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There Is a God?

Hold the presses, drop whatever you’re doing.  Michael  Moore, the corpulent pseudo Orson Wells-wannabe has made an announcement.  He has definitively declared……..there is a God.  Well I guess that makes it official.  

Of course his reason for it is that a hurricane is threatening to disrupt the Republican Convention.  God, you see hates, Republicans.  He hates people who believe in the sanctity of life, who believe people should work for what they get instead of living off the backs and sweat of others, who not only believe in him but seek to make him a central figure, not just in their spiritual lives but their secular lives as well.  He’s of course, very uncomfortable with the idea that marriage “that bwessed awarngement” (to quote the Princess Bride) should, as a sacrament, be between a man and a woman and of course he is totally against people protecting their lives, liberty and property.

No God is more interested in protecting those who defame, abuse and trade on the lives of others.  He loves that babies are destroyed, for the sake of expediency, by having their brains sucked out.  He loves those who sell themselves to the highest bidder for fame, power and wealth and who steal, cheat and lie their way to the top while climbing over the backs of believers.  

Yeah, God must really hate Republicans.  

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall the day Mikey meets up with God.  I know I’m not perfect but wow.   I could almost pity him…………almost.

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She’s baaaaack!

Welcome to my little corner of chaos.  Blogger and I have come to a parting of the ways.  It will no longer allow me to post, I’m not sure why.  I have been a good little blogger and tried to stay out of trouble.  The interesting thing is that it will let me write posts and save them as drafts all day long, but I continue to get a “your blog was published with errors” accompanied by (apple users will understand) the spinning beach ball of death.  So here we are at WordPress.com.  I wonder what new and exciting experiences await us here. Nothing like change to shake up the system.  What an appropriate segue to this installment of “As the  Stomach Turns.”

Just this morning I read a post about our “messiah”  Barak the Beneficent.  It seems the campaign of “the one” doesn’t like people asking questions about ……well anything really.  Apparently William Ayers former head of the “Weather Underground” is off limits as is Franklin Marshall Davis, member and supporter of the Communist Party in America as well as internationally.  How many more enemies of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty are going to surface as the election moves closer?  How many are going to be sitting in cabinet positions come January should Barak the Beautiferous be installed?  Will he pick his advisers and cabinet secretaries on the basis of their experience, their political power, influence and monetary support or by the color of their skin?  In some areas especially large cities where minorities have become the majority B.O. has a commanding lead over his competition.  Close to 90% say they will vote for him.  When asked they say they believe in his ideals, his vision, his policies but with the exception of infanticide  “his majesty” has not seen fit to bless us with “his” agenda.

  We’re totally clear on the Democratic mindset.  Bush evil, Cheney evil, America mean, kill babies, save snail darters, abandon our friends and hide from our enemies.

Please O Exulted One, show us with your magnificent vision of what America might could have been if it had been what it should have been before it was what it is.

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