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George Orwell hit it right on the nosey.  Big bro’ is watching you and he wants to make sure you are “safe” and “secure” so he will do all of the thinking for you.  That nasty internet, with all of those unregulated “right wing fanatics” who are spreading dangerous misinformation about bro’s attempt to protect you, from yourself of course,  must be tightly controlled.

Heaven knows what kind of cyber emergency will plunge us into complete chaos.  Of course with the group in charge now chaos seems to be their operating system du jour.  They spend months coming up with a 1,000 page bill no one, even bro’, has read.  They




and slander

anyone who even suggests an alternative course.  Last but not least in an attempt to force the issue they “go to the people” who by large margins castigate and reject their “rescue plan”  then announce that they have the votes to do it anyway but even if they don’t they’ll finagle a way to pass it no matter what.

This is representative government?  This is what we fought and some of us died for?  To have someone tell us what to do in our homes, businesses, on our computers?   How long before alternative views become “dangerous”?  How long before free speech is only for the elites, the educated, the powerful?

Probably next Tuesday.

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Golly, it seems like yesterday when I posted “Death of Journalism” March 16, “The Ugly Truth About Journalism” March 26 and “Journalism, Smuralism” October 11, 2008.  Now we have government regulators coming to the conclusion that “Main Stream Media is in trouble.

I guess we’re really lucky to have such geniuses in charge of our country today.  Newspapers and media outlets have been hemorrhaging red ink for the last 10 years, which coordinates very well with their yellow journalism, so that now a permanent orange haze has settled over most journalists eyes disabling them from seeing the truth when it rises up in front of them and kisses them on the nosy.  In January 2003 CBS insider Bernard Goldberg penned a damning treatise exposing the left wing agenda propagated by liberal journalism professors to young idealistic skulls full of mush or as I prefer  to call them “head scratchers”.  These shills are then are hired by editors and publishers, who in-turn have come from the same misinformation factory .  Thus we have a  perpetually liberal press who’s relationship with truth is tenuous and who’s responsibility for our present debacle is blatant.

It is no wonder young and old have tuned out the Main Stream Media or the Drive by’s or Hacks or whatever the new moniker is this week in droves.  The new media may not be always right but at least you know where they stand (most often) right up front.  The Drudge Report, Instapundit, and others have filled an ever widening gap left by the likes of MSMBC which has blatantly become the public relations firm for the Democratic Party and apologist for left wing extremists.  There is no objectivity in the “media” today and they deserve to be put out of business for their abandonment of integrity, truth, and sacred honor.

Rest in Pieces.

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It seems that some in the O’vomit administration have thin skins to go along with their thick heads.  Apparently someone is upset because Glen Beck had the nerve to “do unto others as had been done to him”.  I am not fully aware of what prompted Mr. Beck to call the Commander in Thief a “racist”, but after the debacle of the Gates case and “the ones” adroit handling of it, I’m not sure one could argue the point.

Or mayhaps Mr. Beck is as tired as most of the rest of us are at being labeled racist every time we disagree with the current cabal about anything.  The leaders of the Demon-cratic party are socialists, bigots, racists and communists, but with transference they have used these very traits to libel and deflect attention from their hell bent rush for  power, power and yes, MORE POWER.

So I have a suggestion for those of us on the right who are tired of these people and their daily hissy fits.  Find out who the advertisers are that signed on to boycott Becks show and boycott them.

As for me and my house, we will not be stepping one foot in Walmart for the duration.  AT&T will not be our phone, internet or TV company.  When I find out who the rest of these coward are they will also go on my list of boycotted companies (for the time being or forever – it depends on how things shake out).  It’s time for us to put our money (what we have left anyway) where our mouths are.

Save free speech-stick it to O’vomit and his minions.  Boycott a yellow striped corporate skunk today.

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