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Question: God Particle

I have a question. Well I have lot and lots and lots of questions but this is the one I’m dealing with today.

This Just In: Brainless Boson Outwits Scientists

Now I’ll be the first to tell you physics is not my thing.  Science and I have a love hate relationship.  It at times fascinates me and at others it repels me. Most of the time I’m really not sure what these folks are talking about but I get that someone needs to study and be able to understand the workings of our universe (as far as it is possible to do so).

If an intelligent designer was at the helm He/She/It  is so far advanced that we will never catch up.  If the forming of the cosmos was just a random act, then logic would dictate that those random acts continue to occur in the same fashion. But if it were truly random would logic still apply, randomness being the antithesis of logic?  Circular thought, got to love it, or go insane. Anyway, while it would be interesting to study, it would be difficult to make definitive conclusions based on the idea that things could change without notice, randomly.

Here is where science veered of the path for me.  Evolution is a very popular theory.  Many in scientific community adhere to it like a Baptist preacher to his Bible.  They are unshaken by any new evidence to the contrary and refuse to admit that if animals were still evolving somewhere on the earth there’d be a “missing link”.  Why did animals stop evolving from one species to another, when, how, where?  Do creatures adapt, absolutely. Does their appearance change, sometimes. Do they become a different species, not that I’m aware of.  I think that would have been pretty big news.  Lizards are not evolving into birds or vise versa, at least not in my little slice of heaven on earth.

Is it important to try to understand the natural laws which govern our planet, solar system, galaxy?  Sure, to do otherwise would be counter productive. We need to research, to experiment, to try to understand.  But all of this needs money and research doesn’t always create a windfall for the scientist, their university, business or even government. In some places,  where theocracy reigns supreme it can be downright dangerous.  After all not every path of scientific research can be as marketable and profitable as “Climate Change”.  The people who’ve made billion off of this are amazing.  Not to mention the power grabs it enabled governments to make.  Money and power the twin disciplines that energize our “real” world.

So I will continue to be skeptical about these scientific discoveries. I just refuse to accept the latest “wizbang new discovery” and incontrovertible fact. I have my own opinion which I’ve expressed here in the past. I am a person of faith but that doesn’t mean I refuse to accept scientific theories for how things work.  I have not ever found anything that can’t be reconciled with my faith but then I put no limits on what I believe and agree that all men should be allowed to believe as they wish. Let the worship how, where or what they may. (11 Article of Faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)


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