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My dear Mr. Murdock,

As an interested bystander who once upon a time, had a vested interest in the success of the News media, I have watched with fascination as you and your fellow publishers/owners have managed in the space of a single decade to destroy what has taken centuries to build.  From the beginning of this once great nation, it’s leaders have supported and encouraged an open and free press as one of the pillars of democracy.  Thanks to you and your cronies the media is now so splattered with the muck of bias that very few people believe, and rightly so, that anyone in the media is or can be “objective”.

Now that newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and cable networks are hemorrhaging red ink your solution is to “make people pay for news“?  Really, this is your solution.  When we have news sites, blogs and more springing up like the proverbial flowers in May.  More people trust Matt Drudge than cute little Katie Couric, sir.  Apparently you want people to stop going to the NYT web site in droves.  “We,” Mr Murdock, the little people, are experiencing a recession.  Times are hard, people are losing their jobs, homes, dreams and your insightful suggestion is that you, sir, are not making enough money.  I’m sorry, did you have to lay off your second under-gardener or may haps the sous chef.

Instead of trying to flim -flam the country how about you start taking a really good look at your product and the folks that provide it.  If I were as incompetent as most reporters, news anchors et al are biased I’d be fired tomorrow.  What ever happened to OBJECTIVITY, the idea that one can get the facts and present them, all of them, not just the ones one agrees with.  What ever happened to INTEGRITY the idea that one does the right thing no matter if someone is looking or not.  These ideals have to start at the top and go down, they have to be encouraged and demanded, especially when one is the supposed protector of TRUTH.

Oh yes I’ve forgotten.  All truth is relative.  Integrity is for suckers and Objectivity is for fools.  It’s been an education watching you do business, sir.  I won’t ever forget what you and your brothers  and sisters in wretchedness have taught me.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, or never to have had at all.


A sadder  but wiser girl.


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