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I like Libertarians.  I really do.  We disagree about the details of most issues but for the most part we tend to agree.  Every now and then however we violently disagree and usually it’s over something that to me seems as fundamental as Liberty, Freedom and  Justice.

John Stossel over at Fox News has an opinion piece about gay marriage.  His attitude is that if two members of the same sex want to get married who cares? Why does anyone need to worry about this? What exactly is the big deal, he questions.

While there are periphery issues about what to teach children in schools and whether organization can be made to accept such unions and how two members of the same sex can procreate without intrusive medical assistance and how do those parents model behavior of the opposite sex in order for said children to be given free will and choice concerning their own sexuality.  Leaving those thorny issues alone for the moment, let’s harken back to the crux of this problem.

Why should the government change the definition of marriage?  First off marriage was never the function of government.  Marriage is a sacrament.  It was conceived and executed by “religion” long before any government got involved.  It had nothing to do with laws and everything to do with the best and most productive way to produce and rear children.  Having two parents in the home has long been the cure for social ills that have always plagued society. When “the family” remains intact there are less problems with illegitimacy, adultery, and other sexual perversions as well as crime in general.

Imagine if you would a world in which men and women prefer same gender partners.  Without the auspices of intrusive medical procedures the species would die out quickly.  In the wild, animals that prefer to mate with their own gender essentially take themselves and their genes out of the pool, leaving the strong to survive.  I’m sorry if that is offensive. It is not meant to be.

I personally don’t care what someone’s sexual proclivities are.  I do care that educators are teaching my children and grandchildren that my beliefs and values are bigoted and backward.  Of course I’m one of those moron (Mormons) who believe that not only did Adam and Eve exist, they did the things the Bible says they did.  They were married and instructed  their children to marry.  That was why the Lord made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. This is the plan. It’s your choice whether or not you participate in it,  “for God will force no man to heaven”.

If people today wish to have a relationship sanctioned by the “State” then they should do just that. Call it a civil contract, call it alternative family, call it Fred.  Just don’t call it marriage.

As to answer your question, that John, is why gay marriage is not acceptable to most people, especially Christians.  We don’t “hate” homosexuals, we do feel sorry for them. It is also very apparent that the behavior doesn’t just damage the individual it damages society as a whole and communities in specific……………..just ask any one who’s fled San Francisco due to the overbearing, intolerant gender warriors.

There are just some lines you shouldn’t cross.


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Fox’s Shepard Smith patronizingly reminded his viewers that although the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia, which was felt as far away as Toronto and South Carolina, was unusual and that things would indeed be weird probably for the rest of the day, REAL history was being made in Lybia.  Well for those who have loved ones on the east coast, we are somewhat less interested in the chaos  in Lybia and more interested in whether or not building which are quite old and were not built to withstand any kind of earthquake event, are still standing.  This is the capital of the United States and while those of you who are either from the west coast or have lived there are somewhat jaded where this kind of event happens quite often, on the east coast this is a extreme event.

While I was taking classes to get my degree in History I had a professor who talked about the “So What” factor in history education.  By that he meant, why is this event worth studying, why is it important, what impact has it made in peoples lives, how has it changed the fabric of history and our lives?  Passing events through this prism helps to solidify not just what is important about an event and why, or why not.

Now as for Lybia.  Someone tell me just how this is going to change anything in Lybia or in the Middle East.  Who is going to fill the vacuum?  What new dictator, what new group of thugs will be in charge?  They have ONE working hospital for thousand and thousand of people.  The rebels are dancing in the street.  The street however is littered with the detritus of ruined shops and homes.  They are looting the government compound, so just what makes them any better or different from the people they’ve toppled?  Apparently Sharia law is going to be the law of the land.  How exactly does that relate to freedom and liberty, again?

We’ve seen this all before.  These people have never lived in freedom and their religion doesn’t make any space for it.  They subjugate roughly half of their population behind the veil and refuse to educate their women and girls.  Liberty cannot exist in the same country as Sharia law.  The two are mutually exclusive.  So pardon me if my enthusiasm lacks vive.  This goat and sheep show is something I’ve seen multiple times in the past.  Get back to me when they elect a real government, with equality promised to ALL citizen, when they promise to educate ALL children and when they aren’t stealing from the shop keepers in their neighborhoods.  Until then………so what!

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As I wrote yesterday, school is back in session.  What joy, what bliss, what a pile of horse manure!

My child came home today, first day on the job, as it were, depressed and dispirited.  Seems he has not one, not two but four coaches for teachers this year.  Now I don’t know what the emphasis are concerning these teachers and their degrees but from sad, personal experience I can bet that maybe one of them is teaching something they minored in at college.  I am reasonably sure none of them majored in whatever it is that they’re teaching. You see in my little corner of Paradise being a coach trumps being a history teacher (any fool can teach history, besides who needs to learn about all that stuff dead white guys did, right), a communications teacher, an english teacher or any basics class in any discipline,

My daughter had a teacher ask her to write down “that song we sing before the game” for him, he coached basketball.  When the other teachers got tired of doing his lesson plans for him, covering for him and asked the district to fire him, his players parents (as well as other parents of sports players) insisted that he be retained.  This has nothing to do with how nice someone is. It has to do with the eduction my child, who already struggles at school, is getting.  This is the last of 6 children in this district, all of whom have told me that if you have a coach for a teacher and you don’t play sports they don’t have time for you.

To make matters worse they also sent home the consent form for them to randomly drug test my child.  Illegal search and seizure much?  Unconstitutional a bit, may-haps?  But you see this district is expert in extortion.  Either you let them drug test your child or said child can not participate in ANY extra-curricular activities at all.  No sports, no arts, no drama, no JROTC, no music.  Nothing.  So my choice is to pull my child out of school completely, let him go to school but prohibit him from anything that makes going to school in any way appealing or sign the dang thing.  This child so dislikes school that I look for anything that might encourage him to tolerate being there and music is what does that.  So of course I signed it but I sent along a little love note for the principle.

Our school board and city council managed to sneak passage of the drug testing proposal through on the sly.  Next election I’m going to be the burr under their saddles.  I’m going to write letters to the editor, talk to folks, attend council and board meetings and make a nuisance out of myself.  They’re going to hate the sight of me.  I’m Irish. I can be really offensive and irritating.  It’s a talent……….or maybe a gift.

I intend to share.

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