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I have a middle schooler and someone at high school.  It has been impressed upon my mind in the last several years that somehow we have deviated from the original purposes of education.  School has become; 

a daycare center

a prison

an indoctrination center 

a restaurant 

a social club

a sports team


Whatever learning taking place there is not preparing our children to make intelligent, informed decisions in their lives.  Children are in school longer, more hours a day more days a year, than ever before.  There is more violence, more sex, more bullying, more stress and less learning going on than ever before as well.  

Now don’t get me wrong.  The teachers are not the people at fault in most cases.  Are there bad teachers? Are there bad policemen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, preachers ad infinitum.  Of course, there are bad people everywhere.  That cannot be helped.  With education however the problems are varied and difficult and the one size fits all cadre along with the zero tolerance Nazi’s have taken over the asylum.  Here’s an interesting question.  If children spend 33% of their day sleeping (8 hrs.) an another 50% engaged in education (going to and from, sitting in class, doing assignments) how much time do the spend being taught by their parents?  27%?  

Think about what goes on in your home after school.  Don’t forget to take out the hour or two it takes to prepare, partake and clean up after dinner, then there are baths, some children even have time to play before they are packed off to bed.  Of course not all children have parents who care for them.  Some are neglected and abused.  To them school may be a sanctuary, but for most children it has become a prison whose tentacles invade the sanctuary of home ensuring no rest from the stress that marks their every waking moment.  

Well, some say, we are just preparing them to be adults.  This is hogwash.  People who say that are miserable in their lives and seek to make other as miserable as they are.  Children are no longer allowed to be children.  They are over scheduled, over booked, over worked and over stimulated.  They are not content with what they have but are always looking for the next new thing.  I Pod’s, Game Boys, Computers, and TV have isolated our children from each other and from the adults in their lives.  Some children without are willing to kill to get what they feel they “deserve”.  

At school they are ruled by the agenda book, driven by standardized test scores and encouraged by society to grow up faster than is appropriate for their mental health.  We now have dances, yes dances for 10 year olds.   What exactly are they supposed to learn from this?  Children are now encouraged to have “a significant other” in elementary school or they are assigned the “gay” label.  Once children begin to indulge in adult behavior that genie is out of the bottle and good luck stuffing it back in.  

Why you might ask has this come to my attention.  My son (who is a pretty good kid, has some homework issues, but all in all he’s a good boy) got detention.  Why?  Because every child in the school has to wear an ID badge with their picture and name on it. He’s forgotten his 4 times, so now he has detention.  I believe in obeying the rules, so he will go and do as he’s told but……  It occurs to me that a really good way to get around this whole issue is to take a leaf out of the Nazi handbook and just tattoo their Social Security Numbers and names on their forearm or maybe on the back of their hands like in the 5th Harry Potter movie.  That way they would be always recognizable and the school/prison would always be able to reach out and touch them, or there are micro chips that vet can place under an animals skin These are just a couple of other options.  

Mr Orwell was wrong.  He should have titled his book 2008, instead of 1984.

We have met the enemy and he is us.


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Something occurred to me this morning, when my local talking heads were pulling a “Chicken Little” stunt, you know,  “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, watch us for the latest.”  They reported that now communities were going bankrupt and soon things like road work and trash collection would have to go by the wayside to pay the bills.  This got me to thinking, where is the outrage from the “drive by media”?  Where are the calls for investigations of the major players in this mess?  Why are Misters Shummer, Dodds, Frank and Pelosi not being summoned before a Senate committee investigating why this crisis occurred? 

We have of course the obligatory committee with the usual suspects grilling the administration, which sounded the alarm about the fallout from these unbelievably rash and ill conceived practices as early as 2003.  Mr. Dodds had the bald faced hypocrisy to ask why the administration did not alert Congress and the American people about the possibility of this all going south.  Why those on the hot seat did not answer the question honestly is a mystery to me.  This is what should have occurred at the hearing.

Mr. Dodds: (smirking)  Why  didn’t the administration alert Congress to the possibility of such a disaster occurring in the financial markets?

Token administration scapegoat: Well, Senator because the people responsible for it, those on the Senate Banking Commission/committee told us in 2005 there was no problem.  Congressmen Waters, Davis, Meeks and of course Clay (who called the idea of an investigation of Mr. Raines a political lynching) spoke at the hearings and assured us all was well.  Then there are the usual suspects Senators Shummer, Dodds, Pelosi and Frank not to mention Waxman.   All of them have told us that there was NO crisis, it was made up by racist Republicans.  The fact is that those in charge i.e. Raines, Garlick and Johnston were cooking the books, but received a pass because of their political leanings and their victim status as blacks, women and or Democrats.  The regulators in 2005 were attacked, their expertise besmirched, their integrity degraded all because they had the audacity to tell the truth.  I don’t know Senator………why didn’t YOU tell us the truth in 2005?

That’s what should have happened.  Those in charge whose unbelievably naive, incompetent idea it was to force financial institutions to lend money to people who couldn’t possibly afford to pay back their loans should be investigated.  Their assets should be frozen and all monies earned by them over their government salaries put into a fund to repay the losses at Freddy and Fanny.  Those two organizations should be revamped or if that is not feasible dismantled and the loans that have some hope of being paid refinanced.  

We the people should then take a very intense look at the partners of the Liberal Left who helped drive the bus of this crisis.  How does it feel at the New York Times, LA Times, Philadelphia Enquirer, et al, to know that you are officially the whore of the Democratic Party?  You have prostituted your ideals, your craft and your integrity to people who use you to protect them, to make them rich and to steal and cheat not just your reader but you as well.  Prostitutes on the street get better treatment, at least they get paid.  All you get are falling revenues, job losses and subscriber flight.  Congratulations, American journalism died-2008, actually it committed suicide.  

The government should commission a monument.  We could put in  Arlington National Cemetery.  Wait never mind, it would be among those who served and gave the last measure for their country…….they’d probably rise up in mass and throw the monument into the Potomic River.  That’s probably appropriate. It’s already really polluted, one more pile of trash wouldn’t even be noticed.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am a white, middle class, WASP. I was born and raised in the Socialist Republic of Maryland where you can’t swing a dead fetus without smacking a liberal democrat. I should by all accounts be as liberal as those I grew up with. I am not. I am a disgrace to the proud heritage of “Vote early, Vote often, Vote dead, Vote Democrat.

Even if I was a Democrat, even if I was a Liberal I could not vote for Senator Barak Obama. Not because of his economic ideas, which will be disastrous. Not because of his socialist ideals which will prove to destroy the ethics and mores of this country. Most of all not because he’s black, a fact he and his campaign want the rest of us to forget but they can’t seem to stop talking about. No the reason I can not nor would I ever vote for, hire, talk to or be in the same room with the Senator is for one reason only. His stand on what to do with babies born of botched abortions.

It is the Senators contention that saving the life of a baby already born as the result of a botched abortions is not near as important as the sanctity of Roe vs. Wade. The fact that this is a human being does not seem to occur to the Senator. It is the same kind of attitude that enabled generations to this day in some parts of the world, to buy and sell their fellow men. In fact, it is worse. People can be freed from slavery or indentured servitude, people can not be brought back from the dead. At least not by anyone presently residing on this planet.
I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We believe that this nation was saved by the Lord as a choice land. It was fore ordained to be a place of refuge, a place where liberty and freedom would reign but……
Ether 9: 20

“20 And thus the Lord did pour out his blessings upon this land, which was choice above all other lands; and he commanded that whoso should possess the land should possess it unto the Lord, or they should be destroyed when they were ripened in iniquity; for upon such, saith the Lord: I will pour out the fulness of my wrath.”

I am afraid ladies and gentlemen we are here. Thanks in most part to those who refuse to see where their experiment in social engineering has taken us. They are so steeped in hubris, self-gratification, indulgence, degeneration and sin that they can not even admit how far from the ideal they have fallen.

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