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Welcome, welcome

My sweet spouse is just about to launched a new blog. .  While most of his posts will be Kansas related some will have a more national and international flavor.  Be sure to stop by and give him a look.  He is a much better writer than I and while that is not saying much where I’m concerned his 30+ years fighting the good fight against blatant bias in the media have given him an interesting perspective on the news, local and national government and those who prey on our liberties.

I’ll let you know the url when it launches.


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Hey, moron in chief……I got some things to acquaint ‘cho wif.  (no sorry I can’t do it, I just can’t type in modern dumbed down English……you’ll have to translate it yourself)

Here’s the deal, I like other Americans have had enough.  We told everyone what was going to happen and duh duh da duh, here we are.  So how do we react to the most insufferable,  the least experienced and the most arrogant president ever.  I personally am going to;

Work hard while I’m still employed

Pay off all bills

Get hobbies that keep me home and don’t cost a lot of money to do

Stop going out for entertainment, watching O’bamavision, as well as resisting the urge to buy anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  No cars, no houses, no electronics, no designer clothes, no dinners out, no movies, no gym, no vacations and absolutely no giving money to anything or anyone in any way involved with the government.  No going to federal parks, no paying for government services (except what the feds already steal from us on a daily and hourly basis).

I plan to stop spending money as much as possible, thus depriving the “Nanny State” of it’s pound of flesh and a half.  Get used to living within a tight budget, yahoos.  We have to do it and so should you.  Of course if all conservatives followed my example the economy would collapse and we all know that conservatives are greedy, heartless, inbred, weasels who don’t care about anything but making a buck so it won’t  ever happen.  Still I have to do something and this is the most satisfying thing I could think of.

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