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Wow! I never thought I would see this in our country.   What is that popular Tea Party saying,  “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

I don’t know who the Gestopo tool is who is pushing the public around but if I were in the crowd I’d be getting his name and a badge number.  I thought that a public park was open to everyone. At least that’s what it says on the Lafayette Park website, open all day everyday.  What a wonderful surprise for all those visitors in the background.  A real lesson in citizenship, at least as it’s practiced in the new regime.

I thought we fought a war about just this kind of thing. I know it was a long time ago but some schools still actually cover it in government class (those that aren’t taught but coaches that is).   I didn’t think that embarrassing the “ruler” occasioned the suspension of a group of citizens “civil rights”.  Where is the ACLU, where are the liberals, those bastions of  “free speech” policies?  Where are the Code pinkers, Barney Frank, GLSEN et al?  Where are the movie stars, producers, directors and studio heads, where is Michael Moore, Janine Garafalo and Perez Hilton?

Of course the elitist media was there.  You can clearly hear the reporter saying that it’s perfectly OK to close the park to the public, but to close it to the media is just ridiculous.  He is a very unhappy talking head.  I wonder if this will make the news tonight?  Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall at the evening news meeting as they try to figure out how to spin this.

It’s pretty sad that the present administration is so lily-livered that a few gay military members could make they overreact and show their true nature.  Even the evil Bushhaliburtoncheneyrove could take a protest or two outside the front door.  Our president, the wuss.

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For the Record

In the middle of the minutia   of life it is sometimes hard to focus on the causes that affect our day to day experience.  Especially when the segment of our society charged with reporting on those causes has come to believe if they just say the same thing over and over again it will make it true.  Some people (this same segment ) say the recession is over.  Another segment uses the misrepresentations of the first to wrest more and more control from the leaders of business and finance as well as from the common folk, thus adding to the  6% of the economy they have already stolen thanks to the Health Care Reform Act or as I like to call it -Barak”s Big Ball of  Burlesque.

So lets revisit some reality.  Congress percipitated this crisis by…………messing in the lending market.  Way. way, way back before George W Bush, they had their hands in it.  Forcing banks to lend money to people who they knew could not afford it.  Fanny, Freddie, Barney, Chucky,  Nanny and Harry were in this up to their little liberal eyebrows.   Bush and others over the years told Congress flat out that it was unsustainable but they were called racist, homophobes, elitists, and worse.  Let us not forget it was Little  Chucky Schumer who went to California and pulled the now infamous “the banks are failing, the banks are failing” causing, gasp, a run on the bank.  What a surprise?  He of course did not realize that a member of Congress facing a wall of microphones would have such a impact on the economy.  Since he’s tried to convince us he is a moron, it’s almost believable.

Now this same group of business genius’ want to take over Wall Street.  Once the heath care powergrab became “law”, how long did you think it would take before they made their next power play?   What’s next?  They own your house, your car, your community what else could they want?  Brothers and sisters they want it all.  They will not be satisfied until they own your souls.  Having no souls themselves they seek to destroy or at the very least reduce and shrink the souls of their serfs.  After all a soulless serf is a docile serf.  No messy morals or integrity to work around.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re glad you could attend, come inside, come inside.

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Tea Party Midwest

So I just returned from a Tea Party in our little corner of the world.

Amazing the only people there making trouble were the counter demonstrators.  The racist, violent, radical, right wing partisans were nowhere in evidence.  Just a peaceful group of citizens concerned with the agenda of those in Washington, in the state house and on a local level.

It is very true that ALL politics are local. One of the speakers said that all politicians learn their dirty tricks at the local level and I believe this is true.  Committee members like those in New York state learn how to play the game.  School board members ignore their constituents and take monies from the union to advance the agenda.  City and county council people make back room deals and take donations from special interest groups, spending tax payer monies like water.  These politicians go on to bigger and bigger venues, taking their dirty tricks and snake oil salesmanship along with them.   While “we the people” continue to pay and pay and pay and ……..yes you guessed it pay some more.

It is time to take back our country from the bottom up.  It is time to step up, vote out and return the country to it’s rightful owners.  Get involved in local affairs.  Don’t just complain, lead.  Be THAT guy or gal, the one who makes a difference.  The Silent Majority can no longer be silent, we can’t afford it, in any way shape or form.

So to the Huff Po’s and the Kwazy Kos Kids and the Olberman, fans keep pushing your socialist, elitists, fascist agenda.  It is the best commercial for why liberty, freedom and the Constitution are so vitally important.   For the rest of us, stay tuned, once things start to unravel on the left they will begin to devour each other, all we have to do is wait for it.  After all when they protest things burn and people get hurt, when we protest we just listen to speeches, yell and laugh.

So in the end who are the adults and who are the two year olds.  Maybe if we sent them off to take naps they’d stop being so cranky.  Of course I’ve always found children with permissive parents are usually very unhappy and dissatisfied.   Like liberals.  They never learned to play well with others or to respect the opinions of others or not to take other children’s toy or if the can’t say something nice not to say anything at all.  Hence the incivility  of public discourse and the disgraceful behavior of our elected officials.

It’s time for them to go.  Now.

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