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Color Me Surprised

So the MSM and the blogisphere and pundits around the globe are surprised. They’re surprised that Obama has yet again proven what an incompetent blunderer he is. That he has surrounded himself with even bigger fools who are supposed to make him look smarter in comparison. He dithers, he poses, he makes stupid speeches and ignorant pronouncements.

Why? Why? Why?

It is such a tired question and it has been answered so eloquently in the past that it seems ludicrous that we have to revisit it again. This man (and I use that term loooooosely) has neither the experience or the training for this job. He got it because people voted against McCain (and rightly so) and because he’s the right color. I personally have no heartburn with the color of anyone’s skin but that is not a suitable requirement for giving someone a job.

Let’s put it in perspective. You have a life threatening disease. You look for an expert in said disease. There are several candidates available and willing to take you on as a patient.

Dr. number one has little actual experience in dealing with this disease but he went to John Hopkins University, became an administrator there and is now teaching medicine as well.

Dr. number two has some experience with the disease, didn’t go to John Hopkins but has worked in his profession 5 times as long as Dr. number one.

Dr. number three has extensive experience in the disease, went to medical school and has a very high success rate in controlling or even curing your disease.

Who do you pick? Is there anywhere in this scenario where you add color as a deciding factor. Do you not pick the best doctor because he’s Mexican or African? Do you let your bias or prejudice stand in the way of your health? Would you choose a doctor based on a ” It’s his/our turn” mentality.

But we did. According to Politico, exit polling showed that 95% of African Americans who voted, voted for this guy. He had no qualifications, no experience, no training and NO CLUE. He’s surrounded himself with people who are even bigger fools then he, of every color, race and creed (or lack there of). They have proven time and time again how incompetent and ignorant they are and yet their base still supports them and if YOU don’t, you’re a racist.

Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave. He dreamed of a color blind America.

What we have is a color blinded America. To the race baiters and progressive liberal professional victims………….Mission Accomplished.


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Sold Out?

HuffPo has sold out. Ariana Huffington has sold the Huffington Post to AOL/Time/Warner (or whatever it’s calling itself today) for lots and lots and lots of that nasty dirty money. Could be she sees the writing on the wall. Could be she senses the mood of the majority of the public and it’s not good for her or her progressive friends. Could be she’s as stupid as she appears in interviews. Could be she’s decided to go back to whatever country she came here from and enjoy her ill gotten gain.

That said, for Dana Milbank ( of the WashPo) to claim in his op-ed piece that Ariana has sold out her fellow progressive to those dirty rotten scoundrels at the MSM is laughable in the extreme. I haven’t heard a better joke since Algore claimed he developed the Internet. HuffPo has always been a proud member of the liberal, leftwing, moonbat, commissar card carrying, uber-left. The posters there who whine about the MSM claim it’s a tool of the vast right wing conspiracy. So reality is a stretch for these folks anyway.

To recap the lefts stranglehold on the media they have: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Atlanta Constitution Journal, LA Times, The Atlantic, Time, Newsweek and these are just a few.

And the right has? Fox if you listen to the left. Now we do have a premium in the blogisfere, and talk radio. This of course should tell the left something. People will go where they need to, to find the truth. No matter how you control it, bury it, or spin it. Just ask the members of the former Soviet Union regime.

So Dana, did Ariana sell out. No, she was already in bed with the MSM. She just finally got paid.

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From Glenn Reynolds Insta pundit and the Atlantic we find this little gem.

Let’s see. They’ve made us hysterical about lead poisoning, mercury in fish, skin cancer, second hand smoke, obesity, sugar, salt ad infinitum. Just having these things present on earth is a death sentence, right? However we are supposed to ignore the mercury in the new light bulbs, because that’s “green technology”. What other green technology is waiting to kill us? What about the radiation from medical tests, TSA scanners, cash register scanners, TV’s, Microwaves and Coffee machines.

Ok that last one was just silly, but really, how do they (being the ones in charge and so much smarter than the average pic-a-nic basket) know what is slowly killing us and if they do what should they do? How many of you out there are willing to give up light bulbs, microwaves, TV’s and Cell Phones? Does it depend on how fast it’s killing you or if it’s killing just you or your children or family pet.

I personally believe that the powers that be are sure nuclear Armageddon is on it’s way. Once Israel is attacked all bets are off. I have no
heart burn with this. I would welcome a glass parking lot stretching form the Black Sea to the Indian Ocean. The Fertile Crescent has brought us nothing but violent, intolerant, jihad since the beginning of time and yes as someone with a degree in History I do know the “importance” of the area, but like Europe, all the folks that could play well with others moved on long ago. I’m personally not all that sure that humanity is worth saving and whether their are any human beings in that area of the world is at question as well. Do human beings kill innocents for money, land, power or religious fervor? Do they use children and women and the elderly as human targets, or bargaining chips? Animals do, but human beings, creations of an Eternal Intelligence should not.

I wonder how many times God (the Father) has said to himself, “but it was such a good idea. It worked out really well on paper.” Note to self, not everything that looks good on paper translates.

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