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I went to the funeral of a good friend today. She was only 4 years older than I am.  She was a good person, someone who tried her best to leave the world a better place than she found it.  She did her best to practice her beliefs and be a good example of what a Christian should be.  She was a mom, wife, grandma, sister niece and friend to many.  She will be sorely missed.

As I listened to the talks and musical numbers I began to see a pattern emerging and began to ponder the implications.  I began to ask myself what I believe.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the literal Messiah and Savior of this world.

I believe in God the Eternal Father who has a body of flesh and bones (as does the Savior Jesus Christ)

I believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter and protector.

I believe that man will be judged for his own sins, not for anyone else’s

I believe in the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormons and Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants)

I believe that a prophet walks the earth today and his name is Thomas S Monson-President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I believe that you will learn more from reading the scriptures and going to church than in any other educational experience you will ever have.

I believe that God has restored the church that was on the earth at the time of Jesus.

I believer that God lives, Jesus is the Christ and I am a child of God.

(if this offends you I apologize but I refuse to go another day without stating my beliefs, or testimony because you never know how many days you have left)

In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Hollywood is at it again.  That anyone is surprised at the idea that Hollywood continues to take liberties with actual historic events, is fairly ludicrous.  Ms. Dowd of the Gray Lady seems to have had her head summarily in the sand and not as they say ” in the game.”  Of course she was at the movies with ” Jerry Rafshoon, who was a top aide to President Carter during the Iranian hostage crisis,” watching a movie about 6 hostages who escaped and were hidden by Canadian diplomats, so right there one wonders about her grasp of reality and history. After all Carter did not cover himself or his administration with glory over that debacle.  It seems that the film makers took liberty with the historical events to make the movie more dramatic as if the real life event of escaping murderous militant extremists wasn’t exciting enough.

She goes on to complain about Lincoln, which apparently filled with historical inaccuracies, a la Steven (never met a history event he couldn’t fundamentally change) Speilberg.  He like his favorite bud Barak Obama choses to rewrite history in his own image the difference between the two is Speilberg is interested in the bottom line, Obama is interested in “fundamentally changing” ie destroying the United States and he will use whatever nimrod entertainment “star” he can bamboozle.

Where were these people when Disney declared war on history in 1995?  The same year they announced plans for a History theme park in the state of Virginia, which thanks in great part to the citizens of Virginia went down in flames.  Disney gave the story of Pocahontas (or as it is referred to in my home Pocohauntus) the Speilberg treatment’ keeping only the names of the characters and the fact that the 12 year old Pocahontas saved the life of the 40ish John Smith by laying her head on his when her father was going to  have him killed.  There was NO romance between the two.  There was no jealous boyfriend.  There may have been members of the colony interested in gold, everyone was and most people today are as well but that is as far as the two are related in any way shape or form.

Here is an interesting question. Before Peter Jackson, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh and JK Rowling (who  had creative control over her films) Hollywood was notorious for taking a book that was very popular and gutting it, turning the movie into a pale imitation of the book, why?  The book was obviously good enough for people to read, buy, borrow or download. Why was it necessary to change something that was already a success into something that wasn’t even a bad imitation?   It’s one of the many reasons that authors were and are paranoid about turning their books over to screen writers.  It is one of the many reasons Clive Cussler after one horrific experience with the Hollywood food processor was reluctant to allow another of his books to be bastardized.  The movie “Sahara” while entertaining bore little resemblance to it’s hardback edition.

So the idea that someone of Ms. Dowd’s supposed reputation as a leader in her field, is surprised or disappointed in what is obviously a tenet of Hollywood film producing, strikes me as mendacious and patronizing.  I may live in the hinterland ma’am but I am not a rube.  We get the sea breezes off the gutter here too. My suggestion is stay away from “historical movies” and pick up a book instead. Of course these days one has to be careful about what one reads.


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Today on my drive home I heard a snippet on the news that made me want to get out of my car and start beating every liberal I could find.   What you might ask filled me so full of ire, what would throw me into such a apoplectic fit?

To some it may seem ridiculous to get so upset about this.  To others they may wonder at my dedication to knowledge.  I am however sick to death of seeing bandaids on every social ill when what is truly needed is major surgery.  I am tired of society ignoring the elephant in the living room.

It seems the president (and yes I know that’s supposed to be Capitalized but until someone in the office can act like an adult deserving of respect, I will be using the small p, same goes for democrat, republican, liberal, conservative …….) is going on the road with his new meme, auditioned at the State of the Union (which is not strong, but does suck strongly).  Apparently, the king of incompetence, thinks that children spend too much time in their homes.  It is now strongly recommended (by someone who doesn’t even bother to spend vacation time with his own children) that pre-school be universal.  Really?  And that’s going to help how exactly.

Well children that go to preschool do better in school, of course.  They do math better, read better, and are more independent.  What a pile of nonsense. I raised 6 strong independent producers. They all work, even if they stay home and do day care so they can be with their own children.  I have been in and around schools for the last 27 years.  It is my observation that the children who do well are the ones that come from traditional backgrounds.  They have a mother and father in the home.  Someone stays home with these children, sacrificing career goals, educational goal and monetary rewards.  They drive car’s into the ground, they live in modest homes in small towns, they don’t go out to dinner often, they pack lunches for themselves and their children. These folks grow gardens, volunteer at schools take part time jobs so that one of them is home when the kids are home.

Think about it for a minute, this man (and I use the term loosely) wants to take 4 year olds away from their parents, shove them into school with 300-400 kids who are all bigger then they are.  Some of these kids still nap in the afternoon and even if they don’t they are cranky, irritable and down right unhappy most of the afternoon.  They are ripe for abuse by older children because they really don’t know how to take care of themselves.  Children this age are sometimes incredibly shy which will not be cured by shoving them into a classroom with 10-15 other children who feel the same why.  What then are they supposed to do when they need a hug, when the world is not aligned and all they want is their mommy.  I guess those feelings can wait until they get home.  So you have children going home and spending the entire evening trying to wind down from their frustrating, irritating, very bad day.

Here’s my problem with all of that.  Children spend 9 hrs. a day in school, going to school, coming home from school. They’re in school in our area from the second week of August to the last week in May and have 6 weeks of summer vacation.  If you figure 20 days a month for 9 1/2 months (not counting the vacations and days off) that means children are in school for 190+ days a year.  There are only 365 days in a year this means they are away from their parents for about 1/4th of the year. Nine hours a day means they are spending 1/3 of their  actual day, more than 3/4 of their awake time in the company of someone the parent can’t even choose.  At least in daycare parents have the opportunity to choose the provider, at school you just get whoever is assigned to you.  They could be the best teacher in the world or they could be the worst, it’s just the luck of the draw.

My point.  It’s bad enough our 5 year olds are having to grow up too fast.  They are exposed to people and ideologies that they are not prepared for not because parents aren’t doing their jobs but because they aren’t emotionally, physically or intellectually ready to deal with what they’re exposed to.

If the president wants to take children out of bad homes, out of abusive homes, out of chaotic homes then he needs to make that case.  As for my grandchildren and their parents before them, they don’t need to be protected from their parents.  They need to be home with their mother or father more than they need to start school early.  They have 13 years to be indoctrinated by the state.  They need that extra year for their parents to be able to teach them right from wrong and good from bad.

It is apparent that in many districts mendacity, misinformation, political correctness and treason have taken the place of the Golden Rule.  Can’t we wait a year before teaching our children to “Do unto others before they do it unto you” or “ask not what you can do for somebody else, ask what the government is going to do for you?”

Or maybe we need more people who are totally disconnected from everyone.  That is what happens when you institutionalize people.  It’s doesn’t make them more accepting, it just drives them more introverted, especially when their emotional needs are not met.

So yeah, we don’t have enough perspective mass murderers and agents of destruction.  I’m surprise no one has brought up this question.  If schools are so very important to the social landscape why is it that mass shooting have increased along the same line as the length of time students spend away from home ?

Yeah, that elephant’s getting bigger and smellier  everyday.

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This just in from the freedom watchers and protectors at NBC news.  You remember these guys.  Those of the faked videos of late. You remember the Trayvon Martin video, the Mitt Romney video, the Sandy Hook Heckling video.  These are the professional journalists who feel it is perfectly alright to slander innocent people in the name of politics, those who know what’s best for not only the country but it’s individual citizens as well.  The very people who should have protected the nation from the criminals that now infest the highest political positions in the country.  Those tasked with not only the vetting but the exposing of those who seek to harm and the”fundamental” change of our nation, those who seek to dismantle the Constitution and set up an empire right here in our own borders.  Yes these members of the 4th estate, these bastions of liberty who abdicated their responsibility and were seduced by their own bigotry and ideology. Now they’ve decided that a line in the sand was crossed, now they’ve decided absolute power is corrupting absolutely or………………..

Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf.  This is like the inverse of that tale.  Instead of crying wolf these “boys” told everyone it’s was all good.  Nothing to see here.  The savior had come and we would now all be healed, as in the new commercial from Jeep, we as a country will be made whole. Instead we’re farther apart than we’ve ever been, not even before the Civil War were people so polarized.  We have been pitted one against the other, black against white, hispanic against everyone else, rich against poor, old against young.  This administration and their water carriers have Balkanized the country so that they can follow through on their leaders plan to “fundamentally change” America, and they have done so with the help of a naive and clueless media.  The progressive liberal establishment has played their journalist enablers like a violin, and the journalist not only let them they Rosined up the bow for them.  It’s been a virtuoso performance. Only now when there might really be something important, something inherently dangerous, do we dare believe the turncoats of media?  Do we have any faith left that these people will tell the truth this time or is it just more of the same entrapment journalism.  Are they putting out doctored stories to inflame those who stand against the tide of fetid progressive oligarchy, to convince those on the fence that the people still trying to sound the alarm are in fact radicals?  That these people can not be trusted, especially not with the reigns of government. After all the radicals who are against the government as it stands now,  want to make everyone own a gun, have a choice about where to send kids to school, punish women who sleep around with unwanted babies, take away grandma’s health care, starve poor children and kill American Citizens without due process…………wait a minute.  That last item the “killing American citizens” is what the administration is seeking to legalize. That can’t be right, but NBC swears it is.  So now we’re supposed to believe them, they’ve lied so many times that now one doesn’t know what to believe which is all good for the powers that be.  If they can marginalize even more those patriots who still believe in the principles under which this country was founded they can solidify their hold over the rest of the country and put in to place their plan to build an empire under their favorite son.  He who should never have been “king”.  He who should have been vetted 20 years ago and proven the liar that we all know today.

So what brought about this spurt of prose this morning? This story  from NBC news.  It seems that the esteemed head of the Justice Department Eric Holder has decided that killing American citizens throughout the world with drone strikes is perfectly legal, whether the Justice Department can prove imminent threat or not.  Well you may opine, what else should be done?  These are members of terrorist organizations protected and surrounded by hosts of civilians so that they can not be extracted or taken out without a great deal of collateral damage.   Just because they’re not an imminent threat does not mean they are not actively plotting the destruction of the US and the murder of it’s citizens. It would seem that if one gives aid and comfort to the enemy that they have committed treason and are there for no longer citizens but combatants and are therefore no longer protected under US law. It would also seem that if one is a member of an organization who’s stated goal is to kill Americans and take over the country these actions would be enough to render the targeted individuals protections null and void.  While our laws protect citizens they are not necessarily able to protect those who’s stated goal is the annihilation of it’s peoples and government. This would seem to be a policy that most Americans could get on board with.

This is where the push comes to shove.  This administration has been so corrupt, so disingenuous, so dare I say, criminal that few of their detractors are going to believe them when they say that this  “will never happen here”.  It will never happen that military citizens will be asked to use drones against those in their own country?  Who could be targeted here? Well there are the drug dealers, the flesh merchants and human trafficers, the anarchists (wait most of them are in government now). What about states that refuse to allow federal gun “grabbers” or churches that preach against the mandates of the federal government concerning health care? How about average citizens who dare to call out those in authority who misuse and twist the law until it no longer resembles the original intent of the founders?  Then there are the organizations such as the Tea Party, American Family Association, Citizen United and the list goes on?  Maybe a strike on that hotbed of conservative indoctrination the conservative college like Franciscan College in Steubenville, Brigham Young University in Provo or Southern Methodist University in Dallas? After all they are a direct threat to the current ideology being propagandized in primary and secondary government schools throughout the country. Surely these private conservative universities must be plotting against the good of the people? After all they disagree with and wish to go back to a time when this country was a nation of laws, that criminals were prosecuted for things like voter intimidation and allowing foreign criminals to walk away with hundreds of guns or allowing federal agents to be murdered at the border due to a lack of support or assisting in the murder of Americans overseas by disarming embassy personnel.  Finally what about any community city or town that decides that the government is too overbearing, too intrusive, too tyrannical?  Do they get a visit from the drone patrol?  All neat and tidy, no government resources destroyed only “units” and “collateral damage” on the enemy side.  How long before we the people become the “enemies of the state” and are targeted for destruction or re-education?

Not as long as one would have thought thanks to Holder and Obama’s “secret” memo.  Or is this just another ploy to paint detractors as “fringe ” elements and “kooks”?  This administration has lied so often that most people don’t know who to trust but as for me and my house we will not trust this group of ne’re do wells.  Not as far as we can throw our car, which we soon won’t be able to drive thanks to the energy policies of the administration.  No car, no job, no job, no money, no money, welfare and foodstamps and then the government has us all.  Think about it or not.  It’s cresting the horizon and coming to a community near you.

Good luck and God speed, you’re going to need it.


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From their very own web page

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, Reverent

With the exception of some Episcopalians most churches do not sanction homosexuality. The fact that in multiple places in the sacred writings of most religions there is prohibition against homosexuality should I guess be discounted one wonders. Why were  ancient people were so set against the practice, if one discounts the “God” references. Some might suggest fear of anything that is different but if that were the case we’d still be living in mud huts, grubbing for food and grunting, so that’s not the answer.  Maybe the ancients were just bigots.  Of course that doesn’t explain the assimilation of conquered peoples or of those who simply immigrated to new places.  Of course there is the old idea that the writers and storytellers were the ones making policies and decisions but that doesn’t happen in the real world or at least it didn’t affect the average Joe then. Most folks couldn’t read anyway and many lived on the fringe of civilization.

It is entirely possible that ancient peoples understood that in order for the species to survive it has to procreate.  That’s right they needed “birthers” a slang word used in the Gay community to describe heterosexuals to ensure that society survived.  Of course today medical science has been able to circumvent the natural order of things and build babies in test tubes as well as provide opportunities to infertile couples to have their own children.  All of this is good news for those who seek to have families but are medically unable to, including homosexual partnerships.  Putting aside the religious prohibition the cultural implications are disturbing.  How can one raise a functioning, morally straight individual if one is unable to provide such an example.  Bending and breaking the laws of nature will bring about unintended consequences as we say in the AIDS epidemic.  Did gays cause it ? No. Was it a curse from God? No.  Did bad behavior (ie multiple partners, unsafe habits and an unwillingness to accept consequences) cause the disease to spread from Africa (where it originated) through out the entire planet?  Absolutely.  Were gays the only ones with that kind of behavior? No again but they were the first large group to be affected and it could have been stopped in it’s tracks but it wasn’t.

If the Scouts decide to compromise  here it is only fair to take out the ban on women leaders and girls in scouting.  Thus making it a social club not an organization to grow responsible, reasoning, mature men and therefore is no different from any other “social/political” organization including NABLA.  How very sad that something that has served the nation for over a century, providing leadership, service and undaunted self sacrifice will be turned into just another group with it’s hand out for more of the nations dwindling resources.  More and more people will pull their sons from the program and contrary to political thinkers these boys will not be replaced by “gay” youths and girls.  Better that the Scout should close their doors than become so much less than what they are.  Mr Baden Powell is most probably disgusted with the whole thing.  It’s good he’s not here to see it.


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So more Random…

OBAMA’S GOT A GUN! The four scariest words in the English language today!  In another story obama’s encouraged to “shoot like a girl”. This of course comes from fans of ex-governor Palin, who did not shoot like a girl at all. Then of course that WH tells people not to photoshop the picture. Have they met the American people, do they realized that nearly half of them dislike this guy with a wild passion?  Of course those who are pro gun folks are going to mock this guy, he makes Ru Paul look masculine and he’s henpecked to boot.


OBAMA: WE NEED MORE NEW TAXES… Of course we do, like that has ever worked.  Then again I think obama and his entire administration slept through American history class because somewhere along the line someone had to have not been a liberal, tin foil hat wearing, hippy dippy, make love not war maroon. Seriously.


Second-Term Crackdown on School Lunches… As someone who has lately spent time in  school lunchrooms I can testify, there is not enough lunch for kids who are hungry and there is a lot of food being tossed in trashcans because for one thing children only have 20 minutes to eat and I don’t know too many children that aren’t hungry after yogurt, an apple, a waffle in a plastic bag, a bag of baby carrots and milk.  That’s not lunch, it’s several snacks cobbled together.



POOF: Another 170,000 jobs disappeared in January… Oh and dirty little secret people like moi, who have lost their unemployment aren’t counted anywhere.  We’re the folks who are unemployed but do not qualify for services.  So in reality the 7.9 is more like 11% or more.



Rev Jackson calls for Homeland to patrol Chicago… Hey Jessie baby, that’s YOUR guy running things in Chicago.  He promised when he enacted even more gun control laws that Chicago would be safe from gun crime.  So he disarmed average citizens and allowed open season to be declared on them by the mob and the gangs.  You want to stop violence in Chicago, arm every property holder, every voter, every business owner and hold the police accountable for every botched arrest.  Of course you could always ask Seal Team Six to take over. That would solve a lot of problems, gangs, mobs, drug dealer and crooked cops.



REID BACKS MENENDEZ OVER UNDERAGE HOOKER CHARGES… I’m beginning to wonder if Harry Reid looks at the scandals in DC and decides which is the most airtight and then wades on in, on the other side.  It is barely possible this man did not do what they said he did.  He may not have frequented “underaged” prostitutes, or did not know they were underage but it is barely believable that he didn’t go to the Dominican Republic and consort with “ladies of the evening”.  Can you see Reid defending a Republican in this manner? No,he’d insist on their firing or censure or what ever he could get the Senate to do.  Why is this man always on the Wrong side of every issue?


STUDY: 22 Military Vets Commit Suicide Every Day…Could that possibly be because they’ve given their all for their country and their country is imploding thanks to the moron in the WH.  I’d personally think about committing suicide if I were in the military and thought they were going to foist Hagel on us.  If he is confirmed the suicide rate will go down because the numbers of military will be less and they be killed in action more.  The man is useless.


7 STABBED IN RANDOM ATTACK IN VANCOUVER… Ban knives.  Butcher knives, hunting knives, pen knives, butter knives.  Don’t forget letter openers and chisels.


Postal Service says it’s immune from local traffic laws… Ah yes the Post Office, something like purgatory only with really unpleasant people and health care (which you won’t need there anyway). They should start to hire illegals, they don’t think the laws apply to them either.


‘BURKA BABIES’: Cleric says infant girls must be veiled to stop rapes… I wonder if that extends to baby goats?  Seriously if your community is so depraved that it’s male members are raping infants it’s time to castrate them all and put them under house arrest.

Seriously folks you can’t make this stuff up.  If a science fiction fantasy writer wrote about this stuff in a book it would be panned and no one would buy it and Sci-fy folks are considered over the top and not quite sane by “normal folk”.

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So today in my afternoon commute a talk show host was bemoaning the gun control controversy.  He was stating and not for the first time that we don’t have a gun problem we have a crime problem……and he was right.  Look at all the serious problems we have in this country from gun crime to abortion to bank bailouts to overspending to gangs to treason.  We have taken faults and indiscretion to criminal heights.  Greed, selfishness, avarice and sloth have transfered from things we should avoid to things that many aspire to.

The elephant in the living room though is something very few people want to talk about.  They don’t even want to think about it.  We may have a crime problem but more than that we have a responsibility problem.  That’s right.  Where is the parent at home to teach children the difference between right and wrong.  In some cases the parent is working two jobs just to keep themselves above water. In some cases the parents can’t give up ” the good life”, can’t sacrifice a new car, or a destination vacation, or clothes at Black and White, or dinner at a fancy restaurant or the latest game system.  In other cases there are parents home but they’re too strung out, too drunk, or too lazy to care for their children.

Children are sent to school hungry, not because there is no food in the house but because if the child doesn’t feed themselves no one else will feed them.  These same children don’t understand the difference between right and wrong either because no one ever taught them. Other children, those who’ve been daycared since birth most of the time live in a dog eat dog arena.  They have to be hard, if they aren’t the other children will pick on them, so they become either bullies or hardened.

I understand that not everyone’s home life is paradise. I would dare say most homelife is not paradise.  But image a country where children are cared for by one of the parents.  That’s right one, not the mom all the time.  Dads can stay home as well.  Children “NEED” caring parents, they need consistency and they need someone, a guardian they know they can trust.  They need a parent who is there for more than the hour before they go to bed. They need to see sacrifice, love, genuine caring.  Teachers, most of them are compassionate people but they are not parents.  They will never be able to give a child what they need from their parent.

That is the elephant in the living room. We have children having children, we have people having babies because they thought it would be “fun”.  We have people having children to cash in on more assistance.  We have one parent homes where children never see a loving mature relationship.  They can’t model what they never see and don’t get me started on the disgraceful, offensive and outrageous depictions of families in the movies and on TV. If I really thought that the “Modern Family” looked like that I think I’d run off a cliff.   We have children coming home to passed out parents, empty houses and worse because there are NO responsible people in their lives.  We need to take a good long look in the mirror and decide if we really want to do what’s best for “the children” and start talking about the appalling state of the family in the black community, about the white communities willingness to allow other people to raise THEIR children and other equally unfortunate problems that confront all members of society.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Asian communities book of family.  Most of them live, work and play together. There is usually one parent in the home, even if one works days and the other nights and while there are Asian gangs there doesn’t seem to be as much violence and collateral damage as in other ethnic communities.   It is something to think about.

Besides if we could get the economy to the point where only one person had to work, image all the good that could be done in schools and communities around the country.  Parent volunteers in school could help keep our children safe.  Neighbors could look out for neighbors because there’d be more folks home during the day.  Less cars on the road, less fossil fuels (a green advantage for our tin foil hat wearing fellow citizens), less money spent on  non essentials, parents and children who know each other instead of being strangers who live in the same house, less children running the roads getting in trouble because no one knows where they are and what they’re doing.

The fact is that children need parents, they need structure, guidance and consistency.  They also need consequences.  But they don’t get those from parents who are too tired, too busy, too fractured and too strung out to see that those consequences are enforced or who can help when help is needed.  What are we really willing to do “for the children” or is it all “sound and fury, signifying nothing?”

“crickets chirpping”……………..yeah pretty much what I thought.

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