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Today President Barak Hussein Obama is visiting Kansas to make a speech.  This seminal speech is supposed to feature pontifications on the economy.  It is supposed to echo Teddy Roosevelt’s 1910 speech in which the president turned from Republican ideals and embraced the false promises of “progressivism”.  Roosevelt did not win re-election with his “square deal” speech.  It’s no wonder.  How many working people want to subsidize someone else’s profligate lifestyle?  How many people want to have their hard earned cash syphoned off by a government so unable to make common sense decisions as to appear not even coherent.

NPR points out that “progressivism” was the winner in the election of Woodrow Wilson over T.R. but as with most unsustainable concepts progressivism was soundly defeated in later elections and became a hiss and a by word for almost one hundred years.  The only way progressivism can be sustained is through socialism or communism both of which have been proven dangerous to freedom, liberty and human life. (See North Korea, USSR, Cuba, et al for confirmation).  Still liberals try to disguise old, failed, tired ideas into fresh, shiny new sound bites.

Allow me to fill you in on some Kansas history.  From the outset the Kansas territory has been a battle ground for divergent and diverse ideals.  Some people came here to obtain land, some to speculate, some to hunt and trap but most came to create a better life, at least in the very beginning.  Soon however the national angst over the issue of slavery turned the territory into a maelstrom bordering on bedlam. Abolitionists were recruited to come and settle in Kansas to provide citizens to vote anti-slavery.  Pro-slavery folks from near by Missouri swarmed into border towns to counter the steady stream of immigrants from the north east coast. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eventually these two groups would become embroiled in measure for measure campaign including murder, arson, intimidation and general lawlessness.

Some of the highlights include the Massacres at Pottawatomie  and Marias des Cygnes rivers, the shelling of Lawrence and the Wakarusa War.  Neither side of the slavery issue covered themselves in glory in Kansas.  The rule of law was discarded and as Governor Wilson Shannon opined as he resigned office in 1856,

Govern Kansas…….you might as well attempt to govern the devil in Hell!

While the president would like to advance his income redistribution meme it will have a hard sell in Middle America.  Kansas, who’s largest city is Wichita, has been laboring since 2001 to recover from the effects of 9/11.  The down turn in the aircraft industry, the illegal immigration problem and the “Wall Street and too big to fail” bailouts have impacted on families here since the fall of the Twin Towers and in some cases even before that.  Not to mention the attacks on personal wealth through inheritance taxes and government land grabs as well as the war against corporate and personal “greed” which has decimated the private, corporate plane industry. Ethanol production has quadrupled the cost of feed, causing the elevation of prices for all manner of goods across the board. So the “benefits” of that “green” industry are costing the average person more than the rise in gas prices.

While the larger cities in Kansas are slightly liberal (as are most med-large cities across the nation and especially because several of them are college towns, enough said) the vast majority of Kansas is conservative/libertarian.  There is no doubt that Democrats will pack the house with party faithful but in the rest of the state not only do we not want the president in our town, we don’t want him in our state.  His message will  not resonate here, there is no “friendly” entity outside of the Wichita Eagle, Lawrence Journal World,  Topeka Capital Journal, Kansas City Star and other media publications. The vast majority of Kansans, even those who originally supported Obama have long since suffered buyers remorse.  They see now what inexperience and a socialist agenda can do for them. They understand that voting against a candidate is never a good idea.  They also don’t trust the media to truthfully tell them about a candidate.  As with most newspapers the Eagle has had a steady decline in readership that began with the sale of the paper to the Ridder company and now to the McClatchy  organization. Roughly 79,00 people subscribe to the paper out of a population of 498,365 in 2010, down from 88,502 in 2006.

For Obama to choose Osawatomie as his venue shows his and his sycophants total lack of understanding or knowledge of history.   While Teddy Roosevelt gave his progressive laced pontification from that venue it has a sadder history.  It is on the banks of the Pottawatamie River that John Brown, his sons and anti-slavery terrorists rousted out of bed in the middle of the night, 5 men including fathers and sons and murdered them for the sin of having a divergent opinion.  No matter your stand on an issue the fact that you don’t agree with someone shouldn’t necessitate your death.  Not then, not now.  Nor should the perpetrators of such barbarism be hailed as heros or martyrs to the “cause”. John Brown sowed discention, chaos and violence in his wake. He is no different from the islamo-facists that seek to remake the world in their own images. No matter the righteousness of your cause, lawlessness is never the correct answer. Murder is never appropriate.  Chaos is never desirable.  But the “Great Divider” and his henchmen   can’t comprehend that, they never have been able too.  It’s a symptom of the Self Absorption Syndrome they all share.

So President Obama, please take your snake oil routine back to Washington where people are apparently too busy, too intelligent and too self absorbed to see the emperor has on no clothes.  And to those of you who may say that we should give him a chance, he hasn’t given his speech yet, I would respond……he’s had 3 years to get something right.  Even if he started today there is no way he can fix the damage  he’s already caused.  A greater man would have resigned by now.  A good man would never have run.  He is neither.


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