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So, one of the headlines from the past several days is that the Pope has decided that he is not fit to judge gay priests.   Now I like the Pope.  I’ve liked all the popes that have lived for the last 50+ years.  That I’m not Catholic is not an issue.  I think the Popes have and are trying to do the best they can with the information they have and the situations they have to deal with.  I have some questions though. If the mantle of Pope has been passed down through the ages from Peter the first “Bishop of Rome” isn’t it his job to judge between the good and the evil?  Isn’t it his job to uphold the faith, to protect it against corruption and deceit, to guard against those who would try to turn the faithful from the Gospel?  To stand between those who are obedient and those who walk in darkness.

Now if you aren’t a believer the Pope and his duties are not an issue.  He’s just a man in a funny hat.  But for believers what is the responsibility  of the Pope or the Papa, the Father of the Church on Earth.  If it isn’t to judge between right and wrong what is it.  While physically feeding a mans body is important and helping the poor is a laudable goal, feeding the spirit in the world today is much more important.   We have come to a time when many call good evil and evil good.  When men cannot trust each other, when many are killed and or maimed by those who say they “love” them.  It’s well past time for the Pope to judge.  It’s way past time for him to stand up for the Gospel and to refocus the faithfuls attention to the admonitions of the New Testament.

I seek not to infringe on someone’s belief system.  What they believe is their business but to those who believe in a higher authority it would be refreshing if they chose to listen to that authority once in a while.   It might make the world a better place, all that love one another and don’t hurt each other stuff but then again maybe not.


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