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I don’t know, it’s getting crazier and crazier out there . I ‘d say the inmates have taken over the asylum but really I think they’ve burned down the asylum, killed all the doctors and convinced the neighbors that they (the inmates) were falsely imprisoned. It’s like a bad B movie, without popcorn. What am I referring to? Well……………..

The man who would be king has tapped a vocal immigration enforcement foe to head the ICE. This is just what that organizations needs. Already dispirited and disheartened this should be the final nail in the coffin. The man chosen is a former Houston and Phoenix chief of police who’s ” sanctuary” mentality some claim contributed to the deaths of three police officers. He is a vocal critic of immigration enforcement, which makes his elevation to the $180,000 a year job somewhat disturbing. Maybe they could hire someone who actually believes in curbing illegal immigration to head the agency tasked with controlling immigration. Just saying……..

Then there is General McCrystal. I realize that “the world’s smartest man” and his ilk were taught American History by the Ward Chuchill school of Social Science but one would think that if one of the few members of the military to actually vote for him became so frustrated and angry that they would go to Rolling Stones in order to savage the commander in chief and his friends, that someone would take note. But no, instead of finding out what would inflame a career soldier so much that he would be intemperate enough to “dis” ‘the one’s’ anointed water carriers, they simply fire him. They then bring back a general that the Liberal Democrats christened “General Betrayus” and try to whitewash history by saying the Right are the ones that gave him that nickname. Sorry boys but the web is here now and we all know just who said what. In 2004 the mouthpiece of the Democratic party, Moveon.org used the moniker to slander the general. They continued to use it in the years since and apparently have produced a new ad which has since been pulled from their site. As usual transparency triumphs again in the age of O’vomit.

Anyone who is surprised at the Blago trial, has really not been paying attention. This is Chicago politics at it’s best. These politicians would throw their own grandmothers or mothers, or sisters or daughters under the bus if they thought it would get them votes or keep them out of jail. Obama knew about the selling of his seat to the highest bidder…..my opinion is that Rahm is mad that he didn’t get the seat. I wouldn’t elect an Illinois politician to be dog catcher in my town. Next thing you know Elvis will be a co-conspirator. After all this is Chicago we’re talking about, the home of “vote early, vote often, vote dead.

Ah yes and last but by no means least, Sir Paul McCartney and his outburst concerning global warming skeptics. When, Sir Paul, did you manage to get a degree in science. Was that before or after your mind altering visit with the Dali Lama? Could it have been in the years you’ve wandered the globe spreading your global footprint from Zanzabar to Waldens Pond? You, sir, have a right to your opinion but the facts are the the data has been shown to be flawed, the scientist have been compromised and you don’t have either the education or the experience to have anything but an ignorant opinion. Too bad you and your cohorts didn’t go “Back to the USSAR” where you’d have been sent to Siberia for your inability to assimilate. I would guess your observations about global warming would be somewhat different. Then again maybe not you and your ilk could rightly be called “Queens of Denial”.

I could go on but why bother. The more things change the more people continue to be crazy. God bless us everyone.

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How Did We Get Here?

I don’t know about you but I’m getting kind of dizzy watching the members of our government, sports heros, civic leaders and dead politicians fall from grace. Surely people have not always been the scum bags of the universe. Unfortunately this debacle has come about , I admit, by our own inability to focus our attention. We seem to be lately a nation, overcome by ADD, or psychosis or perturbation.

We have congressmen and women behaving like college kids on spring break in Mexico. Want something, charge it, daddy will pay. Break something, that’s ok mommmy’s got her checkbook out. Manhandle someone, just say you’re sorry, you’ve had a bad day and eveyone will give you a pass. Of course this incident is not as bad as the behavior of sports “hero’s” or Hollywood “stars”. They have the morals of an alley cat and the common sense of a domestic turkey. Apparently our politicians have the same inflated sense of their own superiority.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised. I’m not. Occasionally I get to see part of Glen Becks program and I’m afraid for him. No one today is allowed to ask moral questions that make the majority squirm. No one is allowed to state the obvious which is, that without some kind of guiding principles human beings will descend to the lowest common factor. We have pushed religion out of our schools, our communities and our government and we have been left to rely on the “arm of the flesh.”

I can see the left secular humanists heads beginning to expand, hang on, it’s going to get worse. Fact is, that without some kind of moral absolutes human beings will descend into chaos, anarchy, desolation and crisis. While this is good for the forces of evil both spiritual and secular, it is disastrous for civilization and especially bad for the old and the very young. We hear a litany of moaning about “the children”, we have to “save the children”. The left have done more save Satan himself to destroy the lives of children all over the world. Their constant attacks on the family both here and abroad have destroyed the lives of millions. It is not just their opposition to traditional marriage but their willingness to commit genocide against generations of the unborn. The warehousing of children in secular prisons where they are daily indoctrinated with “secular humanism” and God is no longer allowed. They have managed to destroy, almost entirely, the “black family” over the last 40+ years. They reverence nothing, no person, no idea, no rule, no law. The only law is their desires and the only rule is their “need”. Feelings not common sense rule them. Thanks I guess to Dr. Spock, we have an entire generation of stunted two year olds to deal with.

So what does this have to do with the congressman. Quite a lot actually. He is a water carrier for those in charge of todays government. He is the pimple on the big hairy butt of government. He needs to be popped, but I am afraid that his constituents will not have the moral courage to throw him out.

Our forefathers and mothers are weeping. I hear them every time a Demoncrat speaks. All I can say is I’m sorry. I should have done more, I should have paid better attention, I should have done something, anything (legal that is). I’m not the only one, but it all starts with one person.

I should have been one.

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Well folks, you heard it here. We are now entering the final lap of the 2010 election cycle. I would like to say that we are going to get change we can believe in. I’d like to say that, business as usual in politics, across the nation will be swept out the door along with the cheats, the freeloaders, the lobbyists and the marxist, socialist wannabe’s. I’d like to say that but I can’t.

While I realize the media is going to paint every race as a Conservative failure, because they didn’t win or didn’t win by enough or won but all of the people who voted for the candidate were racist, bigoted, misogynist, haters filled with hatetatude, I don’t think we’ve helped ourselves very much. Instead of banding together or at least behaving like civilized (dare I say Christians) who happened to disagree, in many races the sheer amount of vitriol has been staggering. In Nevada, Dingy Harry Reid’s son is now set to be on the ballot with good ol’ dad. Now I don’t know Reid the younger but I do know his father and what Nevada doesn’t need is anymore Reids. Reid the elder who was considered the underdog now has, thanks to the negative campaigning of the rabble vying for the Rep. spot, a window of opportunity. Thanks guys and girls, way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Dare I make a suggestion? How about we stop beating each other up and start talking about what our candidates want to actually DO in office. Providing that we know, because all I hear is a lot of blather about who’s fault it is. I’m a lot less interested in who’s at fault and a lot more interested in what are you going to do about the problems we have. I realize the current administration is a waste of carbon. I don’t need the candidate to tell me that. I need him or her to tell me where they stand on the issues, and by stand I’m mean stand still, no waffling, no two step, no soft shoe. STAND. Stand for something. Stand your ground. Stand and deliver. Stand strong.

Because if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Sounds like what happened in the last election. Maybe we’ve learned our lesson but I doubt it. We apparently love to be lied to and we’ll believe whatever you tell us as long as it’s what we want to hear. Hence the snake oil salesman in the top job and the court jester next in line. It reminds me of the Music Man only, there’s no fairy tale ending, just a bunch of empty suits and instruments no one can play.

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The current administration is poised to move on the internet. It wants to level the playing field it says. It wants to make things fair for newspapers and outlets. They seek to take over yet again another portion of the economy that is failing, due in great part to that industries refusal to adhere to it’s own rules of objectivity.

These people think that it is their right and privilege to control every facet of life in America. After all they went to Harvard. They were elected by a mandate from the “people”. People aren’t smart enough to run their own lives and deep, deep down they want a “mommy” to take care of them. Just ask them. “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage,” “its OUR turn,” and the like are refrains heard throughout the campaign and into the present.

In January of the year 49 (Anno Domino) AD Julius Caesar crossed a small river in northern Italy called the Rubicon. He and his rag tag army sought to unseat the Senate and put Caesar on the throne as emperor for life. They claimed a mandate from the people, but as usual the politician promised everything that anyone wanted and delivered only what HE was willing to give. Caesar plunged Rome into civil war and when it was over “the people” had less liberty, less freedom and less republic.

We stand on the cusp of an intellectual Rubicon. The government is poised to move on the internet. They seek to strip “the people” of their ability to exchange information freely. They seek to control that information for their own gains. They seek to ensure that criticism to them and their agenda is sought out and silenced once and for all.

They will reap the whirlwind, I hope. I hope they citizens of this country understand that he who is willing to surrender a little liberty to assure a little safety deserve neither safety nor liberty (paraphrased from sage Franklin). I hope that the people in this country will finally wake up, and smell the coffee burning. The government never, ever, ever has had enough the people’s liberty once it has had a taste, it is insatiable.

I hope that the sleeping giant that awoke on Dec 7th 1941 is still there, waiting for another assault on our freedom and liberty. I hope people will finally understand that those in charge are not looking out for their best interest, they are only looking out for their own opportunities and that of their friends and party members. They are willing to lie, cheat and steal, and that’s just the things that have come to light thus far, no telling what other things they’ve done or are willing to do, that they are desperate to cover up. Hence the new FEC focus on the internet.

Transparency, these people are about as transparent as lead. Hopefully we the people are not as dense as that. Caesar plunged Rome into a tragic and deadly civil war. Team Obama and his lackeys in the government and the media stand breathlessly on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into the arms of Ares. Intellectual war will not stay on the purely academic plain. In Chicago that’s not how they “roll” as it were. Politics is personal and literal. Brother against brother. Neighbor against neighbor. This is where we are headed I’m afraid.

As for the FEC and “the one.” Here I am. Or at work, or visiting the grandchildren, or at a quilt store. I’m sure with your vast network of spies and intelligence workers you’ll be able to ferret out the little American-Irish grandmother. So dangerous to the status quo, such a bad example to others.

Welcome, back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside.

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Let us look at some of the events and activities of those dedicated to “wiping Israel off the map” shall we?

Iran’s leader President Ahmadinejad threatened to do so but on many liberal blogs and in many Liberal media outlets the apologists soon began to forment the excuses. He didn’t mean physically, he meant regime change. He meant it in the context of Israel occupying Jerusalem. One blogger went so far as to say “This is about the demise of a corrupt occupying power, not the deaths of millions of innocent people.”1 This same writer offers the “closest translation” (ie the one Anti-Semites like the best because it makes them feel better about their hatred toward any group of people) “The regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

Now far be it from me to quibble but………..vanishing from the page of time pretty much means he wants them to disappear. How might that happen the reasoning human being might ask? How could an entire country, an entire people, an entire entity cease to be? Well, by killing every man, woman and child of course, haven’t you been listening. For the passed two millieum forces have been at work to annihilate the Jewish people. They have been driven from one end of the world to another. The Jews of the Warsaw ghettos, the concentration camps where somewhere approaching 3 million people died (the vast majority of them Jews), expulsions from almost every country in Europe, Roman hatred and violence, as well as Babylonian, Philistine and Egyptian attacks. Yet through it all Jews continue to survive, but if Iran has it’s way there will soon be nothing left and the history books will be purged of any and all mention of the “godless-jew”.

As a Christian, a conservative, and an American (of Irish, Welsh and English decent) why should this bother me to the extent of writing this missive. I guess because I am a student of history. Whenever a regime, especially a brutal, totalitarian, godless regime feels it has free reign to extort, bully, brutalize others into doing it’s dirty work for it, that is what will and does happen. Ahmadinejad doesn’t want to exterminate Israel himself, he doesn’t want Iran to be involved. He wants the UN to do his bidding, like the lap dogs they have become. Some tin plated despots with delusions of grander, relevancy or glory have become the pilots of a plane full of explosives targeting whatever building the despot decides needs to be blown up. Insensitive you say, appropriate none the less. Terrorism and terrorist are out to cleanse the world of your kind; your mother, son, father, daughter, sister, spouse, church congregation, community, state, nation. We ARE the infidel.
First they came for the Jew. Who then is next in line?

Ask your friendly area Imam, they aren’t shy about what they desire and what they feel we unbelievers deserve.

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