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Well, it seems Media Matters the George Soros funded apologia of the left are planning to launch media terrorist attacks at Foxnews. They are going on the offensive……….of course they have actually been offensive for years now but I guess this is offensiveness on purpose as opposed to the apparently accidental, incompetent offensiveness that is usually perpetrated by the terminally incompetent and ineffectual.

Yes George Soros the Wizard of IDiots, behind the “progressive” green curtain. The man who would be the puppet master. He doesn’t actually want to run anything. He is one of those people who seek to hid behind their puppets and manipulate others. These types of people are cowards who can’t take the vicissitudes of power so they surround themselves with layers of plausible deniability. Make no mistake though, they call the shots. They may whisper, email or text but they are giving the orders.

So, have conservatives learned the lessons taught to them by the professors of media terrorism on the left. Will they be able to repay their leftist opponents in the way they most deserve? Do we have the folks and nerve necessary to take the fight to the terrorists? I hope so. I hope Soros becomes target number 1 on the guerilla warfare and sabotage express. I want to see bloggers stepping up to take this fight to Media Matters, Huffpo and the rest of the “progressive” wanna-be blogs.

You want containment. I think we should give them so much containment they’re lousy with it. A surfeit of it. So much of that containment, that it makes their tiny, little pin heads explode. Lists of organizations Soros funds should be published along with lists of people who support the traitor Soros. Businesses who advertise with Soros companies or organizations should also be published so that those of us who don’t want to support him and his anarchists companions don’t have to.

It is time my friends to take back our media from those who live in the land of denial. Who brought us the horror movie known as the O’bama administration. This man and his lackies make Forest Gump look like Albert Einstein. It’s time to send both Obama and Soros back to where they belong. Back to where they came from.

Way past time…..


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