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Really, REAL-ly?

Today I read a fascinating post on Politico by Roger Simon (I was going to link here but apparently they, like liberals, are not into sharing unless they get paid for it ) called “Journolist veers out of bounds”. The article was all about Jounolist and how REAL journalist aren’t in any way biased, bigoted or subjective. How in the not so distant past they were honorable, reasonable, upright individuals who worked to uncover the “bad guys”, right the wrongs, to shine the beacon of truth and justice into the seedy corners of dirty backrooms and elite boardrooms with equal vigor.

I really don’t know where this guy worked but in my spouse’s 20+ years in journalism this has NEVER been the case. To be completely honest there have been some people in the industry who have tried, mostly without much success, to report objectively on the news, but they did not last long. There are editors who slant the news by encouraging biased reporting, but that’s not all. What they allow to be covered, how or by whom it’s covered as well as allowing reporters to use emotionally charged words and phrases to impress their biases on the reader are typical behaviors. For example President Bush was described as uncaring, unfeeling, unattached, a dullard and rube to the folks affected by Hurricane Katrina. President Obama on the other hand is inexperienced, overworked, deliberate, and charismatic when journalists (both print and TV) describe his handling of the Gulf Oil Spill crisis.

Bernie Goldberg in his book biased points out that most journalists go to the same schools, are taught buy the same liberal professors, live in the same neighborhoods, send their children to the same schools. So when they say “No one I know thinks that way” or “Everybody I know is going to vote for (fill in the blank)”, these are true statements. They don’t know any of the “rabble” or the “religious zealots” or the ” common men” and they don’t want to. They have been taught that theirs is a higher calling. They are the keepers of the truth, and if that truth doesn’t agree with yours you simply need to be re-educated. Marx, Lenin, and Stalin had programs for that. Here we have the New York Times.

It’s been decades since we had a press that informed us instead of indoctrinated. They have sold their souls to the devil that is the Soros controlled Democratic Party. They are no longer interested in protecting the little guy, they are interested in re-distributing wealth so that one party and one party only will remain in charge. It will be interesting in the days to come to see just how many of the little people, the ones who actually worked for a living, start giving up on the system and decide that since people have been making money off their backs for years, it’s time for them to get their share. Then who’s going to pay the bills? Who’s going to pick up trash, be plumbers, electricians, treatment plant workers, build cars, roads and the rest of the things we need in order to have a civil successful society?

Oh wait I forgot, thats why the Democrats are importing foreign labor, my bad. I guess the press won’t cover that either, unless it’s to cover the liberal hind end.

Which in reality is all they’re good for now anyway.


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I wish I could say I’m surprised, really I do. In this case I’d love to be wrong, but I’m not, dag-nab it.

The present administration is at it again. More interference with the 1st amendment, you know that pesky freedom of speech, freedom of association thingy again. First Uncle Sister want to protect those naive and dainty government workers from the mean, nasty, dangerous “Controversial Opinion” sites on the internet, other wise known as conservative news and blog sites. After all we can’t have government workers being exposed to opinions not given them by their masters. To those who find the use of that word offensive may I suggest a walk through the dictionary. The word does have more than one meaning, in this case it means their supervisors, administrators, bosses. So put the race card back in your pocket and get a life.

Second for people who were all about transparency before the elections these people have manage to out dirty deal every Republican since Taft. This last bit of skullduggery is not just arrogant but is honing right on into hubris and if you don’t know about hubris, I again suggest a stroll through Mr. Webster’s opus. The idiot “the one” has just appointed thinks that Great Britain’s health care system is just fine. I wonder if it was his parent who wasn’t going to get chemo or a hip replacement or his grandchild who’s illness was “untreatable” would he simply pat them on the head and say “the doctor says to take some aspirin, and wait for the end”. After the horror stories of people dying of dehydration and other treatable side effects of serious illness, I think I might take my chances with the wolves and bears out in the woods. At least the end would be quick and nobody would be telling me how sorry they were, but “you’re just too expensive to keep alive.”

Third and last, at least for now is this piece of nonsense. Business is now not responsible for it’s own security, the government under the auspices of NSA is. How long before government begins to make ” suggestions” on how to run the business. The next step is guarding our home and personal computers. Then it’s “suggesting” where we should or should not go when on the computer. What sites are appropriate, what games are permissible, what we can and can’t buy, sell or trade and don’t forget those pesky fees because when has the government ever given anything useable away for free? You always pay whether in taxes or in loss of liberty, always.

So, as I have said before, Janet here I am. Right here at my little Apple computer. Typing my “controversial opinion”, participating in free speech, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of my happiness. Come and get me, I’ll make sure to be a guest on every radio and TV talk show possible. I’d even go on NPR, but I’d take a bleach bath afterward. I’d make dang sure you and the rest of the brown shirts at the NSA are seen as the fascists you are. But thats just me, I’m sure there are people out there who can’t wait to hand over their lives to you. Just remember they will also probably want you to wipe their little tushy’s after they’ve gone potty too. Some will people never grow up.

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So, I live in fly-over country. Quite a way from either the left coast or the other left coast. Usually the crazies like to stay far away from here. We don’t suffer fools gladly, at least I didn’t think we did until lately. My family and I fled (that’s right FLED) the Socialist Republic of Maryland 20+ years ago because the inmates had burned down the asylum and had started on the state house. We thought we’d found a place where people appreciated common sense, shunned political correctness and protected themselves and their loved ones with passion and well…….bullets, frankly.

But today, today while not the first step on the gangplank of collectivism, was I’m afraid, the place where half of the gang plank is bit off by the shark from Jaws. This state has decided to become smoke free. Establishments that serve the public can no longer tolerate smoking in their buildings. That’s right bars, restaurants and other “public businesses” can not decide what patrons can do in a business they own, which takes no government monies. The caveat however is a doozie. State run CASINOS are exempt from this law.

Now, I’m not a smoker, never have been. I belong to the LDS church, we don’t smoke, it’s part of our religion. So, you might ask, why does this bother me. Well, here it is in a nutshell. First the government decided smoking was bad for children so we allowed them to legislate who could buy cigarettes because we wanted to protect “the children”, then they legislated how much cigarettes should cost by adding tax after tax after tax, then they decided people couldn’t smoke in government buildings, then they went after stores, restaurants, clubs and now it’s bars. We allowed the government to do this because it was for our own good, because smoking is bad for human beings. Unfortunately government never knows when to say enough. Why is this important, because our liberties are being syphoned off one by one.

Next time you pick up a piece of cheesecake enjoy it, you won’t be able to for long. State fairs are going to flavorless once the government outlaws corn-dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes and fried Twinkies on a stick. According to the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, government has a responsibility to take care of us and laws like the one I just described and the one passed in our little slice of the gulag are simply there to make our lives more …………..homogeneous. Interesting how we’re all supposed to be the same, but minorities and special interest groups are to be lauded for their diversity.

Where were we when our country was turned over to the zealots, the humanists, the godless, the social engineers. Watching CSI or King of the Hill, I guess. While I’m somewhat gratified that I can say I told you so (because as a woman and an American Irish woman at that, I just love to say it) I am disheartened at the morass that we have visited upon our posterity. I am reasonably sure they are going curse our names. I know I would and do every time I read the news. We may deserve this but they certainly do not and it’s about time something concrete is done.

November is coming. Get out and vote. Send a message even the deaf, dumb and blind Washington press corps can understand. Throw out the idiots from the city councils to the Senate. Make sure everyone understands that the buck stops here, with this generation. NOW, NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death- Patrick Henry (never more appropriate than now).

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