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Driving home today I listened to the Jason Lewis radio show.  I usually listen to the local classical station but “All Things Considered” was on and I don’t listen to that…….it offends me. Why? Because “all things” are not considered, if they were the people who report the “news” and their listeners would have to actually think about their hypocrisy, their blanket intolerance and their unwillingness to accept that reality is NOT rainbows, moonbeams and unicorns (doing what they do naturally-If you been here before you know about my apparent fixation with unicorn dung….. which is very good manure if you’re going to plant magic beans for a bean stalk but not so good for grown an economy).

Mr Lewis was reporting on the latest round of Tyranny in the  US.  Seems that someone is offended by Volkswagon’s new super-bowl commercial where a white guy from Michigan channels a Jamaican bobbsledder encouraging people to “drive happy”.  Apparently a white guy pretending to be a black guy is just like blackface, but a black guy pretending to be a white guy (see Eddie Murphy in Trading Places) is flat out hysterical .  Oh and apparently Taco Bells in trouble too for making fun of vegetables.  I wonder if vegetables have a political action committee or union to mount the protests and speak for them?

All of this got me to thinking, pondering actually, about the right not to be offended.  Funny thing, in the 45 credit hours of upper division history classes I had to take for my degree I don’t remember anything in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta or the Hammurabi Code, the Hyppocratic oath or the Bible that declared that one had the right not be offended.  While we are encouraged not to deal unkindly with others there is no law or commandment that prevents offense.  How could that be enforced? What one man finds offensive is simply comedy or drama to someone else.

So this got be to thinking about the things that offend me.  (Now I’m sure someone is going to offended by this list but truthfully with all the things I have to be tolerant about I’ve got to say that I simply don’t care if you’re offended.)  I didn’t make you come here you can leave anytime and not come back ever.  That children is the glory of choice, freedom and liberty, something some people in this country can’t seem to wrap their minds around.

Now, what really does offend me.  It’s an extensive list so I’ll just hit the high points.

Tyranny:  This offends me in any way, shape, color or form.  Blanket intolerance, parental over reach, busy bodies, government power grabs, spousal abuse(physical and mental), liberal litmus tests, the rewriting of history to include 21st century sensibilities are just the tip of this iceberg.

Hypocrisy: While all of us have some hypocrisy the over the top attitudes of those in the “adventure movie/dramas” genre who had the gall to decry violence in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting make be want to retch.  How dare they scold legal gun owners who use their weapons for hunting and protection while they and their “peeps” waste thousands of rounds of ammunition just to “get the shot” and even then they don’t get it right.  People whose constant mantra of ” it’s for the children or we have to protect the children” also offend me because without a doubt they are the same people pushing for greater access to abortion and contraception for younger and younger children,  gay marriage and adoption, after all nothing shows how to be a good man like two mommies.  Then there are the TV shows and movies that heap carnage all over the world. I guess they expect only the well adjusted to come to their slasher films.  If that were the case most of Hollyweird would be empty and TV would physically become the vast wasteland that they actually are intellectually, morally and emotionally.

Immorality:  I am tired of seeing on TV (before I can switch channel) in the movies (and trailers for movies) I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to see and in books ( Gray apparently being the color of pornography) half naked women/men prancing around pretending that sex is just a physical response, much like sneezing or coughing.  I’m tired of being assaulted by sexual innuendo, awful writing and poor stories.  I’m tired of their being no one in said media that one could consider a hero or the good guy. In the rush to promote equality, we have lowered the bar so that we are all mediocre. Mendacity.

Filthy language: Guess what my God had nothing to do with whatever you just said “Oh God” about. He is not going to damn someone just because you said so.  Also don’t use F*^as a punctuation mark, it makes you sound stupid and childish  if you’re a man or woman, and cheap and uneducated if you’re a woman. Guess what,  I try very hard to never say that word and the other foul and disgusting curse words that I hear everyday so hearing it is OFFENSIVE.  Also do not tell me the personal specifics of you’re reproductive operations.  I really don’t want to hear about your abortion, sterilization or hysterectomy or prostate exam.  I also don’ t want to hear (in the vegetable aisle at WalMart ) about you’re latest one night stand or you’re cheating heart.

Stupidity offends me. Not ignorance mind you, stupidity.  Sometimes you just don’t know something, which can be fixed.  The idea of doing something patently stupid to get back at someone is asinine in the extreme.  Cigarettes will kill you, that’s not opinion, that’s fact.  Maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later.  Guns don’t jump off the table and hurt people and people who have no real experience should not be hired to run anything especially not a country and you don’t pick a running mate based on whether or not he’s expendable .  Presidential insurance.  So sad.

Public officials who lie to me offend me.  Don’t bother to lie, just tell me what I need to know and don’t try to take away my rights as a citizen and as a child of God.  I’m offended by men who walk around like they have a load in their britches.  For Pete’s sake grow up and pull  up your pants, and young women you aren’t off the hook either. As my mom used to say ” What street corner are you going for?” Stop dressing like a hooker and maybe someone will take you seriously.

Feminists offend me.  I lay the destruction of our civilization at the door of rabid feminists. They lied to women by telling them that being a wife and mother wasn’t enriching enough, wasn’t good enough, wasn’t challenging enough.  They also claimed women could “have it all”.   Guess what there is NO job as challenging as being a mother, not one. Selfless service, thankless jobs, horrible hours and NO actual pay doesn’t sound like any job I’d like to take but the benefits are eternal and the experience is celestial.  The idea perpetrated by feminists that women and men are the same boggles the mind. For people who are supposedly so brilliant their stupidity is almost criminal.  Men and women are NOT the same, physically, emotionally or intellectually. Saying women and men are the same is like saying a lion has four paws, fur and teeth, and so does a meerkat they must be the same. I dare say the meerkat wouldn’t consider himself the same as the lion or vise versa.  Should women have choices and opportunities, absolutely, as long as they can do the job. As the mother of daughters I would like them to have the opportunity to do whatever it is they are capable of doing.  Capable being the operative word.

I am offended by a lot things. As I said this is just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to me that if I have to be tolerant of everyone else’s foibles they should either have to be tolerant to mine or stop being offensive.

Yeah and coming soon, pigs will fly (first class).

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Today on a local radio show the commentator (a personal friend) was describing his run in with one of our Representatives (US House).  This man is a second term Congressman and was bemoaning the fact that Conservatives think he should be able to change how Washington works “right now”.  He complained that people just didn’t understand the pressure, the amount of data, the complexities of the issues.  After all he told my friend, he’s only one person and they (the Congress ) are just trying to do their best for the whole country.

This got me thinking.  What do I expect of my elected representatives?  The ones that I voted for and the ones that I didn’t.  I’ve thought about it all day.  It’s cast a real pall over my whole day because I don’t believe I’m asking for a lot.  I’m not expecting people agree with me, pander to me and go about making my life a field full of sun shine, lollypops and rainbow crapping unicorns.  This applies not just to the gentleman that inspired my pondering but all those who “serve” at the publics pleasure.

So what do I expect:

1. Them not to lie to me.  If I didn’t vote for them I’m not going to be happy with most of the things they’ll want to do.  I didn’t vote for them because of their policies not their personalities or lack there of. I don’t even vote for or against people because of their color or ethnicity.  I vote FOR people not against someone else.  Contrary to black america skin color is not on my list of prerequisites for a job in government.

2. Do what you say your going to do. If you say you’re for term limits, get out after two terms.  If you say you’re against illegal immigration fight for tougher laws and securing the border.  If you think we live in a country that follows the rule of law stand up against the Justice Department and it’s universal disregard for the truth, for facts, for reality.  If you promised to uphold the constitution then do so.  All of it, including the 1st and 2nd amendments.  If you think gun rights are important than fight for them. But by all that’s holy do not tell me one thing and do the other and then have the audacity to patronize me and tell me I don’t know how hard it is to be you.  You don’t know how hard it is to be me either.  So we’re even.

3. I expect my elected officials to LISTEN TO ME.  Not agree but listen. I expect you to live HERE, where you’re elected from. I expect you to spend you’re free time HERE in your district.  I also expect you to go to Washington and then come back here to your home town and get a job.  I expect you to tell the government to take their golden parachute and retirement and put that money back into social security or the military or somewhere else where it’s really needed.

4. I expect you my elected official to fight all foes foreign and domestic up to and including the president of these United States. If someone is a threat to the Constitution, the country and it’s citizens I expect you to Cowboy up and stand your ground.  For pity sake stand for something.  God, Mom, Apple Pie…………there must be something you won’t give up.  I expect you to tell me the honest truth, even if I won’t like it, at the same time if you’ve lied or obfuscated in the past I’m not going to believe you.  Don’t insult my intelligence by making soundbites that you think I’ll love so you can cheat on me behind my back.  I don’t tolerate that in my personal life and I love my family, I won’t tolerate it from you either.

Most of all I expect you to play by the same rules I have to live by.  Balance the government check book, pay your bills, live within your means and for pity’s sake keep your hands and other appendages to yourselves.

Thank you.

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I’ve done this before. There are just too many juicy things to write about that I can’t decide which one to focus on so I’m going to spotlight a couple of the most interesting, unbelievable and downright outrageous.

‘I GO SHOOTING ALL THE TIME’  I don’t believe this.  He may shoot his mouth off, he may shoot the messenger, he may shoot pool but this man has never shot a gun in his life unless it was at a photo opt.  He’d wet his pants if he had to actually use a weapon to protect himself.  The lies just get bigger and bigger and more unbelievable.

Government Officials Can Still Own Assault Weapons Under Feinstein Bill… Somebody tell me this is a surprise.  We peons don’t need to be protected that’s what the government is for.  Why have a gun when you can wait 20 minutes for the police to arrive at the school with a gunman inside?  Seriously the 2nd amendment is for our protection from a government run amuck, not hunting.

O blames FOXNEWS and Limbaugh… This guys been in power for 4 years, 2 of them with a demoncratic  majority in both the House and Senate and hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years.  Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are more powerful than the United States government? If that was the case sir, you’d have been out of office in November and on your way back to your homeland (Kenya) where you belong.

LAND OF LINCOLN downgraded… Rated ‘worst’ state in country…  Anyone surprised here? Chicago had the strictest gun control laws in the country and the highest murder rate at 523 murders last year alone.  What with the mob, the welfare queens, food stamp thieves and general moonbattery I’m surprised they manage hang on to any kind of existence at all.

CBSNEWS Runs Segment: ‘Let’s Give Up On The Constitution’…  It’s way passed time to encourage all those journalists to move on to a new country.  They don’t like it here maybe they should move to I don’t know Iran perhaps( Journalists arrested in raids on newspapers…) It sounds like the perfect place for them.

Wave of violence as Compton changes… Latino gang intimidating blacks into leaving… Gee now that it’s happening to the black community we should swoop in and do something?  My parents experienced the same kind of thing in Baltimore in the 1950’s. I guess back them it just wasn’t that big a deal, oh right they weren’t hispanic or black so I guess it didn’t happen.

NYT: Biggest Carbon Sin is ‘Air Travel’… Good let’s ban air travel.  Obama, politicians, movie stars, jet setters all have to stay home or drive by car.  No more travel to Europe except by boat and only those with sails.  Should keep the propaganda purveyors from spewing their vomitis fantasies throughout the world and keep them  closer to where they have to live.  I like it.

A NEW REPUBLIC… Sorry we like our old republic Senator Palpatine. Sorry I forgot Emperor.  Go somewhere else and start your empire and take your droids with  you.

Man threatens Liberty Bell… I guess he threatened to blow it up with explosives he didn’t have.  Of course he might have broken it…..wait a minute………… it’s already broken. Never mind.

Pledges Crackdown on ‘Irresponsible Behavior’… So obama’s going to resign?  Oh he meant other peoples irresponsible behavior not the behavior that has kept the economy from growing or people from getting jobs or important things like that.  No he meant behavior by a insignificant number of, dare I say unbalanced people.  Maybe he should focus on ways for people to get help with their emotional problems instead of giving them an aspirin and sending them home as they plan to do on Obama care. As the country slides into decline we will see more of this and we can lay all of that at the door of the progressive, narcissistic, incompetent nimrod in the White House and the coven of sycophants he has surrounded himself with.

It’s late and I’ve had my fun. Hope it was fun you y’all as well.


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