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Really?  Why in heaven’s name should we stop now? We had an entire year plus of racial politics stemming from the Zimmerman trial.  A trial, mind you, that should never have been pushed through the courts and we still have not seen the end of.  A young black man attacks and beats a Hispanic man into the concrete telling him that he was going to be killed. The assailant gets shot and dies.  All because the Hispanic man, whose neighborhood had been the scene of  multiple break-ins by thugs wearing exactly the same kind of clothing as the assailant, was watching him.  They didn’t speak, partly because 911 told Mr. Zimmerman to stop following Martin, which he did.  Zimmerman was leaving the area when Martin jumped him, it came out in the trial.  But hey if the president had a son he would of looked like Martin so that makes Zimmerman the bad guy for not being the one on a slab, one would guess.

The usual suspects all lined up to race bait.  Jackson, Sharpton, Farakan, obama, Holder, and their cabal. It was all about race, even though I doubt most hispanics want to be classified as “white”.  The leaders in the black community called for boycotts, they called people names, they threatened violence, they held vigils, they marched. They pulled out all the stops. Not since Tawana Brawley have we seen such outrage. Death threats were fielded by not just Mr. Zimmerman but his family and extended family as well as others whose only crime was being “white”.

Let’s take a look at just a few of those affected by the racial politics of Jackson and his coven:

Chris Lane: Australian student killed in Duncan OK by three thugs because they were bored and because he was white.

Fannie Gumbinger NY, killed in a home invasion.  She was white the assailant was black.

Joshua Heath Chellew of Mableton, GA. pushed by 4 black man into a busy street and was killed by an oncoming car.

Young Antonio Santiago killed in his stroller. Oh and you’ve got to love this.

“Of the 48 jurors, there are 19 white men, 19 white women, four black women, two Hispanic women, two Asian women, one Hispanic man and one Asian man.”  The 30 blacks “men and women” were on the bottom of the jury pool list because they were the last people to arrive at the courthouse that day.  I guess if they’d have been on time that might have made a difference but let’s remember the Zimmerman jury

“All of the six members are women. Five are white, one is Hispanic. The four alternates include two women and two men, all of whom are white, but for one male Hispanic.

If they had been selecting a jury of his peers there should have been a lot more hispanics and men on that jury.  The prosecutors probably thought they could get the women to feel sorry for the “kid”. Unfortunately they paid attention to the facts of the case and say the gansta’ wannabe for what he was.

The Florida School bus beating. Yeah no racial overtones here at all.

The Newsome Murders While it is unclear as to whether racism itself was a contributing factor in these murders the fact that the national media refused to cover it makes one wonder about the bias affecting journalists as long ago as 2007.

Ray Widstrand beaten almost to death by a group of 30-50 black juveniles and young adults (children and teenagers in other words).  We get this from the Daily Mail a news organization in the United Kingdom. Have you heard anything about this, it happened on Aug. 4th, 2013?

I could go on but you get the idea.  Everyday there are new victims and everyday unless it is a black victim we get the same nonsense about how blacks are being held down by the man, how they can’t get jobs because of racism, they can’t go to school, yeah you know and on and on.  They can’t get jobs because they don’t care about schooling, they can but don’t want to go to school and work hard.

So come on mr. president make a statement about something else you don’t know anything about. it never stopped you before.  Come on black leader be honest about the real issues BEFORE you try to do something about your part in this.

Or stand by and do nothing.

That seems to be the modus operandi.


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I began my college career as an English major. I love the written language. I love it’s ability to illicit emotions, bring to mind fond memories and even help us to see, hear, feel and even sometimes smell the scene painted by a gifted author.  I stopped being an English major when no one could tell me how does something become a classic.  Words have meaning but over years, decades and centuries some people have managed through shear repetition to turn some words in the lexicon into weapons.  This week we have been underwhelmed with the audacity of hopelessness that political correctness has left us.  We are prisoners of language not the masters of it. We are told by agenda driven fishwives, not only what to say but how, when and where we can speak.  Freedom of speech has become yet another causality of the “War on (put your aggrieved victimized group here)”.

So let’s take another look at the dreck we have allowed ourselves to be splattered with.  In a land where people can use the most foul, disgusting words imaginable (and some one can’t even imagine) people are being fired, are being threatened with jail, and/or being subjected to death threats for using a word “one group” considers offensive.  Really?  So the next time someone refers to my ancestors as “micks” or ” drunks” or any number of offensive names for the Irish I can threaten them, their family, their businesses?  They owe me a big time payout for “offending my sensibilities”.  So the words Limies, Krauts, Chinks, Crackers et al are all going to land people in jail for “hate” crimes. Little secret here, people don’t need to call you names to hate you.  They can hate you and smile at you all at the same time.  Most of them don’t give a rats tail what your ethnicity is, they don’t like you because THEY DON’T LIKE YOU.  Please get over yourself, graduate from Middle School and put on you adult panties.

I’ll tell you what.  I’ll get all upset and flop and twitch over the names people call each other the day they make the F word illegal. It’s patently offensive to everyone man, woman or child.  The way in which people use it is also ridiculous.  It’s used as a punctuation mark by people who have so little experience with the activity that they don’t even understand why their colorful phraseology is so moronic.  It makes men look course and unappealing and it makes women look cheap and ignorant.  It makes teenagers and adults look like Middle Schoolers (7th graders even) who became stunted and never managed to mature to the level of 9th graders.

That said I would fight making that word illegal as well.  We should have the ability to choose the words we speak. If others find them offensive they will ignore us or avoid us.  People will always gather together with those with which they have things in common. It’s why we have organizations, so that those with like interests can come together and enjoy those things.  Someone who isn’t interested in Quilting should not join a Quilting guild and then seek to change the focus of the group.  Those who like to swim in the winter time shouldn’t be held hostage by someone who thinks they’re crazy.  Those who call others names and who themselves use foul terms to address others in their group should not be surprised when others use the same word.  Hypocrisy is not one’s friend in this.  It just makes those who already are predisposed to dislike, distrust and dismiss one’s character sure that they are correct.

Now all this being said.  I think it’s time for Charlie Rangle to resign. As a matter of fact I think he should stand trail for hate crimes.  I personally am not offended by the “cracker” moniker but I am offended that anyone so without moral compass, without integrity, without honor and without rudimentary intelligence is representing the United States in any way.  If Charlie Rangle is the best we have to offer maybe the government should send Snooki to Libya as the new Ambassador.   After all the best and the brightest go into government service, since they can’t make a living any other way.  Community organizer doesn’t pay too well unless you have friends in high places or handlers with deep pockets.

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