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Government vs Private

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I thought I’d post it here as well.

Whenever government gets involved in the private sector, we the people suffer. They can’t run the government, the postal service, the VA, or Social Security. Why is that one might ask, are they stupid or simply incompetent?

The reason these people can run water is that they don’t use logic and reason when they make decisions. They get in touch with their “feelings”. They don’t know the difference between what they want and what WE need. We need a strong leader who will think of America and her people first, who has courage and the convictions that go along with them, we need a person of faith who is willing to fight the good fight against enemies foreign and domestic.

Although I don’t much like John McCain he does fit the description, most of the time. Sarah Palin fits it to a Tee. Barak HUSSEIN Obama and Joe Biden don’t even come close. They don’t make decisions based of facts, they fit the facts to what ever decision they “feel” should be made. The hate America and seek to turn it into some kind of Euro-trash fife. Faith is a convenient word that they bandy around, but look at their religious leaders. If a white pastor said about blacks the things Wright said about whites, he’d be arrested for “hate speech”. Not only won’t they fight against our enemies, those enemies are going to wind up camping out in the Lincoln bedroom.

So……It doen’t have to be that way.
Register to vote, encourage others to vote
Then actually vote


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Who’s Plan?

Once upon a time “1984” by George Orwell was considered a must read for liberals who wanted to illustrate the dangers of an all encompassing, life governing, right denying government.  Apparently this is no longer an issue they have concerns about.   In Boston they have taken Big Brother to a new and somewhat frightening  level

Now I have been a mom for more than 25 years.  I have been a bike rider for more than 40 years.  I realize that helmets can make children safer but is that not the parents responsibility? Not the governments.  What’s next?  Will they make your child get on a scale at school and tell them, “Sorry, you can’t have bread today, carrots sticks, celery and cucumbers are all you get”.  After all we know that kids are overweight and it’s everybodys responsibility to look after the children.  It takes a village you know.  I guess it would be ok  as well to go over to kids making out in the movies and have them hauled away to the precinct for their parents to collect them.  You know what that behavior leads to and no one should be “punished” by a baby.

Why stop with kids?  We could make adults go to school and get good grades or take away their cars. Drinking alcohol would be banned, it kills brain cells as well as endangers others in the society. Candy stores would be closed down as would ice cream parlors.  Food would be rationed with someone in the government deciding how much you get according to your age, activity rate and fat content.  Computers could have timers on them. Once you reach your alloted sit down time for the day, off it goes.  How about people who have children left, right and sideways? We could sterilize the women and make eunuchsout of the men.  

Maybe the best thing we can do is to take choice away from the rabble. Heaven knows they don’t know what to do with it.  They are always doing the wrong thing or not doing the right thing or not doing it fast enough.  Or maybe we could collectively MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS, for a change.  Stop trying to fix someone’s life.  Pay attention to your own.  It’s that whole mote and beam thing. Oh, and that plan where everyone is saved but the plans organizer gets all the glory, laude and honor.  Wonder who’s plan that is?  If you really don’t know, try Revelations.

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You go girl!

Many, many, many moons ago as a young pre-teenager I watched as young women staged sit-ins, burned bras and acted like petulant two year olds, all in the name of “Women’s Rights”.  The ERA was the banner under which many of these incidences of civil disobedience took place and was the hot ticket issue.  Many a politician lined up to be on the front line of the new battlefield.  

We young women were told that we could be anything, we could have it all, we could change the world.  I guess that part of the fantasy was true.  The world did change.  No longer are women encouraged to stay home, as a matter of fact they are discouraged from staying home.  We are now told we cannot have it all. We have to decide, what do we want?  Young women are now encouraged to put off marriage until they can no longer have children.  After all the planet is over burdened with children and why should anyone be punished by a baby.  

Now we have a woman running for Vice President who should be the poster child for real feminism.  She competes without quotas, without set asides, without lowering the standards.  She hunts, fishes and governs.  She was also baking cookies at the same time Hillary Clinton was deriding those who chose to stay at home with their children.  This woman worked her way up from the PTA to the Governors Mansion of the most energy rich state in the union.  She’s tough, she’s aggressive, she’s strong and dependable.  She is also a mom in the best sense of the word.  She has the integrity needed to make hard decisions and she is loyal to her family and to her faith.  

I don’t think Sarah Palin is perfect.  I do appreciate her understanding of the concept of being a servant to those she represents. For too long politicians have considered their constituents the servants instead of the other way around.  Maybe it’s the Harvard, Yale smug arrogance or maybe it’s the good old boy network.  Gov. Palin fit’s in neither category and I think she frightens some people to death. By the way, Liberals your hypocrisy is showing.

Madame Governor, you go girl.

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