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Enter at your own risk. There is religious content in this post. Not just religious mind you “MORMON” religious content. So those of you of a bigoted bent might not want to venture further. You might actually learn a few things that will disappoint you. They may surprise you. They may make you re-examine your prejudices and they might just tweak your halo and impact on your aura of personal self righteousness.

I’m am slightly furious. I probably should wait to post. I should gain some perspective, breath, regroup. But the fire in my heart and the roiling of my stomach will not pass ere I say what needs to be said.

We have become a nation of animals. When abortion Dr. George Tiller was killed by a lunatic in his church in Wichita Kansas I among many, many others condemned the act. While I strongly disagreed with Dr. Tillers way of making a living, I believed and still do that the rule of law must be our vehicle of redress. Taking the life of anyone especially because of a political opinion is beyond horrific. It is evil personified. There should be a sacredness of life that is missing in todays life thanks to the purveyors of filth and depravity that is the entertainment industry, the abdication of parental responsibly by parents who are too young or to tired or to busy to actually teach, guide and direct their children, a government so steeped in hubris and secularist-humanism and a school system peopled by those who seek to destroy all that is virtuous, lovely and of good report or praiseworthy in the name of progressivism They advocate socialism where the collective is all that is important. The individual is replicable, easily replaced and worth less that the matchsticks used to burn churches.

Then of course there are the “main stream religions”, the ones who feel they have the right and privilege to dictate what one can believe. They decide who is Christian and who is not. They decide whether the heavens are still open or whether we have been left alone but an absentee Father, to claw our way through this mortal existence with only a guidebook of indeterminate age and no actual interaction but the occasional miracle. God to them seems to be an esoteric being to many of these people, having no real interest in the lives of his creations, used only when in dire distressed then disregarded and forgotten while the “liven’ is easy”. Some of these “religious” folks repeat claims they don’t know anything about. They listen to disgruntled former members of other religions and believe whole cloth their claims instead of finding out the truth for themselves. After all if they find out those ideas are wrong they may have to change their thinking, rearrange their prejudices. They might just have to stop frightening their children with “if you don’t be good the (fill in the appropriate supposed cult) will get you”. Don’t believe this happens, I promise you I know personally it does.

So at the risk of alienating what few reader I have, I will give you an inside view of what this “Mormon” really believes.
I believe in God the Eternal Father and in his Son Jesus Christ. I also believe in the Holy Ghost.
I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins.
I believe that man will be judge for his own sins not for Adam’s transgression
I believe that to be “saved” a man must have faith, repent, be baptized, and confirmed by someone who holds the authority to do so.
I believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. I also believe the BooK of Mormon to be the word of God and another Testament of Jesus Christ.
I believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, I also believe all that God has revealed and believe he will reveal even more in the future and in the same organization that existed when Christ was on the earth, prophets, pastors, apostles, teachers and evangelists.
I believe we all are granted the privilege of worshiping God according to the dictates of our own conscience and that we should honor and sustain the laws of the land.
I believe the a man must be called of God by those who have the authority to act in his name and that there is a prophet on the earth today.
I believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent and in doing good to all I come in contact with. I seek after the virtuous, lovely and things of good report or things that are praiseworthy.
I believe in prayer, faith, good work, honesty, integrity and try to live these values every day.

There are so many more things that I believe but these are the guiding forces in my life. I learned them in church where I go every Sunday. Not to socialize or to look righteous before man but because I KNOW that the only way to return to my Father in Heaven is to learn to do His will and to do my best to love Him and my neighbor and myself.

I have turned a corner this day. I am done being afraid of what people my think, say or do to me because of my belief. I am done being tolerant of those who abuse, murder and destroy because of their selfish, willfulness and bigotry. I am done trying to placate those to whom violence comes so naturally. I’m done having my peanuts stolen my the monkeys.

So beware. I won’t force my religion on you, but I will not sit idly by while you destroy that which I treasure. I will use all the tools lawfully at my disposal to frustrate your designs and to shine the light of truth on your deceptions. I will not excuse violence, I will not participate in demagoguery but I will call out the liar, the thief and the dissembler.

One last question. Just who’s plan are the haters following again? By their fruits shall we know them (you)?

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Over at IMAO the other day they had a post concerning the Ground Zero mosque, lately known as the Ground Zero Victory Mosque or GZVM and Nancy Pelosi’s claim that anyone against said mosque “should be investigated”. I hope that my readers will not mind my reposting as the update is specifically tied to this post.

//Caution ………..Rant:
Welcome to my life Nanny. Come on down and investigate the pittance I and the sweet spouse are paid (compared to your salary, fringe benefits, retirement and golden parachute). People in this country by a wide margin feel they way the do about Islam and muslims because of what they say and do, not because of who they are. If they didn’t say things like “Israel should be wiped off the map or Kill the infidel or Death to America or America is the Great Satan”, some of us might feel differently. Those of us who are students of history however would probably feel exactly as we do today. Islam is not now nor has it ever been a religion of peace. It’s doctrine is violent and intolerant of everyone and anyone who does not ascribe it.

Look it up, I dare you. Some where there has to be objective writers who still have a semblance of integrity. While in the past other religions have made mistakes and tried to enforce their beliefs through the sword they have discarded these ideas and have come to understand that only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned will anyone be able to affect meaningful change in their own lives or the lives of others.

Islam will never rise to that level. One has only to look at how they treat their women and children to see that the men are animals who have no finer feelings. Lust and depravity fill their souls to the exclusion of anything lovely, fine or virtuous. Hence the 72 virgins – if that isn’t tied to the arm of the flesh I don’t know what is. What god would give another sentient being to be the slave of another, knowing that the slave owner was guaranteed to abuse, debase and destroy that which they have been given to slake their depraved desires. I would say that this was painting with too wide a brush but I have yet to hear any cleric or apologists come out against the things written in the Koran or Sharia law, so I would guess that muslims believe in these ideologies, which just proves my point. Not to mention the so called “honor” killings that have happened in the last several years. These ghouls wouldn’t know “honor” if it reached up and bit them on the …………….nose.

But I don’t hate them. My God insists that I Love my enemies, bless them that curse me, do good to them that hate me, and pray for them which despitefully use me, and persecute me…. I’m not there yet but I am not going around insisting they be deported or jailed or worse. So by “their fruits shall ye know them”.

Just sayin’//

Today a story from Foxnews.com contains the quote, “Is this what we are? Savages?” “So utterly bereft of a speck of humanity that a crowd of ordinary men are passive spectators to public murder?”, from a English daily newspaper. I hate to make this kind of leap but what is the predominant religion is Pakistan again? According to some estimates 97% of Pakistani’s are muslim. It is the “State” religion of the country. And they are surprised by this? Or are they surprised by this kind of violence against MEN. After all the usual victims of this kind of outrageous villainy are women and children and of course ungodly infidels. All of Pakistan is up in arms the article states but I’m reasonably sure that the group of people standing around watching this bestiality, including apparently members of the police force were not offended by it. Otherwise they would have done something or at least walked away. But no apparently they stayed to the end. After all the show isn’t over until the victim has breathed their last.

So here’s my question, if you as a citizen are so afraid of your fellow citizens that you can’t or won’t intervene when someone else is in mortal danger, do you live in a civilized society? If you don’t live in a civilized society why are we Americans being asked to send money, arms, and military to protect you from not only your neighbors, who have given themselves over depravity, anarchy and religious tyranny, but from you yourselves. Maybe you and your religion are not worth saving? Maybe you should be left to sink in to the cess poll of history along with other peoples who proved themselves incapable of self governance, discipline or control. Of course as I said in my post at IMAO, my God requires that I treat people as I’d like to be treated. I’m supposed to love them, even the ones who announce almost daily that their focus in life is to kill all that I hold dear. I’m not very good at that yet, as you may have intimated.

I think though I should get a gold star for not advocating turning the entire Middle East into a glass parking lot and finding a way to send off planet ( physically not as in killing ) all of those who practice religions that glorify violence and intolerance. Maybe on another planet they can live peacefully, or they’ll commit genocide. Either way they will not be our problem anymore.

It’s a win-win to me.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle would say. The old adage “he who refuses to learn from history is doomed to repeat it” has never been truer than it is under the cabal governing in DC today. As liberal heads threaten to explode allow me to demonstrate my point:

In 1765 the British Parliament decreed that all papers (contracts -commercial and personal, licenses, legal documents-bills of sale, lading etc., media – including newspapers and pamphlets and even playing cards) had to have a tax stamp. It was a way for the government of Great Britain to raise funds to recoup the money expended in defending the colonies, otherwise known as paying for the wars and peccadilloes of the dimwits in charge. The Stamp Act, as it was called, was passed by a body of lawmakers who had no loyalty or concern over those who were going to bear the brunt of these “taxes”. There was NO debate, NO representation and NO recourse. The Stamp act further solidified the backlash already brewing in the Colonies. Years of inept leadership, officious toadies (who got their jobs because they were FOG-friends of George III, or political backers of some member of Parliament) was taking it’s toll on the good people of the American colonies. Most of them came to this country seeking the freedom to worship, work, and live on their own terms. The reality became much different as the British government tried to solve it’s monetary problems using the backs of people they refused to represent. This was one of the watershed events that lead to revolution.

Fast forward to today Aug 14, 2010. We have been informed by our overlords that we will now be forced to pay for health insurance. Everyone will be covered, well not really everyone, but almost everyone or at least 2 in 5. For our own good cigarettes, gasoline and coming soon to a community near you, snacks are and will be taxed to the max. After all if something is bad for you taxing it will make you stop thus cutting down on the harm to yourself, the environment, your community and the world. Of course who decides what is bad for you changes daily. Sometimes it’s doctors with financial axes to grind, sometimes it’s politicians who are lobbied (bribed) to push certain items. Then there are the experts (past drips under pressure) who, like Al Gore, Sean Penn and Michael Moore, have absolutely NO experience or training in any of the subjects they feel free to pontificate on.

We are going steadily down the same path which led to the “shot heard ’round the world” and like then it won’t be the actual violence that begins the revolution. It will be the continual chipping away at the God given rights Americans possess. Eventually even the dim among us are going to have to admit that those in charge of government be they elected or hired are dangerous to our lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness.

So the next time you hear about the Soda Tax remember the Stamp Act and where that led us. I personally am not looking forward to hand to hand combat in the streets but I am getting closer than ever to applying for a concealed carry permit. I will protect myself and my own. I pray every night it will not come to that………..but I am losing faith in not only those doing the governing but the governed as well.

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