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So our government, consisting for the most part of liberal, left wing, radical, revisionist, reactionary, former flower children, anti war, anti church, anti family and anti liberty adherents is surprised.  They are surprised at the depth of anger out in the hinterland.  They are surprised at the force of the reaction to the shoving of health care down our throats (for our own good, don’t you know).  They are surprised that unlike Europeans we don’t just sit down and shut up when our overlords are so generous and magnanimous  to “we the rabble”.  They are surprised that some loons on the right and on the left have decided to take matters into their own hands and display that anger in a more physical way.

How stupid are these people really?  How long do they think they can run roughshod over peoples rights and liberty before these same people become fed up? There are not enough jails in this country to house inmates once people get really fed up.  Once they do and begin taking matters into their own hands, whose going to go to work in the morning the welfare check, food stamp, daytime TV watching crowd?  Oh I know, the libs are going to replace everyone with SEIU thugs and Black Panther want a be’s.  There aren’t very many of them to go around.  Blacks only make up 15% of the U.S. population, Hispanics another 15% and not all of them are happy about the abduction of liberty that has resulted from this administrations Hell bent drive to Socialism.  Who’s going to work when those of us, who are or will be militantly against EVERYTHING that comes out of congress for the next year, are sitting in jail.

You want to see a depression.  You want to see a real recession.  Take the wage earners out of the economy,  those people who actually produce something, who actually do something, who actually EARN a living instead of living off the government teat.  Who’s going to pay for health care then?  Who’s going to pay for Social Security, who’s going to pay for schools, welfare, food stamps, student loans, Fanny and Freddie bail outs?  Who’s going to keep grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, TV stations, and dare I say government in business when they are all sitting in jail for refusing to buy into the health care pyramid scheme?

Here’s a clue congress  ( when they actually deserve a capital C I’ll give it to them ) when you enemies hail a decision, you’ve done it wrong. When people who have plotted your downfall, worked to weaken your national defense, given aid and comfort to your enemies think you’re on the right path, walk don’t run to the nearest exit.  Get off the train, bus, plane you’re on and back the truck up.  These people do not want you to succeed, they want you wiped off the face of the earth.  They HATE you, they hated you before and nothing has changed except you’ve proven to their satisfaction that THEY were right.  Emboldened, they will now step up the attacks on your sovereignty .

Congratulations congress and the Obama Administration, you have done what you promised, we are now united.  Of course we are united AGAINST you, but hey you can’t have everything.

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My dear Mr. Murdock,

As an interested bystander who once upon a time, had a vested interest in the success of the News media, I have watched with fascination as you and your fellow publishers/owners have managed in the space of a single decade to destroy what has taken centuries to build.  From the beginning of this once great nation, it’s leaders have supported and encouraged an open and free press as one of the pillars of democracy.  Thanks to you and your cronies the media is now so splattered with the muck of bias that very few people believe, and rightly so, that anyone in the media is or can be “objective”.

Now that newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and cable networks are hemorrhaging red ink your solution is to “make people pay for news“?  Really, this is your solution.  When we have news sites, blogs and more springing up like the proverbial flowers in May.  More people trust Matt Drudge than cute little Katie Couric, sir.  Apparently you want people to stop going to the NYT web site in droves.  “We,” Mr Murdock, the little people, are experiencing a recession.  Times are hard, people are losing their jobs, homes, dreams and your insightful suggestion is that you, sir, are not making enough money.  I’m sorry, did you have to lay off your second under-gardener or may haps the sous chef.

Instead of trying to flim -flam the country how about you start taking a really good look at your product and the folks that provide it.  If I were as incompetent as most reporters, news anchors et al are biased I’d be fired tomorrow.  What ever happened to OBJECTIVITY, the idea that one can get the facts and present them, all of them, not just the ones one agrees with.  What ever happened to INTEGRITY the idea that one does the right thing no matter if someone is looking or not.  These ideals have to start at the top and go down, they have to be encouraged and demanded, especially when one is the supposed protector of TRUTH.

Oh yes I’ve forgotten.  All truth is relative.  Integrity is for suckers and Objectivity is for fools.  It’s been an education watching you do business, sir.  I won’t ever forget what you and your brothers  and sisters in wretchedness have taught me.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, or never to have had at all.


A sadder  but wiser girl.

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Yoda said to his young patawan learner Luke Skywalker “That is why you fail”.  He of course was speaking of Luke’s inability or unwillingness to believe in the force, himself or both.

This however is why Obama has failed so far.  Instead of being the unifier he was portrayed to be, he has become the most diversive president in the history of the country.  He, his friends,  followers and  apologists have resorted to the race card at any and every opportunity.  If you disagree with the president on any topic, at any time, in any way, shape or form………you are a racist.  If you are a minority and disagree you are an Uncle Tom or a traitor.  If you dare to ask a question that in any way could be perceived as a criticism of any policy or program favored by this administration you are arrogant, bigoted, and just plain mean.

There is no room for dialogue, no room for compromise, no willingness to even listen to the ideas of others on the left and now there is a growing group on the right that feels it can no longer wait for those in government to get it together.  After 3 years of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid many independents and conservatives who have had bills shoved down their throats, who have been ignored, patronized and demonized have had enough and are simply done.  They will not be bullied anymore, especially on health care, especially as the American people as a whole (no matter what Pelosi and Co. say) do not want cradle to grave, European style,  socialist health care.  They  have seen what it has done to the economies and moral fabric of countries like Greece, Canada and the UK, whose ill politicians and those who can afford it come here for medical procedures they can not get at home.

So one more time, with feeling, just for little Louie Farakahannnnnnnnnnn.

Yes I want the socialist, Marxist, Communist to fail.  I want people to see them for the frauds and cheats they are.  I don’t care what the color of their skin is.  I want someone with a career  running a business or working for one to be a force in government.    I want people to judge others by the content of their character not on how good a speech reader they are.  I want people to accept responsibility for their own actions, for their words,  and for their followers.  I want people, no matter what group they belong to, to be Americans first.  No hyphens, no titles, no pretense. I want people to either follow our laws or go else where.  I want people to develop a back bone, integrity, and empathy.  But more than that I want all the “do gooder” groups (political, social, environment et al) to back up, stop trying to run every one’s life, pay attention to their own problems and leave the rest of us in peace.  The adults in this country already have had or still have mommies, we don’t need any others.  Especially those who try to wrestle us to the ground (for our own good, of course) and force feed us the pablum of their choice.

Not that Louie would understand this.  He is firmly in the “white-bad, black-good” mindset.  But that’s not racist.  That’s “fact”.  Oh and here’s an interesting question, at least to me.  Why are we paying attention to a man who continues to ally himself with the very people who seek to destroy this country and kill it’s people?  If he is as committed to Islam as he claims, he is in direct opposition to very essence of America. Freedom. Liberty. Equality. The fact that his audience wore “uniforms” and the women where behind the veil says all that needs to be said.  If he wants to practice Sharia law he should be free to do so, somewhere else.  The middle east is teeming with countries that feel the need to degrade, imprison  and abuse half of it’s population. They encourage their citizens to live in the 12sth century and that is probably right where they belong.

I am always amazed that people who strongly disagree with the ideals of this country choose to stay here.  They seek to remake it into their own image, I guess because they are FREE to do that here.  In countries that follow ideals that closely resemble Louis’, freedom is not appreciated or encouraged.  It is the very nature of liberty which encourages debate and disagreement.  It is this that he  and his kind seek to destroy.

I frankly am tired of this.  Either get with the program or get out. Leave. Go somewhere else, where they don’t care about freedom, liberty and individualism.  Please.  Just go.

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