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Today in the “pink lady” ie the Washington Post(hole) we have a fascinating article by “who knows” concerning the high number of African Americans student expelled in DC schools.  Now we all know, thanks to the movie “Waiting for Superman” (one of the most tragic documentaries I’ve ever had the misfortune to see) DC schools are butt and feet lower than any other school system in the US including LA, Mississippi, and Detroit Michigan.  The school board is made up of minorities and only minorities, so is the administration, the teachers and support staff, by a vast majority. They have millions of dollars at their disposal and they can’t do any better?

So now we have the claim that a school system overwhelmingly administrated by minorities is committing bias against students who are members of that same minority group but make up the majority of the student body.  So here’s my questions:

What is the white to black student ratio in DC.  1:3, 1:10, 1:15?

What are these students being suspended for?

What is the “ethnicity” of those doing the suspending?

Are non minority student behaving in the same manner and not being suspended or are they not engaging in said behavior, therefore not being suspended?  According to the National center for Educational Statistics there are over 66,000 black to roughly 22,000 white children.  I’m not even adding latinos, asians and american indians.

Are there white children in the classrooms of these suspended victims?

Are the suspendees being suspended for nothing more that their color/race?

I guess maybe I’m just not up on the “new” math but it seems to me that if the predominant race is being suspended more often than the minority, it is a function of math (ratios) not bias.

Beside can you call it bias if the race/ethnicity is picking their own members?

Political Correctness and circular thought make my head hurt.

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This is an open letter to the Republican candidates for president.  I know they’ll never see it. I realize that my core readership could probably be counted on both hands, and I’m being generous here but readership (although I love you all to pieces) is not why I write.  I partially write to keep my self sane, partially to prove to the nuns who thought I couldn’t write that they were wrong but mostly because at the last day I want on record that I tried to help.  I tried to interject some common sense,  some civility, some integrity into the debate. I will have failed of course.  We have left civilized behavior behind, common sense is now uncommon sense and very few people have ever heard the word integrity much less know it’s definition or can use it in a sentence. Oh well, on with the exercise in futility.

Dear Candidates,

Now is the time to realize that the light you see in the tunnel is a train.  Yes, a train wreck is poised to happen and the main stream media and your competition are waiting with bated breath.  They’re fairly foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the professional wrestling cage match that will occur from now until the convention, when after soiling your dens you will expect the party faithful to fall in line like good little sheeple.

As usual you have refused to learn from even recent history.  The convention of 2008, after the backroom deals between McCain and Huckabee to keep Romney out of contention, couldn’t even be saved by Sarah Palin herself.  The darling of the Tea Party couldn’t overcome the distaste which you foisted upon those of us on the right.  Some of us held our noses and voted for McCain but many simply stayed home and voted for none of the above (which should be on every election ballot, by the way).  Look what it got us.  An inexperienced, incompetent, socialist-communist, hedonist, quasi-religionist with delusions of relevancy.  Our economy’s in the tank, our foreign policies are a disaster and our country’s being invaded every minute by people who’s main goal is to get as much money as fast as possible before we are all living in a ditch with a tin roof.

So, what to do, what to do?

1. Stop telling us what the other guy has said, will say and is saying right now, you’re not Dan Rather, Katie Couric or Bryan Williams.  We’re not stupid and the mainstream media is going to do a hatchet job on them anyway so why bother.  Tell us your message, your plan, your intentions.  It is not your  job to vet the candidate, that’s our job.

2. Stop pandering to the mainstream press.  Barbara Walters, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz  are never going to like you or give you a fair shake.  Spend you’re time meeting real people, go on talk shows that will at least give you an even chance to get your message across.

3. Stop focusing on this state or that state.  You want to be president of the United States.  Visit folks in all the states you can get to.

4 Don’t back down from a fight with the media or the left.

5. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

6. Develop an attitude of gratitude and share that with everyone you come in contact with.

7. Most importantly look up INTEGRITY in the dictionary. Memorize it, practice it, live it, embody it.

Then maybe we won’t have to suffer through 4 more years of president Obamalamadingdong and his coven of cravens.  Good luck and God bless.

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This is what redistribution of wealth is all about. The rich have more so they will always survive, the poor can’t be gutted because they have nothing of value but ah, the middle class ( these days middle class means those above the poverty line and making less than 250,000 a year whether they run a business or both adults in a family work). They can be nullified. They can be controlled, manipulated and taken advantage of.

While this is a broad brush I think it is true that the rich by and large aren’t religious in nature. They have depended on the “arm of the flesh” for a long time. Even those with inherited money don’t see the need to believe in anything greater than man. The poor by and large also don’t head off to church as a rule. They prefer to get their help from an entity that doesn’t expect them to do anything for it. Most churches expect those who get help from them to do certain things and not do others. Most people don’t want anyone putting limits on their behavior.

The middle class though, these are the church goers, the tithe payers, the tax payers, the family raisers, the savers, the spenders, the engine of this country and the world. There was a very interesting book out years ago which sought to remind us that world wide there are many more poor nations and many more poor within nations than producers and with industrialized nations approaching zero population growth, there are soon going to be too many who don’t produce as opposed to those who do. What then will happen to those who are the non producers when there are no longer those who take care of them, fund their towns, aid their countries to feed their people?

Here in this country we’ve already seen, thanks to the occupy movement, what happens when people throw away self sufficiency and personal responsibility and embrace the Nanny state. The chaos, the anarchy, the lawlessness of occupy camps with their violence, danger and destruction shows what life is like in a liberal utopia. Without laws and morals civilization will sink into the abyss. Most of us who are thinking individuals do not want any part of this. Hence the approval rating of Obama and Congress. If he keeps it up there will be a rise in consumer spending…….

at the torch and pitchfork stores at least.

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