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In the last couple of months there has seemed to be a preponderance of events focusing on violence perpetrated by those who are mentally ill.  It could be postulated that anyone who murders groups of people, innocents, children, those in service to the community and the elderly are ipso facto mentally deranged.  That they are also morally bankrupt goes without saying.

So where will the blame come to rest.  On a society that has steadily disintegrated into a boiling, churning mass of egos, offenses and victimhood?  On a government so intrusive as to be incestuous? On a justice system that is deaf, dumb and blind to the eternal consequences of the abdication of it’s responsibilities?  On a school system fractured from within and assaulted from without?  On a political system that promotes incompetence, ineptness and ignorance over anything remotely successful?

In reality the basic bedrock of our problem, the core of our illness, the site of our cancerous tumor is the deplorable condition of the American Family.

This once great, noble and essential organization has become a catch all for any group of people united by whatever nebulous ties they choose to attach themselves to.  Mothers and fathers have become passe.  Grandmothers and Grandfathers are lost in a crowd of step-this and step-that.  There are half brothers, step sisters, partners, companions, common law this or that.  Most people never even see cousins in their life times.  Families that used to live in the same city now no longer even live in the same area of the country.  There is no real support system, no one knows anyone else well enough to tell when they are going off the rail, and in reality everyone is so focused on their own issues and ambitions that even if someone told them, they wouldn’t pay any attention.

Of course one of the major issues in the destruction of the family is the feminist falsehood ” you can have it all”.  Of course you can’t have it all.  Only an idiot would believe that.  Something will have to give and for the past 50 years at least that thing has been the family.  Why are our children not doing as well in school? Because there are very few responsible parents at home to make sure children DO their homework, that they are doing it correctly and that they are turning it in at school and if they don’t that there are consequences that can be enforced.  Our children are being brought up by strangers who have no vested interest in their success and are mainly interested in a paycheck.  On the other side people who work in daycare can often be heard to complain about children who come unprepared for the day, no breakfast, in pajamas, with dirty diapers and unwashed.  Teachers deal with the same issues.  Children who obviously got themselves to school or the bus without coats, gloves, sometimes socks and shoes in the coldest weather.

Parents are under fire as well. In this economy both are having to work sometimes multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Of course the fact that they “need” a new car, or smart phone, or computer or TV or what ever the newest thing is doesn’t help. These parents are exhausted beyond measure physically, intellectually and emotionally thanks in no small part to workplaces that are a sources of stress and contention with environments like ” The Office” the norm instead of simply fodder for inane situation comedies. Bosses are arbitrary, vindictive and mercurial and jobs are either stressfully complicated or insanely boring. We have lost our way, becoming less humane and much more animalistic. The abdication of morality has brought us to the brink of annihilation and we are heading over the cliff like the lemmings we’ve become.

So instead of making life better, instead of inclusion, instead of acceptance we  have become alienated, isolated and self absorbed.  We spend our time alone on the computer or on the phone.  Next time you are in a gathering look around and see how many people are on their I Pods, cell phones, I Pads or the like.  How many people have a plug in their ear all the time.  How many people actually enjoy interacting with those around them?  This should tell you why we have people cracking under the strain.  It doesn’t really take a village to raise a healthy child. It may help but it is essential to have a functioning family in order to produce productive, mentally stable citizens.  To many this is an offensive stand but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Families are the cornerstone on which civilizations are built.  We have massive cracks in our foundation and if we don’t look to our own families we may not have civilization to save.


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I have some questions for the cosmos.

1. Since when is Tim Tebow the only football player to go down on one knee in acknowledgement of his success coming from above? There are hundreds of sportsmen and women who in some way publicly show appreciation for the entity who they believe blessed them with the talent and abilities that they were able to call upon to succeed at their endeavor.

I grew up watching football and I know of what I speak.  No one commented on this behavior. No one was offended because someone believed differently then they did.  No one cast aspersion at least publicly against someone’s right to believe whatever they chose.

Since when did we became a nation of emotional basket cases, reduced to whining and carping at every little perceived slight?  Could it be that there are those among us who fell guilty about their lack of morality?  Who know they should believe in something but refuse to do so due to an unwillingness to admit that there is something greater and more powerful then themselves? Could it be in their heart of hearts they know that a Supreme Being exists but they are unwilling to change their destructive behavior out of hubris or pride?   Could it be like children, they want what they want and no one is going to get in their way?

I don’t really know and I’m not sure how much I care.  My belief system has so little to do with the people of this world as to not even be in the same phylum.  The one thing that may keep me out of heaven is the almost total disgust and derision I view the human species with.  Individual people I love/like, people as a group are “dumb panicky animals” as Agent K in Men in Black famously said, interested only in satisfying whatever animal urge is working on them at the time. Don’t believe me, head on out to Wal Mart this evening about 7 pm and see for yourself.

2. David Patreous was forced to resign from leading the CIA over an illicit affair?  Since when is morality a prerequisite for a government job?  Since when was having an affair cause for dismissal?

Oh and apparently the woman involved is not going to be charged.  Not charged, for what?  Illegal use of email?  Bad decisions? Immorality? Seriously we have 4 dead Americans from Benghazi and nobody’s going to suffer for that except the families and friends of the deceased.  The United States Justice Department has thrown out the rule of law and now only acts on whatever it is that “the Emperor” has decided is important.  The protection of certain minority groups is more important than the protection of the majority of it’s citizens and now no one is willing or interested in protecting the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.

John F Kennedy was a serial philanderer as was his brother Teddy who was also a murderer.  Bill Clinton was a predator who took advantage of the vulnerable and naive.  John Kerry was proved a liar and a cheat.  Barney Frank was incompetent and little Chucky Schummer was shown to be all three. And those are just the most egregious examples, there are hundreds nay thousands of examples on both sides of the political chasm and in all communities and ethnicities of this kind of abhorrent behavior.  While Dr Seuss may have believed a person is a person no matter how small, the smallness of a persons character has a direct correlation to their humanity or lack there of.

The blanket hypocrisy rolling forth from Mt Obama and it’s  high priests and sycophants is phenomenal.  Makes ancient Greek mythology look like a veritable cornucopia of upstanding and moral giants by comparison.

3. Tomorrow the world is supposed to end 12-21-12 according to the Mayans.  Where are the nay sayers, where are the eco-nazies, the leftist head scratchers?  Why aren’t they planning a going out of business sale or some other such nonsense? Do they in their hubris not understand the possibilities, after all of the publicity, the many TV shows which show this  as a backdrop? I don’t know but I can tell you this, when my Father calls me home I’m going to be ready to leave. It is only my belief in an after life that keeps me here at all.

So if tomorrow it should all go to pot I want my loved ones to know that “I will love you forever” and thats how all that needs said about that.

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It’s been more than a month since I wrote the preceding post and I was truly not intending to ever blog again.  I have felt for quite some time that the hubris of thinking my thoughts and opinions would make a rat’s haunch of difference had finally fallen like the turkeys on WKRP’s Thanksgiving episode.  I still think that but occasionally I come across something so blindingly ridiculous, so morally bankrupt, so without any reasonable reality that I just can’t stand not to make a comment. So here it is for what it’s worth.

Why does God allow evil? | Fox News Video

So why does God “allow” evil?  Well for starters why should God give a rat’s haunch what happens to human beings.  They have thrown Him out of their schools, their town halls, the federal government, parks, cemeteries, community centers, homes and in some cases churches.  They take His name in vain almost every second, they damn people in His name, they spit on His commandments, they abuse His followers and they commit atrocities in His name without His authority.  They have proven over and over again that God is only necessary when something awful happens, then we turn to Him, then He’s supposed to forget all the abuse and hate humans have thrown at Him. He’s supposed to overlook the total disregard and disgust He’s been held in.  God is supposed to forgive us just because we are in trouble.

It doesn’t work like that, but trying to educate people whose only thought is “what’s in it for me”, is insane (doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome).  They don’t want to know God, they don’t want to follow God, they don’t want to understand God.  It’s too much trouble, it’s too hard, it’s too restrictive, it’s too boring.  I can bet you that the folks who lost loved one’s today would give a lot to spend some boring time with those they won’t see again in this life.

Of course there will be another round of “guns are evil” led by the criminal head of the justice department and his enabler.  The fact is that you can’t legislate crazy.  You can provide security for schools so that someone on site is registered and trained to carry a weapon.  These nutcases and crazy people strike at schools precisely because they’re certain the children and teachers are sitting ducks.  Guns aren’t allowed on the property so there is zero risk to them.  They can perpetuate any atrocity they chose because it will take at least 5 min. to get the first responders on scene. If on the other hand these nutjobs were taken out before the first shot was fired that might make them think twice about attacking something we Americans are supposedly passionate about protecting.  As I have always told my children “talk is cheap”.  Once guns are banned the law abiding citizen will have NO protection. Criminals may as well put up open season posters with your wife, sister, younger brother, mother, father, children’s pictures on them.

As Charlton Heston famously said, “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.”  I have NO confidence in the federal government, and very little confidence in law enforcement.  The justice department is a farce and the Attorney General is a joke.  We stopped being a nation of laws when we surrendered to the “cult of celebrity” which brought us President Bengahizi and Uncle JoJo the dog faced idiot. But  I draw the line at blaming God for our current issues.  We made them ourselves, we need to own that.

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