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I posted this at PJM in response to the typical liberal clap-trap but sometimes they don’t like what I post. ¬†Therefore, I reposted it here in all it’s partisan, hateful, disagreeable glory. ¬†Enjoy.

Ah yes we horrible, unfeeling, selfish, money grubbing Conservatives who want to control everyone’s lives dreamed this nightmare up . When are you libs going to wake up and see, we have met the enemy and it is YOU?

You of the Health Care Debacle

You of the Gagillion Dollar Deficit

You of the Church of Global Warming/Climate Change Debacle who continue to beat that dead Albatross to the ground. How many Trillions of dollars wasted, how many multi-billionaires created. Green jobs my great aunties bussle.

You of the Recession that 83% of the Cabinet and CIT have NO EXPERIENCE to deal with. (only 7% of this cabinet have public sector experience, the lowest previous in the last century was JFK, no surprise, with about 40% and the chief executive has no experience running anything but his mouth).

You of the Pork Barrel politics, dirty play and back room cabals. The Secret Combinations.

You of the ad hominem attacks of ANYONE who disagrees with you. and You of the MSM who can’t tell the truth even if it would buttress their case. YOU can’t handle the truth.

Your leaders are socialist who hate this country and want to turn it into their personal monetary fund and to Hades with the rest of us. We’re only useful as a source of revenue. The time when we would “Sit down and shut up” has passed. We can be as snide and nasty as you are. We don’t like it, but when forced we can do it. So get used to us “uppity conservatives” we’ve learned our lessons from you well. I’d thank you but I’m not really grateful. Libs must live horrible lives, all that angst and anger all the time. Maybe the census takers could hand out Valium at each dwelling and give you people some relief.


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