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CA Protests

Students are apparently still illegally occupying  buildings on University of California Campuses due to a tuition increase of 32% as the state of California approaches monetary critical mass .  They are protesting this raise through civil disobedience which has a long and inglorious history among the pedagogues who make up the educational elite in not just this university system but many educational systems across the nation. The actions of these protesters are not surprising as many are the children or students of former radicals who were educated in the same university system.  That their parents and teachers didn’t learn much of anything during their time in the rarified air of academia is blatantly obvious.

If these individuals want to affect substantive change I have a better and more productive idea.  Leave.  Go. Vaya con dinero. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way either.  I mean they should go to other universities that need, want and appreciate their money.  They might even be exposed to new and dare I say common sensical ideas.  Of course most universities don’t have classes for radical and underwater basket weaving but hey sometimes one has to sacrifice.

The only way to get the attention of those who breath the sweet smell of ivy is to take away their sense of entitlement and to do that means to take away your support of their standard of living.  The university system in California and public education throughout this land have spent millions of dollars on fluff while ignoring the actual educational needs of their communities.  Colleges have turned out teachers who don’t teach, they preach but they only preach their agenda. Are there real educators out there, absolutely.  Many however have turned their back on education due to the hostile environment experienced by anyone who has a different opinion to the overlord at the NEA.

I have spoken to former educators as well as professional people who would be great teachers but are unwilling to deal with the domineering, hostile, dismissive, down right mean environment in education in many communities today.  There is no tolerance of differing opinions.  If you disagree obviously you are  ignorant, stupid or evil.  Young people I know today very rarely speak their minds in class as they do not want their grades impacted by saying the “wrong” thing.

So, what to do?  If I were beginning again with my children’s education I would home school.  While I realize the importance of social interaction, I’m sure I could find volunteer activities that would provide a better environment for them.  Home school organizations have bands, choir and sports activities as well as other opportunities.  I would put my money where my mouth is and take that money else where.

Of course it is their God given or for those who askew that their constitutional right to go to a university no matter how overpriced and parocial This then is the economic lesson for the UC students, call it ECON 101.  If someone refuses to sell you what you want at a price you can afford, find someone who will.  I guarantee you can find it, all you have to do is look……… some of you might use the computers in the library you are occupying.  You’ve apparently got time on your hands.


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(while I do know the rules of capitalization I refuse to honor certain words or people with that much respect)

Congratulations democrats you have your bill.  You’ve worked hard for it.  If you worked nearly as hard on say, the economy, the war, illegal immigration, drug enforcement or education something might get done.  Of course it would be the wrong thing because your talent of backing the wrong horse has now become legendary.  You people couldn’t find the correct action if obama rose into the air, flew backward to the capital, and did a triple Lutz on top of the dome before handing it to you on the rostrum.

Congratulations to those conservatives,moderates and rinos who helped elect these traitors into office.  Your anybody but Bush mantra worked like a charm.  You got your wish, obama is as far away from Bush, who mind you wasn’t the best president ever but given what he had to work with did a mostly good job, as one can get.  His major failing was abandoning the conservative principles on which he ran alienating the base and thus ushering in the age of enlightenment complete with it’s very own messiah.

Now will the wringing of the hands commence.  The cries and lamentations will begin.  Unfortunately under this health care plan so will the dying.  Kiss grandma and grandpa good bye. If you have children who are disabled be prepared.  If you intend to breed I’d do it now before you have to have a license.  If you are a registered republican get your affairs in order because you WILL be in the back of the line for any and all procedures.

What can we do?  Well honestly it’s a little late in the day for that question.  You could have paid attention during the elections.  You could have gotten your news from someone other than the msm (the new democratic publicity firm).  You could have written your congressman and senator, the aarp, or you could have attended Town Halls and Tea Parties.  Now what can be done is more difficult but it’s never too late to start.

First pay attention- listen, read and research

Second get them to pay attention. One of the best ways to do this is to affect their pocketbooks.  Do not give money to incumbents, or political parties.  I personally would like to see a nationwide strike, where people just stop doing anything for several days, perhaps a Thursday thru Sunday.  While I realize this might just shoot us into a depression I don’t know how else to convince the mob in dc that We The People are seriously angry.

Although with this group (the monkeys not the blog) I’m not sure even that would be enough.

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