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He cast his pearls before swine and they turned and rent him. I guess to some this is a surprise but not to me. Any time you tell people they need to straighten up and fly right, that they need to reassess their decision making paradigm or even that they might want to actually research something for themselves-think for themselves, the masses get nasty.

They get really nasty when you tell them it’s their personal responsibility to vote, to elect representative with honesty, integrity, morals and courage. It is further our responsibility to manage our companies, our families and our lives with the same kinds of ideals. It is in fact the responsibility of ALL citizens with-in their nation to ensure the continued existence of said nation, to stand guard over the principles that keep that nation strong. Civilization requires the efforts of all. There is no room for slackers, anarchists, and ne’re do wells. The criminal element, in order to keep the community strong, needs to be rooted out and if necessary done away with whether by incarceration or deportation, or in few cases execution and not allowed back into society without true repentance (which includes restitution and forsaking of the prior behavior).

Of course my friend decried the “I want” society. The “my turners”, the “I can do whatever I want” brigade. He encouraged people to grow up, leave kindergarten and do the right thing. He was castigated, mocked, and targeted. He called them as he saw them, always maintaining that people should not just take his word for it, but to research the things he talked about for themselves. That of course is an anathema to todays “tell me what I need to know” American educated crowd. They have gone so long without having to think for themselves that they don’t even know how or where to begin.

He offend people by telling them their personal integrity, righteousness and moral code was the only thing standing between us and the chasm leading down to hell on earth, as well as hell in the eternities. The fact that he had the audacity to bring God into the discussion at all sealed his fate, I believe. God is a convenient scapegoat when something goes wrong, the last chance for those in trouble or the final act of the desperate. To fall to your knees in prayer is to admit there is something larger, greater and better than “man”. We can’t have that.

So he has to go. He has sounded the warning bell, somewhat like prophets of old. He’d hate that analogy. He knows what it take to be a prophet and has reminded us time and again of his flaws. Whether you like him or not, no one would have said the things he did, not because they were not correct but because they are. They were and are uncomfortable, unpalatable and unpleasant.

Just because someone is elected to a position of authority doesn’t make them not a racist. Just because someone has money doesn’t make them smart, just because someone is college educated doesn’t make them intelligent and just because someone is a self proclaimed and self endowed apostle doesn’t make them moral.

So I raise my glass (of water, I don’t drink alcohol) to you my friend, Glenn Beck. Good luck and may God continue to bless you and your family with all they stand in need of. May the wind be always at your back and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.


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