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Over at The Nation we have this piece of journalistic nonsense.

At the nation they

make it a point to practice fearless, bold, timely journalism that raises critical issues ignored by the mainstream press.

Really. They also make it a point to do sloppy, messy, unrepentantly biased journalism as in the article to which Ms. Vanden Heuvel refers. Biased, you say. Biased I answer. There are many sins committed by journalist today but the most egregious are the ones pertaining to a lack of objectivity about the subject being reported on. In the halls of academia, journalism professors teach and have taught for years that the journalist’s job is to not only report the news but interpret it for the poor slobs who by their paper or magazine or who listen to or watch them on radio or TV. What about, the left would screech, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck? The big difference is that these men and their female counterparts like Laura Ingram, Tammy Bruce et al. don’t consider or refer to themselves as journalists. They are not required to be objective. They have an ax to grind, preferably in the neck of “progressivism”. They are NOT reporters and no one can claim other wise.

There are many ways to do biased reporting. How you report something, the words and phrases you use convey feelings and nuances that color the actual facts. As in the previous paragraph when I used the word screech. I could have used a plethora of other words; said, claimed, maintained, mention, assert, declare, retort, respond, or argued. I did not. I used the word screech because NOT being a journalist I don’t have to maintain a veneer of objectivity. I’m not objective, this is an opinion blog. My opinion blog. I claim nothing else.

So let’s take a quick peek at this “apology” and see how objective the editor’s piece really is, shall we.

might be linked to an Astroturf operation.

didn’t directly call Tyner a plant, and they didn’t say that he was funded by the Koch brothers. Nonetheless, their article gave that impression

The Nation hasn’t been–and never will be–in the business of muffling citizen protest.

Now then, let’s take make sure we understand. A citizen has the right to protest unlawful, intrusive behavior only if that citizen isn’t a member of some astroturf organization or in any way shape or form affiliated with those cwafty and wrascally ne’er do wells the Koch brothers. So Ms Vanden Heuval I live in the same state as the Koch brothers does that make me muffle-worthy? I ascribe the the principles asserted by the Tea Party; less government, more transparency, less taxes, less restrictions, more personal responsibility. Does THAT make me a plant? What about organizations such as Code Pink, Moveon, The Tides Foundation and a virtual cornucopia of organizations whose stated goals are diametrically opposed to the ideals held by most Americans? Are those astroturf organizations? They are funded by one man, or by subsidiaries or friends of his. How is it he’s not wrascally and cwafty? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as they say.

We are, however, committed to bold reporting and to airing intelligent debates even–or especially–when they challenge our preconceptions and make our readers uncomfortable.

Here’s I think a revelation to you. I don’t read the news to be comfortable, I read it to be informed. If your delivery of the news makes people uncomfortable I would suggest you’re doing it wrong. Facts do not make people who are seeking the truth uncomfortable; innuendo, suggestion and right out falsehoods, however, do. Maybe you should worry more about that then about your lofty mission statements.

Oh and next time, a simple “We made a mistake, We’re very sorry” would go a long way to rehabbing your somewhat tarnished reputation. That would however be a fundamental paradigm shift among the progressive cadre so I won’t be looking forward to that anytime soon. Here’s another observation, progressivism is a failed ideal, like communism and socialism. Maybe ya’ll could come up with a few new “isms” to try out. Chaos, disaster and disunion seems to be the norm with liberals.

Some people just can’t live without crisis.


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In response to a post on the story on “The Hill” about the new Homeland Security power grab.

Seriously, how inept does a person have to be before you sycophants wake up and smell the house burning. The current president is incompetent, his cabinet is a collection of the worst American politics has to offer, and then there is the radical liberal leadership in Congress that has been in power for the last 4 years. And what do we have to show for this stellar leadership paradigm?

A divided country, a wrecked economy, a disasterous foreign policy and a world on the brink of collapse.

Who was it that forced banks to make loans to people who clearly couldn’t pay them? Under who’s administration was the Community Reinvestment Act (in 1977)? Who were the apologists for Fanny and Freddie? Who have been dismantling the private sector one new regulation at a time? Who is it again that thinks businesses should pay more, cutting their profits and thus discouraging them from expanding and or keep people employed? Who is it that takes money from unions, who spend their time and money trying to run businesses into the ground? Who’s friends and supporters are making money hand of fist in the worse economy in decades? Who is it that blocks illegal immigrant control, but favors putting Americans in jail for jaywalking (or downloading music)? Who are the ones making money off the “greening” of America and the world? Who is making money off “enhanced security”? Who is making money off the hatred of others?

While there is plenty of blame to go around, on both sides of the aisle the fact is that banks made loans to people who couldn’t pay them back. Fanny and Freddie have been in trouble for years. The Community Reinvestment Act was created in 1977 under whose administration? Ah yes, that would be Jimma’ Carter, the second worst president in the history of the country. He just loves Obama, wonder why?

The Bush administration said as long ago as 2003 that there were problems but the know it alls (Barney Frank, Little Chucky Schumer , Chris Dodds and others) refused to listen. These individuals have been playing partisan payback for more years than I can recall. They are the ones who needed to be replaced this year but the moochers in their districts couldn’t bring themselves to disconnect from the government teat. After all as one person reminded us, they always bring home the bacon. The fact that they steal it from some else doesn’t matter much. After all it’s all about what my country can do for ME. I’m surprised Jack Kennedy’s grave spinning hasn’t set off an earthquake in Washington.

Yeah, this administration and it’s enabliers are destroying America from within. This is why learning history is important. We are following the tortured path laid out by Rome. This is thanks to a cadre of former and present basket weaving, bead wearing, pot smoking professors and teachers who have “educated” generations of Americans who not only don’t know anything about the ancient past, they don’t know anything about their country’s past.

Ignorance is never bliss and wickedness never was happiness.

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From the very beginning of this new nonsense, ie pat downs, from the TSA and Big Sister I have had the sneaky suspiscion that something else was going on here. It’s so intrusive, so offensive, so over the top that there just has to be something else driving it.

I have entertained this idea over the last week or so but with no real evidence it was just that, a conspiracy theory, if you will. Today’s news however while not providing the smoking gun does give us, the dripping water pistol as it were.
Here in MSNBC’s fluff piece on the poor unfortunate TSA workers who have been so vilely abused (what no one’s stuck their hand up their pants today, no ones fondled their child or grand daughter, no one’s made their wife, sister, daughter take off their bras and show their prostetic breasts?) in the last week, we find this quote, from the head of the appropriate labor union.

Valyria Lewis, local president of AFGE Local 555, which represents TSA screeners in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, said TSOs are trained to screen passengers who opt out of full-body scans.
“But we’d like TSA to hand out pamphlets detailing what opt out means. When someone opts out of the X-ray scanners, they’re opting in for the pat-down,” Lewis said. “And once we explain what the pat-down is, you can’t go back and change your mind and say ‘OK, I’ll go through the scanner.’ We’d like that explained so officers aren’t caught in that crossfire.”

Ah, so that’s how we’re playing the game. Either you go through the scanners, who’s dangers have not yet even begun to be calculated or we get to feel you up. Either you surrender the right not to be seen without clothes by who knows how many perverts and deviants (and please don’t insult our intelligence by claiming the pictures can’t be downloaded to the internet – how did the ones that are already out there get there, magic?) or we get to put our hands where if anyone else did the same they’d be arrested for assault or in the case of our children molestation.

This my friends is the way our new government works. Don’t like what they’re doing, they’ll just rachet it up so that you’ll be thankful to just have the first thing you didn’t like to deal with. They are going to wrest our liberties from us one unthinkable way at a time. This ladies and gentlemen is the new reality, and it will continue to be this way until the cabal that’s in Washington is flushed down the drain. We made a good start but the usual suspects are still there and still in leadership positions.

We need to send a clear message to the powers that be. One of the messages needs to be a severe drop in airline travel. Take a train, take a bus, rent a car or stay home. Don’t go out at all over the weekend. Make black Friday look like Yom Kippur in Kabul. Yes, I know, what about the bargains? Well I guess if $50 off a TV you don’t really need pays you back for someone sticking their hand up you shirt and feeling you up then there’s not much I can say.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you because I will say I told you so. Over and over and over……………

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