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“The Red Cross knows what it’s doing.  They will make sure that we get the resources to those families as swiftly as possible. ”  So where are they getting these resources from?  Why from donations of course.  Apparently the donating of food for those in need is no longer acceptable.  Or is it that because it was Gov. Romney and the new media was paying attention to him that Obama, always insecure had to find another way to take a stab at him.   Gov. Romney has been doing this kind of charity work most of his life.  He was a boy scout, has had 5 boy scouts.  They do food donation pick up every year.  Gov Romney has a lifetime of charity work under his belt.  Pres Obama doesn’t even know the meaning of the word charity.  Here’s a tip, it doesn’t mean to take money from the government and give it to the Red Cross.

Unfortunately for Gov. Romney he can’t help like he would probably like to because of the circus that follows him everywhere.  In his position I might tell the press that if they want to continue to follow me around they’d better get some work boots and gloves because everyone was going to be doing some heavy lifting.  The LDS community believes that “Charity is the pure love of Christ”.  They stand always ready to help local officials and organizations with food, clothing, shelter and yes with donations. In this case members throughout the country stand ready not to help just Mormons but all those in need.

Obama is using finally doing his day job.  There are people who think he should be feted for that.  Many others think it’s too little, entirely too late.  Where was he after the last Hurricane when it took him days to find the time to tour the destruction?  Where was he when foreign leaders wanted to meet with him, oh yes on the View.  Where was he when people were dying in Libya, oh yes on his way to Vegas.  So now less than 7 days before the election he looks “presidental”.  Seems to me he should have thought about putting on his President costume in 2008.   We could have used an actual “president” instead of the poser we’ve been living with for the past three plus years.

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Over and over I have heard (before the debates) that Mitt Romney is just a rich suit.  That he’s an elitist.  That he doesn’t understand real problems.  That he can’t possibly know what problems the average American faces.  That he doesn’t  understand single mothers, fathers, broken families, families with drug, alcohol or other problems. I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around this because I’m coming at it from a LDS (Mormon) perspective.  So allow me  in my ineffectual way to offer a look into why I am confused at this portrayal of a man who spent several years as a Bishop and then as a Stake President  in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The LDS (Mormon) church has no paid local clergy.  Bishops, Stake Presidents and other local leaders receive no pay, stipend or monetary support for their service.  Each Ward (congregation) has upwards of 300 members, usually a third of which are under the age of 18.  The Bishop is the ecclesastical leader, who has two councilors.  They are responsible for the running of the ward and supervise the other organizations within the unit.  The Bishop is also responsible for the Priest Quorum (boys ages 16-18) as he is the president of that quorum assisted by two assistants who are members of that quorum.  The Bishop along with his councilors sees to the needs of the congregation assisted by both Home and Visiting Teachers.  These members are assigned to look out for and visit members of the ward monthly and bring to the bishop any needs, spiritual or temporal, that he needs to address.

Bishops council with members of the ward on all sorts of issues.  Most are spiritually based but many bleed over into other areas, financial, moral, to name just a few.  Budgeting, job hunting, addiction, family problems, behavior issues all are subjects a bishop must address. Most wards do not have just wealthy people in them, but even if they did wealth is no barrier to the problems affecting our society.  Disobedience to commandments brings upon people secular as well as spiritual  consequences.  Bishops of wards deal with differing  socio-economic levels but similar problems.

As a Stake President, who is the leader of groups of Wards (congregations) in an area, one would fulfill the same kinds of roles.  While a Stake President doesn’t deal as often with individuals, he is responsible to help train and lead Bishops with the help of councilors and a 12 member body called the High Council.  He makes decisions for the good of his Stake and calls leaders to positions within the stake by inspiration.  These men and women are not called because they gave a lot of money to the church, or because they are business leaders.  Members do not aspire to callings, one cannot ‘”run” or “campaign” to any calling.  Most members when called to positions of authority are humbled that the Lord would give them the opportunity to serve their brothers and sisters  and most are somewhat concerned about whether or not they can do a good job. Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is at the head of the church and so he is in effect their boss as well as their brother. (if He’s the Son of God and we’re God’s children that makes him our brother) They love him and want to do what he’s asked them to do and do it well.

I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for over around 35 years.  I have lived in Florida, New York, Maryland, Utah, Michigan, Kansas and the Republic of the Philippines.  I know what Mormons believe and how their organizations function and have held leadership positions in every organization in which I was eligible.  I know what I’m talking about because I live it every day and have for 35 years.  So that is why I’m confused at this portrayal of Mitt Romney as someone divorced from the average American.  More than any president in the last 20 years he is uniquely qualified to know about the problems of all  Americans, and uniquely qualified to lead this country from the brink of disaster to solvency.  Because if he can’t we are well and truly finished as a country as a people and as a world.

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I’ve just returned from taking my child to school this morning.  On my way back I tuned into a local radio program here in my little corner of heaven.  The host, a local conservative, was talking  to a nurse who works in geriatric long term care.  She was educating the host about some of the changes in Medicare because of Obamacare, none of them for the better.

She maintained that the changes have caused a drop in the quality of care especially to the elderly.  There is so much paper work that now has to be done that patient care is suffering.   Dr. offices are having to hire extra transcriptionists instead of health care professionals due to all the extra paperwork.  Then there’s the issue of who gets treatment and whether or not Dr.s are going to be able to factor in “spunk” when deciding if someone gets treatment. After all “spunk’ can’t be put on a bureaucrats actuary table.

Oh and here’s something that should shiver your timbers.  This past summer one part of Obama care already went into effect.  If your heart should stop beating for any reason, EMS can perform 20 min of CPR.  If you don’t have a pulse by then they  CAN NOT transport you to the hospital.  If you are in the emergency room it’s the same procedure.  They will not do anything else for you. As I understand it not shock treatment, no IV’s, no needle to the chest.  (I’m not a medical person so I don’t know all the names for what they do but I took  first aid classes-years ago so I know they do more than just CPR) You are dead.

As bad as all this  is the worst thing it seems is the dehumanizing effect of this “landmark” legislation.  People are no longer people, they are relegated to numbers on a spreadsheet.  The lady who spoke on radio today works with Alzsheimers patients.  The government wants a second opinion on their diagnosis’ .  This means these patients have to be transported by the institution or families (out of their “safe environment” which is very bad for peoples suffering from the disease) to another facility.  It may take weeks and months to get them back to where they were.   Then there are the added costs. The people who have to travel with the patient, the added time back in their “homes’ it takes to help them become reacclimated.  These are elderly people who don’t know who they are, don’t know where they are and like the movie Fifty First Dates sometimes start over every day from scratch.  What they need is consistency, not chaos.

But as many of us have said for the last 3 years, Obamacare is not about quality care, it’s not about people and it’s never been about patients.  It’s all about money and power.  The power to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die.  I don’t want some government employee deciding whether I can have an operation or not.  Like the government workers responsible for making the decisions on security in Benghazi they may decide that they have too much to do to read my file or look at my case or they’re too busy talking about who was kicked off Survivor to pay attention to my medical problem.  After all it’s not like they’ll have to be on Obamacare.  They’re some of the exceptions, along with Congress and the President.  If it’s such a good deal all of them should have to sign up, and be seen first.  I’d vote for that.

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From the president who gave us “Fast and Furious”, we have “Ignorant and Counterfeit”.   Forty Five percent of Americans claim they own guns. That’s approximately 90 million people. These are legal gun owners. They buy their guns at gun shops, large retailers (Wal Mart, Cabelas, Gander Mountain), on line and from each other.  In the vast majority of cases these are trackable transactions. Unlike guns owned by those who commit crimes.  Those are usually not purchased anywhere that can be traced, and their owners don’t identify themselves as “gun owners”.  They don’t want to be identified in any way shape of form, because they’re criminals whether they’ve committed a felony or not.  It’s only a matter of time.

Why is it that 45 percent of Americans, roughly 90 million folks now own a weapon, in fact many own several? Could it be that Americans have less faith in their government? Could it be that many are afraid of their neighbors, or law enforcement?  Could it be that many believe that they are targets because of their skin color, their religious beliefs, their political ideology?  Could it be that especially with the current administration people believe that the powers that be seek to disarm the populace in order to force on them egregious and unfair policies?  Could it be that many who have learned from history are determined not to repeat it?

It is a fact that dictators move to disarm their populace in order to put themselves firmly in power.  Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Castro did it, many of the tin plated megalomaniacs over the centuries have done so.  In order to “keep everyone safe” many dictators have put into place regulations/laws that infringe on a persons right to defend themselves, their families and their property. As Benjamin Franklin opined, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”( Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759).

Now if you were the president would this not bother you? Wouldn’t you seek to dispel the notions that “we have nothing to fear” but our own government?  After all it was just these kinds of sentiments that spawned a revolution that shook the entire world.  Wouldn’t you think that those in government would be more concerned with the undercurrent of distrust than promoting it?

Not if you understand the group think mentality of those in power today.  They don’t believe these numbers. The numbers are inflated they say.  Real Americans (the ones who vote for them) don’t really believe the government is out to get them.  The interesting thing is that it isn’t the radical that own guns, it isn’t the anarchist that seeks to retain their liberties, it isn’t the liberal who is afraid of it’s own government, it isn’t the non-producer, the non-maker, the no tax payer that doesn’t trust those in charge of protecting our freedom and liberty.

Apparently the enemy of the state is those who actually produce things, those who make the economy grow, those who pay taxes, who start businesses, who create jobs, who strengthen infrastructure, who create families and descendants.   It is those people who are the problem.  Well those problems have decided to draw a line in the sand.  They have decided that no one is going to take any more away from them.  So all those threatening violence over this election had best get their affairs in order.  Law abiding citizens don’t go looking for trouble but when it comes knocking at the door they are more than willing to handle it directly, because they know now that they don’t have anyone else to turn to.  Like in Bengazhi there won’t be any Calvary coming to the rescue.  Not for them.

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The next time anyone brings up why I won’t vote for Barak Hussein Obama, I’m going to use this quote;

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: From all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

This is the bible of the progressives.  Whether or not these people worship Lucifer or if they just see him as a role model matters little to me.  The fact that they are so far gone as to be on the side of an entity who is working desperately to destroy them makes me sure that these are not people I want to trust with my fate. It does however explain their thought processes on Islam, the environment and religion.  At least now I understand where the disconnect is.  Somewhat frightening but like a train wreck, something one just can’t look away from.

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I remember the election of 2008.  We were entering a post racial world, or that’s what we were told.  This president and his administration were going to usher in a new, kinder, gentler race dialogue.  We were going to be able to unite behind this our first African-American president.  Since Obama was in actuality bi racial this added to the mythology that he was uniquely American and therefore uniquely qualified to head this diverse country.

Instead what we’ve had is a steady diet of racism.  It seems the administration and their apologists have sought to enforce and spotlight every negative stereotype possible in their single minded quest for ultimate power.  They have been willing to abandon and dismantle all of the gains in civil rights our society has made in the last 50 or so years.  They had willing handmaidens from the left and from the right.   People who have been working behind the scenes to divide us have gained not just a foothold in popular culture but have set up base camp and  are perpetuating their poison within the administration themselves.

Now there is new threat although it’s  not really new.  We are to be held hostage, to give up our essential rights to free and honest elections by a group of thugs and miscreants.  If their guy doesn’t win they’re going to make us pay.  Of course the fact that their guy happens to be the same color as they, has no bearing on why they support him.  The fact that this man is the most incompetent, inexperienced, least capable of doing the job, which he has proven in the last three + years, should be cast aside.  We should vote for him because we’re afraid of the consequences.  We should in fact stay home and not vote if we don’t vote for him.  We can’t disagree with policies, ideas or ideology because if we do we are inherently racist.

Louis Farakhan has spoken in Charlotte NC about the need for blacks to resort to violence to keep the electorate “from keeping American White”.  Louis Farakhand the man who described New York City as “hymetown.  The man who helped bring us Tawna Brawley, a man who has called for the extinction of Israel and the Jews, He has suggested that his followers riot if the current resident of 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. is not returned to the throne.

Now I know that math is sometimes difficult for people to grasp.  I realize that people are not taught history and civics as they should be. (thanks in large part to an educational establishment run by left wing ideologues and former flower children who have a hate hate relationship with our Democratic Republic).  People who when it fits their designs are willing to discard our liberties, freedoms and laws to further their secular, socialist, communist agenda.  The numbers though do not lie.  There are roughly 12 % of the US population that claim to be African American.  Nearly 1 in 3 black men will be in prison at any one time and that does not even begin to count women.  After committing a felony one’s right to vote is restricted. So the actual number of those in this demographic is actually smaller.  We hear from Farahkan and others race dividers that if we don’t return the worst president in the history of the country to the White House they will “pistol whip” white people, they will riot in the streets, destroy our cities, kill our families and reign in horror upon the Earth.  Why again do we want anyone who promotes this kind of divisive doctrine who’s best is not on the good of all, only on the elevation of some to match their inflated opinions of themselves?  We’ve gone from people seeking to be equal to people being elevated over their fellow citizens.

We cannot go back in time to fix the mistakes of the past.  We can only acknowledge where we are and move forward to create the life we dream of.  That dream is being destroyed by a group of people who’s idea of public service is that the public is there as a piggy bank, some of the public, the actual producers, the job creators that is.  Instead of job creation by the private sector which is sustainable we have a rise in government employment, which sadly isn’t . Instead of coming together we are being driven apart.  We are being demonized by unscrupulous charlatans on both sides of the racial chasm, with an ever widening gulf between us.

It is time fellow citizens, black, white, red, green, blue, yellow or orange to come together, to put off hyphenated modifiers and become Americans.  We need to ask not what is good for us, but what is good for our families, friends and neighbors.  It is time to show race baiters that this is a “dog that won’t hunt.”  Now before the shooting starts we need to make it perfectly clear we will make quite sure that should there be violence,  it will never happen again.

We are not black or white, hispanic or european. We are Americans.


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So the Vice Presidential debate is over.  Did I watch it? No I didn’t.  I hate it when people lie to my face.  I am tired after a century, of having people lie right to my face.  They know it’s a lie, they know I know it’s a lie and yet there they go, lying like there’s no tomorrow.  This group in Washington has no moral compass, no common sense and no grasp of reality.  They lie even when telling the truth will do them more good.

Of course their apologists will say (shriek, let’s be honest) “When did they ever lie”.  Well;

1. This will be the most transparent administration.  Please, don’t insult my intelligence by even trying to defend this.

2. Jobs will be our first priority.  After taking over 1/6 of the economy, after bailing out auto companies who should have been forced to restructure, after over regulating people out of work, after spending trillions of dollars on bailouts that went oversees or into the unions pockets, after spending even more trillions of dollars on a stimulus that stimulated the bank accounts of the “friends of Barry and friends of Joe and Nancy and Chucky, Chris and Barney”.  After siding with our enemies, throwing our allies under the bus and managing to set back race relations about 40 years.

3. Green jobs that never materialized and that are going away faster than ice in the Mohave.

4. Supporting the military:  I guess that’s why the Fort Hood shooting is “workplace violence” instead of a terror attack (which of course it was) but handing out Purple Hearts to people who actually put their lives on the line for their brothers and sister in arms doesn’t have as much cachet as it used to. Then there is the fact that FOB (friend of Barry) Valerie Jarrett a glorified admin assistant gets a security detail of 6 Marines while the ambassador in Benghazi had one security person who ran at the first sign of trouble.  Vienna got Chevy Volts and a one hundred thousand dollar battery station and Benghazi got what again, oh yeah, they got what they had taken away.

5. The Justice Department or should I say the Injustice department.  These folks can’t seem to arrest illegal aliens, drug dealers, gun runners, vote suppressors or tax cheats but they can sure put whistle blowers in jail, especially when they blow the whistle on some FOB.

6. Vacations, golf games, date nights and fund raisers:  Since the economy is so bad my family and I didn’t take a vacation and we haven’t for years.  We don’t go out on dates often and as for giving money to charities or political events, it is to laugh.  Good to know the first family can spend some of that hard earned cash we worked so hard for.  Wouldn’t want them to have to cut back like the rest of us.


7. The Labor numbers: The math just doesn’t add up and then there are the millions of Americans out of work. They know there aren’t many real full time decent paying jobs.  There’s plenty of fast food part time jobs but not a lot of feed your family types of jobs. Someone is cooking the books and unfortunately for the administration we’ve caught them at this before.

There’s more, there’s pages more but you get my drift.

Years ago I told my children the story of ” The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.  Apparently no one in this administration was ever told that story or if they were they obviously didn’t understand it.  Here’s the gist.  A shepherd was given the job to look out for the flock and told if the wolves come yell and we’ll come to help.  He wanted to test this and so he called the villagers and they came running.  The boy thought it was so funny he did it over and over again.  Eventually they townspeople stopped coming and the boy and the sheep were killed by the wolves.

The moral to the story is don’t lie, the applicable lesson for today is that if you lie often enough eventually even when you tell the truth no one will believe you.  This is where folks are today.  They don’t believe those in charge because they’ve spent so much time lying to us that we believe nothing they say. Eventually they will need us to believe them and we won’t. As with the debacle in Benghazy most people know the administration lied and some are finally waking up to the thought, “if they lied about this what else have they lied about.”

The answer is everything.  I have no doubt Joe Biden believes what he says and believes he’s fighting the good fight.  The sad thing is that he’s an embarrassment to his party and his state. He like Susan Rice, Jay Carne and the rest of the people Obama’s sent out to carry water have lost any credibility they might have once had, they have prostituted themselves on the altar of Obamanation.

Somewhere, some village is missing it’s idiot. Hopefully in January Joe will be able to go back and pick up his hat and tambourine and fit right back in.  Barry may have a harder time but Hawaii’s an interesting place.  At least they won’t have to worry about vacations.

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