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So, one of the headlines from the past several days is that the Pope has decided that he is not fit to judge gay priests.   Now I like the Pope.  I’ve liked all the popes that have lived for the last 50+ years.  That I’m not Catholic is not an issue.  I think the Popes have and are trying to do the best they can with the information they have and the situations they have to deal with.  I have some questions though. If the mantle of Pope has been passed down through the ages from Peter the first “Bishop of Rome” isn’t it his job to judge between the good and the evil?  Isn’t it his job to uphold the faith, to protect it against corruption and deceit, to guard against those who would try to turn the faithful from the Gospel?  To stand between those who are obedient and those who walk in darkness.

Now if you aren’t a believer the Pope and his duties are not an issue.  He’s just a man in a funny hat.  But for believers what is the responsibility  of the Pope or the Papa, the Father of the Church on Earth.  If it isn’t to judge between right and wrong what is it.  While physically feeding a mans body is important and helping the poor is a laudable goal, feeding the spirit in the world today is much more important.   We have come to a time when many call good evil and evil good.  When men cannot trust each other, when many are killed and or maimed by those who say they “love” them.  It’s well past time for the Pope to judge.  It’s way past time for him to stand up for the Gospel and to refocus the faithfuls attention to the admonitions of the New Testament.

I seek not to infringe on someone’s belief system.  What they believe is their business but to those who believe in a higher authority it would be refreshing if they chose to listen to that authority once in a while.   It might make the world a better place, all that love one another and don’t hurt each other stuff but then again maybe not.


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I wrote this comment on a article about the president and his speech from the heart today about the Zimmerman verdict.  It wasn’t accepted.  I wonder why?

So racial profiling is a problem right president Trayvon?  How about all white people are bigots and racists. All white people including children should die.  All white people are holding the black man down.  All white people think they’re better than black people. All white people are afraid of black people. All white people want to kill black people and it’s all they think about. All the laws made in this country are made by white people and are only made to disenfranchise and put down the black race.  Does this sound familiar. It should. The president of the United States, the Attorney General, members of the administration, members of Congress, judges, pundits, race baiters and twits (who are on “the Twitter”) are all saying the same things.

But it’s not racist if you’re black right? It’s only the truth if you’re black right?  And you know this because you know what ALL white people are like.  You know this because during the Civil War white people fought to free blacks, they fought in the Civil Rights struggles in the 20th century and they (stupidly IMO) helped elect the man who has managed to undo all the good done by Martin Luther King in 7 short years.  Yeah 12% of the populations including 40% of them felons should get 50% of the jobs, 90% of the wealth and 0% of the responsibility for their own stupid behaviors.

Talk to me when you finally decide to put on your big boy pants and become actual real adults instead of two year old tantrum throwing brats. (and no I don’t hate ANYONE. I don’t have the energy to hate anyone l’m too busy trying to find a job, feed a family, raise my children and love my grandchildren)

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Every now and again a headline screeches out from the more mundane, more pedestrian, more everyday stories of the day. The headline for today’s edification is the following: State of the Union Not Strong, Americans Say.

Now there’s a surprise.  I wonder why Americans would say that?  Could it be our lousy economic climate, terrible job numbers, looming financial collapsed or the could it be the  social disintegration, moral malaise and civil morass?  Most societies go through times of challenge.  Most leaders at that time try to get their citizens to work together, to come to each others aid and to pull equally within the yoke that they can stand.

Not this president and his sycophants.  This president has made it his mission to separate us, to pit one group against another.  Any time there is a chance for people to come together, he and his contentious cabal swoop in and pull defeat from the jaws victory.  Not content with simply stirring the pot, they add more and more contention until the whole mess comes to a boiling point and then they sit back and tell us how racist, bigoted, ignorant or lame we are.  For the sake of brevity lets just look at some of the headlines, that illustrate my point.






Those of you who’ve been here before have heard this song and dance a number of times, but it never gets old.  We get the leaders we deserve.  We get leaders we are willing to tolerate and ut seems a majority of us are willing to tolerate an ignorant, inept, incompetent, lazy, selfish, liar and thief.  Unfortunately for the minority in this case we are going to have to suffer with those who’ve brought this plague upon us.  Sadly those most infected by the plague of “the presidents going to  (put your free wish here )” are in a situation and part of a community that is imploding.  Without the ability to self regulate, face reality and admit to the issues affecting individuals, families, communities, states and the nation they are committing genocide on their own people. Thousands of young black men are dead, imprisoned or unemployable.  Thousands more babies will never breathe fresh air or see the light of day.  Women have become a commodity to be bought and sold most of them committing this atrocity to themselves.  Young people are told that in order to be ” put your race here” they can’t want to succeed, to get  ahead, to have a family, a nice home, a good job….. it’s too “put bad race here”.  Victims beget victims who all blame someone else for their poor choices and bad behavior.

Here’s some facts.  It takes NO money to teach morality.  It take NO money to learn to put others first.  Education in this country especially for those who are poor IS free.  Going to parent teacher conference is also free.  Helping your child with their homework is free as well.  Spending time with your children is priceless unless of course you have no morals, no integrity and no desire for your children to better themselves.

I remember the parents of black children during the Civil Rights Movement. They wanted better for their children than they had.  They wanted a color blind America (to paraphrase Dr. King). All they wanted was a chance to compete.  They didn’t want something for nothing. They didn’t want “what they was owed” from some long ago injustice.  They had families that stayed together because they were family.  They had a parent in the home and children were born within the marriage covenant because knowing that their ancestors were not allowed to marry made that symbol important to them as a reminder of how far they’d come. They went to churches where the pastor preached from the Scriptures to “love one another” “do good to those who curse you” and ” pray for them that despitefully use you” instead of inciting hatred, riots and civil unrest.

Now their “god” is the government. Every imagined slight is a indictment, every action a racist agenda that provokes violence and vitriol.  All people are now suspect, all have been judged and found unworthy, all deserve punishment that fits a crime committed by people long buried. The fact that others have died throughout the centuries to maintain the freedom that we all enjoy means nothing.  We must continue to give, give and give some more. But the sad fact is it will never be enough.  Users will continue to drain others until they are dry and then like locusts continue on to the next victim, spreading their vicious brand of contention and chaos as they go.

While I know that know all members of our society are not like this there are enough of all races that are to make me wonder if we will be able to continue with this grand experiment of a Democratic Republic.  We won’t of course unless people become educated in what exactly  our government is allowed to do and why the framers of the Constitution included that in their documents.  To do that we must set aside our prejudices, our bigotries, our hatreds, our missunderstandings and actually read to understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We also must be educated enough to understand the ideals of liberty, brotherhood and real equality ( that all are equally able to access opportunity and that no one will be forced into participation).  Choice and accountability are the hallmarks of a democracy based of Judeo Christian laws. These are what we have been guided by for more than two centuries.  We need to get back on the plan or we will find ourselves quickly remaking the wheel, while we hold of the barbarians at the gate.
And like Rome it will not end well for us…………historically it never has.

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