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Culture wars

So I’m patiently waiting for the usual suspects to start with their “white priviledge” meme since tomorrow is St. Pat’s Day. Because you know that the Irish have spent hundreds of years being “privileged”.  Because when culture come up against culture usually there is some kind of kerfuffle.  Because there will always be people whose heritage is more important than everyone else’s heritage.  Because as humans we apparently can’t possibly not be in competition with everyone else…….because whatever we have, are, do and believe is always better, more important and more relevant than anything anyone else has ever done, said or believed. At least that is what is prevalent social mores say today.

Here’s the thing……on March 17 many people become Irish for the day. Most of the time this does not bother those of us who actually can trace our linage back to the “old country”.  If these people want to wear green, drink green beer, eat corned beef and cabbage and sing Irish drinking songs, more power to them.  Welcome, be our guests.  Appropriate our heritage for the day.

However, if you are going to do that, please do NOT continue to complain because someone dresses up like someone from your special group.  Do not complain because you think someone is “appropriating” your culture.  Do NOT claim yours is the only culture that has been disrespected. DO NOT demand that your culture be elevated over everyone else’s because you’ve been the only “victim” of someone else.  Because that is nonsense. Seriously………

Let me remind you that the stupid leprechauns of the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame or the  Boston Celtic’s logo do not remind us of anyone we know.  Most of us don’t drink to excess, we don’t fight with anyone who crosses our path, we don’t scream like fishwives nor do we spend all our time singing drinking songs and we don’t fraternize with the “fey people.”  We don’t make a big deal out of this because truthfully getting our knickers in a twist over stuff like this is counter productive and STUPID.  Frankly there are just too many more things that are more important than your perceived victimhood.

After all the Irish have been victims of the Romans, the Vikings, the English, and a host of other folks including the Americans who during the Famine refused to let ships from Ireland dock in American ports because those on the ships were contagious with things that could be seriously dangerous to the population.  Understandable but still………….

Everyone has issues, everyone has baggage, every culture, race and group. Stop living in the past, stop ginning up grievances, stop blaming your woes on everyone else.  Stand up, stop whining, stop living on the backs of your ancestors (or in many cases not even your ancestors). Start living your own lives, give back, make things better, make better choices, help others, teach your children to take responsibility for THIER own actions, value life, stop being uber sensitive and give people a break.  Then maybe we could all enjoy the best of all cultures without guilt and repercussions.


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