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Ladies and Gentlemen ( and I use the term as loosely as possible),

I do not believe you.  This sentiment is not said in aguish, nor is it said in frustration, irritation or disbelief.  It is a statement of fact.

I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.  I don’t believe in you, on you or about you.  If you came out today and told the American people the sky was blue, I personally would walk to the window and look out to check.  

You have lied, cheated, falsified, prevaricated, misrepresented, vilified, distorted, evaded and other wise deceived not just your foes but those who supported you as well.  You and your lap dogs in the press have created a fantasy world in which actions never have consequences, where feelings are the pre-eminent driving force, where man is the ultimate authority and where common sense and morality have not only no meaning but are punished severely.

So here we are.  In the coming months and years you are going to court my support.  Eventually you are going to need my vote, my tax money, my disposable income to help stimulate the economy or improve the roads or feed the poor or house the homeless. Guess what?  I’m not interested.  I don’t care.  

“The sky is falling”; not interested.  “Armageddon is here”; too bad.  “All is lost”; don’t call me, I won’t call you. 


The only way I will vote for another person to go to DC is if the Lord himself comes down and personally invites me to vote for a specific candidate and even then He might have to convince me.  There is NO one in politics that has integrity, NO one who knows what “sacred honor” is, NO one who understands the meaning of “public service”.  

So to all of you I say, Good-bye.  Fairness doctrine or not I will not be deceived because not only do I not believe you, I do not believe your sycophants in the media and I have even less respect or interest in anything the know-nothing, uneducated, common sense starved Hollywood slatterns (be they male or female or neither) have to say. 

Since you so interested in fairness I’ll be looking forward to the day when The View, Today, Good Morning America and the entire MSNBC station join conservative talk shows and go off the air.  Keep it up, you have, in a little over 20 years, almost destroyed something it took the world millennia to produce.

My one wish is that you all get exactly what you deserve, that karma becomes your closest friend, that what ever went around comes around, that the consequences finally match the actions and that the chickens eventually come home to roost.  

But God is usually  merciful.  That’s what makes Him who He is. Your lack of any redeemable qualities makes you who you are.

I weep for you.


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