We should have the ability to choose the words we speak. If others find them offensive they will ignore us or avoid us.  People will always gather together with those with which they have things in common. It’s why we have organizations, so that those with like interests can come together and enjoy those things.  Someone who isn’t interested in Quilting should not join a Quilting guild and then seek to change the focus of the group.  Those who like to swim in the winter time shouldn’t be held hostage by someone who thinks they’re crazy.  Those who call others names and who themselves use foul terms to address others in their group should not be surprised when others use the same word.  Hypocrisy is not one’s friend in this.  It just makes those who already are predisposed to dislike, distrust and dismiss one’s character sure that they are correct.

Now all this being said.  I think it’s time for Charlie Rangle to resign. As a matter of fact I think he should stand trail for hate crimes.  I personally am not offended by the “cracker” moniker but I am offended that anyone so without moral compass, without integrity, without honor and without rudimentary intelligence is representing the United States in any way.  If Charlie Rangle is the best we have to offer maybe the government should send Snooki to Libya as the new Ambassador.   After all the best and the brightest go into government service, since they can’t make a living any other way.  Community organizer doesn’t pay too well unless you have friends in high places or handlers with deep pockets.

So, one of the headlines from the past several days is that the Pope has decided that he is not fit to judge gay priests.   Now I like the Pope.  I’ve liked all the popes that have lived for the last 50+ years.  That I’m not Catholic is not an issue.  I think the Popes have and are trying to do the best they can with the information they have and the situations they have to deal with.  I have some questions though. If the mantle of Pope has been passed down through the ages from Peter the first “Bishop of Rome” isn’t it his job to judge between the good and the evil?  Isn’t it his job to uphold the faith, to protect it against corruption and deceit, to guard against those who would try to turn the faithful from the Gospel?  To stand between those who are obedient and those who walk in darkness.

Now if you aren’t a believer the Pope and his duties are not an issue.  He’s just a man in a funny hat.  But for believers what is the responsibility  of the Pope or the Papa, the Father of the Church on Earth.  If it isn’t to judge between right and wrong what is it.  While physically feeding a mans body is important and helping the poor is a laudable goal, feeding the spirit in the world today is much more important.   We have come to a time when many call good evil and evil good.  When men cannot trust each other, when many are killed and or maimed by those who say they “love” them.  It’s well past time for the Pope to judge.  It’s way past time for him to stand up for the Gospel and to refocus the faithfuls attention to the admonitions of the New Testament.

I seek not to infringe on someone’s belief system.  What they believe is their business but to those who believe in a higher authority it would be refreshing if they chose to listen to that authority once in a while.   It might make the world a better place, all that love one another and don’t hurt each other stuff but then again maybe not.

Every now and again a headline screeches out from the more mundane, more pedestrian, more everyday stories of the day. The headline for today’s edification is the following: State of the Union Not Strong, Americans Say.

Now there’s a surprise.  I wonder why Americans would say that?  Could it be our lousy economic climate, terrible job numbers, looming financial collapsed or the could it be the  social disintegration, moral malaise and civil morass?  Most societies go through times of challenge.  Most leaders at that time try to get their citizens to work together, to come to each others aid and to pull equally within the yoke that they can stand.

Not this president and his sycophants.  This president has made it his mission to separate us, to pit one group against another.  Any time there is a chance for people to come together, he and his contentious cabal swoop in and pull defeat from the jaws victory.  Not content with simply stirring the pot, they add more and more contention until the whole mess comes to a boiling point and then they sit back and tell us how racist, bigoted, ignorant or lame we are.  For the sake of brevity lets just look at some of the headlines, that illustrate my point.






Those of you who’ve been here before have heard this song and dance a number of times, but it never gets old.  We get the leaders we deserve.  We get leaders we are willing to tolerate and ut seems a majority of us are willing to tolerate an ignorant, inept, incompetent, lazy, selfish, liar and thief.  Unfortunately for the minority in this case we are going to have to suffer with those who’ve brought this plague upon us.  Sadly those most infected by the plague of “the presidents going to  (put your free wish here )” are in a situation and part of a community that is imploding.  Without the ability to self regulate, face reality and admit to the issues affecting individuals, families, communities, states and the nation they are committing genocide on their own people. Thousands of young black men are dead, imprisoned or unemployable.  Thousands more babies will never breathe fresh air or see the light of day.  Women have become a commodity to be bought and sold most of them committing this atrocity to themselves.  Young people are told that in order to be ” put your race here” they can’t want to succeed, to get  ahead, to have a family, a nice home, a good job….. it’s too “put bad race here”.  Victims beget victims who all blame someone else for their poor choices and bad behavior.

Here’s some facts.  It takes NO money to teach morality.  It take NO money to learn to put others first.  Education in this country especially for those who are poor IS free.  Going to parent teacher conference is also free.  Helping your child with their homework is free as well.  Spending time with your children is priceless unless of course you have no morals, no integrity and no desire for your children to better themselves.

I remember the parents of black children during the Civil Rights Movement. They wanted better for their children than they had.  They wanted a color blind America (to paraphrase Dr. King). All they wanted was a chance to compete.  They didn’t want something for nothing. They didn’t want “what they was owed” from some long ago injustice.  They had families that stayed together because they were family.  They had a parent in the home and children were born within the marriage covenant because knowing that their ancestors were not allowed to marry made that symbol important to them as a reminder of how far they’d come. They went to churches where the pastor preached from the Scriptures to “love one another” “do good to those who curse you” and ” pray for them that despitefully use you” instead of inciting hatred, riots and civil unrest.

Now their “god” is the government. Every imagined slight is a indictment, every action a racist agenda that provokes violence and vitriol.  All people are now suspect, all have been judged and found unworthy, all deserve punishment that fits a crime committed by people long buried. The fact that others have died throughout the centuries to maintain the freedom that we all enjoy means nothing.  We must continue to give, give and give some more. But the sad fact is it will never be enough.  Users will continue to drain others until they are dry and then like locusts continue on to the next victim, spreading their vicious brand of contention and chaos as they go.

While I know that know all members of our society are not like this there are enough of all races that are to make me wonder if we will be able to continue with this grand experiment of a Democratic Republic.  We won’t of course unless people become educated in what exactly  our government is allowed to do and why the framers of the Constitution included that in their documents.  To do that we must set aside our prejudices, our bigotries, our hatreds, our missunderstandings and actually read to understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We also must be educated enough to understand the ideals of liberty, brotherhood and real equality ( that all are equally able to access opportunity and that no one will be forced into participation).  Choice and accountability are the hallmarks of a democracy based of Judeo Christian laws. These are what we have been guided by for more than two centuries.  We need to get back on the plan or we will find ourselves quickly remaking the wheel, while we hold of the barbarians at the gate.
And like Rome it will not end well for us…………historically it never has.

Some notes from the Zimmerman debacle.  I chose the word debacle deliberately.  There is no way this is going to end well for anyone. Now that he’s been acquitted the secondary cray-cray can begin.  What will it be- riots in the streets, nonsense suites, civil disobedience, more bombast from the usual suspects and rappers who glorify violence and sell racist hatred and misogony (hatred of women)?  The fact is that in electing our first black president we have set race relations back about 40 years, not because of the color of his skin but because he is incompetent, arrogant, an egomaniacal clod and has no character or integrity to speak of and many in his administration are worse.  Because of these individuals, in some areas of the country race relations have gone back 150 years.  The country has become divided along gender lines, trans gender lines, economic lines, religious lines, educational lines and more “lines” than one can imagine but by far the greatest divide is between the races.  The distrust even between people who are on the same ideological level is almost palatable.  Blacks and whites now distrust each other more than ever.

With the cry of it’s our turn blacks have turned their backs on the other races that populate this country claiming a position of authority they have not earned nor do they necessarily deserve.  No one deserves to be in charge of anything because of their ” skin ” color.  We had supposedly moved beyond that. Martin Luther King in his ” I Have a Dream Speech” said,

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

If we’re talking about the content of one’s character how does the first black president stack up?  Dr. King I believe would not have voted for this incompetent the first time and would have campaigned against him the second time.  Thanks in most part to this man and his minions, especially at the Department of Justice, all of the good that had been done by Dr. King and his nonviolent campaign has become unraveled. Many Americans look at black majority cities and see decay, criminality, violence and hopelessness.  They look at statistics and see that 50% of murders in this country are done by blacks and the people killed by these murders are in the majority, black.  They are committing genocide on themselves. Add to that the overwhelming percentage of abortions sought by black women and one can see why the population is in decline. This is apparently what society is supposed to emulate now that “It’s (their) turn.”  If you don’t like that turn of phrase maybe Valerie Jarretts pronouncement before the last election will appeal to you,

“After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.  Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” 

Of course you won’t hear this in the “drive by media”. It doesn’t fit with the meme they’re trying desperately to maintain. You probably also won’t be able to find:






Next time there’s a move to take over the internet by this government, remember you read it here, this is a perfect example why they are chomping at the bit to get their lying, criminal, fearmongering hands on it.  If not for the internet Zimmerman would be spending his life in prison or he’d be dead.  Of course he may yet be murdered.  There doesn’t seem to be a moral imperative against such things among liberal, progressive, democrat minority folks.  They can, as they do in Chicago, kill with impunity. This is the America they would like to see.  Those who agree get more, those who disagree get dead………….seems I’ve heard that kind of talk before.  Wonder where?

“And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful.   And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.” Quran 2:191-193

I included the actual text lest anyone think I’m engaging in hyperbole.

So no matter the verdict, no matter the extension of the trial, the judges behavior, the administrations machinations and the minority fallout, the destruction of race relations will continue because divide and conquer has always been the tool of evil, may haps because it works so well.  Just look around you.

I triple dog dare  you.

The Zimmerman trial is lurching to a close.  The crescendo will be a whimper or a screech and it is a fore-gone conclusion that because of the judge in the case it will either be appealed by the DOJ or by the defense.  The defense, even if Zimmerman is acquitted will most probably sue the federal government for something.  It seems that sending down to Florida federal employees to stir up racial tension might be running afoul of the law.  The fact that the Justice department is behind the shenanigans should not surprise anyone who hasn’t had their head in some kind of hole be it sand or otherwise. The judge’s inappropriate comments and combative behavior toward the defense as well as her unprofessional behaviors should send this case back to court in short order.  A judicial review should be in the works as these words are typed but it’s Florida, things take longer to do down there. All that sun, fun, skin cancer and translation issues.

Here’s an interesting question.  If Martin has been white and Zimmerman had been half black, half hispanic what would the charge be?  If one of the star witnesses told the court some ” creepy -ass n(word) had been watching her boyfriend what would the next days newspapers say?  If this was an Asian kid would the gang reference be hushed up or played up?  If the person on the ground was the minority, getting his head bashed in would Al Sharpton be calling for riots if the defendant went free?

The real tragedy of this story goes far beyond the actual crime.  Was Zimmerman afraid for his life?  Probably. Given that 50% of the murders in this country are committed by young black males the same age as Martin speaks to that fear.  The fact that he was out at night, with a hoodie covering his head, high on pot, someplace where he wasn’t known by the residents is also an issue yet to be discussed.  If he was such a “good boy” why was he doing drugs, acting like a thug and gansta’ wannabe?

The issues within the black community are staggering.  Massive amounts of broken or supremely non functional homes with disengaged or absent parents are the norm.  If there are two parents in the home that is the exception and not the rule.  Homes where taking “assistance” has been the way of life for generations, where school is somewhere you go to get fed and foodstamps are what parents use for entertainment are also the norm.  Children and adults are shunned for “acting white”, for trying to break the cycle of abuse and criminality.

We can’t talk about it however.  Anytime anyone makes any kind of noise about the underlying problems within the black community the racist card comes out in all it’s glory.  Say that for 12% of the population blacks are a much larger percentage of the prison population, food stamp users, Welfare participants and Medicade and Medicare users.  Make the case that single parenthood, especially with a mother only in the home is the norm (approaching 75%) instead of the exception and again, that’s just hate speech.  Make the case that education is not a goal in many black homes and again, one is a bigot or creepy cracker.  A problem can not be fixed if the people involved will not accept and agree that there IS a problem and it is not caused by something that happened 300 years ago.

Back at the turn of the 19th century there were Irish gangs roaming New York (there still are one or two- but we’re talking a large group of Irish youths).  People talked about the problem, they brainstormed, they accepted that there was an issue and tried to deal with it.  It took time, it took work, it took letting go of pride and admitting the problem was too big to work on alone. The difference is that no one assumed people were being racist (although some were), the people involved really wanted things to be better and having come from a place were they didn’t have the freedom to make it on their own, they reveled in that liberty to make a life for themselves that others believed they could not do. Instead of staying victims they became doers.  The difference, attitude.  If you think people are against you, that is your reality.  If you think you can do things, you can, self fulfilling prophecy.

At the moment the only prophecy is that between murdering each other, committing the genocide of abortion and ignorance the black minority may find themselves even smaller in numbers and with even less influence.  Whether that is good or bad depends on what positives they can bring to the societal table.  At the moment chaos, abuse, anti-social behavior, criminality and disrespect for any people including themselves is what they’ve brought.  Gone are the moral values of the 40’s and 50’s. Gone are the lofty goals of the civil rights movement.  Gone are the reliance on God, family and community that were the hall marks of black neighborhoods at that time.  It’s sad to say but family has been replaced by gang loyalty and the Welfare system.

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule.  There are black families swimming against the tide but they face harrowing experiences. Shunned and abused for “acting too white” they are neither fish or fowl.  They don’t belong in the black community because they want better for themselves and their posterity. They don’t feel they belong in the “white community” (which apparently consists of everyone who isn’t of African decent) because black political leaders, entertainers and even some religious leaders abuse and belittle their attempts to capture a part of the American dream.

Until we can have an honest dialogue that doesn’t consist of “you people enslaved my ancestors” there is not going to be any end to the cycle of violence and victimization. No American can legally own another.  A war was fought and people died and that particular practice was cast away.  My people came here at a time when “Irish need not apply” and “Irish and sailors keep off the grass”.  My grandfathers were street sweepers, garbage men, truck drivers.  I graduated college and 5 out of my six children attended college, three have graduated, one is working on a masters.  We didn’t have a lot of money but morals, manners and integrity don’t cost money.  They do however take work to achieve and even more work to teach.  That my friends is the real tragedy here. The unwillingness to try has become an epidemic for all people but for some it’s a life altering disaster.  Just ask anyone who’s child is dead at the hand of someone who killed them just because they’re the wrong flavor of human.

The Slacker in Chief is calling for the head of the Leaker Extraordinaire.  What a interesting conundrum. It is clear now, why Snowdon did what he did, the way he did.  We have heard that at least three other government employees lost their jobs, their reputations over trying to right what they perceived as not just wrong but criminally wrong.

Thomas Drake,  William Binney, and Kirk Wiebe were three government employees that have for years trying to shine the light of truth on misdeeds, lies, corruption, waste and abuse.

After seeing no change at NSA, Binney, Wiebe, Diane Roark, and former NSA colleague Edward Loomis filed a complaint with [the Department of Defense Inspector General] in September 2002. The complaint accused the NSA of massive fraud, waste, and mismanagement in connection with NSA’s rejection of ThinThread and endorsement of the failing Trailblazer.”

The thanks for their standing up to wrong doing?  Two years later after the the Inspector General’s final report, the retaliation began. One of them was arrested while taking a shower.  Several houses were raided and computers confiscated.  They were pressured to give up “others” involved in their “plan”.  One man was financially ruined when the government took him to trial on Espionage charges.  All of this because the “spoke” to the Inspector General and his people.

So, what we see here is the cancer infecting our government. Whether Snowdon is a patriot or traitor I know not. What I do know is that without his being willing to go to the extraordinary step of going public to a organization outside the scope of government reach, without careful planning, without extreme behavior, he was likely to be sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for whatever trumped up charge this rogue government could come up with.  And lets face it, they’re nothing if not inventive.  Since this government has a tenuous relationship with reality anyway, fantasy is not out of the question.

Actually fantasy is where most of these people exist anyway.  Situation normal all fantastied up, SNAFU’d,  here.

So now what?

The highest court in the land has declared open season on marriage.  That’s right I said marriage. You know the sacrament, conceived by religion, perpetuated by religion, fashioned and created by religious people to focus the natural urges of human beings into something that is a contribution to civilization instead of an institution that brings chaos and destruction in it’s wake.  Why would God have ordained that men and women be yoked together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony?  Why is sexual indiscretion so abhorrent to Him?  Why is it that the indiscriminate use of sex is so distasteful and disgusting to people of faith?

Mostly it has to do with a belief that we lived before we came to this earth.  We were spirit children of a Heavenly Father, we had gender, in the courts above.  We covenanted with our Father that we would come to the Earth, gain a body, obey his commandments and return to live with him again.    We do not get to choose our gender, we do not get to do whatever we want no matter how depraved and degenerate, without consequences. We get to choose which path to follow, we get to choose what we do or do not do, what we don’t get to choose is the consequences of our actions.  Our Creator knows what will happen to us if we choose poorly, which is why he tells us what not to do or what to do.  He doesn’t leave us alone to make choices blindly.  He’s give us a guide, He’s asked the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us, if we live in ways that that being can influence us.

Here’s the facts though.  Wickedness never was happiness.  No matter how many people enable you, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many people are corrupted, no matter who speaks on your behalf, homosexuality is wrong.  I don’t hate gays, I don’t dislike them, nor do I treat them differently than I would anyone else.  The fact is that God created MAN and WOMAN.  They are responsible for creating families for spirit children to come to, to fulfill the measure of their creation.   They can not do that in homosexual unions.  They cannot create children from their bodies, without the intervention of secular medicine.   They will not create happy, healthy or well adjusted children because the basic premise of their life is a lie.

I am somewhat interested to see how this is going to play out.  Now that marriage is “open” I wonder how long it will be before people will be marrying animals, or having more than on spouse. Of course now maybe serial fornicators may actually marry the mothers of their children but I doubt it. If one considers that the father of lies has from the beginning sought to frustrate the plan of salvation, what better way than to destroy the cornerstone of civilization, the family.

The Supreme Court can not make enough laws, they cannot force enough churches to marry gay couples, they cannot manipulate the language or culture enough to ever make this right.  Because it’s not.  It is that simple.  Homosexuality is a crime against God and against nature.  I don’t care if you’re gay, I don’t care what you do in your personal life.  I care that you want to MAKE me approve, make me believe or feel differently.  I care that you seek to undermine my beliefs, corrupt my children and enslave my grandchildren to your personal Hell.

2 Luke 1-5:

1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Deny it.  I triple dog dare you.
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and one more time  Next
Most days I love it when I’m right (it doesn’t happen often) but not today. Today I’ve been assured that this country is on the fast train to Hell (the place not the curse word).  I wish it were not so but I’m afraid it is.


I don’t know about any one else but personally I’m exhausted.  I’m tired of new allegations, new developments, new assertions concerning the lack of integrity, honor, truthfulness and honesty of the current crop of liars, criminals and degenerates inhabiting the halls of government today.  As if for the past 5 years this hasn’t been apparent to those of us who’ve eschewed the “zombie” press, recognizing it as the propaganda arm of the democratic party.  Most of us who recognized long ago that objectivity and journalism have long since parted ways, believe little that is said by those who have been supposedly trained as “objective observers” and are instead news makers instead of news reporters.  I’ve often blogged about this state of affairs so no need to beat that dead horse (PETA, it’s just an expression, go back to hassling the farmers who feed you).

We’ve been inundated with scandals since the 2nd coronation of his majesty obama the inept.  In his first term we had:

Fast and Furious

Black Panther-gate


and other smaller missteps that can be attributed to an lack of engagement by this president.  He is simply not connected to the “little people”.  Elitists have that problem almost universally, but this character and his cabal have taken it to new and dizzying heights.

Now, however, well into his second era, not only does the emperor not have any clothes on he doesn’t have any underwear on as well.  This has taken his actions and attitudes from insulting to embarrassing.  Even Europe has become disenchanted with the secular “messiah”.  We have become fatigued by wave after wave of scandal. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might postulate that all of these scandals have been revealed to desensitize us to to the lack of lawfulness that the administration is planning to unveil before this term ends.  Someone, a congressman (not person, this one is male) from New York has already introduced a bill to void the 22nd amendment. You know, the one that limits presidents to two consecutive terms.

Quickly lets run through the scandals flying in the wind at the moment: Hat tip

1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies:  Pro Israel groups and groups with the words “Tea Party, Patriot, Conservative in their names and this was BEFORE the election
2. Benghazi: At the very least there are a multitude of question with this one.
Why wasn’t the mission there protected?
What were our ambassador and CIA operatives doing there ?
Who was in charge during the incident and who gave the stand down order?
Where and what was the president doing throughout the attack?
3. Watching the AP:  Since when does the government have the right to simply scoop up information on citizens without a warrant?
4. Rosengate:  James Rosen (Fox news) identified in a complaint as a criminal. His emails and phones monitored as well as his families.
5. Potential Holder perjury I: Holder signed off on the affidavit on Rosen (see above) but told a Congressional committee under oath ” he had never been associated with ‘potential prosecution’ of a journalist for perjury.”
6. Potential Holder Perjury II: A left over scandal from the emperors 1st term AG Holder testified that he had only recently (May 2012)  learned about Fast and Furious but there is a good deal of solid evidence that he knew about it much before.
7. Sebelius demands payment: Fraud and abuse of her office, involves Health and Human Service Sec. Kathleen Sebelius who apparently was busy shaking down companies for donations.  These of course were companies the department might regulate. She would supposedly use said money to sign up the uninsured to obamacare.
8. The Pigford scandal: Over at the Ag Department reparations were paid to those who supposedly were discriminated against (black farmers) but morphed into a billion dollar debacle where thousands of minority and female farmers who weren’t discriminated against received payments as well. Yep, B as in billion.
9. GSA gone wild: This is the just the tip of the iceberg in DC.  What no one is saying but is in the back of most Americans minds is how many other Departments have done worse.  Outrageous conventions, millions of dollars wasted, bad behavior. What do we have to do to get the adults back in charge in government?

Which brings me to the impetus of my writing this morning.  Pay close attention, it involves some circular thought.

Bob Menendez is a senator from New York (of course).  It was reported that he would visit Dominican Republic to have sex with underaged women.  Some women came forward with that claim, then they said someone paid them to make the claim.  Menendez went to the Dominican Republic with a wealthy donor Dr. Melgen.  It was reported that Menendez was intervened with the government here and in the Dominican Republic when Meglen was facing issues here and there.  Now the FBI is on the case looking for those responsible for “faking the sex story”.  What about the abuse of power and being in the pocket of a wealthy donor?  Nothing out of the ordinary here, move along nothing to see. 

While I realize that waste, fraud and abuse are endemic to Washington DC, I am frustrated that no one seems to care that the FBI and CIA are being used by politicians to escape justice and punish those they disagree with.  They are being used to target “enemies” of the president or those who vocally don’t agree with the present administrations goals and aspirations. They have morphed, in fact, to a  “non military-army” along with agents of the IRS, Treasury, EPA, NSA, TSA and ICE.  These are part of the presidents Civilian Militia.  Who are the other people he has in mind for his “Civilian police force,” where will they come from and who will they be? Who will they report to and what will be their authority? I think we are beginning to see just what he had in mind.
Ben Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” But who pays attention to old dead white guys now a days?

So sitting on the sidelines, in the nose bleed sections actually, it is hard at times to comprehend not simply what our government has done in the last 5 years but what our citizens have become.  Imagine if you would what would have happened if someone in the government had indeed gone “rogue” and decided to arm insurgents in another country.

Wait a minute, that did happen.  Col. Oliver North went to jail for his role in Iran Contra.  He did what he thought was right and what he thought his superiors including the president would have done if they could.  There were hearings, people called to testify, people lost their jobs and some went to jail.  The president at the time denied involvement but said that it was his responsibility, it happened on his watch, the buck stopped with him.  He was in charge, the responsibility was his and he apologized to the American people for what happened.

Fast forward to the present.  We’ve seen Fast and Furious, Birth certificate-gate, Social Security number-gate, Vacation-gates (multiple times) Golf-gate, Lavish party-gate, Biden Gafftasims, Voter Fraud (and the refusal of the Attorney General to prosecute), Beer Garden diplomacy, disrespect for our allies and bowing to our enemies, Immigration amnesty, the take over of 1/8 of our economy with a law very few want and even less understand.  That doesn’t even get us to Benghazi, AP-gate and now the IRS.

When one takes over the ship of state they become responsible for putting into positions of authority people who will follow and enforce one’s goals and direction while obeying and sustaining the laws of the land.  Apparently this group of teenagers were put into positions where they were ill equipped, ignorant and or guilty of neglect.  They took the money, they simply couldn’t find the time to find out what was going on in their departments.  Some of these “professionals” it seems, went into their offices, went to meetings, went back to their offices and then went home at 2:00 in the afternoon.  They seemed to think their only responsibility was as a place marker.  The face of the new order.  Those who did manage, micro managed until moral was destroyed and people no longer gave a hoot about their job or service to the public.  Of course hiring people who were of the correct persuasion be that ethnicity, age, race or political party exacerbated this debacle.

So now we see that government appointees have been using “secret” government emails to do the business of the government.  How’s that for transparency?  When the Associated Press requested, through the Freedom of Information Act the email accounts of HHS leadership they got a shake down demand.  They would get the information for 1 million dollars. Now in my reality we call that extortion.  Then AP was given 240 emails for political appointees but amazingly none for Sec. Kathy Sebelius.  It seems Kathy has been using several (not one but several) “secret” email addresses to do business for the government.

Why, some might ask is this a problem?  One of the facets of government is that all government business and the paper/electronic data it uses and produces belongs to the government and citizens.  Citizens and government officials can at any time demand an accounting of any organization or department, with the exception of classified information.  That information must meet requirements to be classified as …….well classified.  Government officials using emails to discuss classified information should be removed from office and sent back home to be educated in the risks that 14 year old email users understand.  The record of how government is run should be inviolate and those who are in positions of authority should be held accountable for their egregious lack of understanding of this most basic of principles.  Integrity, that word most people can’t find in the dictionary much less apply to their lives should be the hallmark of civil service but that doesn’t seem to fit into any government entity that is in existence today.

While these scandals and their pursuant issues are amazing to some, what is even more astounding is the publics inability to become enraged by them.  By now we should have Americans marching with torches and pitchforks in the street of every American town.  They should be demanding the impeachment of this president. They should be insisting that those in this administration that have appeared multiple times before Congress under oath, and lied, be charged with perjury, obstruction, and treason.  As a people we should be insistent that our government servants, serve us and and remember it is by our consent that they do so.

No more heinous people at the DMV. No more debauchery at the IRS, no more forcing the people to do what the president and his advisors deem necessary and what the people reject.  No more keeping people in positions to which they are not prepared or capable of.  Bad teachers, fire them.  Incompetent civil service employees, get rid of them.  Treasonous political appointees or elected officials, put them on trial and send them to jail.  No more cadillac health care, no more golden parachutes, no more elevated salaries in the public sector.  The laborer is worth of his hire, but not more worthy than those in the private sector.  We’ll see less people applying for jobs but the ones that do will want to be there for something other than the money.

Of course there is little we can do now except hold our representatives feet to the fire and make sure they understand that if this does not change they’ll be looking for new jobs come next election.  As for the “mouth that roared” and his sycophants we need more people to pay attention, more journalists to throw off the shackles of progressivism and return to the honored role of objective observer, instead of invested propagandists. More than that we need to make every one else aware of why these things are important, why it’s necessary to root out the miscreants and why it might just be essential to impeach a sitting president, vice president and others. Once the rats begin to leave the ship the sailors can begin to mop up the mess, until then there’s just too much rat offal to deal with.

Hang on it’s liable to be a bumpy ride.

Beginning of rant (those easily offended shouldn’t come here anyway) Either way it’s up to you, that’s what “freedom and liberty” are all about”.

Apparently this is to address “the needs of a growing Muslim community”. I’ve got some needs for you. My child needs to celebrate “Christmas” with a manger and the hymns of the season. My child needs to celebrate Easter with it’s focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My child needs there to be prayer in the morning before school starts and before they leave for the day. My child needs prayers before contests, events and before testing as prayer settles the mind and brings peace and harmony to the soul. My child needs an hour off daily to attend a church class that he now has to get up at 5:30 in the morning to attend (when school is in session) to help him to navigate the dangerous path laid before him by those who do not believe as he does. My child needs to not be exposed to pornography masquerading as literature, science fiction instead of scientific theory, libertine behavior disguised as health class and abhorrent, immoral, illegal and uncivilized behavior that is on display by teachers and students alike and called “freedom of expression” while my child is told how and what and when they can “express their freedom”. Either all religion is banned or none are.

” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Once these issues are addressed then talk to me about the needs of a small, insignificant, ignorant, violent and hateful group of people whose stated goal is to kill me and my child.  The hypocrisy of this is phenomenal.  The shear unadulterated unfairness of it makes the mind reel.  Since when do we extend the rights of the Constitution to just one protected group and since when did Islam become a protected organization.  Their mosques preach treason, they don’t obey US law, they murder their daughters and wives with impunity, they restrict the rights of nearly half of their adherents,  they exspouse the death of any or all of those who believe differently than they do and they resurrect centuries old behaviors by others to excuse their religiously bigoted behavior.

I find it difficult to believe an adherent Muslim can believe in freedom or liberty. These ideals are an anathema to their world view, their religious teaching and their cultural identity. They hold on to their 7th century mores and tenets and expect, nay demand all others adhere or be destroyed.  So says their religious texts.   So either we have a lot of quasi practicing Muslims or people are being at best naive at worst disingenuous, or perhaps deluded.  There are some lines that have to remain inviolate.  This is one.-end of rant.

I’ve never been a fan of the Boy Scouts.  My father was a scout leader when he was young, my  husband was also a scout.  Both of my boys have been scouts and I have been a cub scout leader, thanks to the church to which I go, on multiple occasions.  While I can see some benefit in the organization for boys, especially boys whose fathers are absent or neglectful, I find myself uncomfortable with SOME “devoted” leaders within the program.  They become too involved, too invested, becoming that person who “knows how the program is supposed to work and you’re not doing it right”.   That said there are opportunities for boys to lead, which they get no where else in this society but the one up mans ship and pressure that accompanies these things can be difficult for some boys and parents to swallow.

The one thing that I could never fault the organization on, in the twenty years I’ve been exposed to it, is their insistence in obeying the scout law and oath.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, Reverent

I copied this from the Boy Scout of America web site so this is their official declaration to the world, as it were. While the goals are laudable, it seems the coursing and cancer that affects our society has finally worked it’s way into this venerated organization.

Yesterday the Boy Scouts of America, modeled after the organization begun by Robert Baden-Powel (1st Baron Baden-Powell) in Britain in 1908, voted to allow openly gay boys to participated in it’s program.  Other changes through the years were developed in order to address the issues of race, a place for younger boys and activities for older boys, which were in line with both the Scout Oath and the Scout law.  Yesterday’s vote however, flies in the face of the words and intention of the scout oath.  I would guess that with in short order a new oath will be unveiled. One more in keeping with the new patina of the scouting program.  Maybe a rainbow patch will be developed to go on the opposite arm of the uniform or right under the American flag.

Please do not get me wrong. I do not hate gays, I do not hate gay boys, I do not hate anyone. I simply believe that if one wants to join an organization one does not join it and expect them to change their paradigm to accommodate the feelings of a small minority.  As a socialist one shouldn’t  join the VFW or American legion and expect them to embrace the ideas of Karl Marx.  If one is an atheist one shouldn’t expect the Knights of Columbus to denounce the Catholic Church.  If one likes and wears animal fur they shouldn’t think that by joining PETA the organization should accept and acknowledge that a good use for minks is a fur stole.

It has been the focus of the Boy Scout organization to mold and shape young men into leaders, to create good citizens who value learning, set goals and participate in the economy, in government, in the military and all other facets of life on the planet.  Boy Scouts have been business leaders, government officials, teachers, generals, religious leaders and so much more.  This has been a great boon to our society and hopefully will continue to be so.  The organization has also been a refuge from the chaos of our ever coarsening culture, but no more.  The Boy Scouts have embraced the “new normal”.  They have thrown away a century of insistence that their members are;

To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

They are now no different than any other organization that has knuckled under to Political Correctness. They, as the Mad Hatter said to Alice, ” have lost their muchness.”

So what, you ask?  Why does it matter?  To me I guess the crux of the matter is the forcing of others to either abandon or abdicate their personal beliefs.  Why do I have to change my beliefs to suit those who disagree with me?  I wouldn’t force an atheist to pray or a Muslim to eat pork.  I wouldn’t support a law that makes sagging pants a crime nor would I make it a law that everyone should be allowed to join any group no matter whether they are eligible to join or not.  Seriously, should the Daughters of the American Revolution be forced to accept someone  who doesn’t have any ancestors in the United States? Should Mensa be forced to accept people with an IQ of 50?  Should AARP be forced to accept members in their teens?

My point is that according to the history and stated oath of the Boy Scout organization a scout must be “morally straight” and I don’t mean it as in “straight vs gay” .  I mean straight as in correct, within standards according to religious doctrine.  This organization acknowledges God in it’s oath as well. Will that be the next thing to go?  They say they aren’t going to allow gay leaders. How long before that goes by the wayside? Once a society begins to compromise it’s principles than it is ripe for destruction from within while it’s enemies wait, like slavering beasts to divide the carcass. See Greece, Rome or modern day Britain for examples of this.

The thought of some who accept this new direction for the Scouts will of course be that by bringing in “gay” boys they will be exposing them to boys who don’t feel as they do, which will in turn help guide gay boys to the alternative, especially if they want to fit in.  This of course is patent nonsense.  Bussing was a program that was going to revolutionize inner city life for children. They would be taken from their schools and put into schools with children who were progressing, which in turn would encourage the inner city children to perform better. It looked so good on paper but the opposite occurred. In many situations the schools achievement numbers went down or flattened out.  Why work hard to get ahead if the guy sitting next to you does nothing and still passes.  Children aren’t stupid  (most of the time). Agreeing to accept those into an organization who will not follow the set standards and insist that those standards be changed to suit their agenda never ends well for the organization nor the people they serve.

It won’t end well here either.  History has proven that, but we can’t learn from history.  What do a bunch of dead guys know anyway?

Scott Pelley made a speech at Quinnipiac University  in which he said “We are getting big stories wrong over and over again.”

He later went on to say, “Twitter, Facebook and Readit, that’s not journalism. That’s gossip. Journalism was invented as an antidote to gossip.”

Unfortunately for us, Mr Pelley journalists have abdicated their responsibilities to cover a story by presenting the facts of that story.  They have become advocates for organizations, agendas and politicians.  Don’t believe me, let’s  visit a few of the more egregious examples.

Benghazi:  This was a whole pile of bad. From beginning to end, from stem to stern. If this had happened under any other president someone would have been forced to resign and others would have gone to jail.

Vacationgate:  Formerly journalists would have embarrassed those involved into apologizing or at least ceasing and desisting.

Mass Murder Gosnell: No matter what their feeling about abortion, journalists in the 60’s and 70’s would have covered the heck out of this trial.  None of this “it’s just a local trial” nonsense.

Fast and Furious: This would have scuttled any other previous administration.  Those in charge would have been incarcerated.

Birth certificate/Social Security Number issues:  Any other politician would have been forced to explain the irregularities.  They would have been forced to provide actually copies of the forms and if they couldn’t they wouldn’t be candidates long.

Voter fraud:  How many times did people vote to assure this man’s victory.  Past journalist would have been chasing a Pulitzer.  Of course that was when getting one meant you did an awesome job researching and reporting. Now it just means you’ve articulated the administrations talking points succinctly.

So pardon us if we don’t believe you.  Pardon us if we don’t assume that law abiding citizens who’ve never engaged in terroristic activities are behind the latest disaster.  Excuse us if we don’t believe that “some white guy with a gun” is always the shooter or that a “Tea Party Extremist” is to blame.  Since there have not been issues like that at Tea Party/ Conservative  or Libertarian rallies we would point you in the direction of your Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, Moveon.com, New Black Panther fellow tin foil hat wearing compatriots.

Since you in the media can’t be trusted to be objective, we have to get our news from other places.  Your integrity has been shredded, your lack of honesty highlighted and your agenda posted on the national billboard of the internet.  We are tired of being lied to, being castigated, being manipulated and more than that being insulted.  Most of us know we are not the problem.  We know we do not think or believe what you claim we do and because of that we are suspicious of what you claim others think or believe.  We are insulted that you think we are so stupid, so naive and so ignorant that we can’t figure things out for ourselves. That we have to be spoon fed watered down, spun, barely recognizable facts instead of being given the actual facts and being allowed to decide for ourselves.

But you’re right Mr. Pelley.  Your house is burning down.  But there is no one who cares and even less who would bother to bring a bucket complete with hole.   Good luck with that.

Well I watched some of the testimony yesterday.  What I saw was at times riveting and at time bat crap crazy irritating.

Mr. Hicks of course was riveting, as was Mr. Gowdy.  The latter’s substantive questions of the former were the highlight of the day for me.  Mr. Chaffez from Utah was also compelling.  It was obvious that he was frustrated by the lies and CYA moves of those involved within the administration and State Department and that he was tired of having to ask the same questions over and over again as well as dealing with the nonsense from the other side of the aisle.

Mr. Hicks in an obviously emotionally draining testimony answered the questions with a stoic demeanor.  He was interrupted by Democrats who wanted copies of the email, or who wanted to make a point or cast aspersions about his character or his patriotism because he’s willing to call a liar, a liar no matter who it is.  The most appalling comment came from the Representative of the “People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland“, Cummings , who made a ridiculous and obscene statement yesterday during the hearing.  I guess we should tell those whose  ancestors lost their lives frighting for civil rights that, hey, wasn’t a big deal….”death is a part of life.”  How about the families of those killed last year in Chicago or Tryvon Martins family?  How about those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing?  When does it stop being “a part of life” and become murder. Hey lawyers, new defense,  death is a part of life so you can’t really charge someone with murder, you can just use that statement as your whole defense.  Call it the “Cummings idiocy.”

Then there is the “What difference does it make” and “Benghazi was a long time ago” and ” we won’t learn anything new” cadre of sycophants.  Well we did learn some new things, murder has no statute of limitations and it makes a world of difference to the folks who lost their loved ones as well as those who have to depend on the State Department to keep them out of harms way.  The truth always makes a difference.  Always.

Some interesting things that weren’t addressed yesterday are:

Where is General Ham?  Why was he relieved of command? When?

Where is Rear Admiral Gauoette?  Why has he not been interviewed? When was he relieved of command and why?  Exactly.  I want to know exactly what he did.

When senior members of the military are relieved of their commands at the height of a crisis, the American public deserve to know why.  Did they refuse to follow an illegal, unethical, immoral order?  For example did they refuse to stand down when Americans were being tortured and murdered?  Did they call into questions the motives of those in authority?  Did they suggest that the administration was covering up behavior that wasn’t above board?  Did they understand that more was going on besides the attack, like perhaps gun running into Syria as long ago as 2012 or before?

These are things the lame scream media was supposed to be reporting on.  This is the kind of story real reporters (Woodward and Bernstein come to mind) used to report on.  Of course today with few exceptions journalists CAN’T do this kind of journalism. They weren’t taught how to really research or report objectively on anything.  They were taught to spin the news, propagandize the news and dismiss anything that didn’t fit the meme. Today news rooms are populated with advocates not journalists, teenagers not adults.

Could someone find the adults in America and ask them to call home?  The tweeners are peeing in the pool, the teenagers have set fire to the couch and the babies are smearing poop on the walls and the crib.  The toddlers and kids are hiding under the sink and the baby sitter has died.

25 ¶And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Luke 21:25-26

We have arrived, I think.  Of course we probably arrived some time ago but I didn’t want to believe it.  I wanted life to go on as it had.  I wanted my children and grandchildren to able to live and love and grow and achieve as I did before them.  This I’m afraid is not to be.  Americans assured that when they allowed the destroyer access to their country.  They allowed it when they forsook the God that was present at the birth of the nation to be ejected from schools and public buildings.  They allowed it when they made heroes out of bandits and criminals. They allowed it when they cast morality into the gutter and threw common sense in afterward.

Now we know that the current administration not only knew but covered up what they knew.  They left 4 Americans to die.  They refused to access the many assets that were available to them.  They stood by while our embassy was attacked, it’s people murdered and did nothing.  And then they lied.  So the question arises, what else have they lied about?

In other times, in other administrations, in other situations the president would have been impeached over the mess that is Benghazi.  The vice president would have been forced to resign and people would have gone to jail.  This will probably not happen, unless we want a race war because like it or not this is now all about race.  The paradigm has shifted and this is what we have to live with in the future. It is the only thing that has kept this president in office so far.  One can’t disagree with him, that’s racist. One can’t point out obvious problems with his agenda, that’s racist. One can’t suggest that he’s incompetent, inept and dangerous……..you guessed it, racist.  One can’t point out the our large cities with minority mayors are verging on bankruptcy, that is also racist.  One can’t make any improvements because one can’t talk about the real issues and real problems because …..yeah you know.

How is it that barely 12 % of the US population demands half the jobs, 80% of the resources and sucks up 90% of people’s time and energy.  There are special school programs, set asides, lobbyists, government subsidies for schools, for homes, for businesses.  There were roughly 4 times the white workers in government jobs in 2008 than black workers but they are only 12 % of the population, so they are over represented in the public sector by at least 7 times.  We don’t even want to go into a discussion of the mess affirmative action has made out of education but here’s  some facts from ACT to consider. In Michigan they gathered data to show college readiness by race, 64% of white students, 38% of Hispanic students, 71 % of Asian students as opposed to 25% of Black students are considered ready for college in english, the rest of the numbers for Algebra, Biology and Social studies tells a similar story, sadly. Not only are black students not ready for college they are being admitted to college over those who are obviously more competent .  So instead of business leaders, finance professionals, professors and others that should have been turned out of our higher education entities we have people who were only admitted due to their skin tone.

Lest the racist moniker come out now, be well aware that I believe that the person with the best score, the most experience, the better resume get’s the job, the spot in college or the trophy on Dancing with the Stars.  Skin color, ethnicity, political leanings or lifestyle choices shouldn’t be considered. Apparently that is not  the case anymore.

It is because of this disconnect,  I believe, incompetents have taken over the government.  They are making decisions that will eventually, if not stopped, lead disaster. As we’ve seen in Benghazi, the military will do whatever it is that their superiors tell them to do.  Military folks have already had basic human rights removed from them, they can’t share their religion, they will now have their work areas scrutinized for “offensive to women” stuff?  Really?  We have no other more important things to worry about.  No, we’re playing societal roulette with people who use guns.  I would have in the past said that the American soldier would never fire on his fellow citizens, I don’t believe that anymore.  They will shoot whomever the government chooses as a foe.  I should have realized that after Waco but I didn’t or maybe I couldn’t.  I do now.

So yes, I distrust the government, I distrust the administration, I distrust the military and I distrust the police.  The president and the organization that the pilot of the Benghazi drone “can’t mention” don’t have to tap my phone or hack my computer.  I believe there is a tyrannical regime in power in the United States today.  I believe they seek to take away the rights guaranteed to me by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  No matter how much Shelia Jackson Lee tries to rewrite either document, I have already read both and have committed to memory those rights.  So now there is only one group I trust and that’s my family. And yes we all need more bullets, more guns, torches and pitchforks, we need to be prepared and ever watchful and we need to remember who it is we’re dealing with.

18 Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always lest ye enter into temptation; for Satan desireth to have you, that he may sift you as wheat. 3 Nephi 18:18

I know that this verse is true.  I have seen it often enough in the last 10 years.  This is where we are folks. We’ve been warned. We now get to reap the whirlwind.


So, my 17 year old son can’t take allergy medicine to school without a signed note from his doctor. He can’t have it on his person, it must be administered by a nurse.  My daughters when they were  still in school couldn’t take Midol with them to school because it’s a “drug” and must have a note signed, again, by a doctor because we’re all concerned about “the children”.   But girls as young as 15 and opponents of that want the age limit struck completely, can take a pill that will cause them to spontaneously abort any fetus that might have been there but maybe not.

So what happens when this girl, not under a physician care begins to hemorrhage or what happens if she’s allergic to this drug.  No one knows she took it except the people at the pharmacy and will they remember?   Will someone connect the dots when half of them are missing.  This is typical progressive bandaid theology.  Don’t tackle the hard stuff like making it unprofitable, unpleasant and a stigma to have sex indiscriminately.  It’s irresponsible, it’s dangerous and it’s stupid, especially  at an age where they change their minds about what their favorite color is almost hourly (some from one minute to the next) but heaven forbid we should tell the little darlings they can’t do something.

Next is without an article because the Lame Scream Press won’t touch this with a 10 ft feather boa.  Say they manage to pass a gay marriage amendment.  There is a real move to “rename” or “rebrand” marriage to fit in with it’s newer, hipper, gayer, image.  Now I don’t have any idea what they’ll call it. I want to know if the participants are going to have to find different titles.  Mother, father were gender specific.  So are there going to be two mothers or two fathers?  If not who’s going to be Daddy?  Is it going to be a permanent thing or are they going to try it on like a new pair of shoes to see how it fits? Maybe it will be a switch out kind of thing. One day one partner is Mom the next day they’re Dad?  How do those outside of the “what ever it’s called” know who’s doing what, are the partners going to wear a name tag, “Hi, I’m Andrew, I am the Dad today”?  Who gets what jobs, who get’s to be the one to tell the girls what it’s like to menstruate or to explain wet dreams to boys?  Men of course know all about menses  and women as well know all there is to know about how boys mature and what their issues and problems are.   A man can teach a daughter everything she needs to know about being a female because he “feels like a woman.”  Since he’s never been a woman how would he know????? Of course he doesn’t know. Being female is a physical state of being, you are born that way, physically. How you feel and what  you make of those feeling is totally a decisions “you” make and make up.  So please forgive me if I have very little faith that this particular social experiment is going to be productive. As with the other experiments  progressives have foisted upon us in the last 100+ years it will destroy more of the societal fabric and we will sink lower into the chaotic abyss.

City Councilmen Would Divest Pension Money  From a Potentially Koch-Owned Tribune Co.

You just can’t make this stuff up, seriously.  Here we have a company, Koch, based out of Wichita, Kansas, they have diversified their business so they own a whole host of different kinds of companies.  People flock to work for them.  They treat their employees honestly, they do business with integrity and they partner in the community to actually “help” instead of making publicity so they can market their “brand” (they let their marketing department do that- when they help they actually HELP).  The brothers have a serious Libertarian streak and they promote those who are for capitalism, freedom, liberty and the Constitutional Rights we are all guaranteed.  What they are not is a “Soros” type outfit. They don’t manipulate, they don’t prevaricate and they don’t lie.

So the Tribune Co. is dying.  Newspapers are becoming things of the past. Not because of the internet, not because of cell phones, not because of cable news.  No they’re dying because they have become so entrenched in liberalism that no one believes anyone working at a newspaper today is objective in anything they write about.  Occasionally one might find someone of a independent persuasion at a newspaper doing sports or business reporting but all the other members of the staff (90%) are  Liberal Democrats even if they aren’t  carrying the card.  It is the only thing that explains the silence on the Gosnell trial, the Benghazi whistle blowers and the mess that is Obamacare.  These disaster and more are being ignored by the “Lame Scream Press”.

I knew someone who was Conservative that worked at a newspaper.  The abuse they got made it almost a pleasure after 20+ years to be laid off.  These people are taught by liberal professors, they live in the same area’s, they go to the same events and they truly do not know anyone who has a different opinion then they do.  When you point out that they are biased they become defensive and combative and then the ad hominem attacks start. It’s a waste of time, frankly.  They couldn’t find objectivity if it kissed them on the nosey.

That’s all for now but I’ll be back soon with “Stuff you just can’t make up”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke or a word problem, but it is neither.  It is a sign of the degeneration of our times.  People think that if they believe in something hard enough, if they say something often enough, if they get enough people to tacitly agree, that thing will be true.  It is an odd thing about truth though, no matter  how you spin it, no matter how you try to hide it, disguise it, manipulate it, truth will surface in all it gory glory.  It may take hundreds of years, it may take wars and rumors of wars, it may take cataclysmic disasters but the truth will remain in the end.

For religious believers we have our faith and the writings of people thousands of years before us on which to base our understanding of  truth.  In all of that writing there is NO evidence of the priesthood being given to women.  Not one.  One might site Judge Deborah who was referred to as a “prophet” and Isaiah’s wife as a “prophetess” but one does not have to hold the priesthood to be the mouth piece of God. All one needs is a willing heart and the lack of any worthy priesthood holders for this to come about.  Over the years though people, without the benefit of the Divine have made and said all sorts of nonsense claiming to be speaking in behalf of the Creator.  The proof of that claim lies in whether what has been said is consistent with Gospel principles and stated covenants and commandments.

While some individuals eschew the roles delineated for them from the beginning it must be noted that in order for the stated plan of the Creator to move forward the roles and duties from that plan must be maintained, for this is essential to the fruition of said plan.  In the beginning God created man (made from available material, not snapped His fingers and voila whatever God desired was there).  It was decided that man should not be alone, and that the plan could not be put into force without another entity to serve as the vessel for the procreated entity.  Woman was then created, not as a servant but as a helpmeet, a partner, a essential part of the Divine order.  As in most successful organizations however one person was the final arbiter, one person made the final decisions, one person held the most responsibility.

Man was given that role.  Woman was to council with man, to provide additional feedback, to temper his decisions and to help guide and direct him to make the correct decisions and both sought input from their Creator.  Man as did  woman, had a direct and intimate role in the “multiplying and replenishing of the Earth” function of the plan.  She would be the one to protect and defend, to keep in her body and later her care the precious seed of mankind.  She was the nurturer, the teacher, the one who guided and directed not just the physical but mental and spiritual progeny that would fill the earth.  It was under her leadership that “man” would grow throughout the world.  In some cases that leadership was benign, in some it was disastrous.  Some children refused to learn from their mothers, some didn’t have mothers due to death or extenuating circumstances.  Some “fathers” usurped the roles of mothers, condemning them to virtual servitude (much as we see in radical tribal entities today).  These men have betrayed their ancient roles and their noble association with priesthood.

At no other time however has there been more pressure on the cornerstone unit of society as there is now.  From the 1960’s on people (men and women) have sought to disparage the role of “mother”. They contend that it is not challenging enough, that it is archaic, that it is deeming and a refuge for the lazy, ignorant and unenlightened. These forces have encouraged women to criticize and belittle other women who chose to take up the ancient role of “mother, caregiver, helpmeet and partner” and castigate their choice.  The women who chose to be mothers are made fun of, debased and reviled by the very people who refuse to understand the importance that a mother holds in maintaining stability of the fabric of our civil society.  As we’ve seen in the present pitting one side against another is an excellent way to destroy both sides.

Thus it is that we now have a woman maintaining that she is an ordained “priest ” in the Catholic Church.  Who ordained this woman?  Was the person a “priest” ordained by someone in authority?  It couldn’t be a Catholic member of clergy because women priests are not found in doctrine there. It is against the Gospel as carried down from  Jesus Christ to Peter, that the priesthood duties are for males to attend to.  Women have other more important and essential duties to discharge.  Without their willingness to do so there would be no plan to follow and no reason to go on as there would be no progeny to safeguard.  She is therefore not a Catholic “priest” no matter what she claims.

While women disciples were firmly in evidence none of them were priests.  One of the definitions of disciple is;

A person who is a pupil or an adherent of the doctrines of another; follower (along with the 12 apostles, the 70 sent forth by Christ to spread his gospel and the followers of Christ at the time).

Anyone can be a disciple; young or old, bond or free, male or female. There are no distinctions on who can be a disciple, all one needs to do is follow the admonitions of whoever they choose to follow and huzzah they are disciples.

Women however have a higher calling.  They nurture and teach the next generation. While there are many who derogate that function it has become more and more apparent that what is missing in our societies are those standard bearers, those educators of the very young, those stalwarts who cast off aspirations, delay gratification and abandon ambition to truly sacrifice for the sake of their posterity.  They have taken on their roles, set before the world began, within the plan voted on by every person whose heart has beat en utero or who has ever been born on this planet.  These woman know they were destined for greatness, they will affect  millions by what they do within the walls of their own homes.  Their influence and touch is not relegated to the babies they raise until time for them to be exposed to secular eduction but even after they are dead and buried.  They will be mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, ad infinitum to generations unborn.  Their reach will continue until the end of times and on throughout eternity.

The priesthood  too has it’s duties, it’s powers and it’s reach.  While blessed by the Priesthood,  those responsibilities do not concern women.  For good or ill that is not their assigned role.  Of course this makes no claim on individuals who don’t believe in a Divine Being.  Their way lies along different pathways and their reward will be different from those who do believe.  The reward expected by those who wish to make their own way divergent of any religious affiliation will be, as it must, different from those who rely on the “Arm of Jehovah.” This is right and just.

Either one believes in one’s religion with it’s doctrines and creed or one does not.  If one does not it is a function of truth and integrity that one leaves that organization and finds another which will grant one the opportunities they desire from religion.  For either God, who is unchanging, is true within the confines of that doctrine held by religious sects or He is not. If He is, abide by his plan, if He is not it matters not where you go.

It does not change the truth.   Deny, abjure, disown, spurn, circumvent, enjoin, repudiate all one likes, the truth whatever it is, will not be changed or hindered and will in time come to the fore.  For some the doctrine is named Karma, for believers the scripture that comes to mind is Galatians 6:7

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

…..as President and now as a former president.   The George Walker Bush Library was dedicated yesterday.  Five of the last 6 presidents were there for the event.  According to a story in the Washington Times, they ran true to form.

Carter talked about Africa for over three minutes.  He had nothing to say about 911 and the war on terror, apparently that didn’t affect him at all. Maybe he was in Africa then?

George H W Bush a frail 90, spoke from his wheel chair for 24 seconds and received the biggest laugh of the day when he shook his son’s hand after his speech and said “too long?”

Bill Clinton spoke with his al’shucks good ol’ boy bravado.  He told jokes and was the same irreverent wag we’ve come to know and at least tolerate for as long as we have to listen to him.

Obama came next doing his young, humble, obsequious routine. He then gave a stump speech in support of the push for amnesty.  After the preceding nights festivities at a Democratic fundraiser and his preparation for a speech at Planned Parenthood (which was rescheduled) otherwise know as Abortion Central he could be forgiven for not remembering which speech to give to who. After all he didn’t bring his teleprompter.

But it was of course George W that put the class back into the act, which is something you probably won’t hear unless you look for it.  Some of his quotes:

“In democracy, the purpose of public office is not to fulfill personal ambition. Elected officials must serve a cause greater than themselves. The political winds blow left and right, polls rise and fall, supporters come and go. But in the end, leaders are defined by the convictions they hold.

“As president, I tried to act on these principles every day. It wasn’t always easy and it certainly wasn’t always popular … And when our freedom came under attack, we made the tough decisions required to keep the American people safe

and in conclusion,

“It’s the honor of a lifetime to lead a country as brave and as noble as the United States. Whatever challenges come before us, I will always believe our nation’s best day lie ahead.

His voice broke here but he managed after a pause to say “God bless.”

But the final moment was the one that is as true as is the goodness and integrity of this most maligned of presidents.

Sgt. 1st Class Alvy R. Powell Jr. came to the side of the stage to perform the “Star Spangled Banner.” A big, powerful black man, Mr. Powell belted out the anthem. With the crowd applauding, the sergeant moved along the line of people, shaking hands with all. After greeting W, he turned to go. But the 43rd president put his hand on the sergeant’s arm and said, “Stay,” just as a chaplain stepped forward to give a benediction.

So it is with this final act we again see that this man, this good man, this patriot was never the stumbling fool portrayed by the media.  Republican may not have always agreed with him but they knew that he was doing what he thought best for all of America, not for his friends and most certainly not for himself but for all Americans. He was a “public servant” something the others with the exception of his father know absolutely anything about.

….is the most enlightening part of almost any story. Oh it doesn’t help you to understand the story.  No the comment sections give you insight into why America and by extension the rest of the world is the way it is.  Just today while reading one of the online sites dedicated to news aggregation there was an article about the Boston bombers listening or looking at a website called “inforwars.com”.  The host of the site is Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist par excellence.  The article itself was vague and without real facts except that it was reported by AP, someone involved in the bombings “took an interest” in the website. What exactly does that mean, he was there everyday, multiple times a day, multiple times a week, a month or two or three times in all?  I have clicked on articles and found myself on the Huffington Post which I consider somewhat like stepping in dog feces. So saying one or both of the bomb suspects were fans given that piece of information is like saying Mitt Romney is a fan of president obama because he spoke to him on several occasions.

No, the article wasn’t very thought provoking but the comments, now there was a gold mine just waiting to be stripped.  We have the conspiracy theorists, the sceptics, the trolls and the naive all there in glorious technicolor (that includes language of the blue, purple and black prose).  I’ll give you just a sample with judicious editing because some words just will not appear here ever.  When they do you’ll know it’s time to lock the old girl up and throw away the key.

The theorist:”Would those bull^*)# theories include the existence of the Bilderbergs’ power or do you think it’s just the name of an old hotel in Holland? Are the Bohemian Grove rituals nothing but bull$%#@^ he filmed on a set? Open your eyes! The word “police” has become a verb and Jones points it out.

The unbeliever:”I know! It’s what I’ve been saying too! Also, if you google, ‘tiny alien dogs takeover’ and scroll to the 17th page, you’ll see PROOF that tiny alien dogs are taking over! Total proof!”

The ostrich: “poor deluded Tom….wants to believe the big bag govt is after him. geez” (who apparently can’t spell or use punctuation)

The nasty old battle axe: Poor child, when you find an old man, you might be a lover for a while, but after a couple of years sex is only a 1 year event.. in the winter when it freezes hard. then later on you become his daily diaper changing mommy.. (being a nasty old battleaxe myself I recognize the prose…….I just try to keep it on a higher level than filth)

Mr. Clever:  “jones is a phuqing lunatic who needs to get laid more often or better meds” (He is so superior to us all. Figuring out how to spell a truly nasty, foul and disgusting word to get past the computers rule against vulgarities.  So clever.  Makes one wonder what other rules he skates around)

There are others of course.  Some better, some worse, some even courser believe it or not.

 So what’s the point?  The point is that these people are representative of the citizenry of this country.  These people for good or ill make up the country. Now it would be true to say that many people don’t comment on news stories on line, but the fact is so many of those who do have such divergent and disparate views makes it apparent that there is nothing short of cataclysm that will bring them together.  We’ve heard all about working together for the good of all. In school they force children to work in teams to create the ability to work with different kinds of people. Most often what we find is that one child does the assignment and the rest of them skate by on his work.  Teachers see it all the time but are hamstrung now to do anything about it given their restrictions and guidelines passed down by our “elitist” Education Cabal.

Unfortunately we have people in leadership positions on the left and on the right who seek to divide Americans from each other.  Some do so by their rhetoric, others do so to remain in power.  Keep the people busy fighting among themselves and they won’t pay attention to the implementation of laws to deprive them of their God given, Constitution guaranteed rights.  Keep them focused on each other and they won’t see the abdication of responsibilities and confiscation of property that will surely bind them to their “betters”.  Blame the people on the other side for government decisions made by those who have no loyalty to their party or platform once they’ve achieved their ends.  Make monsters out of those who disagree, to distort the message and demoralize the average person. All of this works in the favor of those who refuse to acknowledge the laws of the land, including but not limited to the president, his administration, Congress and the federal bureaucracy. 

We have been played ladies and gentlemen buy master manipulators.  We have become what they have desired.  Selfish, insecure, emotion-driven, ill mannered, bores with delusions of relevancy who listen to no one but those they agree with.  We claim anyone who criticizes us “hates” us.  We want government to make life “fair” and “balanced” but refuse to make any effort our selves to create the lives we desire.  We buy lottery tickets, go to the casino, watch reality programs all hoping for a get rich quick miracle.  We live for beer in the fridge and “soft porn” on the TV provided by the movie channels to make our sad and depressing lives survivable.  Is this why our ancestors left their native lands.  How would they look at us today, with disgust most likely. All of their sacrifice, all of their pain, all of their hard work for what? So that you can go home and drink yourself into oblivion watching things you’ll never see or do (in many cases that’s a good thing) in real life. 

We are our own worst enemy.  We stand in our own way and in each others way.  We are the problem.  We are also the solution.  Unfortunately for us there is no longer a 4th estate to point that out.  They have gone over to  the enemy and I do not mean one political side or another. No they have given up their search for truth, their objectivity, their intellectual honesty to those who will use them for their own nefarious schemes.  Too bad for them…….so sad for us.

We’ve been asked that question twice in the last year.  First by Hillary Clinton then Secretary of State when she testified about the events preceding and including the Benghzi debacle.  Now from one of the most vociferous mouthpieces of the current administration MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, other wise known to many as the Tingler (for the tingles running up and down his leg every time his messiah speaks).  One wonders if these people work hard at ignoring reality or if they are just blessed to be completely removed from it.

What difference does it make Chrissy?  What difference does the motive have to do with the action?  Well first it speaks to intent, which even without a law degree I know impacts on what the law can charge one with.  Without intent to harm the perpetrator will not normally be charged with 1st degree murder (in this case).  If it were not intended, if for example it was a crime of passion or a belief of intended harm or to save the lives of others, there are many levels of crime one could be charged with, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or death in self defense.  Second it speaks to whether or not the person acted alone, were they a part of a plot or as in this case a terrorist organization.

Then there is the method of the crime?  Was it done to kill just one person or was it designed to do a lot of damage and kill a lot of people and promote chaos?  Were they planning to deprive Americans of their rights and privileges under the Constitution?  It seems that even if they didn’t plan on that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  We had “body armor wearing, true automatic weapon bearing, special units” clearing people out of their houses at gun point (for their own protection).  We had the Mayor and Governor of MA telling people to cower in place.  Then amazingly they find the suspect in a neighborhood, hiding in a garage they’d already searched, lying in a boat waiting for the cover of darkness to get away.  What would have happened to that family once the special units and their guns went away?  Would the killer break into the home, kill the “Americans” and steal what money, jewelery they had and their car and drive off into the night to be protected and sheltered buy another group of anti-American traitors who have lived off the American dream all the while waiting for a chance to steal our wealth and turn us into just another 3rd world hell hole with slaves who appease, martyrs who refuse to accede and women (who meet both categories).

Why is their motive important? Why is the Tea Party’s motive important, why is the Koch brothers’ motive important, or Ran Paul’s or any other mainstream group on the right? We’re not supposed to look at the motives on the left  or on any group the left feels free to protect.  We are supposed to look at any group who oppose them however.  The Tea Party folks are dangerous we’re told by the Matthews of the left. They’re radicals, they’re deranged, they’re Dangerous.  However which group is it that has attached to it people who have already demonstrated their willingness to bomb, harm, destroy innocent people in order to make their point?  Which party hosts those who think it appropriate to destroy private property, siphon off the profits of those who produce and give them to those who refuse to do so?  Which party is the party that celebrates death, that thinks if someone disagrees with you that the appropriate response is to kill you or to slander you by saying you want to kill them?

Reasonable people don’t act this way.  Reasonable people can discuss even disagree without coming to blows or slander or hyperbole or worse.  We used to be a country of reasonable people until the “feelings” group got into power.  They don’t govern by laws and common sense, they govern by “fairness” and “equality” as long as that equality diminishes their enemies.  It’s like watching Middle Schoolers given any power whatsoever.  Leave the classroom for more than a minute and rival countries will form, they’ll be wars and rumors of wars, alliances will be made and broken, bribery, larceny and anarchy will reign because these people have not yet learned to control themselves. Their world revolves around what they want, what they think, what they “need”.

Some of those in power never left middle school.  They pose and preen and pout.  They are naive but also sly.  Throwing folks under the bus is nothing to these people and they have a single minded focus on “what they want” uninterested in the consequences unintended or intended.  They have the power and they are going to use it to squash those who would stand in their way.  While most actual middle schoolers do not understand the true uses of power the ones in government do know and are willing to do almost anything, some will do anything, to remain in power. If that means destroying the economy of the US, if that means allowing jihadist to create chaos and anarchy, if that means collateral damage, well can’t make an Omelette without braking eggs and those people wouldn’t have fit in with the new order anyway so it’s good they’re gone.  That’s what life is like in your average Middle School.  If you don’t remember you were probably on the side with the power-brokers and their cabal. Welcome then to the Middle School the rest of us endured.

It wasn’t fun then, it’s not fun now.  Too bad we can’t leave our children and grandchildren better.  They deserved better. But hey “free love, peace and rock and roll” are the all important memes of the day……oh yes, I forgot your cup of soul, rap and selfishness.”    My bad.

And yes little Chrissy it does make a difference, intention makes all the difference in the world.


It is unbelievably freeing to be out of work at this particular time.  Living off the few contracting jobs that can be found, substituting for schools at $7.50 an hour (without an education degree para work is just about all one can get) and off savings makes the health care debate just more noise in the vacuum that is DC.  There is no money in the family budget for health care, especially a plan that may cost more than the mortgage on the house.  What are they going to do, arrest me because I can’t afford to buy health care?  Maybe they’ll foreclose on my house.  That may happen anyway.  So then arrest me, I’ll get three meals a day, a roof and…………wait for it ………….free health care.

Sen.Max Baucus’ (D-Montana) is concerned that the powers that be aren’t explaining the health care plan well enough to the citizens on which it was forced, is somewhat disingenuous at best.  Talk about closing the door after the horse has bolted.   Sir, if you (who voted for it) can’t explain it to your constituents (who didn’t want it and made it clear they didn’t want it) then you, need to find a different job. Something in the extortion/bribery racket perhaps.  Maybe a jail guard if you still maintain you have integrity. They like pushing people around and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do or a teacher,same goes there.  Baucus wants Kathy Sebelius to explain it.  Explain it, she hasn’t even read it.  No one’s read it.  That’s one of the reasons it’s so bloody dangerous.  Once the lawyers get a hold of it no one in the country will be safe.  Except Baucus and Sebelius and their friends.

You see they are exempt. As are the other FOB (friends of barry). It seems that at least 700 companies and a the administration are all exempt. The jury is still out on whether Congress will get a pass, liberals say no-conservatives say yes. It says a lot that the framers of the huge debacle managed to do this:

The new health care law exempts the president from having to participate in it. Leadership and committee staffers in the House and Senate who wrote the bill are exempted as well. A weasel-worded definition of “staff” includes only the members’ personal staff in the new system; the committee staff that drafted the legislation opted themselves out. Because they were more familiar with the contents of the law than anyone in the country, it says a lot that they carved out their own special loophole. Anyway, the law is intended to affect “ordinary Americans,” according to Vice President Joe Biden (who – being a heartbeat away from the presidency – also is not covered), not Washington insiders.

I really love this answer on the cost the law will require from average Americans at Yahoo answers:

It is a 1% of your income, paid at the time you file your taxes. Here is an example of a breakdown for this.
I have a family of four including myself. If I buy family health care it is about $650 a month, multiply that by 12 and you get $7,800. My household brings in $55,000 intaxable income annually. So 1% of that is $550 per person a year, which is $2,200.
$7,800 – $2,200 = $5,600
I can invest the rest in HSAs, which gives me full control over what medical procedures I can get. I don’t have to get anyones permission to get a procedure. I have full control over my life.That fact is that the US goverment is a business, they are out to make money, just like every other business.
(The tip off that this is someone who knows nothing about the issue, is the very last line.  The government is NOT a business, it produces no product or service for pay.  It taxes us to continue to syphon monies to those who it deems deserving. The government raises NO money except by taxation -the taking of money from a group by coercion, blackmail and force for services to others and the providing of bad service to most).
In reality, according to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office):
President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and their allies, are cheerfully citing “ten year” costs of $940,000,000,000.00 — apparently believing this to be a far more palatable figure than $1 trillion.- The Weekly Standard
Among those who will have to pay a mandate penalty, 4.7 million will have incomes below 500 percent of the federal poverty line, according to the CBO, which is projected to be $60,000 for individuals and $123,000 for families of four by 2016. Given that the Supreme Court ruled the mandate was a tax, this would be a direct violation of President Obama’s pledge not to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000. – Washington Times (read the whole article it’s amazing)
“And despite massive tax hikes and new penalties to pay for the bill, which CBO estimates have risen by another $99 billion compared to their estimates last March … the president’s health spending law will add at least $700 billion to the deficit over its first 10 years. Sadly, it may prove much worse than that.” –  daileycaller.com
And last but by no means least:
Eighty-three percent of American physicians have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, according to a survey released by the Doctor PatientMedical Association.
Even if doctors do not quit their jobs over the ruling, America will face a shortage of at least 90,000 doctors by 2020. The newly passed health care bill increases the demand for physicians by expanding insurance coverage. This change will exacerbate the current shortage as more Americans live past 65.

By 2025 the shortage will balloon to over 130,000, Len Marquez, the director of government relations at the American Association of Medical Colleges, told The Daily Caller. – Yahoo!News

So now with no reason for lawyers to be trained because there are no jobs for them, we have a doctor shortage.  Here’s a suggestion, make the people who want to be lawyers, doctors.  Allow the same sort of folks who came up with the 2,000+ health care plan have to figure out how to give services to people without enough money to do so. Of course after a one child per family rule (just like China our new benefactors) and the outlawing of care for units (those over 70 who aren’t worth anything to the government-all that Social Security drivel)  there might be some savings realized.  Once you add in the projected savings for the million or so aborted babies and sterilized women (thanks to abortion procedures, forced tubal ligations and vasectomies and other “reproductive health” procedures) the average American family may only be on the hook for a paultry:

Even those making less will have to reach deep into their meager resources to satisfy Obama’s statutory requirement. Families scraping by on only $44,0000 a year will have to pay 7 percent of their income (about $3,000) on insurance. Even those making just $33,000 will have to ante up 4.5 percent of their income (about $1,500) for health insurance. The required payments reach so far down the scale that those who are living at the federal poverty level of $22,000 will have to shell out 2 percent of their totally inadequate incomes ($440) for insurance.

Golly one could go on and on and on and on, the health care mandate sure does.  Here’s the straight scoop.  Health care is broken and it’s bankrupting millions of Americans a year.  It needs to be fixed.  It doesn’t need government supervision.  Look at the Veterans Administration, the IRS, the Education Department just to name a few.  These folks often screw up things that don’t even need to be fixed.  While there are problems with health care Medicare and Medicaid have had decades to fix them for the poor.  They’ve fixed nothing, just exacerbated the problem.  Putting a bandaid on didn’t work, neither will amputating all of the limbs.  There has to be a middle ground but that’s not popular in Washington today because it doesn’t give the government control over 1/6 of the economy.  In reality the government controls so much more than that in regulations, school monies and the military.  The government was never supposed to have such power and the “Constitutional” experts in DC know it.

Powers (according to the Constitution) of the Federal Government:

* Print money
* Regulate interstate (between states) and international trade
* Make treaties and conduct foreign policy
* Declare war
* Provide an army and navy
* Establish post offices
* Make laws necessary and proper to carry out the these powers

No where does it say provide health care, or levy taxes that came later.

It wasn’t until 1913 that the 16th amendment was passed. (allowing the establishment of a taxing system from the federal government) In the preceding years the government acted on the following:

Article I, Section 2, Clause 3:

Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers…[1]

Article I, Section 8, Clause 1:

The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

Article I, Section 9, Clause 4:

No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.
Before 1913 Tariffs/Custom Duties and Excise Taxes funded the federal government.  It did levy taxes to fund wars but after that the taxes went away.
Here’s an interesting fact:
The Socialist Labor Party advocated a graduated income tax in 1887.[9] The Populist Party “demand[ed] a graduated income tax” in its 1892 platform.[10] The Democratic Party, led by William Jennings Bryan, advocated the income tax law passed in 1894,[11] and proposed an income tax in its 1908 platform.[12] (Remember that Bryan also argued for the prosecution in the Scopes Trial. Was he a real progressive or simply someone who needed to control the thoughts and actions of others. Somewhat akin to progressives today)
So along with slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow we now have income taxes to thank the Democratic Party for.   Anyone that’s surprised by this is simply NOT paying attention.
What did the Patriots say about the scope of government:
It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense…. They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in society. Let them look well after their own expense, and they may safely trust private people with theirs.”
— Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations [1776]
“The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.” .”
— Noah Webster
“They are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare…. [G]iving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which may be good for the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and as they sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please.”
— Thomas Jefferson
How much smarter they were then are we? Without the media, computers, cell phones, fax machines and nuclear bombs, they knew instinctively what was right because they’d fought what was wrong personally. They, as the president has famously said, “had skin in the game”.  Too bad most Americans don’t understand that. Of course having been taught by coaches (because any idiot can teach History) in Social Studies it’s not at all surprising.
It is simply sad.

It’s is interesting to see how people react to tragedy.  Some people get angry, some sad, some are afraid and some check out.  It says a lot about personal integrity, how someone approaches the unpleasant.  Around the country people are trying to make sense of the unfathomable.

Let’s hope the Boston Marathoner is a “white” American-Salon

Really, we want to hope that?  We want to hope that someone with no axe to grind just went out and set a bomb. We want to hope that a sociopath with delusions of relevancy is running around setting off explosive just to see people panic and die.  So much worse to think that a religious fanatic from groups and countries that have already warned us they will kill us (each and every one- including liberals, gays, democrats plus the other hard working and industrious among us, male, female, young, old makes no difference.

And this nonsense that people are being unfairly targeted.  Tell me when was the last time a Muslim “defender” condemned the actions of their “brothers in arms” or who denounced any action no matter how gruesome?  Someone of real authority or stature among the Muslim cabal. Yeah I didn’t think so.

Contemplating chaos in a nation of `soft targets’ (my way)

Oh please let’s give them a map of the best “soft targets” to use.  The left could get rid of a bunch of political opponents.  Just remember that when most of us die and go to heaven it won’t be to a place of endless torment (for the virgin women) it will be to a place of peace and rest. Like Miami beach without gambling.

Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: 2nd Amendment must go

Now this is the best of all.  Just last week some kid ran around a college campus slicing and dicing his way into popular cultural mythology.  By the time the left is done with him he’ll be a victim not the criminal. So Jay, people use cars to bomb places…….we should ban cars.  People use knives to hurt people………we should ban knives. Kermit Gosnell delivered live babies and cut their spinal columns with a surgical scalpel ……….we should ban scalpels.  People used their hands to kill others …….we should ban hands, people use their brains to scam others and steal their lives………….we should ban brains. Wait a minute you live in Hollywood or at least work there, no wonder you’re confused and illogical, brains have been outlawed there for years.  Dude go back to whatever else you’ve been doing and let the adults take care of the important things, please.  There will be cookies and milk and nap time soon.

The internet, bloggers, citizen journalists.  Doing the job that the Lame Steam, Drive by, Professional? Journalists can’t or won’t do.

It’s Come To This At CNN.

Battle rages

Disney allows Chinese censors

Years ago I wrote an obituary for the Journalistic profession.  Sometimes I just hate it when I’m right.  This time while I hate it I must admit I’m pretty full of myself.  It’s hard to be a prophet in ones own country.  Not that I aspire to any religious seeing.  It’s just that some time ago I made what might be considered a snarky comment about the local rag.  Someone who works there took exception to my contention that journalists especially the local ones had long ago given up any pretense of objectivity and were firmly in the tank with progressives, liberals and radicals.

She harangued me, claiming that I slandered all of the people working there and who’d worked there. She then brought out the “I once worked with (my family member ) and always considered them, blah, blah, blah, and blah. I finally apologized for offending her and in reality I was sorry. I was sorry I engaged her in what I hoped would be a reasonable debate.  In the end after name calling and hysterical hyperbole (anyone want to guess on which side that was)  I just wanted her off my page and out of my life.  I  have no time for people so incredibly blind that they can not see what the rest of us see.  The way they report the news, the words they use, the stories they choose to tell convict them every single time they do it.

While the local rag has done three stories on Gosnell, the upshot is that to the “professional journalists” this is a local story for someplace far away.  People here are interested in it but don’t stir up the Anti abortion fanatics again.  After all they’re dangerous, and some of them certainly are.  Some people feel it is better they are in jail the rest of their lives if it saves infants from murder.  I believe that one wrong NEVER makes anything right but the fact that the media refuses to report on this story shows that they have abdicated their responsibility to stand as the nightwatchmen in our culture. They have now become part of the problem and a new entity has emerged. To paraphrase Ben Franklin in 1776,

“We’ve spawned a new professon here. Rougher, simpler; more violent, more enterprising; less refined. We’re a new entity. We are the new media.”

We are here.  Deal with it.

I’m Confused

Today I saw an article  titled Illinois mom who left newborn to freeze to death given 50-year sentence.   In this article it reports that a 32 year old woman hid her pregnancy and gave birth alone, disposing of the bloody clothing and leaving the baby alongside the road to freeze to death.  Apparently they found the remains of two other baby girls in the woman’s trunk. The prosecutors dropped 11 other murder charges because she pled guilty to this one murder. All of this happened in 2004 when this woman was 23 years old and she apparently had been pregnant twice before.

I am confused about several things.  If this woman had this baby and left her to die on the road (which is without a doubt a horrific thing to do)  why was she facing 11 or 12 charges. As far as I know you can only murder someone once. Did she have 11 babies that they aren’t reporting on? If that’s the case did she first get pregnant when she was 12 and get pregnant every year there after or did she have multiple births?  Disposing of the remains must have gotten difficult. No wonder she was tripped up.  Now it is a given that I don’t have a clue about how the law works, but it seems to me that you can only kill someone one time. But this is really a periphery issue.

Another odd thing is that in all of the articles I read no one mentioned, why?  What was her motive? Not that she’s not guilty, she admitted it.  But what led her to do this, not once apparently but twice before?  Surely she’s not sane?   Sane people do not act this way. If she’s not sane shouldn’t she be sent somewhere that she can be helped and then sent back to prison.  I see this woman managing to get pregnant in jail (after all that seems to happen quite frequently) and doing something similar while in jail.  Where is the disconnect? Of course she’s from Illinois the home state of our abortion loving first family (don’t get punished with a baby, you know) so I’m not terribly surprised.  That said even pro abortion supporters seem to find this behavior abhorrent, which brings me to the other issue that confuses me.

What really  is the difference between this case and the thousands or hundreds of thousands of babies stabbed in the back of the head by an abortionist while still in the birth canal.  Babies that would have been born alive if only their head had come out faster.  Then again this is Illinois, the same state that tried to pass measures to protect the lives of babies born after botched abortions and where our president sought to block medical aid to said babies. Barak Obama has made his pro abortion sentiments known for years and he sided with abortionists on this piece of legislation in 2001 and again in 2002.  He claims he would have supported the bills if the contained the same language as the federal law, but they were amended to have the same wording, and he still opposed the bills.

Then there is this from the champions of a woman’s right to murder her own infant, Planned Parenthood.  Begun by Margaret Sanger, eugenist and racist this organization champions the right of women to ultimate control over their bodies and apparently any thing the comes out of said body. I looked on the big 4 web sites (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS) and could find NO articles on the above event.  It was as if Alisa LaPolt Snow the woman in the video, never stood before Florida legislators and told them that she had no information what would happen to a child laying on the abortion table fighting for life.  Apparently that was above her pay grade.  What she did say was;

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” Snow said, apparently unaware that such an act constitutes murder under most any other circumstances.” (naturalnews.com)

So let me get this straight.  If a woman by herself disposes of an unwanted infant she gets 50 or 60 years in prison.  If a woman allows an abortionist to dispatch said unwanted infant she not only get her abortion paid for, she goes free to be impregnated again, with impunity.   Life is so unbearably complex.  We put people in jail for the murder and abuse of children and we put them in jail a long, long time.  What could be more abusive than the murder of an innocent life.  We have become so schizophrenic in our thinking about abortion that it has lead to this.  Sesame Street famously (long ago now, it’s not politically correct anymore) stated that if it breathes, eats and grows that is how you know, it’s alive.  Infants in the womb who can breath, eat and grow if delivered are alive and when you kill someone that is alive that is murder.

How can we charge someone with double murder who shoots and kills a mother and her unborn child and yet we do, if the infant is not alive?  We must come to a intelligent, cogent, moral decision on this issue, because we are damaging ourselves and untold generations by our willingness to play “God”, in deciding who lives and who dies.  How long before we will be deciding if someones quality of life is appropriate or if they should be dispatched to “ease their suffering” or more likely to ease the suffering or burden of the family or the state?  The slippery slope begun by Roe vs Wade has not yet achieved critical mass but it soon will.

A country can be judged on how it treats it’s most vulnerable members.   What will history say of us?  I’m afraid to even guess.

Today from of all places ABC News, a news story concerning one  “Brunswick City Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem James T. Brooks,” who was “arrested for a wilfull obstruction of law enforcement and influence of witness.” It seems the councilman got between the victims family (who a tip claimed had tried to get rid of the murder weapon) and the police officers wanting to talk to them about the tip.  

Now, while ambushing people as they’re coming out of a bail hearing might be in bad taste, it’s not illegal.  The police are trying to ascertain whether in fact the mother and sister of one of the defendants tried to get rid of the gun by throwing it into a pond.  Sounds about the right IQ level for the people most police spend their time dealing with.  In this most horrendous of crimes that a woman, with children of her own, would be complicit in the interference of a murder investigation of a child, an infant boggles the mind.  When would she stop protecting her son?  How many more people would have to die before she’d admit that her son might be responsible?  Does she really believe some stranger just made up a description because all black people look the same to them?

I know there are some conspiracy theorists out there who think this mother shot her own child in the stroller and now seeks to frame two innocent young black men for the crime.  Really.  Really?  That’s how you’re going to play this?  Well why didn’t they shoot the mother?  Probably because the morons didn’t plan to shoot the baby,  probably because they’re stuck on stupid, probably because after the gun went off they panicked and took off, because that’s what cowards do.  They prey on women, children, the old, the sick, the disabled.  And tell me where did these “children” get the gun?  Obviously they didn’t steal it from their fathers.  Do they have fathers? Or are they part of the more than 50% of the black community that was born to unwed mothers?  Do they go to school and if they do, are they engaged in taking advantage of the opportunities to learn and break out of the cycle of welfare, food stamps and poverty?  I don’t know the answers to these questions but I am smart enough to ask them.

While a rush to judgement is human nature, it might behoove both sides to step back, chill out and wait for the investigation to be over and the trial to begin.  It’s easy to paint both sides with the “racist” brush but the more that happens the more diluted the concept becomes until it’s like the word Nazi or Commie or any other invective that has been over used and thus diminished by it’s misuse.  The animals that committed this crime need to be punished for it. More than that they need to be taken off the streets so that they will not be a danger to others.

That is what justice is supposed to do, punish the guilty while at the same time protecting the community.  Instead of assuming that your race, gender, sexuality, religion or whatever is being attacked how about we ignore all but the facts.  An infant was shot, the mother was not, she identified two teenagers. Now the mother and sister on one of these defendants has been implicated in trying to destroy what may be the murder weapon.  This is tragic and sad enough without people adding their own agenda and narrative to the mix.

From either side of the great political schism.  Dead children should not be used as political fodder. Never.

No one is willing to say it.

At least not enough of us are willing to say it.  I understand why.  In the toxic environment we have in this country today no one wants to be the “racist”.  No one wants to be accused of bigotry. No one wants to be offensive. So no one says anything.  The old adage holds true however “All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do (say) nothing.  We have arrived at the line drawn in the sand.  If the “first African American President” had any honor or integrity he like Bill Cosby before him would be all over this like ugly on an ape, like white on rice or any other euphemism you can think of.

Let’s review the last few days shall we:


6-Month-Old Chicago Baby Shot 5 Times In Alleged Gang-Related …

Baby shot in face

Man beaten to death in Chicago 

School age children killed in Chicago

There are a few brave souls but they won’t  be allowed to make a difference.

USA Today on Where is the outrage at black on black violence?

Actual real government statistics  which I know people will ignore because why let actual numbers get in the way of a good victimization.

The sad and frightening case of Nkosi Thandiwe who said “I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.” So he shot three women, killed one, paralysed one and injured another who did nothing to him. Their crime, they were white.

So I’m going to say it.  These people black or white, red or yellow, green or polka dot are animals.  They should not be allowed in a civilized society.  Those who enable them, those who excuse them, those who create them and those who support them should also not be allowed to live in a civilized society.  There are plenty of empty islands in the south Pacific.  Send them there.  Give them a gun and a knife and let them shoot and kill each other until they are extinct.  That is what needs to be done.

Either you are willing to live within the rules of society or you are invited and then escorted somewhere they either like murders or they don’t give a flying fig. Here we should care. Instead of fighting over school choice, gun control and abortion, instead of worrying about Syria, Pakistan and Libya we should be finding and expunging the violent animals that infest our cities and communities. Those that prey on the young and the elderly and the naive.  Those that refuse to play by civilized rules and those who flaunt the law (yes I’m referring to illegal aliens who will never be law abiding citizens because there will always be some law that doesn’t apply to them-like driving drunk).  It is past time we took our country back and if that means every person wears a gun and knows how to hit the center of a target consistently then that is what we’ll have to do.  Either you want to live in a free country, with the opportunity to progress according to the effort you expend or you don’t.  If you don’t it’s time for you to go, on a permanent basis. Go find another jungle to hunt in.  Or one to be hunted in.  Such is the result of animalistic behavior.

We’re done with dog eat dog. We’d kind of like it to be do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.  Yes I know, that’s to Judeo Christian of me. I must be a bigot.


Crowder VS. Judd

So now Steven Crowder is being targeted for his dismissing of Ashley Judd as a serious candidate for the Senate.

Here’s Stevens take on the kerfuffle:

As you know, Ashley Judd has recently been heard equating both mining and purchasing Apple Products to “rape.” So my commentary at CPAC on her stupid, and insensitive comparisons was exactly this
“This just in, Ashley Judd just tweeted that purchasing apple products is akin to rape… from her iPhone”
I followed it up with “Rape? Really, now she knows what my mind felt like after Divine Secrets of YaYaSisterhood”

This convention started on March 14, 2013.  Ashley Judd made her famous remark in an article, which is  titled “Costs of Convenience”, on her website in 2010.

This is what she wrote:

“AppIe is known for the clean lines of their products, the alluring simplicity of their designs. Dare I….go so far….as to suggest…this signature cleanness is stained by the shit and urine of raped women’s leaking fistulas?

I dream of the day when Apple and other electronics companies fully commit to Tracing, Audting, and Certifying the minerals they use in their products, and rape minerals are successfully excluded from the marketplace.”

Seems to me that once Ashley opened that bag of worms she should have been expecting someone to call her on it.  That’s how they play in the big league Ash………you and your fans are going to have to get a thicker skin.  After all Gov. Palin and her family were called all sorts of names and had death threats hurled at them on TV, radio and the internet.  They even had a stalker move in next door to try to get embarrassing or intimate photos of any one of them.  Y’all might take a look at this site for some of the more colorful comments directed at the former governor and her family, even baby Trig was not left out.  Bill Maher and his vulgar female body part comment aside most of the heinous comments came from “sistas”.   So do not be surprised Ash.

What I’m surprised at is that no one on either side of the aisle has brought up Ms. Judd’s flirtation with exhibitionism. I realize that taking ones clothes off for money is not longer frowned on as immoral, maybe that is why the moral ambiguity of political life does not seem daunting to this B list actress. The left would like us to believe that the willingness of someone to take off their clothes for money has nothing to do with their fitness for a position of authority. I maintain however that someones inability to make good decisions that will not come back to bite them is one of the things we need in a congressperson.  Obviously she doesn’t have enough sense to stay properly clothed, why would we expect her to make good decisions that will affect the lives of thousands or millions of people, many of whom actually have some kind of moral compass that tells them that slutting around in front of a camera no matter how much money you make or how self absorbed you are, is not in their best interest nor is it in the best interest of the country.

Another little aside.  When Sharia law begins to seriously encroach on all aspects of American life, women like Ms. Judd are going to be the first before the headman’s axe.  Not wishing, just extrapolating. Women who flaunt themselves, who strut around on screen naked or half naked are going to be stoned, and not in the fun way,  just like they do in Tehran.  If they’re in the government, that’s even better. A much more efficient and high profile example.  So if I were you Ash, and I’m saying this one sista to another, I’d find someone with real experience, someone who’s smarter than pet rock to run for Senate.  Someone perhaps that gives more thought to the people they will represent than you do to what kind of underwear you will or won’t wear to the next big premiere or award ceremony.

Of course that would be if you were interested in public service not publicity.  And we all know that “any publicity is good publicity.  Right?

Now I must say at the outset that I am not a Catholic.  I am a member of a different sect of Christianity.  We have much in common with Catholics. We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit (Ghost).  We believe in Baptism, Conformation, the Last Supper and the partaking of the Sacrament.  We believe in Bishops (although we differ in their responsibilities) prayer and in doing good to all men.  While we disagree on how many of the Ordinances of the Gospel are done, we both believe they are essential to mans terrestrial happiness and his eternal progression.  We have fought side by side on many social issues and worked side by side in disasters and we have prayed side by side at many dangerous and frightening times.

It was with great excitement and interest that I watched as a new Spiritual leader was chose in Rome.  There was all the pomp and circumstance one would expect in the situation.  As a student of history it was amazing to see and vicariously participate in a ceremony that has been occurring for centuries.  While the pageantry was awesome it was the outcome that was so spectacular.

From all accounts the new Pope Francis I is an amazing man.  Humble, hardworking, compassionate and dare I say humane.  This as Peggy Noonan wrote in her latest opinion piece is something we as a people are not quite accustomed to.  She points out we are accustomed to the snake oil salesman, the arrogant athlete, the entertainer and the polished political operative.  Very few places can we find the “public servant”.  Someone uninterested in leveraging their good works into a “deal”.  We are encompassed about by reality that isn’t real, TV shows that purport to be the unvarnished account are indeed scripted for the ultimate emotional impact.  Politicians who will say anything to get in office and then do nothing or worse do the bidding of those who have the most cash to redistribute. Worse yet is the wholesale exploitation of the poor, the disabled and the mentally ill by government and entertainment alike to advance everything from new drugs to gun control.

We as a people, went from expecting our leaders to actually lead us to expecting them to entitle us.  We ask not what we can do for each other but what somebody is going to do for us.  We have become so self absorbed, self centered and self obsessed that when confronted by a man who seems to think of others more often then himself, many just can not comprehend it.  They will in the near future begin to look for things that will tear this man down, look for the flaws that we all have, look for reasons to denigrate and abuse this humble “Vicar of Christ”.  I sincerely doubt they will find many.  Francis I seems to be the type of Christian that understands the adage “hate the sin, love the sinner” and that religion is not a vehicle to promote the agenda of society, but a respite from the vicissitudes of life, a calm harbor in the stormy see of humanity.  This humble Christlike man will make mistakes, will stumble and maybe even fall but because he understands that the Atonement is available to all will be able to pick himself up and continue on with the work he has been tasked with.

In the church to which I belong we too have a humble, compassionate, hardworking, humane leader.  He travels the world assessing and learning about the needs of his flock and then returns and sets about making decisions to assist local leaders to help not only members of the church but all people willing to accept that help.  I am sure in the coming months the President of the LDS church will seek an audience with the new pope as have other presidents over the years.  I think both men will find they have much more in common then they have differences.  Both want to build that brotherhood of which Francis spoke, both encourage care for the poor, indigent, unborn and elderly.  Both act on the belief that marriage is a sacred ordinance ordained by God,  and that the family is essential to the continued success of civilization.

God bless both of these good men and help us to support and sustain them as they attempt to bring some civility to what has become an increasing uncivil society.

God bless Lech Walesa.  In a speech the other day he commented:

“They have to know that they are a minority and must adjust to smaller things. And not rise to the greatest heights, the greatest hours, the greatest provocations, spoiling things for the others and taking (what they want) from the majority,” he told the private broadcaster TVN during a discussion of gay rights. “I don’t agree to this and I will never agree to it.”

“A minority should not impose itself on the majority,” Walesa said.

Finally, someone in politics had the guts to say it.  Homosexuals are in the minority.  While the media and gay activists would have and do have the public hornswoggled into thinking they make up 30-40% of the population in the US, they in fact make up only about 4%.  In other countries, those of predominately Catholic, Jewish or Muslim faiths, they are a much smaller percentage.  They can not, they should not, nor will they be able to, without government coercion or force, impose their lifestyle choices on the majority or force the acceptance of the same.

Putting aside the moral component for the moment, the outrage that greeted this remark, which by the way probably resonated with much of Polands Catholic citizenry, is almost laughable.  Stating fact apparently has now become “hate speech”.  There is no hate in this remark.  Walesa stated facts.

1. They are a minority.(and not the only one in either Poland or any other country including the US)

2. They must adjust to smaller things…..spoiling things for others and taking what they want from the majority. (Including insisting that those of a different moral framework accept and condone behavior that is considered abhorrent to them.  In the situation gays in Poland find themselves it will be difficult to be elected to political office and other high profile professions.  People usually won’t vote for someone whose personal life they find immoral or inconsistent with their core values)

3. He doesn’t agree. (I’m not up on Polish constitutional law but not agreeing with someone does not constitute “hate speech”.  It is a indicator of free speech and liberty however.  I don’t agree with most politicians today but so far I’m allowed to disagree without being on a list or becoming a pariah. Since when are we not allowed to say what we think?  Oh, that’s right we can say what we think as long as no one is offended.  Get prepared for a whole lot of silence because I can guarantee you that something you say every day is going to offend someone.  I personally am offended everyday by posts on my facebook page put there by people I consider friends and family.  My staunch defense of the Constitution and my unending focus on the presidents ineptness, incompetence and downright stupidity offend people daily and might just offend someone reading this post right now.  There is no guarantee we will not be offended, we either choose to be offended or we do not.)

4.”A minority should not impose itself on the majority”. (This is the most intelligent thing I’ve heard in the last several decades.  Ronald Reagan would have said the same exact thing. What if the minority of people that are Mormon decided everyone should live according to their beliefs. No drinking, no smoking, no doing drugs, no extra marital or pre marital sex, honest dealings with your fellow men, ie no cheating on your taxes.  A renewed focus on real education, actual service to your fellow man, belief in Apostles, Prophets, Seers and Revelators.  Paying an honest tithe, 10% of your gross income. Being subject to the laws and ordinances of the government under which you live. No pornography, no violent movies or video games-R or NC17 rated entertainment, no foul videos or songs, no half naked people strutting around on stage for the prurient amusement of the deviate. How many of the majority would want to give up beer in the fridge, Grand Theft Auto on the box and porn on the TV? While it might be healthier, safer and more comfortable to live that way, we all have the right to live as well or as ill as we wish.  That’s what a representative democracy is all about. )

We as human beings have to decide what we are willing to tolerate. I’m not referring to people’s beliefs and lifestyle choices here.  People have a God given right to live in a manner that pleases them as long as they do not try to force those beliefs either by force or coercion on others and as long as they live within the confines of the laws of the land in which they live.  That is why this country was founded.  The fact that a majority of people do not believe as you do does not give them the right to harm you nor does it give you the right to insist they validate your beliefs, nor does it preclude them from having and giving an opinion on those beliefs.

If I chose to be offended by every person who’s savaged the LDS religion, it’s people, it’s doctrine or it’s very existence I’d spend all of my time offended and never go anywhere or talk to anyone.  People have a right to believe whatever nonsense they choose about any subject or people or event or activity.  To label honest opinion as “hate speech” and insist that all of someone’s life work be dismissed because they disagree with a shrieking, bawling, pre-adolensent acting minority no matter what their permutation is reprehensible, contemptible and scurrilous.

If I went to the Middle East where women are confined behind a cotton prison I should be prepared to accept that fate.  The fact that I refuse to do so will probably mean that I won’t ever see that area of the world and I accept that.  The idea people in the Middle East consider the US and West to be the Great Satan makes me sad but I’m not about to force them to like us by bribery or force.  If they are a threat to me and mine I will fight them but as long as they stay on their side of the playground we will get along fine.

All of this should be common sense but today there is nothing so uncommon as common sense. For those who don’t believe in the end of the world good luck with that. We are quickly approaching critical mass. Of course that’s just my opinion- don’t be offended. (practice, practice, practice)

I went to the funeral of a good friend today. She was only 4 years older than I am.  She was a good person, someone who tried her best to leave the world a better place than she found it.  She did her best to practice her beliefs and be a good example of what a Christian should be.  She was a mom, wife, grandma, sister niece and friend to many.  She will be sorely missed.

As I listened to the talks and musical numbers I began to see a pattern emerging and began to ponder the implications.  I began to ask myself what I believe.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the literal Messiah and Savior of this world.

I believe in God the Eternal Father who has a body of flesh and bones (as does the Savior Jesus Christ)

I believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter and protector.

I believe that man will be judged for his own sins, not for anyone else’s

I believe in the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormons and Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants)

I believe that a prophet walks the earth today and his name is Thomas S Monson-President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I believe that you will learn more from reading the scriptures and going to church than in any other educational experience you will ever have.

I believe that God has restored the church that was on the earth at the time of Jesus.

I believer that God lives, Jesus is the Christ and I am a child of God.

(if this offends you I apologize but I refuse to go another day without stating my beliefs, or testimony because you never know how many days you have left)

In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Today on my drive home I heard a snippet on the news that made me want to get out of my car and start beating every liberal I could find.   What you might ask filled me so full of ire, what would throw me into such a apoplectic fit?

To some it may seem ridiculous to get so upset about this.  To others they may wonder at my dedication to knowledge.  I am however sick to death of seeing bandaids on every social ill when what is truly needed is major surgery.  I am tired of society ignoring the elephant in the living room.

It seems the president (and yes I know that’s supposed to be Capitalized but until someone in the office can act like an adult deserving of respect, I will be using the small p, same goes for democrat, republican, liberal, conservative …….) is going on the road with his new meme, auditioned at the State of the Union (which is not strong, but does suck strongly).  Apparently, the king of incompetence, thinks that children spend too much time in their homes.  It is now strongly recommended (by someone who doesn’t even bother to spend vacation time with his own children) that pre-school be universal.  Really?  And that’s going to help how exactly.

Well children that go to preschool do better in school, of course.  They do math better, read better, and are more independent.  What a pile of nonsense. I raised 6 strong independent producers. They all work, even if they stay home and do day care so they can be with their own children.  I have been in and around schools for the last 27 years.  It is my observation that the children who do well are the ones that come from traditional backgrounds.  They have a mother and father in the home.  Someone stays home with these children, sacrificing career goals, educational goal and monetary rewards.  They drive car’s into the ground, they live in modest homes in small towns, they don’t go out to dinner often, they pack lunches for themselves and their children. These folks grow gardens, volunteer at schools take part time jobs so that one of them is home when the kids are home.

Think about it for a minute, this man (and I use the term loosely) wants to take 4 year olds away from their parents, shove them into school with 300-400 kids who are all bigger then they are.  Some of these kids still nap in the afternoon and even if they don’t they are cranky, irritable and down right unhappy most of the afternoon.  They are ripe for abuse by older children because they really don’t know how to take care of themselves.  Children this age are sometimes incredibly shy which will not be cured by shoving them into a classroom with 10-15 other children who feel the same why.  What then are they supposed to do when they need a hug, when the world is not aligned and all they want is their mommy.  I guess those feelings can wait until they get home.  So you have children going home and spending the entire evening trying to wind down from their frustrating, irritating, very bad day.

Here’s my problem with all of that.  Children spend 9 hrs. a day in school, going to school, coming home from school. They’re in school in our area from the second week of August to the last week in May and have 6 weeks of summer vacation.  If you figure 20 days a month for 9 1/2 months (not counting the vacations and days off) that means children are in school for 190+ days a year.  There are only 365 days in a year this means they are away from their parents for about 1/4th of the year. Nine hours a day means they are spending 1/3 of their  actual day, more than 3/4 of their awake time in the company of someone the parent can’t even choose.  At least in daycare parents have the opportunity to choose the provider, at school you just get whoever is assigned to you.  They could be the best teacher in the world or they could be the worst, it’s just the luck of the draw.

My point.  It’s bad enough our 5 year olds are having to grow up too fast.  They are exposed to people and ideologies that they are not prepared for not because parents aren’t doing their jobs but because they aren’t emotionally, physically or intellectually ready to deal with what they’re exposed to.

If the president wants to take children out of bad homes, out of abusive homes, out of chaotic homes then he needs to make that case.  As for my grandchildren and their parents before them, they don’t need to be protected from their parents.  They need to be home with their mother or father more than they need to start school early.  They have 13 years to be indoctrinated by the state.  They need that extra year for their parents to be able to teach them right from wrong and good from bad.

It is apparent that in many districts mendacity, misinformation, political correctness and treason have taken the place of the Golden Rule.  Can’t we wait a year before teaching our children to “Do unto others before they do it unto you” or “ask not what you can do for somebody else, ask what the government is going to do for you?”

Or maybe we need more people who are totally disconnected from everyone.  That is what happens when you institutionalize people.  It’s doesn’t make them more accepting, it just drives them more introverted, especially when their emotional needs are not met.

So yeah, we don’t have enough perspective mass murderers and agents of destruction.  I’m surprise no one has brought up this question.  If schools are so very important to the social landscape why is it that mass shooting have increased along the same line as the length of time students spend away from home ?

Yeah, that elephant’s getting bigger and smellier  everyday.

This just in from the freedom watchers and protectors at NBC news.  You remember these guys.  Those of the faked videos of late. You remember the Trayvon Martin video, the Mitt Romney video, the Sandy Hook Heckling video.  These are the professional journalists who feel it is perfectly alright to slander innocent people in the name of politics, those who know what’s best for not only the country but it’s individual citizens as well.  The very people who should have protected the nation from the criminals that now infest the highest political positions in the country.  Those tasked with not only the vetting but the exposing of those who seek to harm and the”fundamental” change of our nation, those who seek to dismantle the Constitution and set up an empire right here in our own borders.  Yes these members of the 4th estate, these bastions of liberty who abdicated their responsibility and were seduced by their own bigotry and ideology. Now they’ve decided that a line in the sand was crossed, now they’ve decided absolute power is corrupting absolutely or………………..

Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf.  This is like the inverse of that tale.  Instead of crying wolf these “boys” told everyone it’s was all good.  Nothing to see here.  The savior had come and we would now all be healed, as in the new commercial from Jeep, we as a country will be made whole. Instead we’re farther apart than we’ve ever been, not even before the Civil War were people so polarized.  We have been pitted one against the other, black against white, hispanic against everyone else, rich against poor, old against young.  This administration and their water carriers have Balkanized the country so that they can follow through on their leaders plan to “fundamentally change” America, and they have done so with the help of a naive and clueless media.  The progressive liberal establishment has played their journalist enablers like a violin, and the journalist not only let them they Rosined up the bow for them.  It’s been a virtuoso performance. Only now when there might really be something important, something inherently dangerous, do we dare believe the turncoats of media?  Do we have any faith left that these people will tell the truth this time or is it just more of the same entrapment journalism.  Are they putting out doctored stories to inflame those who stand against the tide of fetid progressive oligarchy, to convince those on the fence that the people still trying to sound the alarm are in fact radicals?  That these people can not be trusted, especially not with the reigns of government. After all the radicals who are against the government as it stands now,  want to make everyone own a gun, have a choice about where to send kids to school, punish women who sleep around with unwanted babies, take away grandma’s health care, starve poor children and kill American Citizens without due process…………wait a minute.  That last item the “killing American citizens” is what the administration is seeking to legalize. That can’t be right, but NBC swears it is.  So now we’re supposed to believe them, they’ve lied so many times that now one doesn’t know what to believe which is all good for the powers that be.  If they can marginalize even more those patriots who still believe in the principles under which this country was founded they can solidify their hold over the rest of the country and put in to place their plan to build an empire under their favorite son.  He who should never have been “king”.  He who should have been vetted 20 years ago and proven the liar that we all know today.

So what brought about this spurt of prose this morning? This story  from NBC news.  It seems that the esteemed head of the Justice Department Eric Holder has decided that killing American citizens throughout the world with drone strikes is perfectly legal, whether the Justice Department can prove imminent threat or not.  Well you may opine, what else should be done?  These are members of terrorist organizations protected and surrounded by hosts of civilians so that they can not be extracted or taken out without a great deal of collateral damage.   Just because they’re not an imminent threat does not mean they are not actively plotting the destruction of the US and the murder of it’s citizens. It would seem that if one gives aid and comfort to the enemy that they have committed treason and are there for no longer citizens but combatants and are therefore no longer protected under US law. It would also seem that if one is a member of an organization who’s stated goal is to kill Americans and take over the country these actions would be enough to render the targeted individuals protections null and void.  While our laws protect citizens they are not necessarily able to protect those who’s stated goal is the annihilation of it’s peoples and government. This would seem to be a policy that most Americans could get on board with.

This is where the push comes to shove.  This administration has been so corrupt, so disingenuous, so dare I say, criminal that few of their detractors are going to believe them when they say that this  “will never happen here”.  It will never happen that military citizens will be asked to use drones against those in their own country?  Who could be targeted here? Well there are the drug dealers, the flesh merchants and human trafficers, the anarchists (wait most of them are in government now). What about states that refuse to allow federal gun “grabbers” or churches that preach against the mandates of the federal government concerning health care? How about average citizens who dare to call out those in authority who misuse and twist the law until it no longer resembles the original intent of the founders?  Then there are the organizations such as the Tea Party, American Family Association, Citizen United and the list goes on?  Maybe a strike on that hotbed of conservative indoctrination the conservative college like Franciscan College in Steubenville, Brigham Young University in Provo or Southern Methodist University in Dallas? After all they are a direct threat to the current ideology being propagandized in primary and secondary government schools throughout the country. Surely these private conservative universities must be plotting against the good of the people? After all they disagree with and wish to go back to a time when this country was a nation of laws, that criminals were prosecuted for things like voter intimidation and allowing foreign criminals to walk away with hundreds of guns or allowing federal agents to be murdered at the border due to a lack of support or assisting in the murder of Americans overseas by disarming embassy personnel.  Finally what about any community city or town that decides that the government is too overbearing, too intrusive, too tyrannical?  Do they get a visit from the drone patrol?  All neat and tidy, no government resources destroyed only “units” and “collateral damage” on the enemy side.  How long before we the people become the “enemies of the state” and are targeted for destruction or re-education?

Not as long as one would have thought thanks to Holder and Obama’s “secret” memo.  Or is this just another ploy to paint detractors as “fringe ” elements and “kooks”?  This administration has lied so often that most people don’t know who to trust but as for me and my house we will not trust this group of ne’re do wells.  Not as far as we can throw our car, which we soon won’t be able to drive thanks to the energy policies of the administration.  No car, no job, no job, no money, no money, welfare and foodstamps and then the government has us all.  Think about it or not.  It’s cresting the horizon and coming to a community near you.

Good luck and God speed, you’re going to need it.



From their very own web page

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, Reverent

With the exception of some Episcopalians most churches do not sanction homosexuality. The fact that in multiple places in the sacred writings of most religions there is prohibition against homosexuality should I guess be discounted one wonders. Why were  ancient people were so set against the practice, if one discounts the “God” references. Some might suggest fear of anything that is different but if that were the case we’d still be living in mud huts, grubbing for food and grunting, so that’s not the answer.  Maybe the ancients were just bigots.  Of course that doesn’t explain the assimilation of conquered peoples or of those who simply immigrated to new places.  Of course there is the old idea that the writers and storytellers were the ones making policies and decisions but that doesn’t happen in the real world or at least it didn’t affect the average Joe then. Most folks couldn’t read anyway and many lived on the fringe of civilization.

It is entirely possible that ancient peoples understood that in order for the species to survive it has to procreate.  That’s right they needed “birthers” a slang word used in the Gay community to describe heterosexuals to ensure that society survived.  Of course today medical science has been able to circumvent the natural order of things and build babies in test tubes as well as provide opportunities to infertile couples to have their own children.  All of this is good news for those who seek to have families but are medically unable to, including homosexual partnerships.  Putting aside the religious prohibition the cultural implications are disturbing.  How can one raise a functioning, morally straight individual if one is unable to provide such an example.  Bending and breaking the laws of nature will bring about unintended consequences as we say in the AIDS epidemic.  Did gays cause it ? No. Was it a curse from God? No.  Did bad behavior (ie multiple partners, unsafe habits and an unwillingness to accept consequences) cause the disease to spread from Africa (where it originated) through out the entire planet?  Absolutely.  Were gays the only ones with that kind of behavior? No again but they were the first large group to be affected and it could have been stopped in it’s tracks but it wasn’t.

If the Scouts decide to compromise  here it is only fair to take out the ban on women leaders and girls in scouting.  Thus making it a social club not an organization to grow responsible, reasoning, mature men and therefore is no different from any other “social/political” organization including NABLA.  How very sad that something that has served the nation for over a century, providing leadership, service and undaunted self sacrifice will be turned into just another group with it’s hand out for more of the nations dwindling resources.  More and more people will pull their sons from the program and contrary to political thinkers these boys will not be replaced by “gay” youths and girls.  Better that the Scout should close their doors than become so much less than what they are.  Mr Baden Powell is most probably disgusted with the whole thing.  It’s good he’s not here to see it.


So more Random…

OBAMA’S GOT A GUN! The four scariest words in the English language today!  In another story obama’s encouraged to “shoot like a girl”. This of course comes from fans of ex-governor Palin, who did not shoot like a girl at all. Then of course that WH tells people not to photoshop the picture. Have they met the American people, do they realized that nearly half of them dislike this guy with a wild passion?  Of course those who are pro gun folks are going to mock this guy, he makes Ru Paul look masculine and he’s henpecked to boot.


OBAMA: WE NEED MORE NEW TAXES… Of course we do, like that has ever worked.  Then again I think obama and his entire administration slept through American history class because somewhere along the line someone had to have not been a liberal, tin foil hat wearing, hippy dippy, make love not war maroon. Seriously.


Second-Term Crackdown on School Lunches… As someone who has lately spent time in  school lunchrooms I can testify, there is not enough lunch for kids who are hungry and there is a lot of food being tossed in trashcans because for one thing children only have 20 minutes to eat and I don’t know too many children that aren’t hungry after yogurt, an apple, a waffle in a plastic bag, a bag of baby carrots and milk.  That’s not lunch, it’s several snacks cobbled together.



POOF: Another 170,000 jobs disappeared in January… Oh and dirty little secret people like moi, who have lost their unemployment aren’t counted anywhere.  We’re the folks who are unemployed but do not qualify for services.  So in reality the 7.9 is more like 11% or more.



Rev Jackson calls for Homeland to patrol Chicago… Hey Jessie baby, that’s YOUR guy running things in Chicago.  He promised when he enacted even more gun control laws that Chicago would be safe from gun crime.  So he disarmed average citizens and allowed open season to be declared on them by the mob and the gangs.  You want to stop violence in Chicago, arm every property holder, every voter, every business owner and hold the police accountable for every botched arrest.  Of course you could always ask Seal Team Six to take over. That would solve a lot of problems, gangs, mobs, drug dealer and crooked cops.



REID BACKS MENENDEZ OVER UNDERAGE HOOKER CHARGES… I’m beginning to wonder if Harry Reid looks at the scandals in DC and decides which is the most airtight and then wades on in, on the other side.  It is barely possible this man did not do what they said he did.  He may not have frequented “underaged” prostitutes, or did not know they were underage but it is barely believable that he didn’t go to the Dominican Republic and consort with “ladies of the evening”.  Can you see Reid defending a Republican in this manner? No,he’d insist on their firing or censure or what ever he could get the Senate to do.  Why is this man always on the Wrong side of every issue?


STUDY: 22 Military Vets Commit Suicide Every Day…Could that possibly be because they’ve given their all for their country and their country is imploding thanks to the moron in the WH.  I’d personally think about committing suicide if I were in the military and thought they were going to foist Hagel on us.  If he is confirmed the suicide rate will go down because the numbers of military will be less and they be killed in action more.  The man is useless.


7 STABBED IN RANDOM ATTACK IN VANCOUVER… Ban knives.  Butcher knives, hunting knives, pen knives, butter knives.  Don’t forget letter openers and chisels.


Postal Service says it’s immune from local traffic laws… Ah yes the Post Office, something like purgatory only with really unpleasant people and health care (which you won’t need there anyway). They should start to hire illegals, they don’t think the laws apply to them either.


‘BURKA BABIES’: Cleric says infant girls must be veiled to stop rapes… I wonder if that extends to baby goats?  Seriously if your community is so depraved that it’s male members are raping infants it’s time to castrate them all and put them under house arrest.

Seriously folks you can’t make this stuff up.  If a science fiction fantasy writer wrote about this stuff in a book it would be panned and no one would buy it and Sci-fy folks are considered over the top and not quite sane by “normal folk”.

So today in my afternoon commute a talk show host was bemoaning the gun control controversy.  He was stating and not for the first time that we don’t have a gun problem we have a crime problem……and he was right.  Look at all the serious problems we have in this country from gun crime to abortion to bank bailouts to overspending to gangs to treason.  We have taken faults and indiscretion to criminal heights.  Greed, selfishness, avarice and sloth have transfered from things we should avoid to things that many aspire to.

The elephant in the living room though is something very few people want to talk about.  They don’t even want to think about it.  We may have a crime problem but more than that we have a responsibility problem.  That’s right.  Where is the parent at home to teach children the difference between right and wrong.  In some cases the parent is working two jobs just to keep themselves above water. In some cases the parents can’t give up ” the good life”, can’t sacrifice a new car, or a destination vacation, or clothes at Black and White, or dinner at a fancy restaurant or the latest game system.  In other cases there are parents home but they’re too strung out, too drunk, or too lazy to care for their children.

Children are sent to school hungry, not because there is no food in the house but because if the child doesn’t feed themselves no one else will feed them.  These same children don’t understand the difference between right and wrong either because no one ever taught them. Other children, those who’ve been daycared since birth most of the time live in a dog eat dog arena.  They have to be hard, if they aren’t the other children will pick on them, so they become either bullies or hardened.

I understand that not everyone’s home life is paradise. I would dare say most homelife is not paradise.  But image a country where children are cared for by one of the parents.  That’s right one, not the mom all the time.  Dads can stay home as well.  Children “NEED” caring parents, they need consistency and they need someone, a guardian they know they can trust.  They need a parent who is there for more than the hour before they go to bed. They need to see sacrifice, love, genuine caring.  Teachers, most of them are compassionate people but they are not parents.  They will never be able to give a child what they need from their parent.

That is the elephant in the living room. We have children having children, we have people having babies because they thought it would be “fun”.  We have people having children to cash in on more assistance.  We have one parent homes where children never see a loving mature relationship.  They can’t model what they never see and don’t get me started on the disgraceful, offensive and outrageous depictions of families in the movies and on TV. If I really thought that the “Modern Family” looked like that I think I’d run off a cliff.   We have children coming home to passed out parents, empty houses and worse because there are NO responsible people in their lives.  We need to take a good long look in the mirror and decide if we really want to do what’s best for “the children” and start talking about the appalling state of the family in the black community, about the white communities willingness to allow other people to raise THEIR children and other equally unfortunate problems that confront all members of society.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Asian communities book of family.  Most of them live, work and play together. There is usually one parent in the home, even if one works days and the other nights and while there are Asian gangs there doesn’t seem to be as much violence and collateral damage as in other ethnic communities.   It is something to think about.

Besides if we could get the economy to the point where only one person had to work, image all the good that could be done in schools and communities around the country.  Parent volunteers in school could help keep our children safe.  Neighbors could look out for neighbors because there’d be more folks home during the day.  Less cars on the road, less fossil fuels (a green advantage for our tin foil hat wearing fellow citizens), less money spent on  non essentials, parents and children who know each other instead of being strangers who live in the same house, less children running the roads getting in trouble because no one knows where they are and what they’re doing.

The fact is that children need parents, they need structure, guidance and consistency.  They also need consequences.  But they don’t get those from parents who are too tired, too busy, too fractured and too strung out to see that those consequences are enforced or who can help when help is needed.  What are we really willing to do “for the children” or is it all “sound and fury, signifying nothing?”

“crickets chirpping”……………..yeah pretty much what I thought.

Driving home today I listened to the Jason Lewis radio show.  I usually listen to the local classical station but “All Things Considered” was on and I don’t listen to that…….it offends me. Why? Because “all things” are not considered, if they were the people who report the “news” and their listeners would have to actually think about their hypocrisy, their blanket intolerance and their unwillingness to accept that reality is NOT rainbows, moonbeams and unicorns (doing what they do naturally-If you been here before you know about my apparent fixation with unicorn dung….. which is very good manure if you’re going to plant magic beans for a bean stalk but not so good for grown an economy).

Mr Lewis was reporting on the latest round of Tyranny in the  US.  Seems that someone is offended by Volkswagon’s new super-bowl commercial where a white guy from Michigan channels a Jamaican bobbsledder encouraging people to “drive happy”.  Apparently a white guy pretending to be a black guy is just like blackface, but a black guy pretending to be a white guy (see Eddie Murphy in Trading Places) is flat out hysterical .  Oh and apparently Taco Bells in trouble too for making fun of vegetables.  I wonder if vegetables have a political action committee or union to mount the protests and speak for them?

All of this got me to thinking, pondering actually, about the right not to be offended.  Funny thing, in the 45 credit hours of upper division history classes I had to take for my degree I don’t remember anything in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta or the Hammurabi Code, the Hyppocratic oath or the Bible that declared that one had the right not be offended.  While we are encouraged not to deal unkindly with others there is no law or commandment that prevents offense.  How could that be enforced? What one man finds offensive is simply comedy or drama to someone else.

So this got be to thinking about the things that offend me.  (Now I’m sure someone is going to offended by this list but truthfully with all the things I have to be tolerant about I’ve got to say that I simply don’t care if you’re offended.)  I didn’t make you come here you can leave anytime and not come back ever.  That children is the glory of choice, freedom and liberty, something some people in this country can’t seem to wrap their minds around.

Now, what really does offend me.  It’s an extensive list so I’ll just hit the high points.

Tyranny:  This offends me in any way, shape, color or form.  Blanket intolerance, parental over reach, busy bodies, government power grabs, spousal abuse(physical and mental), liberal litmus tests, the rewriting of history to include 21st century sensibilities are just the tip of this iceberg.

Hypocrisy: While all of us have some hypocrisy the over the top attitudes of those in the “adventure movie/dramas” genre who had the gall to decry violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting make be want to retch.  How dare they scold legal gun owners who use their weapons for hunting and protection while they and their “peeps” waste thousands of rounds of ammunition just to “get the shot” and even then they don’t get it right.  People whose constant mantra of ” it’s for the children or we have to protect the children” also offend me because without a doubt they are the same people pushing for greater access to abortion and contraception for younger and younger children,  gay marriage and adoption, after all nothing shows how to be a good man like two mommies.  Then there are the TV shows and movies that heap carnage all over the world. I guess they expect only the well adjusted to come to their slasher films.  If that were the case most of Hollyweird would be empty and TV would physically become the vast wasteland that they actually are intellectually, morally and emotionally.

Immorality:  I am tired of seeing on TV (before I can switch channel) in the movies (and trailers for movies) I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to see and in books ( Gray apparently being the color of pornography) half naked women/men prancing around pretending that sex is just a physical response, much like sneezing or coughing.  I’m tired of being assaulted by sexual innuendo, awful writing and poor stories.  I’m tired of their being no one in said media that one could consider a hero or the good guy. In the rush to promote equality, we have lowered the bar so that we are all mediocre. Mendacity.

Filthy language: Guess what my God had nothing to do with whatever you just said “Oh God” about. He is not going to damn someone just because you said so.  Also don’t use F*^as a punctuation mark, it makes you sound stupid and childish  if you’re a man or woman, and cheap and uneducated if you’re a woman. Guess what,  I try very hard to never say that word and the other foul and disgusting curse words that I hear everyday so hearing it is OFFENSIVE.  Also do not tell me the personal specifics of you’re reproductive operations.  I really don’t want to hear about your abortion, sterilization or hysterectomy or prostate exam.  I also don’ t want to hear (in the vegetable aisle at WalMart ) about you’re latest one night stand or you’re cheating heart.

Stupidity offends me. Not ignorance mind you, stupidity.  Sometimes you just don’t know something, which can be fixed.  The idea of doing something patently stupid to get back at someone is asinine in the extreme.  Cigarettes will kill you, that’s not opinion, that’s fact.  Maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later.  Guns don’t jump off the table and hurt people and people who have no real experience should not be hired to run anything especially not a country and you don’t pick a running mate based on whether or not he’s expendable .  Presidential insurance.  So sad.

Public officials who lie to me offend me.  Don’t bother to lie, just tell me what I need to know and don’t try to take away my rights as a citizen and as a child of God.  I’m offended by men who walk around like they have a load in their britches.  For Pete’s sake grow up and pull  up your pants, and young women you aren’t off the hook either. As my mom used to say ” What street corner are you going for?” Stop dressing like a hooker and maybe someone will take you seriously.

Feminists offend me.  I lay the destruction of our civilization at the door of rabid feminists. They lied to women by telling them that being a wife and mother wasn’t enriching enough, wasn’t good enough, wasn’t challenging enough.  They also claimed women could “have it all”.   Guess what there is NO job as challenging as being a mother, not one. Selfless service, thankless jobs, horrible hours and NO actual pay doesn’t sound like any job I’d like to take but the benefits are eternal and the experience is celestial.  The idea perpetrated by feminists that women and men are the same boggles the mind. For people who are supposedly so brilliant their stupidity is almost criminal.  Men and women are NOT the same, physically, emotionally or intellectually. Saying women and men are the same is like saying a lion has four paws, fur and teeth, and so does a meerkat they must be the same. I dare say the meerkat wouldn’t consider himself the same as the lion or vise versa.  Should women have choices and opportunities, absolutely, as long as they can do the job. As the mother of daughters I would like them to have the opportunity to do whatever it is they are capable of doing.  Capable being the operative word.

I am offended by a lot things. As I said this is just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to me that if I have to be tolerant of everyone else’s foibles they should either have to be tolerant to mine or stop being offensive.

Yeah and coming soon, pigs will fly (first class).

So Randon…………..

I’ve done this before. There are just too many juicy things to write about that I can’t decide which one to focus on so I’m going to spotlight a couple of the most interesting, unbelievable and downright outrageous.

‘I GO SHOOTING ALL THE TIME’  I don’t believe this.  He may shoot his mouth off, he may shoot the messenger, he may shoot pool but this man has never shot a gun in his life unless it was at a photo opt.  He’d wet his pants if he had to actually use a weapon to protect himself.  The lies just get bigger and bigger and more unbelievable.

Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons Under Feinstein Bill… Somebody tell me this is a surprise.  We peons don’t need to be protected that’s what the government is for.  Why have a gun when you can wait 20 minutes for the police to arrive at the school with a gunman inside?  Seriously the 2nd amendment is for our protection from a government run amuck, not hunting.

O blames FOXNEWS and Limbaugh… This guys been in power for 4 years, 2 of them with a demoncratic  majority in both the House and Senate and hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years.  Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are more powerful than the United States government? If that was the case sir, you’d have been out of office in November and on your way back to your homeland (Kenya) where you belong.

LAND OF LINCOLN downgraded… Rated ‘worst’ state in country…  Anyone surprised here? Chicago had the strictest gun control laws in the country and the highest murder rate at 523 murders last year alone.  What with the mob, the welfare queens, food stamp thieves and general moonbattery I’m surprised they manage hang on to any kind of existence at all.

CBSNEWS Runs Segment: ‘Let’s Give Up On The Constitution’…  It’s way passed time to encourage all those journalists to move on to a new country.  They don’t like it here maybe they should move to I don’t know Iran perhaps( Journalists arrested in raids on newspapers…) It sounds like the perfect place for them.

Wave of violence as Compton changes… Latino gang intimidating blacks into leaving… Gee now that it’s happening to the black community we should swoop in and do something?  My parents experienced the same kind of thing in Baltimore in the 1950’s. I guess back them it just wasn’t that big a deal, oh right they weren’t hispanic or black so I guess it didn’t happen.

NYT: Biggest Carbon Sin is ‘Air Travel’… Good let’s ban air travel.  Obama, politicians, movie stars, jet setters all have to stay home or drive by car.  No more travel to Europe except by boat and only those with sails.  Should keep the propaganda purveyors from spewing their vomitis fantasies throughout the world and keep them  closer to where they have to live.  I like it.

A NEW REPUBLIC… Sorry we like our old republic Senator Palpatine. Sorry I forgot Emperor.  Go somewhere else and start your empire and take your droids with  you.

Man threatens Liberty Bell… I guess he threatened to blow it up with explosives he didn’t have.  Of course he might have broken it…..wait a minute………… it’s already broken. Never mind.

Pledges Crackdown on ‘Irresponsible Behavior’… So obama’s going to resign?  Oh he meant other peoples irresponsible behavior not the behavior that has kept the economy from growing or people from getting jobs or important things like that.  No he meant behavior by a insignificant number of, dare I say unbalanced people.  Maybe he should focus on ways for people to get help with their emotional problems instead of giving them an aspirin and sending them home as they plan to do on Obama care. As the country slides into decline we will see more of this and we can lay all of that at the door of the progressive, narcissistic, incompetent nimrod in the White House and the coven of sycophants he has surrounded himself with.

It’s late and I’ve had my fun. Hope it was fun you y’all as well.


I’m sorry.  I should have seen it. My only defense is that I’ve been sick with the flu/upper resp. stuff that’s going around, since before Christmas.  It’s made me somewhat dull intellectually. It takes a while before the B-B goes into the hole whether from lack of sleep or medicine or lethargy, I’m not sure.

I got the imagery of Obama  surrounded by children.  The same kind of imagery used by Stalin, Hitler, Mao Se Tung, Castro and other despots. It was not surprising to anyone who has watched this most narcissistic of presidents. No the imagery I forgot was Jesus in Jerusalem when His disciples tried to keep the children from bothering him. Several accounts of this can be found in Matthew 19:14, Luke 18:16, Mark 10:14.  It was such an important doctrinal teaching that it was repeated three separate times by three different authors.  Even erstwhile christians (small c, the Christmas, Easter types of Christians) know about this event.   I quote from Mark which has the most to say about it:

 13 ¶And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.

14 But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

Yes, I totally overlooked that.  Mostly because I don’t see much in common between Jesus and Mr. Obama.  I have never seen him as a messiah, here to cure our ills and bring us to the “Promised Land”.  I can’t get passed the total lack of empathy, the coldness, the aloofness, the detachment, the palatable indifference shown by him except of course during the campaign or when he wants something.

No I missed the imagery and what it was meant to convey because I’m not a shallow thinker.  I look for the deeper meaning in the things people, especially people in high places, people who are supposedly better than I, do and say.  The fact is that Mr Obama as a Senator 4 times, at least, tried to limit restrictions on ” Partial birth abortions”.

Indeed from Wikipedia (not the most Conservative of sources):

In the Illinois state legislature, Obama opposed the Induced Infant Liability Act[6](1) and repeatedly voted against requirements and restrictions intended to stop what opponents label “born alive” abortions.[7][8](2) (3) Obama said his opposition was because of technical language he felt might have “interfered with a woman’s right to choose” and said Illinois law already required medical care in such situations.[8][9](4)(5)

Obama voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, saying “On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions. I have said so repeatedly. All I’ve said is we should have a provision to protect the health of the mother, and many of the bills that came before me didn’t have that.”[10](6) Obama voted against a bill that would have made it a federal crime for anyone other than a parent to accompany a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion.[11](7) Obama has, however, expressed support of bans on some late-term abortions, provided they include exemptions for the mental and physical health of the mother.[12](8)

There are few cases where a baby already born alive is going to compromise the life of the mother.  No this is a despicable act, this is in fact  murder, whether the head is still in the birth canal or not.  I’ve heard of many things laid at Christ’s door but never that.  As a matter of fact Jesus also said in Mark 18 in answer to the question of who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, that except one be as a little child they shall not enter there in. It also states:

5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me

6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

So you see the dichotomy in this imagery.  Mr Obama can’t be the protector of our children when he supports the right of women to abort through the birth process and a needle to the back of the skull, a living human being, a child, then choose to wrap around him as a cloak our children while he extolls, the virtues of “saving” them through gun control.  If he had his way many of those children would not be alive to have their pictures taken with him. How many of them have been, through situation, a “punishment” for their parents?  The unexpected, the unplanned, the inconvenient event. No, those parents chose life for their child contrary to Mr Obama’ s stated policies. This is just one of the reasons why his manipulation of children to advance his radical agenda offends me.  The continued support bordering on the fanatical of people who refuse to admit his policies are destructive to the fabric of the country, self serving and egotistical as well as narcissistic in the extreme also offends me.

Then again anyone; religious, government leader or celebrity, who equates themselves with God offends me. Apparently I’m easily offended.

Who knew?

(references to the Wikipedia article. Please note MSNBC, Washington Post, Barak Obama on Abortion and USA Today, none of which could in any reality I know of, be classified as either conservative or independent in their slant.

The numbers of the references changed when I copied it over and resisted changing on the page so I added them to the quote above-thank you wordpress. Sorry for any confusion but a computer expert I am not.)

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Well push has finally come to shove.  Our great leader, our wise omniscient overlord has finally gotten what he’s been after for 6 long years.  He has a reason, he believes to disarm the citizenry.  Obama has been after this since well before the election.  It’s not clear whether his motivation is benign or cancerous but it is clear that he has been planning this for years.  Fast and furious didn’t get him there.  Eric Holders incompetence didn’t make this happen. No, all it took was a boy with mental illness to push this debate over the top and into the land of alternate reality.  A reality where guns jump off the table or out of the gun safe and into the hands of mentally unstable people.

In the last several incidences the movie theater, the last several college shootings and yes the shooting in CT, the tragedy was precipitated by someone who should have been locked up.  They were a danger to themselves and society.  They did not buy their guns from reputable dealers, they either stole them or got them  illegally.  They could have used a knife or a bomb they learned how to make on the Internet.  The reason they were out and about can be laid at the door of the compassionate, alternate reality president Jimma’ Carter.  You remember Jimma’ right?  He’s the guy who runs around the world blaming every problem, every issue, every wrong thing ever done to anyone at America’s door.  He is the creator of the “Blame America World Tour.” I’d like to blame that on Obama but the truth is the truth. We are to Carter the “Great Satan”. If it had been closer to the Iranian Hostage Crisis I’d suggest “Stockholm Syndrome”.  He seems to have fallen in love with his abusers. Do we blame the people who have produced the tragedy? No. We blame the tool they used to do it.  Liberal thinking at it’s best.  They love to personalize and humanize all sorts of objects giving them “feelings” and human behavior.  Several generations have been fed the Disney pablum of animals with human emotions.  They’re animals not humans and while your dog seems to love you, stop feeding him and see how long he goes without attempting to eat you.

Why you might ask does our “Great Leader” want to disarm the populace?  Why does the idea of people with AR-15 bother him so?  For the same reason an armed citizenry bothered Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chavez and Hitler.  When one is poised on the edge of the greatest power grab since, well ever, one must make sure the populace doesn’t have the means to fight back.  One also wants to make sure that the army, which is made up of good people, doesn’t have to make the decision between the elected officials and their fellow citizens.  It is questionable whether or not members of the armed forces would fire upon fellow citizens.  If however he can confiscate enough weapons from the legal owners only the police, military and criminals will have guns.  He will be declaring open season on America.  People will not be able to protect themselves against the government and it’s parasites.

Mario Cuomo governor of New York is having a hysterical fit. Of course he is, does anyone really know how many disturbed people are running around New York city? Legal or illegal? Armed or not armed yet? That someone hasn’t blown up any number of places, people or things is amazing.  I would humbly suggest to the governor that Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the country,and last year they had 523 murders.  Banning guns only made sure that the criminals were the only ones packing and the police won’t respond to calls in certain areas of the city without a task force and heavy duty weaponry.  So we should turn the whole country into a gulag where the citizen get screwed on a daily basis by anyone with enough money or clout or criminality to purchase a firearm, illegally of course.  When guns are banned only criminals will have guns should be the new poster for travel to Chicago.  Quite the reputation for the “home” of the president.

Maybe just maybe we should address the problems, the causes of the tragedies.  Mental illness seems to be a running theme in these atrocities.  A mother who couldn’t commit her child, a person already spotlighted for his dangerous behavior and in therapy. Governor Cuomo is right about one thing no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. If you practice it should only take one shot to take down game. People aren’t afraid of bears governor,they’re afraid of fellow citizens.  They’re afraid of predators of the two legged variety.  They’re afraid of an overreaching, out of control government.  They’re afraid of illegals and ex-cons let out because of prison over crowding.  They’re afraid of people who seek to strip from us the rights and privileges guaranteed to us under the Constitution written by a people who knew up close and personal what kind of excesses an all powerful, distant and uncaring government can foist upon an unarmed populace.

So while America burns, Obama fiddles. He and his surrogates make impassioned pleas for sanity.  They paint the gun owner as someone one step from cracking up or acting out or killing us all in our beds.  It of course is the same song and dance they trot out every elections.  Republicans want to push grandma over a cliff, they want to starve children, they hate the poor, or this minority or that minority.  Scare tactics and misdirections so you won’t focus on their other hand.  Enough people apparently believe them because the WORST president in the history of the country was reelected. A man that if his skin were of a lighter hue would have been impeached or imprisoned already. A man who seeks to gut the constitution, enslave the citizens all in favor of his radical agenda and comrades.

It is odd that people who so dislike our system of government don’t move to places where the government is more to their liking.  Of course they wouldn’t be in positions of authority there.  They wouldn’t be able to grab the power from those in charge. Those kinds of governments would just have them removed, whether to another country or to a dirt nap is up for grabs. Here’s an interesting statistic; there are total of  2,221,502 individuals in the military, according to Wikipedia.  There are over 38,000,000 hunters as well. That doesn’t include those who have weapons just to have them or who have them for personal protection.  Sounds like a lot more folks are becoming gun owners as I write this. AR’s are flying off the shelves and ammunition is becoming scarce.  Here’s a clue.  Most sane gun owners have been stockpiling ammo for years.  They have seen where the country is going and want to be survivors after the troubles are over.

We don’t buy AR’s to protect us against animals Mr. Cuomo. We buy them to protect ourselves, our families and our property against the animals you and the nanny state have created. The animals that think it’s “fair” to take from those who produce and give to those who do not produce.  Who think that all they have to do is say “I want” and it becomes theirs.  The people who breed indiscriminately, rob, cheat and steal all in the name of “compensation” “fairness” and ” our turn”.  If you want to stop the violence you should start by figuring out why minorities are multiple times more likely to be raised in a single parent home or in a home where they are not fed or clothed appropriately. Where no one has held a full time job in generations, where having a new car is more important than feeding or clothing your children.  A home where the mother was not underage at the time of she gave birth to her first child and the father is not an adult who has committed statutory rape .  A home where children are encouraged to go to school, learn and grow so that they can make good choices.  A home where there are two sane, sober, parents making the hard choices that become the examples to their children of hard work, sacrifice and real love, not the coupling one sees on television and especially in the movies. A home with a mother and a father working in tandem to raise children to become  productive, sane and free of addiction (to drugs, to sex and to any thing that will hurt them and dull their opportunity to progress).

Maybe we should focus on the cause of the disease instead of suturing the cut on our finger, instead of operating on the body politic to remove the cancer that has been growing for multiple generation. Maybe we should stop making it impossible for one parent to remain at home and actually parent.  Maybe the government should stop spending money it won’t have for centuries and go back to paying as we go.  Maybe we should stop being out of touch, greedy and afraid.  Maybe we should look at the problems facing us today and stop trying to distract and shift blame onto someone or especially some inanimate object that needs someone to operate it.  Perhaps the government should pare down expenses and turn many of these problems back to the states.  But you see Obama and Co. can’t do that because this isn’t about legality or safety . This is about power and control, who has it, who wants it and what are they going to do to get it and keep it.  Obama’s next step after an unarmed citizenry is to throw out the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution and make himself president for life.  After all while 8 years may be long enough  to make the sweeping reforms he’s promised, it’s not enough time to “fundamentally change America”………………into the fascist, socialist utopia he promised, with those who produce producing and those who take taking. What could be more compassionate, more fair and more just?

Don’t forget your heard it  here first.


……Adults, to lead, direct, contain and return government to it’s original boundaries.  This is what “we the people” should be advertising for.  We’ve had all sorts of leaders the good, the bad and the ugly in the history of the United States. We have never however, had a such a huge group of “Peter Pan/ Tinkerbells” in charge of important things like Justice, Immigration, Security, Military, Education and the executive branch.  Seriously the shear amount of tantrums, back biting and revenge taking reminds one of Junior High School with Kindergarten rolled in for good measure. I’ve observed two year olds with brighter moral compasses then these pretend adults.

Apparently the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader exchanged verbal insults at the White House the other day.  Mr Boehner apparently sunk to a new low in Congressional communications spurred on by Mr Reids typically insulting, insolent and down right offensive jabs and barbs.  One the Speaker needs to grow up and learn that it doesn’t matter what someone says about you, yo’ mama, your job, your taste, or your political party no matter how impotent.  Second Mr. Reid needs to stop being the nerdy, smarmy, smart mouthed, self righteous, 98 lb weakling who spends his time picking at other people’s scabs.

Seriously could we get some people in government who don’t act like kindergarteners who don’t have a clue how the real world works?  Could we get some people who have run businesses, who paid taxes, written checks and who understand that government CAN NOT keep spending billions even trillions of dollars more than we take in each year?

When we’re not hobbled by the kindergarteners we’re faced with the pre-teens.  Those politicians who are so wrapped up in their own ideologies that they can’t see or believe that most people don’t agree with them. Most people don’t think like them and most people can’t live like they do.  The angst that these people experience when “we the people” don’t agree with them is almost comical.  If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny but there is nothing funny about the inability to understand and acknowledge real facts. The numbers don’t lie and that brings us to the most troubling part of this analogy, the two year olds.

The two year olds are the voters who refuse to accept reality. They see it, they can’t help but see it.  They simply won’t accept it.  They categorically ignore the facts, they disbelieve the experts unless said experts agree with them,  they kill the messenger.  They continue to play with their legos, their dollies, their Matchbox cars to the exclusion of all else.  When bad things happen they blame everyone else but themselves and then throw a temper tantrum until someone gives them what they want.  They call people names and when the do get their way they make sure to make their enemies pay to the last mite. Even then they’re not satisfied until their offender is completely destroyed.  There is no reasoning with a two year old.  They have no tolerance for any other point of view then their own.  There is no open minded philosophy here. There is simply do what I want NOW, and if you’ve seen or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl you will remember that it never ends well. Veruca Salt was a very bad nut.

So it would be great if we could find some folks who are willing to Cowboy/girl up.  People who are not interested in making a career out of politics. People who are not trying to find some cushy job with golden parachute benefits, like retirement after one tour of duty and an exemption to Obamacare as well as raises no matter what the economy is doing.  Someone willing to tell the American people to stop throwing a tantrum and sit down before they get spanked.  Someone to remind us that we are adults and thus responsible to not simply ourselves but to generations unborn.  After all the culture of terminating life in the womb  and getting rid of the units (people over 70) won’t be able to kill all of the future generations.

Not that they won’t try, because you know anything that’s inconvenient must be gotten rid of. We can’t have our sons and daughters “punished by a baby”.  (Don’t want your sons punished- teach them to keep “it” in their pants, don’t want daughters punished- teach them to keep their legs crossed. That is the ONLY way to keep from procreating and even Planned Parenthood /Murder Incorporated should know that but then again see the paragraph on Pre Teens. That explains so much).

In the last couple of months there has seemed to be a preponderance of events focusing on violence perpetrated by those who are mentally ill.  It could be postulated that anyone who murders groups of people, innocents, children, those in service to the community and the elderly are ipso facto mentally deranged.  That they are also morally bankrupt goes without saying.

So where will the blame come to rest.  On a society that has steadily disintegrated into a boiling, churning mass of egos, offenses and victimhood?  On a government so intrusive as to be incestuous? On a justice system that is deaf, dumb and blind to the eternal consequences of the abdication of it’s responsibilities?  On a school system fractured from within and assaulted from without?  On a political system that promotes incompetence, ineptness and ignorance over anything remotely successful?

In reality the basic bedrock of our problem, the core of our illness, the site of our cancerous tumor is the deplorable condition of the American Family.

This once great, noble and essential organization has become a catch all for any group of people united by whatever nebulous ties they choose to attach themselves to.  Mothers and fathers have become passe.  Grandmothers and Grandfathers are lost in a crowd of step-this and step-that.  There are half brothers, step sisters, partners, companions, common law this or that.  Most people never even see cousins in their life times.  Families that used to live in the same city now no longer even live in the same area of the country.  There is no real support system, no one knows anyone else well enough to tell when they are going off the rail, and in reality everyone is so focused on their own issues and ambitions that even if someone told them, they wouldn’t pay any attention.

Of course one of the major issues in the destruction of the family is the feminist falsehood ” you can have it all”.  Of course you can’t have it all.  Only an idiot would believe that.  Something will have to give and for the past 50 years at least that thing has been the family.  Why are our children not doing as well in school? Because there are very few responsible parents at home to make sure children DO their homework, that they are doing it correctly and that they are turning it in at school and if they don’t that there are consequences that can be enforced.  Our children are being brought up by strangers who have no vested interest in their success and are mainly interested in a paycheck.  On the other side people who work in daycare can often be heard to complain about children who come unprepared for the day, no breakfast, in pajamas, with dirty diapers and unwashed.  Teachers deal with the same issues.  Children who obviously got themselves to school or the bus without coats, gloves, sometimes socks and shoes in the coldest weather.

Parents are under fire as well. In this economy both are having to work sometimes multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Of course the fact that they “need” a new car, or smart phone, or computer or TV or what ever the newest thing is doesn’t help. These parents are exhausted beyond measure physically, intellectually and emotionally thanks in no small part to workplaces that are a sources of stress and contention with environments like ” The Office” the norm instead of simply fodder for inane situation comedies. Bosses are arbitrary, vindictive and mercurial and jobs are either stressfully complicated or insanely boring. We have lost our way, becoming less humane and much more animalistic. The abdication of morality has brought us to the brink of annihilation and we are heading over the cliff like the lemmings we’ve become.

So instead of making life better, instead of inclusion, instead of acceptance we  have become alienated, isolated and self absorbed.  We spend our time alone on the computer or on the phone.  Next time you are in a gathering look around and see how many people are on their I Pods, cell phones, I Pads or the like.  How many people have a plug in their ear all the time.  How many people actually enjoy interacting with those around them?  This should tell you why we have people cracking under the strain.  It doesn’t really take a village to raise a healthy child. It may help but it is essential to have a functioning family in order to produce productive, mentally stable citizens.  To many this is an offensive stand but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Families are the cornerstone on which civilizations are built.  We have massive cracks in our foundation and if we don’t look to our own families we may not have civilization to save.


I have some questions for the cosmos.

1. Since when is Tim Tebow the only football player to go down on one knee in acknowledgement of his success coming from above? There are hundreds of sportsmen and women who in some way publicly show appreciation for the entity who they believe blessed them with the talent and abilities that they were able to call upon to succeed at their endeavor.

I grew up watching football and I know of what I speak.  No one commented on this behavior. No one was offended because someone believed differently then they did.  No one cast aspersion at least publicly against someone’s right to believe whatever they chose.

Since when did we became a nation of emotional basket cases, reduced to whining and carping at every little perceived slight?  Could it be that there are those among us who fell guilty about their lack of morality?  Who know they should believe in something but refuse to do so due to an unwillingness to admit that there is something greater and more powerful then themselves? Could it be in their heart of hearts they know that a Supreme Being exists but they are unwilling to change their destructive behavior out of hubris or pride?   Could it be like children, they want what they want and no one is going to get in their way?

I don’t really know and I’m not sure how much I care.  My belief system has so little to do with the people of this world as to not even be in the same phylum.  The one thing that may keep me out of heaven is the almost total disgust and derision I view the human species with.  Individual people I love/like, people as a group are “dumb panicky animals” as Agent K in Men in Black famously said, interested only in satisfying whatever animal urge is working on them at the time. Don’t believe me, head on out to Wal Mart this evening about 7 pm and see for yourself.

2. David Patreous was forced to resign from leading the CIA over an illicit affair?  Since when is morality a prerequisite for a government job?  Since when was having an affair cause for dismissal?

Oh and apparently the woman involved is not going to be charged.  Not charged, for what?  Illegal use of email?  Bad decisions? Immorality? Seriously we have 4 dead Americans from Benghazi and nobody’s going to suffer for that except the families and friends of the deceased.  The United States Justice Department has thrown out the rule of law and now only acts on whatever it is that “the Emperor” has decided is important.  The protection of certain minority groups is more important than the protection of the majority of it’s citizens and now no one is willing or interested in protecting the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

John F Kennedy was a serial philanderer as was his brother Teddy who was also a murderer.  Bill Clinton was a predator who took advantage of the vulnerable and naive.  John Kerry was proved a liar and a cheat.  Barney Frank was incompetent and little Chucky Schummer was shown to be all three. And those are just the most egregious examples, there are hundreds nay thousands of examples on both sides of the political chasm and in all communities and ethnicities of this kind of abhorrent behavior.  While Dr Seuss may have believed a person is a person no matter how small, the smallness of a persons character has a direct correlation to their humanity or lack there of.

The blanket hypocrisy rolling forth from Mt Obama and it’s  high priests and sycophants is phenomenal.  Makes ancient Greek mythology look like a veritable cornucopia of upstanding and moral giants by comparison.

3. Tomorrow the world is supposed to end 12-21-12 according to the Mayans.  Where are the nay sayers, where are the eco-nazies, the leftist head scratchers?  Why aren’t they planning a going out of business sale or some other such nonsense? Do they in their hubris not understand the possibilities, after all of the publicity, the many TV shows which show this  as a backdrop? I don’t know but I can tell you this, when my Father calls me home I’m going to be ready to leave. It is only my belief in an after life that keeps me here at all.

So if tomorrow it should all go to pot I want my loved ones to know that “I will love you forever” and thats how all that needs said about that.

It’s been more than a month since I wrote the preceding post and I was truly not intending to ever blog again.  I have felt for quite some time that the hubris of thinking my thoughts and opinions would make a rat’s haunch of difference had finally fallen like the turkeys on WKRP’s Thanksgiving episode.  I still think that but occasionally I come across something so blindingly ridiculous, so morally bankrupt, so without any reasonable reality that I just can’t stand not to make a comment. So here it is for what it’s worth.

Why does God allow evil? | Fox News Video

So why does God “allow” evil?  Well for starters why should God give a rat’s haunch what happens to human beings.  They have thrown Him out of their schools, their town halls, the federal government, parks, cemeteries, community centers, homes and in some cases churches.  They take His name in vain almost every second, they damn people in His name, they spit on His commandments, they abuse His followers and they commit atrocities in His name without His authority.  They have proven over and over again that God is only necessary when something awful happens, then we turn to Him, then He’s supposed to forget all the abuse and hate humans have thrown at Him. He’s supposed to overlook the total disregard and disgust He’s been held in.  God is supposed to forgive us just because we are in trouble.

It doesn’t work like that, but trying to educate people whose only thought is “what’s in it for me”, is insane (doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome).  They don’t want to know God, they don’t want to follow God, they don’t want to understand God.  It’s too much trouble, it’s too hard, it’s too restrictive, it’s too boring.  I can bet you that the folks who lost loved one’s today would give a lot to spend some boring time with those they won’t see again in this life.

Of course there will be another round of “guns are evil” led by the criminal head of the justice department and his enabler.  The fact is that you can’t legislate crazy.  You can provide security for schools so that someone on site is registered and trained to carry a weapon.  These nutcases and crazy people strike at schools precisely because they’re certain the children and teachers are sitting ducks.  Guns aren’t allowed on the property so there is zero risk to them.  They can perpetuate any atrocity they chose because it will take at least 5 min. to get the first responders on scene. If on the other hand these nutjobs were taken out before the first shot was fired that might make them think twice about attacking something we Americans are supposedly passionate about protecting.  As I have always told my children “talk is cheap”.  Once guns are banned the law abiding citizen will have NO protection. Criminals may as well put up open season posters with your wife, sister, younger brother, mother, father, children’s pictures on them.

As Charlton Heston famously said, “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.”  I have NO confidence in the federal government, and very little confidence in law enforcement.  The justice department is a farce and the Attorney General is a joke.  We stopped being a nation of laws when we surrendered to the “cult of celebrity” which brought us President Bengahizi and Uncle JoJo the dog faced idiot. But  I draw the line at blaming God for our current issues.  We made them ourselves, we need to own that.

The End.

This will be the last blog for ……………….I don’t know, ever most probably.  I don’t intend to worry about the rest of you or the country again.  When that Chi-coms come by to take possession, don’t forget to turn out the lights and close the door.

This my friends is the end.  It was a nice run.  It was a good experiment but every good thing must come to an end.  The United States of America died today November 6, 2012, 236 years from it’s inception.  During that time her people overcame great odds, invented amazing things and flew higher and faster than anyone ever believed, but that is all in the past.  There is NO future. We  have come to the end of this last hope of mankind.

All that is left now is the slavery and tyranny of the progressive busybodies and their secular humanistic hedonism.  The rest of you may be willing to go down cheerfully to hell with the rest of the mindless, slavering, gibbering idiots that follow the anti-christ and his court jester but not I.  I will live out what is left of my life staying as far away from anything to do with the government federal or state that I can.  They can try to make me buy their health insurance but since I’m out of work and not planning now to get a job they’ll have to kill me to make me see a doctor. Once our money runs out I’ll starve to death before I take one dollar of their blood money.  They can kiss my lily white butt.  They can haul me off to jail and try to feed me by force but I will never submit.

The government for the last 4 years has become the enemy of freedom, liberty and righteousness.   It can go straight to it’s just reward and take every traitor that participated in it’s demise with it.  I’m sure I’ll see them there. Revenge is bitter  however it will cool the flames at least for me.  I’ll be suffering but they will be suffering as well.  Sometimes thats all the satisfaction one can expect.

(Oh and should you government goons stop by, make sure you’ve warrants in hand. Warrant, you know Holder that’s the thing you have to have to enter someone’s house…………wait what am I saying.  That was when this was a country that believed in laws.  Sorry my bad)


There are just so many questions.  I always thought that by the time I reached this age (I’m quite ancient you know) that I would have answers to some of life’s burning questions.  Here are just a few that I wonder about…………….

  1. Why do people who claim they don’t need anyone to take care of them insist on behaving as if they had NO idea what the consequences of their actions are?
  2. How does one claim the moral high-ground when they have the morals of an alley cat?
  3. Why do people continue to have children but refuse to care for them, parent them, give them the time, love and attention they need to grow into decent adults, yet decry schools for not doing their job for them? Why also when people act in stupid irresponsible ways does someone totally innocent get to pay the price for their selfish, inconsiderate behavior?  Perhaps if we framed it in a “that’s just rude” way millennials might understand this concept better.  Nothing is more “rude” than murder.
  4. Why do illegal immigrants get treatment that citizens who’ve been working and paying taxes for their adult lives will not get?
  5. Why do we now pay more attention to those who are being rude as opposed to those who break the law, steal from us, damage us and our infer structure by heinous anti-social behavior?
  6. Why do people who complain that they don’t get a fair shake or a level playing field then take to the streets in their own dysfunctional, disadvantaged neighborhoods and burn stores, homes, cars and churches as a protest.  If they don’t care for their community why should anyone else?
  7. Since when is it illegal for someone to offend someone else?  Offense is something that comes from inside a person and if the “flag” offends you and someone using the F bomb every other word doesn’t you have a problem…..and if that offends you you are the problem.
  8. When did actors start to think what they do is Rocket Science or Curing diseases or saving us from our enemies? They play games, pretend to be other people and make fun of the rest of us.  Seems to me we could use a whole lot less of them and more of those people who actually make a difference in the lives of others.
  9. Why are we never satisfied?  What does it take to make people happy? Perhaps because we can’t read each others minds and even when we do try to improve people are more than willing to remind us of our faults (encouraging us to stop trying because it’s never going to be good enough anyway).
  10. Why can we not see things as they really are?  What will it take for us to really see and understand the reality we face?  How can we get back to pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to protecting liberty, freedom and the lives of our families?

There are so many more questions, sadly, and very few answers.  The older I get the more I understand that.  I wish I knew what the answers are……….maybe after this life I’ll have a clue.  I hope so.

This just out of Dallas.  Their DA’s office apparently is no longer going to arrest people for stealing (essentials under $750).  Isn’t that just special. You can now go to Dallas and visit any and all establishments and walk out with a new cell phone, $400 shoes, coats, electronic devices, (pads, pods and readers).  Just image if you will what will happen to restaurants.  A person or persons enters your establishment, they sit down and have a nice meal and as long as it doesn’t cost $750 they can just get up and leave.  Apparently decriminalization is how we are welcoming our guests from the south.  There are too many of them getting arrested and it’s causing a glut of work for the DA’s office and of course we have house them or deport them and well that’s just mean.

I really miss adults being in charge. People who know the difference between right and wrong and who aren’t afraid to say it. All of this nonsense we’re dealing with today can be traced back to when society decided that telling someone something was bad or wrong was not a good idea.  No one can lose at a game or sport, all must be celebrated for their participation.  Now we have men pretending to be women and then participating in sports as women and amazingly they’re winning all the prizes.  What a shock! You can’t dislike someone because then you hate them.  You also hate people who you disagree with or who disagree with you.  You also hate people because of the things they do or don’t believe in.

Here’s a few little life hacks for you.  Life is hard.  You don’t always win. Some of us NEVER win.  Not everyone is going to like you.  Actually if you are a hard worker and are truthful most people aren’t going to like you at all. You make them look bad.  Everybody loves the screw up because they think “well at least I’m not as bad off as that loser”.  They won’t say it because in today’s world you can be disgusting, depraved and debauched but heaven forbid you are RUDE (which of course no longer means what it used to mean, today if you decline an invitation you’re being rude no matter how nice you are about it).

Sadly it usually takes a major long term event for people to wise’n up.  A long war, societal collapse, invasion, natural disasters that stretches on for years, usually cure the nonsense that’s happening today but you can’t really count on those things happening at will.  Why do they cure the self absorption?  Well they encourage people to understand what really matters.  People have to actually look a reality as it is not in the rose colored glasses they like to wear and when the options are work or die, most people choose work.  Sadly it never lasts because people are selfish panicky animals and we all know it.  If it isn’t in their purview it’s not important to the them.

We’re coming to the end of days whether you are a believer of the end of the world or not.  No society or group can exist in the soup we’ve allowed to be made. Those who have more reason to survive will roll over the laissez faire-rs, the dilettantes and the terminally reality phobic.  Those that are left will fight tooth and nail not just to survive but to eradicate anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.  The fact that we’ve allowed an all out war on everyone who doesn’t practice islam has brought us here.  Before you say “Well Christians are violent too”, let me educate you. Christianity hasn’t been violent for centuries………………they learned their lessons (that it didn’t work) and have put that kind of behavior behind them.  The other side however will never do so.  They are tied to violence like an alcoholic is tied to drink.  It is there raison d’etre. (reason for living).  In the end it will all be over and the vegans and their covens will finally get what they want.  The Earth will be cleansed. Of course, no one will be here to care but hey at least they get what they want and that is what it’s all about today.

The bombings in Sri Lanka are just the latest round of deadly violence from adherents of the “religion of peace”.  All over the globe Christians are targets of death squads parading around as if they are all powerful and in charge.  Why?  Because the international community and many here in the U.S. do not understand that we are at war.  These creatures refuse to behave in a civil manner, they intend to either kill or subjugate everyone in the world to their heinous, debauched, disrespectful world view.  They are not interested in “COEXISTING”, they are interested in conquering.  You want to know what they are really capable, read some Spanish history from 711 to 1492 when they vomited forth from Africa into southern Spain and wreaked havoc, rape, pillage and destruction for 700 years. But you say that was over 1000 years ago…………..they haven’t changed since then.  They seek for everyone to live like it was the 7th century. Progress is NOT what they are about.  If it was good enough for mohammad it’s good enough for the rest of us apparently.

Lest you think I’m being religiously bigoted let me state clearly: I don’t care frankly, what people believe in.  They can worship how, where or what they may.  They can wear rags on their heads, or caps on their skulls, or shawls or crosses round their necks or in their ears, whatever outward expression of their faith they choose.  They can cloister themselves, separate from those who don’t believe as they do, close their borders or any other process that keeps their adherents safe from what they believe are bad influences.  It’s when they start deciding that people who don’t believe like them should be forcibly converted or die is where I choose to draw my line.  When they invade countries by immigration, set up their own communities and laws that contradict the written laws of the host country, and then proceed to take them over by infiltrating government it’s time to stop being tolerant and start being serious.  When they start lobbing bombs at other people who chose not to believe as they do, when they decide a certain group of alternative believers should be “wiped off the map” is where the buck stops.  And let me educate you in case you don’t know, it used to be just Jews, now it’s Jews and Christians.  They’ve always been against homosexuals but I think they are the next group they will try to eradicate (by throwing them off buildings or beating them to death most likely).

If they want to believe and live their “religion” they need to return to the 7th century hell hole from which they spewed.  If they can’t “COEXIST” with the rest of us infidels they need to go back to the land they came from where everyone is willing to live in dirt, death and ignorance and leave the rest of the world alone. IF we are so contrary to their “gods” plan he will surely take care of that by whatever means he chooses.  We however would like to be able to live without fear, go to church and not be concerned that our families are in mortal danger, live in our communities without being subjected to antiquated, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, hypocritical rules made up by some 7th century “prophet” of some god no one had ever heard of before. If they choose to believe that, that’s fine but here in this country, especially, they have NO right to force people to believe, NO right to destroy our laws and government and NO right to set up their own country, counter to our principles and laws.

While the deaths in Sri Lanka are devastating to their families and to their brothers and sisters throughout the world we have a different knowledge. We will miss them, we yearn for their company again but we KNOW that they are in the hands of their Creator. They will have no more pain, no more agony, no more dismay, they are enfolded in the arms of one who has suffered as they did and now succors them.  They can no longer be harmed or hurt by those who in their intolerance and bigotry made their lives a hell on earth.  Their murders, no matter their success in this life, will have to stand at the bar and will be judged accordingly.  This is not pretend………..this is real because without access to the Atonement of Jesus Christ which fulfills the demands of Justice (an eternal absolute) with Mercy they will be in serious trouble, as shedding the blood of the innocent is one of the most grievous sins in a pantheon of wickedness, my Irish ancestors would probably have said “may God have mercy on their souls”.