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Well the end is not near. At least not as near as last Saturday. I’ve waited a couple of days to make sure it wasn’t happening in a different time zone or across the international date line. Of course to folks in Joplin, Minneapolis and other places affected by some of the horrendous tornados we’ve had this past Spring it probably seems as if the world is teetering on the brink of annihilation. As is said in the Christian scriptures though, no man knows the time of His return.

So here I am poised on the horns of a dilemma. Do I make this point (about the eventual apocalypse and take the chance of being lumped in with the nuts and flakes running around with sandwich boards screeching “the end is near”) or do I, like the subject of my previous post, stand up and dare to be counted. To those who have been here before that wasn’t really a question. We all know what I will do. I could do nothing less. So let’s get it over with, shall we.

As far as I understand, disasters, at least natural ones are not the work of the Lord. The interesting idea here is that many people believe that God in his infinite wisdom and love for his children would foist these disasters on them for his personal edification. Some disasters are man made and unfortunately for us we must live with the consequences of those actions. Some disasters are completely random and the fault of no one. Here to me is the crucial conjunction, why if God loves us, does He let these things happen to us?

My answer is the exact opposite of this question. Why, would GOD NOT allow these things to happen? Let us take a slight detour of the last 29-30 years shall we and see how to answer that question.
* we have thrown God out of our schools
* we have thrown God out of our government buildings
* we have thrown Him out of our lives
* some people visit him twice a year, some never and some deny his existence completely
* there are those who only use his name to curse another
* there are those who use the name of His Son, you know the one who sacrificed Himself to save mankind, in the worse possible ways
* there are those who use hate and pride and disrespect in the name of the Lord to abuse and manipulate others, to get gain, influence and power
* there are those who revel in the base, the impure, the unholy and then seek to make others just like them.

Why then do these same people think that it is God’s responsibility to “save” those who put themselves in harms way, who refuse to take advantage of the opportunities to avoid disaster as they continue to revile and disrespect Him? After ignoring and denigrating Him, His prophets and people why would He care what happens to these people? “Because He’s God and He’s perfect”, they whine.

Here’s the secret. He is perfect, which is why He is not willing to stand between people and the consequences of their actions. Nor does He always save people from the random disasters in life. Sometimes we have to go through the furnace of affliction in order to grow and become, hopefully, better.

Pardon me be for being redundant, why would God save those who don’t believe in Him, don’t respect Him or curse others in His name. After all they don’t want anything to do with him…………….until and unless a disaster happens and then God is their best friend.

With friends like that who needs enemies?

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