Of all the irresponsible, ignorant, false, misleading and wrong headed things I’ve seen lately this takes the proverbial cake.  This nonsense comes to us from the University (of course) of Maryland (again not a surprise at all).  While I realize I am sensitive, probably over sensitive , to the dreck that comes to us from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Maryland, who have given us some of the most useless and dangerous  political figures, at least in the last 50 or so years ( Pelosi is a member of the D”Alesando family, disgraced VP Spiro Agnew, Sarbanes, Mikulski, and too many more to list), I must say that this new ridiculousness has them all beat by a couple of miles or kilometers if you swing that way.

“‘This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida,’ it (an email) reads, in a reference to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The email went out to all students in the Honors College.”

This professor is the Dean of the Honors College at the university.  One would suppose that he would be professional, rational and somewhat sane, but then this is higher learning where we have to debate what the meaning of the word “is” is. He wanted to and I quote from the article “stir the pot”.  Well in the interest of true disclosure then lets really stir the pot sir.

  • Trayon Martin was high, he was acting suspiciously in a neighborhood where he was a stranger, that had been victimized by young black thugs wearing black hoodies-which he was wearing, hence the neighborhood watch.  Someone was following him, so instead of going home or asking what the man wanted he thought beating him up, telling him he was going to kill him and beating his head into the concrete was a good idea.  Zimmerman called the cops and stopped following him by this time so Trayvon was now the hunter and Zimmerman the prey.  While this all is tragic it does not constitute a “racial” incident. I dare say that if the kid had been white the same thing would have happened given the circumstances.  But let’s view a few other tragedies that the Dean doesn’t seem to be a fired up about.
  • Reginald and Jonathan Carr murdered 5 individuals after brutalizing them, raping them and torturing them.  Leaving the last victim for dead with a bullet hole in her head, naked in the freezing cold they were indeed “hunters”.  They stalked their victims.  Funny thing the Carr brothers were black and yet their victims were white. The DA in Wichita Kansas decided that the killings were not racially based and refused to prosecute them as “hate crimes”.
  • Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome were murdered gruesomely by 5 animals.  The couple from Tennessee were white the perpetrators, black.
  • Antonio Santiago was murdered as he sat in his stroller by two black thugs trying to get money from his mother.  I don’t know, kind of a different set of circumstances than Trayvon. Ya’ think?
  • Delbert “Shorty” Belton 88 year old veteran murdered in Spokane.  According to the thugs who beat him to death it was a drug deal that went wrong.  Out side an Eagle hall were anyone could see it?  Really?  Talk about being hunted.
  • Michael Daniels of Syracuse was killed in a “knockout” murder where black youths kicked his eye out of it’s socket, he died the next day. Apparently in Syracuse NY this was just a random teenage thing, even better there was no robbery so it’s was simply for “fun”.
  • Christopher Lane was murdered as he walked along an Oklahoma road.  Australian ballplayer was shot in the back by three “youths” who were bored and thought it would be “fun”.  The youths were black and Lane was white but here again we see the “random violence defense” used instead of invoking “hate crime” laws.

And there are so many, many others.

But lest you think I’m beating a dead white horse we have this:

“A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.”  African Americans make up less than 13 % of the population.

And so it would seem that the Dean is correct that it is perfectly OK to hunt black children but he’s wrong that “whites” are the hunters.  Numbers don’t lie and while you can make statistics say anything you want, these statistics don’t lie.  We have the graves and grieving families to prove it.  What we don’t have is real substantive dialogue on how to fix it.  America doesn’t have culture of violence, some communities have a culture of violence.  America doesn’t have to fix it’s culture, communities within America have to fix their culture and having 75% of their children born into homes with out a father and a mother is one of the most important places to start.

But we can’t talk about that.  Professors don’t dare talk about that. It pejorative, it’s racist, it’s hateful ……………but it’s fact. So Dean, let’s stir the pot but make sure you get way down deep to the bottom  and drag up all of the burned and blistered nastiness as well. It’s really the only way to clean it up.


Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece today taking the administration to task over Syria.  She isn’t alone.  In the House of Representative the count is now 6 to 1 against action in Syria.  Our “allies” have deserted us and the word on the street is not just no but Hell No.  Charlie Rangle is “embarrassed” and I’ve got to say if you’re embarrassing Charlie, dang.  I wasn’t aware that Charlie could be embarrassed after the nonsense he’s pulled in the House.

So, Ms Noonan has suggested that the problem here is “Wrong time, wrong place, wrong plan, wrong man.”  Now far be it from me to correct Ms. Noonan because she’s a respected member of the press and writes for one of the few semi-objective newspapers left in the U.S. but I’m reasonably sure she’s missed the point.  While her premise is good she doesn’t go far enough.  How about “our military is not there to fight FOR our enemies” or ” we will now be partnered with the organization that massacred 3000 innocent American not more than 13 short years ago” or ” chaos over peace in our lifetime” or “we have nothing to fear except our allies”?  All of the preceding statements would be true.  Assad may have ordered chemical weapons use but then again I personally think that the “rebels” are not above killing their own, to make sure the world is on their side.  After all it was mostly women and children that were killed and we all know that it is only in the West the women and or children are considered equal with men.  In Islam a woman and her children especially female children are chattel, slaves kept ignorant, and isolated so they are not competition to their male betters.  Islam’s god cares nothing for half of his creation.

Most Americans:

A) Do not want to become anymore involved in the Middle East.  They understand that even those countries (like Saudi Arabia, Quatar and UAE) who are supposed to be our allies are simply waiting for the time when they can take their “revenge” because we are the infidel and it offends them that we have a good way of life, freedom and rights and that we refuse to apologize, bow or pay much attention to their tender “feelings”.  We have helped them develop their oil reserves, we have given them millions of dollars in foreign aid and what have we gotten?  The opportunity to send our military into an area that they won’t fight in, an area where our own service people can not take their religious texts and books.  Where they can’t attend worship services, where their freedoms are curtailed.

B) We do not want to fight along side the people responsible for 9-11.  Al Qaeda is the “rebel” force in Syria.  I realize that Assad is not prince among men but I seriously doubt that the people wanting to take over are any better at all.  As a matter of fact given what they’ve already done in the places where they are a force, I would posit that they will undoubtably be worse.

C) This president, this administration, this party spent the years after Sep. 11th beating every Conservative with the “anti-war” stick until most folks were sick of hearing about it.  All of the old dove-niks and peace-yobs came out of the woodwork to laud obama as the “light bringer” the “messiah” the “great progressive hope”.  It’s been years since the public has been sold such a pile of manure wrapped up in pretty paper and ribbons.  People should have known that the smell would only get worse as the manure putrified, decomposed and molded. Bush was portrayed as a villain, a monster, a waster of our young military lives.  Where were those pesky WMD………………on trucks going to Syria and other Islamic nations in the Middle East.  The evidence was in the soil but no one wanted to hear about that.  The crates were gone so they were never actually there apparently.

Reality is such a pesky little thing and where democrats, progressives and liberals are concerned if it doesn’t fit the narrative it simply isn’t true.  This is what we have governing us today.  A coward surrounded by people who never matured from Middle School.  Across the aisle we have people who twist in the wind even if it’s not blowing.  They are trying so hard to get people to “like” them they have forgotten who put them there.  So as I am wont to say these days, unless someone can put on the big girls panties and stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for us right here in the good ol’ U S of A, they can go play in the cat box that is Syria all by themselves.

Mind the kitty land mines and other nasty surprises.

Random gatherings

Often when one blogs there comes a time when there are just too many items that one would like to deal with/comment on. Today is that day (it’s also the day I woke up half and hour early, so I have a little extra time). So here we go:

Marijuana advocates cheer White House’s stand… Now lets take this to it’s logical conclusion. (Of course Pot Heads aren’t terribly good a logic. A side effect from their addiction as has been proven and documented multiple times in the last 40 or more years but …….) Pot is a gateway drug for many, that’s why most thinking people don’t use it or advocate it’s use.  My thinking is very libertarian on this issue.  Give them drugs.  Give as many people as want them all the drugs they want.  Within a generation the wasters, the addicts and their dealers will be no more. Britain did a similar thing in the 1800’s with Opium.  They developed a system of Opium dens where people went and indulged in their vice. Some turned away from the practice, those who didn’t died. If a person does not care about themselves or their health why should we stand between them and their decisions.  Just keep them away from machinery and off the roads and the problem will take care of itself.  This will free up jobs, schools and other services for those who actually can benefit from them.

Obama Willing to Go Solo…  One wonders what new scandal the president is trying to deflect attention from.  Better yet what power grab he’s going to attempt this time.  Are we really going to get involved in a Civil War?  The better question is are we really going to go in on the side of the “rebels”?  While the power in charge is not what we would like, they have kept Syria, a hot bed of terrorist tendencies, relatively peaceful for the last several decades.   And who is on the rebel side you might ask?  Why our friends in Al Qaeda that’s who.  As someone yesterday opined, we (the United States Navy and Air Force will be Al Qaeda’s air force in this instance.  Yes lets give arms to the people who are responsible for 9-11. If the president drags it out a little longer he can announce his decision on the anniversary of the murder of 3000 innocent Americans at the hands of our brand new friends.  It’s all about the timing. Another interesting fact is that Syria’s 2 million Christians (because there are Christians in the Middle East and have been since BEFORE the profit -and yes I know exactly the word I’m using, thank you- came forth with is divisive, dangerous and heretical doctrine) are standing on the side of the government.  Why?  Well mostly I believe because they know once the Islamists are in charge they’re dead.   Maybe we should start giving them amnesty instead of those who break our laws and attempt to syphon off the increase of others labors.

Man Working At Chicago MCDONALD’S For 21 Years Still Making Minimum Wage… So anyone want a $15.00 Big Mac?  How about $9.00 a gallon gas or milk?  I know everyone wants to pay $200.00 for the internet or $60, 000 dollars for a used KIA.  People can not follow things to a logical conclusion anymore (Might have something to do with the amount of low information voters experimentation with recreational drug use, see above)  If you raise the minimum wage three times  businesses will have to raise prices to cover that.  Businesses are not philanthropies. They do not exist to provide easy jobs, paid time off, health care and social circles for their employees.  Businesses exist to make money, more than that to make a profit.  If they don’t make a profit they cease to exist. As with the Hostess Company sometimes it’s just easier to close the doors and work for someone else or just live off the government.  Millions do it everyday and have been doing it for about 10+ generations.  While I’m sorry this man is still making minimum wage why hasn’t he gotten a better job. Surely he has the experience to do so after 21 years. If not no amount of raising the wage is going to make him any different.  McDonalds should be applauded for keeping him on the job this long.

TX School District Opts Out Of Federal Lunch Program After Kids Refuse To Eat Healthier…  After working in the schools last year (much of the time as a lunch room para) I can assure you that mrs. presidents Orwellian lunch program is a dismal FAILURE. Instead of eating healthier our children are simply not eating. The amount of food going to waste is appalling.  Giving children salad for lunch is not just stupid it’s criminal.  The vast majority of them won’t eat it but even if they choke it down it lasts them probably an hour and then they are hungry again but since these days you can’t give them snacks to take to school unless it’s on someones crazy expensive list (or has to be refrigerated) children go home hungry. One day the kids had applesauce (which was fine, most ate that) a Smuckers peanut butter and jelly pastry thing and something else that I can’t remember off hand, for $2.10. I’ll just bet I could have packed that lunch for less.  Another day they had a waffle (in a cellophane wrapper) no butter, no jelly and cold, along with their fruits and vegetables but no protein except for milk.  I have an idea.  How about we put kitchens back in school, hire some people to actually cook on sight, healthy tasty meals.   It can’t cost more than the food we’re throwing away.

LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE HITS 34-YEAR LOW… I personally can attest to this.  I was out of work for about 2 years.  I have a degree, experience and an excellent work ethic (according to the people Iworked with before) but I needed a job with health benefits for my family so working 3 part time jobs might have given me cash but no benefits.  People are pretty sure that the US is heading for a meltdown and that there is little hope anything will get better.  Somehow the same suspects get re-elected no matter how dismal their job performance is.  98% of African Americans voted for barak obama again.  That community has been decimated by the lousy economy with 40% of black teenagers unable to find work (of course the fact that young black men seem to be attempting genocide might have something to do with employers not wanting to take the chance of hiring sociopaths or psychotics and young black women apparently spend most of their time pregnant – according to statistics- so maybe that’s part of the problem).  The failed policies of “gimme, gimme have failed spectacularly.  We have become a nation where takers out number the producers and looking at our major cities and of course our 1st third world enclave, Detroit, one can see what is in store for the country as a whole.  People however are architects of their own destruction and like lemmings will continue over the cliff because they don’t have the presence of mind to look to the right or left for an escape route.  Better to all die together they seem to believe. Not me, lemmingism is not my religion of choice.

Just yesterday on a radio show the guest host told a story about overhearing a conversation between a black woman and her boyfriend. She incredulously asked him “Why were there white people at the presidents speech honoring Martin Luther King”.  I kid you not.  Apparently no one in her life, parent’s, teacher, mentor ever told her that thousands died during the Civil War so that she could be free.  Thousands more died in the next 100 years fighting racism and bigotry.  The father of the other candidate for president marched WITH Dr. King during the Civil Rights movement.  If we are not supposed to judge all black people by the animals who shoot babies in their strollers, bully 3 year olds, rape 88 year olds, kill veterans and beat kids up on school buses why is it that all white people are lumped in with people who are dead and buried 150+ years ago, or who today are ignorant and moronic.  Why because if those who seek to fundamentally change America can keep us at each others throats they can work with impunity to undermine our rights and enslave all of us.

So for those of you who beat the drum of RACISTTTTTTTTTTTT, good job. Thanks a lot, for speeding the destruction of the only real democracy on earth. What ever you do don’t take off the glasses, we wouldn’t want the light of truth to blind you.  Then you’d have to go on disability and that would be too bad.

Really?  Why in heaven’s name should we stop now? We had an entire year plus of racial politics stemming from the Zimmerman trial.  A trial, mind you, that should never have been pushed through the courts and we still have not seen the end of.  A young black man attacks and beats a Hispanic man into the concrete telling him that he was going to be killed. The assailant gets shot and dies.  All because the Hispanic man, whose neighborhood had been the scene of  multiple break-ins by thugs wearing exactly the same kind of clothing as the assailant, was watching him.  They didn’t speak, partly because 911 told Mr. Zimmerman to stop following Martin, which he did.  Zimmerman was leaving the area when Martin jumped him, it came out in the trial.  But hey if the president had a son he would of looked like Martin so that makes Zimmerman the bad guy for not being the one on a slab, one would guess.

The usual suspects all lined up to race bait.  Jackson, Sharpton, Farakan, obama, Holder, and their cabal. It was all about race, even though I doubt most hispanics want to be classified as “white”.  The leaders in the black community called for boycotts, they called people names, they threatened violence, they held vigils, they marched. They pulled out all the stops. Not since Tawana Brawley have we seen such outrage. Death threats were fielded by not just Mr. Zimmerman but his family and extended family as well as others whose only crime was being “white”.

Let’s take a look at just a few of those affected by the racial politics of Jackson and his coven:

Chris Lane: Australian student killed in Duncan OK by three thugs because they were bored and because he was white.

Fannie Gumbinger NY, killed in a home invasion.  She was white the assailant was black.

Joshua Heath Chellew of Mableton, GA. pushed by 4 black man into a busy street and was killed by an oncoming car.

Young Antonio Santiago killed in his stroller. Oh and you’ve got to love this.

“Of the 48 jurors, there are 19 white men, 19 white women, four black women, two Hispanic women, two Asian women, one Hispanic man and one Asian man.”  The 30 blacks “men and women” were on the bottom of the jury pool list because they were the last people to arrive at the courthouse that day.  I guess if they’d have been on time that might have made a difference but let’s remember the Zimmerman jury

“All of the six members are women. Five are white, one is Hispanic. The four alternates include two women and two men, all of whom are white, but for one male Hispanic.

If they had been selecting a jury of his peers there should have been a lot more hispanics and men on that jury.  The prosecutors probably thought they could get the women to feel sorry for the “kid”. Unfortunately they paid attention to the facts of the case and say the gansta’ wannabe for what he was.

The Florida School bus beating. Yeah no racial overtones here at all.

The Newsome Murders While it is unclear as to whether racism itself was a contributing factor in these murders the fact that the national media refused to cover it makes one wonder about the bias affecting journalists as long ago as 2007.

Ray Widstrand beaten almost to death by a group of 30-50 black juveniles and young adults (children and teenagers in other words).  We get this from the Daily Mail a news organization in the United Kingdom. Have you heard anything about this, it happened on Aug. 4th, 2013?

I could go on but you get the idea.  Everyday there are new victims and everyday unless it is a black victim we get the same nonsense about how blacks are being held down by the man, how they can’t get jobs because of racism, they can’t go to school, yeah you know and on and on.  They can’t get jobs because they don’t care about schooling, they can but don’t want to go to school and work hard.

So come on mr. president make a statement about something else you don’t know anything about. it never stopped you before.  Come on black leader be honest about the real issues BEFORE you try to do something about your part in this.

Or stand by and do nothing.

That seems to be the modus operandi.

I began my college career as an English major. I love the written language. I love it’s ability to illicit emotions, bring to mind fond memories and even help us to see, hear, feel and even sometimes smell the scene painted by a gifted author.  I stopped being an English major when no one could tell me how does something become a classic.  Words have meaning but over years, decades and centuries some people have managed through shear repetition to turn some words in the lexicon into weapons.  This week we have been underwhelmed with the audacity of hopelessness that political correctness has left us.  We are prisoners of language not the masters of it. We are told by agenda driven fishwives, not only what to say but how, when and where we can speak.  Freedom of speech has become yet another causality of the “War on (put your aggrieved victimized group here)”.

So let’s take another look at the dreck we have allowed ourselves to be splattered with.  In a land where people can use the most foul, disgusting words imaginable (and some one can’t even imagine) people are being fired, are being threatened with jail, and/or being subjected to death threats for using a word “one group” considers offensive.  Really?  So the next time someone refers to my ancestors as “micks” or ” drunks” or any number of offensive names for the Irish I can threaten them, their family, their businesses?  They owe me a big time payout for “offending my sensibilities”.  So the words Limies, Krauts, Chinks, Crackers et al are all going to land people in jail for “hate” crimes. Little secret here, people don’t need to call you names to hate you.  They can hate you and smile at you all at the same time.  Most of them don’t give a rats tail what your ethnicity is, they don’t like you because THEY DON’T LIKE YOU.  Please get over yourself, graduate from Middle School and put on you adult panties.

I’ll tell you what.  I’ll get all upset and flop and twitch over the names people call each other the day they make the F word illegal. It’s patently offensive to everyone man, woman or child.  The way in which people use it is also ridiculous.  It’s used as a punctuation mark by people who have so little experience with the activity that they don’t even understand why their colorful phraseology is so moronic.  It makes men look course and unappealing and it makes women look cheap and ignorant.  It makes teenagers and adults look like Middle Schoolers (7th graders even) who became stunted and never managed to mature to the level of 9th graders.

That said I would fight making that word illegal as well.  We should have the ability to choose the words we speak. If others find them offensive they will ignore us or avoid us.  People will always gather together with those with which they have things in common. It’s why we have organizations, so that those with like interests can come together and enjoy those things.  Someone who isn’t interested in Quilting should not join a Quilting guild and then seek to change the focus of the group.  Those who like to swim in the winter time shouldn’t be held hostage by someone who thinks they’re crazy.  Those who call others names and who themselves use foul terms to address others in their group should not be surprised when others use the same word.  Hypocrisy is not one’s friend in this.  It just makes those who already are predisposed to dislike, distrust and dismiss one’s character sure that they are correct.

Now all this being said.  I think it’s time for Charlie Rangle to resign. As a matter of fact I think he should stand trail for hate crimes.  I personally am not offended by the “cracker” moniker but I am offended that anyone so without moral compass, without integrity, without honor and without rudimentary intelligence is representing the United States in any way.  If Charlie Rangle is the best we have to offer maybe the government should send Snooki to Libya as the new Ambassador.   After all the best and the brightest go into government service, since they can’t make a living any other way.  Community organizer doesn’t pay too well unless you have friends in high places or handlers with deep pockets.

So, one of the headlines from the past several days is that the Pope has decided that he is not fit to judge gay priests.   Now I like the Pope.  I’ve liked all the popes that have lived for the last 50+ years.  That I’m not Catholic is not an issue.  I think the Popes have and are trying to do the best they can with the information they have and the situations they have to deal with.  I have some questions though. If the mantle of Pope has been passed down through the ages from Peter the first “Bishop of Rome” isn’t it his job to judge between the good and the evil?  Isn’t it his job to uphold the faith, to protect it against corruption and deceit, to guard against those who would try to turn the faithful from the Gospel?  To stand between those who are obedient and those who walk in darkness.

Now if you aren’t a believer the Pope and his duties are not an issue.  He’s just a man in a funny hat.  But for believers what is the responsibility  of the Pope or the Papa, the Father of the Church on Earth.  If it isn’t to judge between right and wrong what is it.  While physically feeding a mans body is important and helping the poor is a laudable goal, feeding the spirit in the world today is much more important.   We have come to a time when many call good evil and evil good.  When men cannot trust each other, when many are killed and or maimed by those who say they “love” them.  It’s well past time for the Pope to judge.  It’s way past time for him to stand up for the Gospel and to refocus the faithfuls attention to the admonitions of the New Testament.

I seek not to infringe on someone’s belief system.  What they believe is their business but to those who believe in a higher authority it would be refreshing if they chose to listen to that authority once in a while.   It might make the world a better place, all that love one another and don’t hurt each other stuff but then again maybe not.

I wrote this comment on a article about the president and his speech from the heart today about the Zimmerman verdict.  It wasn’t accepted.  I wonder why?

So racial profiling is a problem right president Trayvon?  How about all white people are bigots and racists. All white people including children should die.  All white people are holding the black man down.  All white people think they’re better than black people. All white people are afraid of black people. All white people want to kill black people and it’s all they think about. All the laws made in this country are made by white people and are only made to disenfranchise and put down the black race.  Does this sound familiar. It should. The president of the United States, the Attorney General, members of the administration, members of Congress, judges, pundits, race baiters and twits (who are on “the Twitter”) are all saying the same things.

But it’s not racist if you’re black right? It’s only the truth if you’re black right?  And you know this because you know what ALL white people are like.  You know this because during the Civil War white people fought to free blacks, they fought in the Civil Rights struggles in the 20th century and they (stupidly IMO) helped elect the man who has managed to undo all the good done by Martin Luther King in 7 short years.  Yeah 12% of the populations including 40% of them felons should get 50% of the jobs, 90% of the wealth and 0% of the responsibility for their own stupid behaviors.

Talk to me when you finally decide to put on your big boy pants and become actual real adults instead of two year old tantrum throwing brats. (and no I don’t hate ANYONE. I don’t have the energy to hate anyone l’m too busy trying to find a job, feed a family, raise my children and love my grandchildren)