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President Obama,

We are now 2+ months out from the national election.  It is time to unveil your plans for our country.  It is time for you to show us what you envision for the next four year.  It is time sir, to put up or shut up.

Please no more nasty, snarky little adds with lies, half-truths and misrepresentations.  Not more code words, no more claims of bias, racism and greed. No more excuses, no more blaming others for your mistakes and failures.  Cowboy up, sir.  Grow a pair.  Lead, for a change.

While I realize that there is no way for you to run on your record, abysmal as it is, that is no reason to become even more of a hiss and a byword than you already are. We need a leader, someone who thinks more about the good of others than they do of themselves.  We need someone who understands the idea of “public service” and “limited government” and basic liberties.   We need someone who doesn’t see the Constitution as some paper written by a bunch of old white guys.  We need someone who believes in the exceptionalism of the American people. We need someone who’s proud of their country, who’s invested in her future and who has some idea other than as a computer model how business actually works and who’s balanced a checkbook or even seen a balance sheet.

So Mr. President if you and your campaign sycho-phants can’t see your way clear to acknowledge the American drive for excellence, if you can’t put the good of the country ahead of your radical leftwing progressive agenda, please, please, please leave DC and find a socialist utopia you can stomach.

The rest of us would like to get back to living in the greatest country in the world.  We’d like to improve our lives and assure our children’s prosperity.   We like to fix the mess you’ve already made.


Seanmahair (a conservative blogger, mommy, grandmother, and unemployed BA holder)

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Far be it from me to point our unpleasant facts.  After all why should I shake up your world and make you uncomfortable with your delusions of reality?  These days when someone suggests the sky is falling, they are usually the ones thrown off the train or under the bus or hung out to dry.

Here’s a little story that didn’t get much play in the main stream media. It doesn’t fit the narrative.  The powers that be don’t want anyone to know and even if they know those in control want everyone to consider anyone who is concerned about it is a reactionary or fanatic or a fringe dweller.

So the questions on my mind are, how did a Russian attack sub spend all that time in the Gulf?  What exactly do we have a Navy for if not to protect us from threats like this?  So this is the kind of  military force the president has in mind for the future?  What were the Russians doing there, vacationing?  Who exactly is in charge of monitoring these types of issues and were they at a Frat party during the entire month or watching the Bond retrospective?  Where is the outrage at the administration for putting an entire section of the country in jeopardy?  Who’s head will roll?   You can bet it will be a career officer not a political hack.  Where are ABC,CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of our intrepid investigative journalist?  Vetting Paul Ryan?  After 14 year in Congress I’m sure there’s dirt they haven’t been able to make up yet.  It’s early days.

Suggestion.  Next time Obama wants to manufacture a crisis, get the media on board first.  Send out Joe Biden to make stupid blanket statements about the lameness of our Navy and the integrity of our Russian comrades.   That way everyone will be sure to be focused on the distraction instead of the lack of accomplishments, failed policies and unkept promises of someone who doesn’t even have Paul Ryan’s job experience.  At least Ryan had one job that wasn’t government subsidized.

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Let’s Review

In 2008 Mitt Romney was faced with a choice. He could either fight for the nomination at the convention or he could drop out and support the defacto nominee. This can’t have been an easy choice. The fact that McCain and Huckabee colluded to insure that Romney would not be the nominee is not a question. Huckabee bowed out and threw his support to McCain, which was his right. Romney could have forced the issue at the convention but decided to withdraw to avoid splitting the ticket and insuring a victory for the democratic party.

Today on PJ Media there is a post about Mitt’s “Gutsy Choice”. In part it applauds Romney’s choice of Ryan as a running mate in spite of the fact that he, Romney, could be outshone Sen. Ryan.  This in fact is what real leaders do.  They make decisions for the good of the people. They put their needs, wants and desires behind what is good for the majority.  They serve citizens, hence the term “public servant”.  They understand that those who seek to lead must learn to serve first,  “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  Both Ryan and Romney understand this concept.

The president and his administration do not. They never have, they never will. They understand power, they understand force, they understand compulsion.  They do not understand service, nor do they understand the importance of example, integrity and transparency.  They seek to rule and reign not lead.  They inspire envy and contention.  They do not inspire unity.

I’m grateful to Mr Romney for making the “gutsy choice” and I am more grateful to Mr Ryan for accepting.  It will not be easy, fun or comfortable.  Ryan’s family and friend will be attacked, vilified and trashed.  I thank them in advance for their service and willingness to brave the whirlwind. The press will give them no quarter.   I will pray for them…………they are going to need it.

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