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I guess you could make the case that I’m  a tad bitter.  

I guess I’m not the most objective person in the room on this particular subject.  

But then journalist who have been hiding behind the second amendment have been doing so for far too long.

I can only offer one persons perspective.  True I am one step removed from the issue but am closer than most people and have 20+ years of experience dealing with and watching these people at work.  While there are objective, honest, passionate professionals out there who have honed their craft over many years there are still others who are integrity challenged, agenda driven hacks who care little for the truth unless it fits into their personal perspective.

One of the problems of media today (with the exception of citizen journalists inhabiting the blogisphere) is that they are taught by the same professors, in the same schools the same claptrap that has hastened their demise.  “You can change the world”  ” It’s your job to educate the public” which translates (via liberal speak) into “You can remake the world in your own image” and  “People are not smart enough to understand the facts, you must tell them what the facts mean” otherwise know as “Joe sixpack is too stupid to know what’s good for him, you have to tell him”.  These people then graduate get jobs at newspapers working with people just like them, they live in the same enclaves, send their children (if they have any) attend the same schools (usually private), shop at the same stores, read the same books (notice I don’t say go to the same church because frankly the religious are looked at with a very jaundiced eye at newspapers.  My husband was once told he wouldn’t fit into the newsroom because of his strict religious beliefs, after the person doing the hiring noticed he had attended college at a religious school) ………it’s as exclusive a club as you could want.  People who think differently, live differently need not apply, especially if they think differently politically.  Diversity in the newsroom applies only to the color of skin, gender or ethnicity.  Diversity of thought especially political thought is NOT encouraged.

Now the government is going to save the newspapers.  Of course they are.  Newspapers have become the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.  They proved their worth during the last election.  How else can you explain the election of a man who has no experience in anything (except going to school) with ties to thieves and crooks, who has been nothing but an embarrassment in his first 50+ days in office (Prime Minister Brown and the DVD”s come rushing to mind) who can’t seem to find members of his own party that can stand up to the scrutiny of not the papers of course but ” the citizen journalists” on the web?

Here’s another little piece of information that you might find interesting.  Some newspapers have been hemorrhaging money for years, especially since the MBA’s took over.  They have separated newspapers from the public by convincing board of directors and publishers that papers can’t afford to be involved in the community.  They have focused their efforts on making not some profit but more and more profit to the detriment of the paper and those who read it.  In our community first they jettisoned the outlying communities saying it was too expensive to deliver there (while pulling in roughly 30 % profit)  then they stopped supporting community events (which caused the community to begin to distance itself from the paper).  Add to all of this, that in a predominately conservative community, they continued to hire and promote people who’s values and ideals differed so sharply  from the majority of readers that soon very few households even took the Sunday paper and they are now left with readers who share their mantra but there are not enough of them to support the paper.

Are they still making money ?  Absolutely, just not as much as they would like and that is another dirty little secret.  Grocery stores make under 5 % profit a year while other business make even less. Many newspapers spent years making 30 to 40 % profit.  The publishing arm of the local paper wouldn’t publish anything they didn’t think would net them under 30% profit.  I do understand that business can not afford to be a philanthropy but allowing greed to dictate business decisions is never a good plan. 

While papers in big cities are on life support, mid sized papers have yet to succumb but the trend does not look good for them.   Unless real revision is undertaken we will lose our free press. Those now in government, while they would love to send out mind police, will not be able to save an institution that has repeatedly taken it’s customers for granted, degraded them, lied to them either by omission or commission and gouged them.  In short unless something is done by someone other then the socialists in DC (delinquent communists) newspapers will go the way of the Dodo.  It couldn’t happen to nicer folks…………

and yes I am bitter.

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Contrary to Steven Johnson (whoever he is) I have a clue for y’all. Journalism IS dead.  Real true journalism has been on life support for the past 30+ years and has now finally succumbed.  It is an ex-professions, it wouldn’t move if you put 50,o00 volts through it, it is now pushing up the daisies and joined the blooming choir invisible (apologies to Monty Python). 

As someone with a intimate knowledge of the inner workings of newspapers and the sad state of affairs in newsrooms across the country, nay the world, I should know. Journalists believed their professors, friends, and coworkers when they maintained that Joe six-pack was too stupid, too ignorant, and too lame to know what’s good for them.  They truly believe it is their job to save us from ourselves.  The arrogance that makes that statement possible is almost unbelievable. 

What is most amazing however is that these bastions of tolerance, these monitors of morality, these gatekeepers of all that is right and just are supporters of :

Genocide-millions of children have been killed for the convenience of people too stupid to use contraception

Global warming hysteria- while climate change has ALWAYS been with us, they have enabled the snake-oil sales men to dupe millions of people out of their hard earned money for fake science and ignorant “chicken little “scenarios .

Bad leadership- Journalists support for leaders, locally, nationally and world wide belong to those who have little to no experience, talent or intelligence. They seek only those who agree with them and those whom they can control

Bigots and racists- what do you call someone who hires an employee based on the color of their skin?  With the support of the media something akin to 98% of blacks in this country voted for Obama. From most the interviews it seems that the vast majority of them had NO idea what he stands for, the only credential needed was the color of his skin.  This man has singlehandedly turned back any gains in race relations that had previously been made. He is an embarrassment to the black community, the states of Illinois, Kansas and Hawaii and the entire United States.

These and other concepts have contributed to the leprosy affecting the journalistic profession and have caused it to self-destruct.  Many of us have been left to find our own way through the morass of what is now referred to (laughingly) as news not knowing who or what entity to trust.  One thing we do know though is the the Main Stream media can not be trusted.  CBS, ABC, NBC  are simply propaganda organs of the Democratic Party whose reports are always suspect.  NPR and PBS are direct outlets for the ” Vast Left Wing” conspiracy and are therefore never to be trusted, while MSNBC is a SNL parody of what journalism has become. 

Yes Steve journalism is DOA. Stick a fork in it, it’s so DONE.

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