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Every now and again there are just too many choice bits of  buffoonery to deal with  at one time.  One has to eat the gigantic, odoriferous, malignant elephant in the room one minute bite at a time.  Such is todays round up of fribble.

Obama Getting His News from Andrew Sullivan Now– well Obama might as well, no one else does.


EPA official compares enforcement to crucifixions– So riddle me this Batman, a government official suggesting people he disagrees with should be crucified.  Well at least they’re not saying the government should burn down peoples houses or stage violent protests if they disagree with you. Of course this is how adults deal with disagreement.  A civil society noshes on it’s own when there are issues and problems to be discussed. (If you watch the video be prepared for disgusting language).


Jesse Jackson says white people want to see blacks getting murdered.

2 charged in Oak Park beating motivated by Trayvon Martin killing, official says.

Alabama man’s attack not being investigated as hate crime, despite claims of ‘justice for Trayvon’

Horrifying: 13-Year-Old White Boy Set On Fire In Racially-Charged …

Texas Woodlands mother killed and newborn baby kidnapped …

If that’s the case we’re doing a pretty sad job of getting it done.


Then there’s the  TSA in all it’s gory glory

and here

and here


As far as the prostitution scandal goes, it can join Contraceptive-gate,  Rush-gate, the Buffet Rule (which you know is focused against one individual), Reverend Wright,  race agenda, gay agenda in the never ending list of distractions offered up by the Obama administration.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


And so I wish you a good day with lots of opportunities to laugh, love and play. Good day!

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Whether I’m a Romney fan or not.  Whether I’m a conservative or not. Whether I’m female or not this is without a doubt the most offensive, disgusting, patronizing, pile of horse( you know what) I’ve ever seen.

“She never worked a day in her life”.  Really so tell me Ms Hilary (what a surprise there) Rosen, who raises your children?  Do you pay someone to do that for you? Who teaches your children morality and civil behavior, right from wrong, as it were? A day care provider, public schools or maybe you’re lucky enough to send them to private schools.   Do you have more than the 2.3 children so popular with liberals today?  Of course maybe you don’t have children.  Maybe you feel that babies and children are a curse, a cancer on the planet who will get in the way of your high minded, liberal utopia. Maybe you think that you’ll miss all the fun stuff you want to do.  Maybe you think that like a dog or cat, a child left at home even with a babysitter isn’t worth the money you’d have to pay for someone to watch them.  Not to mention their sticky fingers on your white furniture and muddy paw(footprints) on your pristine white rug.

NEVER WORKED A DAY- Let me tell you about a mothers day.  It usually begins before sun up when the baby needs to be fed, then there’s the boys to get up, fed and ready for school.  A mom gets a break after the children have gone to school so that she can then, depending on the amount of money they have to live on, bake bread (yes people still do that) do the grocery shopping, clean the house, tend the baby. If the baby sleeps the mom might also sleep because by 12 noon she is just beginning the longest part of her day.  She picks up the children from school, takes them to any classes they might attend, comes home, makes, dinner (most of the time, depending on money) home cooked, then there’s homework to supervise, dinner to clean up, baths, scriptures to read, prayer to say and finally bed time except for the baby who will be awake another 2 to 3 hours and get up at least one more time at night.

And this is if there are no teenagers in the house.  Once they go to high school the activity in most families escalates X10. We don’t even need to talk about what happens when they get sick.  Imagine if you would 5-6 children with strep throat or the flu or chicken pox.   Imagine 200+  concerts and about the same parent teacher conferences, the hours spent on homework and projects.  Mrs. Romney’s boys, like my own, probably also did scouting which is very parent involved and then there’s sports.

I never wanted to be anything but a mom.  It was my career.  Thanks to your boss I now have to go out in the world as an old lady and try to find someone to hire me.  I’m faced with foul mouthed, arrogant, obnoxious morons everyday and those are just the women, so please don’t tell me how oppressed I was.  I never had to listen to some pretend adult who uses the F word like punctuation in my home.  We had more respect for each other than that.

I spent 27 years raising my 6 children and nowhere since then have I had a more exhausting, busy, frustrating, wonderful, blessed experience than being “just a mom”.  I’m sorry you don’t have any respect for that.  It makes it hard for me to have respect for people who make light of, or fun of something they don’t try understand or who aren’t tolerant of someone else’s “choice”.  I hadn’t planned on voting for your boss Ms Rosen but now I think I’ll spread this little gem as far and wide as I can.  I hope he won’t be able get elected “pooper scooper in chief.”  Try to pick this one up from the clean end………..I dare you.

Oh and just a little tip.  Anne Romney suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  I guess that’s so much less debilitating than having too much junk in the trunk (of which the press is not allowed to comment on).  Way to go, as with Trig Palin, picking on the disabled………..that’s so liberal of you.

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Today is my 35th year anniversary.  On this day 35 years ago my husband and I got married.  I was in school he was in the Navy and after a few LONG months we moved together to his first duty station. In those days we did things somewhat differently, we got married before we had a baby.  Because of the swiftness of our wedding (once we decided to get married) there were people counting on their fingers but when the first anniversary arrived without the pitter patter of little feet people stopped counting. By the time our son was born three years later my gestation period rivaled the elephant. Our second baby  a girl didn’t take near as long, go figure and arrived 22 months after the first. The first one must have been a fluke.  Over the coming years we welcomed what would be six little darlings into our family. All are grown mostly, with only one in high school, 4 who have children of their own, 5 who are or will be married by the end of summer.

Why did this come to mind today?  Partly because it’s the day our family really began but partly because the shape of the world is such a mess. I never envisioned the complete lack of humanity that would become normal 35 years later.  I remember my grandparents who lived in “Pig Town” as the poor Irish neighborhood they lived in was called complaining that as folks moved into the suburbs those who took their places lacked the morals and ethical behavior that holds civilized society together.  My family was poor, Irish railroad workers who died from Consumption (TB) all except the youngest child, my grandmother.  She remembered that even in the worst of times, the Great Depression,  people didn’t have to lock their doors.  They weren’t afraid to walk the streets no matter what time it was,  that they looked out for each other but they were especially careful with visitors.  They were brought up on the “Good Samaritan” gospel account.  It was just how they were.

Today we have gone back to tribal living.  Only now tribes contain folks who are ideologically pure instead of racially pure.  The outcome of tribal war between groups is just as devastating as physical war.  This group think emboldens the fanatical and makes the average person uncomfortable with either side allowing the fringe to gain foot holds where they never had before.  Peter Pan children who’ve never grown up are in positions of authority playing Neverland games with the lives of those they are supposed to protect.  The crock with it’s ticking clock continues to shadow the Peter and Capt. Hooks not caring which of the two he devours first.  The Wendy character who brought common sense to the story has morphed into one of the lost boys and we are left with Tinker Bell , a devious, nasty, envious little person who would rather see everything fail if they can’t have what they want. Of the Lost Boys and Indian Tribes we might not even mention.  They float through life, living off the government, churches and who ever they can con into bankrolling them, never getting ahead, never suffering the consequences of their inactivity.

So I apologize to my children and grandchildren for not understanding the problem and for not doing something about the problem before it got to this point.  I apologize to those who came before me for letting them down and for allowing what they worked, bled and died for to become corrupted.   I’m afraid that sooner rather than later the tribes are going to have to go.  We are going to have to learn how to get along even when we disagree.  We are going to have to learn how to deal with each other in a civilized manner or we’re going to have to learn how to exist on a apocalyptical crippled planet. It’s our choice.  Not the government or the church or the corporation.  We the people, us, the citizenry.  It’s time we showed the bullies who the real bosses are.  Time to insist that government works for us, time to let certain churches know that the days of convert or die have expired and time to let the corporations know there are things we can and will do without, starting with Hollywood and the main stream media.

I hope it is not too late.  I hope there are enough patriots and civilized human beings to go around.  Like those who supported Obama in the last election though, I think the ship has sailed and left us standing on the bank.  Peter, Capt. Hook and Tinkerbell have all deserted us.

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This weekend James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released another episode of “Voter Fraud“.  This time they went right to the source, one of  the main opponents of voter ID Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.  One of O’Keefe’s associates entered the voting place and said “Eric Holder” the worker then gave him a ballot.  When the man offered to “go get his ID” he was told he didn’t need it.

Over the last couple of months O’Keefe has proven time and time again that voter fraud is real, is a problem and is growing in the US.  Thanks to the party of “vote early, vote often, vote illegal, voter dead” vote fraud has blossomed and been aided and abetted by groups like the New Black Panther and SEIU, whose intimidation techniques while course and clumsy are unfortunately effective.

What does “the man” Holder have to say.  Voter Evidence Manufactured from the DOJ and or O’Keefe’s Video Not Voter Fraud from our generous overlords to be at MediaMatters.  Then there is the continuing mini-series 2008 Indiana voter fraud case that has involved at least 4 Democratic Party Officials.

If voter fraud is as wide spread as it appears to be to those of us NOT in law enforcement, why are those at DOJ so reluctant to leave Voter ID laws alone.  Unless they feel it is the only way their guy can win.  He can’t run on his record that’s for sure.  Their usual refrain of Republicans “hate (put your protected class here)” is not playing well with a large portion of the electorate that hasn’t been promised anything except that since they’ve spent their lives paying for other people to eat better then they do, have their children have more opportunities to go to college, and get passed over for jobs, schooling and raises, that they will continue to pay.  Gee, sign me up, I want to make sure that the person using their Vision card in front of me in line at the grocery store buying steak, lobster, shrimp and name brand items can continue to eat better than me with my 75% ground beef, on sale chicken and store brand items.

I dont’ know how else to prove something if video won’t do it.  I guess there is really no way to get people to face reality.  Hence the state of  our government and their protected classes.


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When I was young, 13 in fact, my father a milk truck driver took me once a month to the orthodontist.  My teeth were very bad and in the end after 10 teeth being pulled and only straightening the top teeth we couldn’t afford anymore treatment.  During that winter and spring however I had an educational experience that formed the basis for my future political tendencies.

My father never liked highways so if he could he took the back roads and the old ways to get into the city of Baltimore.  We drove through neighborhoods that in his youth were populated by the upper lower to lower middle class.  In his day marble steps gleamed in the sunlight, windows sashes were painted, there were flowers in window boxes and lace curtains in the windows.  In the evening people would sit out on their stoops after dinner but never in the daytime as everyone had work to do.  Alley’s were keep clear and clean and if you had a car you parked it in your yard in the alley.

One particular day in the fall, we drove toward Federal Hill through a neighborhood hard hit by urban blight.  People hung around on the corners looking angry and disgruntled.  Marble steps were chipped and broken, some replaced by wood steps other by concrete blocks.  We stopped at the light and as usual my father told me not to stare into the houses or at the people on the street.  Usually I was obedient because the people in the city frightened me.  They all seemed ready to yell at you for no reason other than that you looked at them. This time however, my gaze settled on a row house directly across from us.  It has no glass in the windows that I could see and no door on at the front.  When one looked closer into the house a group of people were gathered around a largish (for that time) TV watching cartoons.  They were wearing coats and gloves but right in front of the house, close enough for me to touch it if I chose was a pink Cadillac.  I asked my dad why someone would chose to live in a hovel and have an expensive car.  He said that to some people cars were a statis symbol and that the to the people who lived in that area a Cadillac was the prime symbol.

My parents were not the most tolerant of people but they always taught me to “treat others as you’d like to be treated” and that every one deserves to be treated politely no matter how much you don’t like them or what they do.  That morning began my quest to understand  why someone would be willing to live off the government.  Why politicians lied to people to insure their votes.  Why they were willing to enslave others so that they (the politicians) would be willing to keep people from fulfilling their potential.   At first I was an independent and looked at Ronald Reagan as an odd, somewhat frightening force of nature.  By the time Jimmy Carter was running for his second term I became a Reagan Republican and can count on one hand the times I voted for a Democrat in the last 35 years.

Why this came up is that this video has surfaced and reinforces those lessons learned long ago (Caution disturbing video) .  Baltimore is a sewer, it has been a sewer for more than 4 decades.  There are good people in Baltimore but they are scared to death to go out and never go out at night.  Once the Inner Harbor was a safe place to take your family, to tour, or to just visit for the day.  No more, gangs of roving animals prey upon the unwary and NO ONE will help you including the police if you have the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What should happen to these cretins?  They should be locked up in the cages they, as animals, deserve or sent to the wild where they can kill or be killed without hurting others.  No more welfare for mothers of children who can’t name the father. No assistance to any man who has fathered a child out of wedlock or who has abandoned any child at any time.   No food stamps for those not willing to work and not able to read or write.  Gangs of youths should be picked up and kept in jail until the parents bail them out and then the parents should be fined and if they can’t pay the fine they go to jail with their youths.

So thank you Baltimorians for making me the conservative, republican that I am today.  You never cease to reinforce the lessons I learned in my youth.  Keep on feeding on each other and eventually all the rest of us will have to do is come take out the trash.

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There has been a lot of talk in my little corner of Heaven about this.  The left is counting on being able to brand it’s opponents as conspiracy nuts but they’re  not.  This is coming to a community near you.  They couldn’t get the House or Senate to pass this so they’re doing an end around to local communities.

It’s called the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests known as Agenda 21 and was passed by the UN in June 1992.   It is  a;
“comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”
Just one of the maps associated with this agenda is can be found on quite a few websites but the best resolution is on 

I don’t usually get involved in things like this because while I believe that conspiracies exist they are rarely as demonic as portrayed.

This however is coming to my community, under the radar. Our county commission by a 3 to 2 vote approved a measure to take federal funds (1.5 million dollar with another $800,000 plus suscoming from the counties involved) for “sustainability”. 

According to some private property ownership, irrigation, pesticides and fertilizer(commercial), meat consumption, private vehicles and personal travel, fossil fuels, single family homes are scheduled to be eliminated by 2030. Not to mention less than 1 billion people world wide are to be allowed to exist. 

“… population growth rates have been declining globally, largely as a result of expanded basic education and health care. That trend is projected to lead to a stable world population in the middle of the twenty-first century… The current decline in population growth rates must be further promoted through national and international policies that promote economic development, social development, environmental protection, and poverty eradication, particularly the further expansion of basic education, with full and equal access for girls and women, and health care, including reproductive health care, including both family planning and sexual health, consistent with the report of the International Conference on Population and Development.— UN document S/19-2. Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21″
This all seems innocuous at first but the more one digs the more “creative wording” one encounters.  This is all about redistribution of wealth and control of peoples lives.  I raised 6 children and have 10 grandchildren under 6 years old, and a firm knowledge of a Divine Creator so not much scares me anymore.  This scares me to death and it’s coming to everyone’s community thanks to an unholy alliance between the EPA, DOH, and HHS.  With these players in the game it can’t be good for anybody. 
Here’s another little piece of the already complex and confusing puzzle. In 2011 President Barak H Obama created the White House Rural Council. It’s goal;
 To enhance the Federal Government’s efforts to address the needs of rural America, this order establishes a council to better coordinate Federal programs and maximize the impact of Federal investment to promote economic prosperity and quality of life in our rural communities.
Who’s included in this council:
(a) The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as the Chair of the Council
           (1) the Department of the Treasury;(2) the Department of Defense;

(3) the Department of Justice;

(4) the Department of the Interior;

(5) the Department of Commerce;

(6) the Department of Labor;

(7) the Department of Health and Human Services;

(8) the Department of Housing and Urban Development;

(9) the Department of Transportation;

(10) the Department of Energy;

(11) the Department of Education;

(12) the Department of Veterans Affairs;

(13) the Department of Homeland Security;

(14) the Environmental Protection Agency;

(15) the Federal Communications Commission;

(16) the Office of Management and Budget;

(17) the Office of Science and Technology Policy;

(18) the Office of National Drug Control Policy;

(19) the Council of Economic Advisers;

(20) the Domestic Policy Council;

(21) the National Economic Council;

(22) the Small Business Administration;

(23) the Council on Environmental Quality;

(24) the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs

Then there’s this piece of  (fill in your adjective here) :
5.17. Full integration of population concerns into national planning, policy and decision-making processes should continue. Population policies and programmes should be considered, with full recognition of women’s right.
5.53. Constituencies and institutional conditions to facilitate the implementation of demographic activities should, as appropriate, be fostered. This requires support and commitment from political, indigenous, religious and traditional authorities, the private sector and the national scientific community. In developing these appropriate institutional conditions, countries should closely involve established national machinery for women.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live under institutional conditions.  I am not a member of the collective, I will not be assimilated and if they try I promise to give them heartburn, ulcers and a lacerated colin.

This is all about control.  Control is what socialist do best.  Those in charge at the UN aren’t exactly fond of democracies of any shape or kind from Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser of Qutar back for decades.  So pardon me if I side with the country that for most of the last century people have be dying (literally) to get into.  Far be it from me to listen to people who can’t even put indoor plumbing into their own countries. Take care of your own first then give your opinion, which we will listen to politely and then do what we think is best.  That’s how we became the most prosperous nation ever in such a short time. Even with the problems today we are still doing better than most, for the moment.

If we can get the Marxist-in-chief and the Chief dietician out of office things will improve dramatically.

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He won’t be able to dodge this one.  He won’t be able to side step his responsibility this time.  His inaction, his inability to lead, the yellow streak running right up his back that has now turned to neon.  President Barak Hussein Obama will most likely be president when the first nuclear device is exploded in Middle East.

The cradle of humanity, the lands of our ancient ancestors will soon be a smoking hole in the earth.  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it.  Those people over there have been fighting since Cain and Able about anything and everything.  They fight about God, about land, about history, about politics, about life, death and everything in between. If they aren’t fighting, they aren’t breathing. Maybe it’s time we all step back and let them annihilate each other and then take out the one left standing, because we will be their next target. While a scorched earth policy is never popular, I’m not sure there is any other way to deal with a group of people who have decided that not only are they in charge, they are “god”.

If we had a commander in chief who did more than posture and pose, who invested in our military personnel, who approved of success and who had not only confidence but respect for our military (someone like Ronald Reagan) the middle east might not be the quagmire it has become. Maybe instead of NASA outreach, we should have had  Navy Seal reach out and stopped Arab states from thinking they own the planet.  Maybe we should have opened our oil reserves, passed the Keystone pipeline and encouraged other countries to deal with us not them.  Maybe instead of playing golf, vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and stumping on the campaign trail our president should have been paying attention to not just the words but the attitudes of Arab leaders. Maybe instead of complaining to the French President about having to deal with Israel everyday, they both should have be listening to their intelligence services (does France have one?  not a dig but I don’t ever remember hearing about one).

But you know both Obama and Sarkosy have more important things to deal with.  Sarkosy has a hot wife and lots of rich, elite friends to play with and Obama and the misses can’t seem to go more than a month and a half without a major vacation break, not to mention the 90+ rounds of golf he’s played.  The world will just have to get on with the paradigm of deconstruction all by itself.

I think the Israelis have shown admirable restraint.  They haven’t nuked anyone yet.  If the international community does not step in however there’s going to be a real run on virgins in the here after.  Some men might get virgin Fleas or Chihuahua’s or Shrews. No where does it say what kind of virgins, so the afterlife might be a tad disappointing for the followers of Islam.  Of course if the Christians are right it’s not going to go well for them anyway.  Imagine having to explain why and how you killed thousands of people to the person who created them.

Epic Fail.

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