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It’s a Wonderful Life?

Occasionally, even we hardened cynics come across something that makes us stop and scratch our heads.  Even we, pessimists though we are, say……well really we don’t say anything.  There are no words to describe the sheer unadulterated excrement that spews forth from the pages of the “penny dreadful” NYT.  

Does one still have to go to college to get a job there?  If so could someone list the colleges so the rest of us could know where to avoid attending, sending our children or encouraging our grandchildren to attend.  The National Enquirer, Weekly World News and the Star get it right more often than these cretins.  

Why the screed against the Tinplated Times (pun so intended)?  Take a gander -as long as your blood pressure is low- at  this.  Now not being a fan of this movie, I don’t like tear jerkers and this is the king of that particular genre, but I do appreciate its message.  The jaded and hedonistic author of this particular opinion piece suggest in the body of the article, if you can stand to read that far that:

  • George instead of being able to replace that monies stolen from him would go to jail because, well, stealing is stealing.
  • George is cruel to Mary and makes her cry, so why would she love him at all?
  • Pottersville the town that survived because George was not born is a much more exciting, fun, happening place than stodgy, peaceful, contented Bedford Falls.

Ok while I realize this is written by a New Yorker and they do not actually LIVE on this planet, I am still astounded.  The idea that restitution is not possible, apparently for anything, ever, is so foreign to most of us. Of course most of us have had some contact with the term repentance and the author of the Book of Life so we’re slightly ahead of the author there.

George is cruel.  Good thing the author of this brilliant article has never hurt anyones feelings and made then cry.  Of course I’m assuming he has room for anyone in his life.  I’m assuming that he still speaks to what family he may possess, if they’re not too outdated, stodgy and so last year.  Maybe when push comes to shove and things get messy in relationships he simply bails so as not to become embroiled in one of those nasty, uncomfortable scenes like the one he can’t understand in the movie.  I won’t try to change his mind but I will say that from his comments on this alone it is crystal clear that he has never really loved someone.  When you really love someone you take them with all of their faults, hence why it is so difficult for many abused persons to leave their abusers.   It may not be right, but it’s true.

Last, for me, but no means least is that whole idea of Pottersville being a place anyone would want to live.  Good to know that, “hot women, booze, drugs and cool jazz,” are the essentials of a happy life.  The  fact that no one, with the exception of Mr. Potter, is happy in this town makes not one iota of difference I’m sure.  That rampant sexual deviance, drunkenness, and depravity do not a happy life make, I’m sure come as a shock to most jaded and hardened New Yorkers.  I would be thrilled if we could somehow manage to contain the filth inherent, apparently in large cities (maybe with high walls and concertina wire)  inside the city limits with those who so appreciate it.  That way the rest of us could live our stodgy, dull, unexciting lives in peace and happiness. 

Oh and don’t miss the comments because that is almost the best part of this little burlesque show.  

  20 ¶ Woe unto them that call evil  good, and good evil; that put  darkness for  light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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