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So I have a few questions now that the left has gotten it’s way.

Who gets to wear the dress uniform (with a skirt) in the military now? Real women, men who want to be women or any body who cares to.

How long before the military will be sued into providing sex change operations for members of the military? Really, how long?

Will military bases have to perform marriages for gay couples?

What do you call a tranvestite military officer? Sir, ma’am,mir, sa’am shim?

Will it be considered sexual harassment to have to share quarters with gay military members or will they have to bunk with each other?

What about fraternization? That puts a whole new meaning to the word doesn’t it?

Of course you’ll say these are silly questions, but I’ll lay you odds that within the next 2 years all of these issues will have to be addressed because those who push them aren’t interested in what’s good for the country. They aren’t interested in what’s best for the military. They hate the military and they hate the United States and anything it stands for. They seek to destroy all that is good. They are miserable and seek for everyone to be miserable like unto themselves. They are the worst the world has to offer.

And they will use anyone and anything in order to sow the chaos that creates the wealth that they hunger for. Their dupes are so desperate for confirmation that they will do anything to get it.

Wickedness NEVER was happiness. Not now, not ever.


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My Dear Reverend,

So the Reverend Al Sharpton has had a “fruitful meeting” with the FCC in an effort to muzzle conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Interesting. This is the same Rev. Al who perpetuated the Twana Brawely hoax. The same one who incited Anti-Semitic feeling in the face of a tragic accident which caused an innocent person his life. The same individual who also inflamed a landlord-tenant-tenant debate in which someone shot several people and burned down a store causing the deaths of seven people.

Let’s revisit some of the Revered’s most, dare I say colorful remarks:

“White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

“As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation.”

“We blacks had problems in the ’60s and we solved them by marching. We’ve still got problems — let’s march.”

As is my usual M.O. I will take these sterling examples of the Reverends thought process one by one.

First, I not sure exactly who he’s taking about. Eqyptans, Israelites, Babylonians, folks from the land of Ur, the Phoenecians………as far as I know they were all middle eastern and certainly not African although there is some doubt about Egypt in some corners. If the Reverend actually believes in the Bible as he says he does than he should know who settled where and about the “disporia” after the Babylonian invasion circa 588. Such knowledge should keep him from making ignorant and somewhat stupid comments in the future. Then again actual religious teaching from the Bible such as “turn the other check”, love thy neighbor”, “do good to those who despitefully use you” and my personal favorite “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”, don’t seem to be in the Reverends canon. I guess the “Lord’s Prayer” is too racist to use.

Second, and I must say I love the hypocrisy, here is the quote against Gov. Romney and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The only organization in the history of this country to have an “Extermination Order” put in force against them. This order enacted in 1838 was not rescinded until 1976. Of all peoples “Mormons” know what it was like to be hunted down and live in fear of their lives. They were not even as valued as slaves. Of course all of this centers on a supposed bias against blacks. The one thing that most people don’t understand about the LDS Church is that they believe in prophecy. Really believe that God speaks to their president and while it would have been easier in the 1960’s to go along with the prevailing winds, they waited until God was ready to change things. In His time and for His purposes. Do we know what those were and/or are? No but we have faith that if we do our best to follow His direction, all will be well. Foolishness to some but no more foolish than trusting in the “arm of the flesh” to make decisions for us. As we’ve seen in the last 4 years of a Democratic led Congress.

The Revered is a religious bigot. He despises Mormons, Catholics, Jews and other religions and feels free to express that hate verbally. Jesus would be proud?

The last quote does not speak to racism per se but to a mindset that encourages and exaserbates racial tensions. In the 1960’s blacks were indeed discriminated against and that needed to change and it did. The Revered does not mention the thousands of white man and women who took up the cause of civil rights because it was “the right thing to do”. What have Sharpton, Jackson and other done with this opportunity. Very little. They have not encouraged people to stay in school, stay away from drugs, become integrated members of society. They have preached hate and division and derision since the passage of civil rights legislation.

Are their racists in this country? Abso-freak’en-lutely. Are they all white? Absolutely not. Will they be turned aside or converted by incendiary rhetoric and pertinacious ideologies? It’s never worked before but those who make money from chaos and discord are always first in line to claim it will.

I read this last night in the “Book of Mormon” one of the canon of scriptures Mormons use along with the New and Old Testaments to learn about Jesus Christ and His will for all people.

He commandeth that there shall be no priestcrafts; for, behold, priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto the world, that they may get gain and praise of the world; but they seek not the welfare of Zion.

Jesus Christ commands that no man should preach to get gain or for the praise of the world, that they should be seeking the welfare of Zion. Contrary to the popular idea of Zion as a Jewish state the original meaning is “where the pure in heart dwell”. I would really not want to be standing in the Reverends shoes at the Judgement Bar.

Epic Fail.

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I posted part of this at IMAO today, but I felt the urge to expand.

I don’t know if y’all heard but the Sweden bomber who blew himself up with his own backpack asserted the attack was in reference to these points;

“Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you don’t stop your war against Islam and degrading the prophet and your stupid support of that pig Vilks,”

Sweden’s war against Islam. First I’ve heard of it. Wait I get it, all this is about a cartoon buy ONE man. Thousands must die because of ONE man.

Of course the corollary is one cannot die because of thousands. For one Muslim to die for thousands of infidel deaths would be a call to world wide jihad. Which of course is what we already have – those who will not condemn terrorist actions or stated are tacit enablers. Those who bombed the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon and who were planning to send a plane into the White House should have already been executed. Bullets dipped in pigs blood, as the British did in the early 20th century should have been used. A firing squad composed of members of the families that died would be a nice touch.

War on Islam? They haven’t see war yet. We could do as the Germans did at the beginning of World War II. We could inter Muslims as we did the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor. We could march them around and then put them in camps as did the Japanese during World War 2. Of course we could always do as the Moors did in the 11th century. Murdering their enemies, destroying and denigrating sacred places and raping and pillaging as they endeavored to wipe out the indigenous peoples and their society.

According to research Christians and Jews could practice their religion at that time , as long as they adhered to Islamic law. How tolerant of them! Sounds exactly like what all non Muslim countries have been saying for the last 40 + years. Unlike Sharia law however, Judeo-Christian law does not infringe on the worship and beliefs of others until that belief causes pain or suffering to others, even those within the perimeter of their own religion. A man therefore cannot have his wife or daughter stoned for disobedience. A women is not property, nor chattel to be thrown away in a fit of pique.

A women is a sentient being, created by The Creator as equal but different from her male counterpart. She is created as a helpmeet, as a companion and as partner with her spouse in the creation and administration of the family, societies crucial petri dish. This is where humans learn to think, to understand emotions and connect with others. It is in this venue we create not just the heros of the world but the despots as well. This is where good governance begins. With the decline of the family, both the nuclear and extended families we see the decline of good government and the assault on our principles and values.

We are perceived as week because in governing our families we have abdicated our responsibilities to those who have no vested interest in producing good people. Many are interested in cashing a paycheck, they are interested in producing people who think the way they do and who will keep them in power but they are not interested in producing leaders who will think on their own. They don’t chose to produce those people who can make decisions based not simply on rational, scientific thought but on principles and values that honor not just those of a certain group but all people.

Thou shalt not kill, steal, bear false witness, not covet the property of others, nor his employees, nor his family, commit adultery or fornication, honor your parents.

Adherence to these principles should not be abhorrent to any decent human being. They are not simply a moral code, they are a societal code. A way for diverse peoples to live in harmony with each other. The only people who could find these principles offensive are those who are interested not in the elevation of the species but in the degradation of it. In chaos there is profit, and the destruction and enslavement of millions is a small price to pay for them achieving the acme of their desires.

Islam cannot exist in harmony with the other religions of the world because like some “isms”, communism, socialism for example, they seek the enslavement of others in order to further their financial and misogynistic goals. Muslim men do not want companions, they want slaves, they don’t want wives they want concubines. They want to be able to satisfy their debauchery outside the confines of a civil society. Most of all their central consuming passion is the gratification of self. What they want, what they need, what they desire, all must be granted and if they have to kill millions to get it. So be it.

This then is the startling difference between Islam and Christianity. One is a religion that promotes selfishness the other a religion that promotes selflessness. One receives the opportunity to live with his God after death. One receives the services of 78 virgin slaves to do with as he pleases.

I don’t know, doesn’t seem to be any comparison. What world do you want to live in?

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