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Why ask why?

It occurred to me this morning as I was perusing the news that there are several questions I have for those who are willing to ignore, obfuscate, and yes, even lie to cement the power of those now in control of the worlds ONLY remaining super power.

First why are they so afraid of Glenn Beck?  In most of his monologues Beck asks more questions than he answers.

He asks uncomfortable questions, questions designed to make you think, to come to your own conclusions.

He asks why no one else is asking these questions?

He asks why no one paid attention to Acorn and their activities?

He asks why no one vetted Van Jones?  No one in Washington including the administration that hired him knew of his previous activities and history?  Even the most naive among us should have a hard time believing that.

One day last week Beck, at his chalkboard, connected dots from radicals in the early 20th century (including Woodrow Wilson, the strong proponent of the League of Nations, the forerunner of todays UN) Che Guevera and Sol Alinsky.

He then asked the uncomfortable question, where was the main stream media?  Why have there been no investigative reports on Acorn, the Apollo Alliance, the Tides Foundation, the New Black Panthers and all of their backers including George Soros, and most disturbingly Jeff Jones, co-chair of the aforementioned Apollo Alliance,  former founder with Bill Ayres of the WeatherUnderground.  Harry Reid senator from Nevada actually thanked the Apollo folks for their help in drafting the stimulus bill.  Why is it we have senators and representatives if they aren’t writing the bills they refuse to read and then rush to sign?

Why is there a feeding frenzy around Glenn Beck?  Because he is asking important questions.  He connecting dots in ways the media and the liberals in government don’t want him to.  Because he dares to say what many are thinking and dares to look where many are afraid to go.  Because he isn’t beholden to either party, he’s a loose cannon, more than willing to impale either party or any ideology  in the pursuance of that which is true, good or bad.

I agree with them ,this is a dangerous man…………….and I for one thank God for him and others like him.

Second, and I feel somewhat chagrined in admitting that I, cynic that I am, missed this.  It is becoming more and more transparent that the current resident of the White House and his political cabal or coven if you like is not going to be content with governing the only superpower left in the world.  They seem to have a more ambitious goal in mind.



and most frighteningly here

I’m not sure how I missed this.  Mayhaps it was the Czar masquerade, the Acorn burlesque and/or the Health Care obfuscation?  Slight of hand has always been a liberal talent.  From trotting out the bimbos under Clinton, encouraging the Billy brigade under Carter, to the Kennedy family antics under both Kennedy and Johnson (and beyond), all of these diversion were used if not designed to take the publics attention away from what was really going on.  With their co-conspirators in the media (not as many in the past as are now but….) and academia they have managed over the years to get events passed the “great unwashed masses” that might have gotten the perpetrators permanently barred from even the job of dogcatcher on Gitmo.

These people want to rule the world.  They are positioning themselves as being all things to all people.  Christian/ Muslim/Agnostic/ Athiests, middle of the roaders, who are only interesting in “helping” the poor, of whom surprise, surprise there is a majority.  All of this at the expense of the rich, who in their world view are all those who actually work for a living, are barely making ends meet and want them to stay the heck away from them, their families, their homes, guns  and their God.  While the actually rich continue to fund and reap the benefits of the “New World Order”.  Can you say Saudi’s, Kuwaiti’s and Qatar? There are many others but these are the ones out in front at least publicly.

Why one (mayhaps like Beck) might ask would someone like, say, Bill Gates support the current administration when his personal fortune is larger than the annual budget of Russia? An administration who supposedly has painted a large bulls eye on the back of Gates, Buffet and others like them.  Personally I would not be supporting someone whose goal is to redistribute my money to people whose raison d’etre is to be on the Jerry Springer show.

Kind of makes one say Hmmmmmmmmmm…………….but hey I’m a cynic, almost everything makes me say hmmmmmmm.

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Well, as the old saying goes “the worm seems to have turned. At Politico we have this article about the” Million American March on Washington“. While the author seems to be able to keep his bias at bay through most of the article my favorite part is at the end .

White House officials on Friday professed to know nothing of the planned demonstrations. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs queried reporters about the planners and their issues. “I don’t know who the group is,” he said with a shrug.

Other Democrats suggested the protesters are embittered, fringe conservatives fueled by radio and TV talk-show hosts. “There’s a lot of energy, but it’s negative energy,” said Democratic strategist John Lapp. “At the end of the day, Republicans are left with bomb-throwing, screaming, frothing and a lot of opposition.”

Let us remember:

(warning somewhat inappropriate commentary but that’s what the left is infamous for- civil discourse my Great Aunite’s bussle !





While protest is a deeply ingrained American right and duty, it is not so much what one protests as HOW someone protests that is a question.  Groups can protest in appropriate ways within the laws of decency and civil behavior.  As long as everyone understands that one persons cause celeb is another’s cause de jour. and we keep our emotions in control protest is a good thing.  If your family has a tendency to heart disease someone else’s family my have cancer concerns, both are important and neither is more important than another.  That said pitting the snail darter against a human child should be a no brainer.  Seriously………sentient being trumps animal every time, sorry PETA.

Here’s the bottom line, we all need to stop concentrating on “ME” and start concentrating on “OUR COUNTRY”.  We need to think of the common good using common sense as opposed to the ‘do something even if it’s wrong”.  There are times when inaction is preferable to  frenetic incompetent mistakes.

Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things – with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.” Corozon Aquino former Pres. Republic of the Philippines.

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People are complex

I had a history professor who in trying to explain the sometimes unexplainable, would simply remark “People are complex”.  In no time in our history has this been more true than today.  This country has become as polarized as it was in the years right before the Revolution. Then the choice was between staying faithful and true to the mother country, which had come to see America as a golden goose, and those who wanted to create a new nation, was unresolveable.  The British government gathered the eggs but couldn’t seem to be bothered to feed, water, or house the goose.  Some colonists became alarmed over what they considered intrusive measures aimed at keeping the proverbial genie in the bottle.  Homes entered without warrant, oppressive taxes, being forced to house troops with little to no recompense, government inattention and disregard to the peoples concerns were all symptoms which led, to the final break with England.

All colonist were not in favor of disintegrating the ties between the two countries.  Some left these shores never to return rather than become traitors to their mother country.  Others were forced to leave.  Some became covert agents working behind the scenes.  Benedict Arnold didn’t see himself as a traitor, but as a patriot.  I guess it depends on which side of the pond you favor how you perceive him today.

What does this have to do with our current situation?  Quite a bit I think.  We have an electorate firmly divided on ideological grounds, even though the left would like to dismiss this all as racially motivated.  There are always elements of distrust among those who come from differing backgrounds and ethnicities and always will be.  For most on the right however, the discomfort, nay fear comes from differences in goals, ideals and basic core beliefs.

Lets see what the winner of our last election has said about  some of his goals.

Energy Plan:

Double production of alternative energy in the next three years

Improve energy efficiency of 2 million homes and  75% of federal buildings

Create 5 million new jobs-clean energy sources

One million hybrid cars

Cap and trade  to reduce greenhouse gases


Reduce tax cuts on the wealthy (families under 250,000 no increase-over that no more than they paid in the 1990s)

Fiscal responsibility

Pay as you go budgeting

Pork barrel spending cut

Health Care

Strengthen employer-provided health coverage,

Make insurance companies accountable and ensure a patient’s choice of doctors.

Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing medical conditions.

New tax credit to help small businesses provide affordable health insurance to employees.

Importation of medicines from other developed countries and increase the use of lower-cost generic drugs in            public programs.

Now most of these goals sound doable.  Most of them sound pretty main stream.  Most of them sound like things people of both parties could get behind.  So the big question is why have people from all across the political spectrum become so fearful, distrustful and out right hostile to this administrations policies.

Let’s focus on fiscal responsibility.  The stimulus package passed by Congress, hailed by Democrats in both houses and in the White House has been a dismal failure.  Trillions of dollars for jobs with no future, while businesses are closing or worse yet moving jobs overseas.  Unemployment is still rising, home foreclosures are also rising and most economic indicators are down.

On to the energy plan which;

“Will cost money….They will pass that money on the the consumers” and ” If you can’t persuade the American people that, yes there is going to be some increase on electricity rates on the front end” but it will be worth it to “save the planet”.

So yet again this is going to cost us, the American working men and women.  We GET to pay again!  How special.  Let’s not even begin to look at “Cash for Clunker” where they murdered perfectly good useable automobiles that could have been bought by the “not so wealthy”. Instead the government gave citizens 4 thousand dollars to by new hybrid cars. Here’s the deal, if you can’t afford to by a new, greener car, someone giving you 4 thousand dollars is still not going to get you that car.  You can’t afford the payments especially if the car costs 20,000 dollars.  But you could have afforded someone’s lightly used car, which now has concrete in its engine.  Great idea, how many MBA’s did it take to come up with that?

Last but by no means least is health care. Who is going to pay for this monstrosity?  Medicaid, medicare and Social Security are all bankrupt, practically.  Veterans Affairs is encouraging disabled Vets to “pull the plug”.  Doctors should just give elderly Americans “pain killers” and rationed care is just the tip of that iceberg.  Canada and the UK are killing their citizens through bad care and indifference, but those are the very systems championed by team obama.

Then there is the “race card gambit”.  Anytime anyone disagrees with this administration they are racists.  The speaker of house has called critics un-American and one of the czars has termed Republicans a#$holes. Many in this new administration have tax issues (they didn’t pay enough, Sebelius, Wrangle, Solis, Daschle (first name for HHS),Geithner (Sec. of Treasure – gee I really want him to manage MY money)Richardson, Killefer among a host of others less well known.  Many including the leader and his wife have ties to terrorists, subversives and avowed enemies of this country.

That said, I don’t have any idea why parents might find a talk between the commander in thief and their children somewhat problematical.  After all Saddam, Castro and Hitler all started the same way, its even in Sol Alinisis book Rules for Radicals. Subvert the children and it’s all good.  The irony of all this is that Democrats kept beating the Bush is Hitler drum, but now they refuse to march in the parade of their own making.

I’ve heard of tunnel vision before but dang!

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