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Scott Pelley made a speech at Quinnipiac University  in which he said “We are getting big stories wrong over and over again.”

He later went on to say, “Twitter, Facebook and Readit, that’s not journalism. That’s gossip. Journalism was invented as an antidote to gossip.”

Unfortunately for us, Mr Pelley journalists have abdicated their responsibilities to cover a story by presenting the facts of that story.  They have become advocates for organizations, agendas and politicians.  Don’t believe me, let’s  visit a few of the more egregious examples.

Benghazi:  This was a whole pile of bad. From beginning to end, from stem to stern. If this had happened under any other president someone would have been forced to resign and others would have gone to jail.

Vacationgate:  Formerly journalists would have embarrassed those involved into apologizing or at least ceasing and desisting.

Mass Murder Gosnell: No matter what their feeling about abortion, journalists in the 60’s and 70’s would have covered the heck out of this trial.  None of this “it’s just a local trial” nonsense.

Fast and Furious: This would have scuttled any other previous administration.  Those in charge would have been incarcerated.

Birth certificate/Social Security Number issues:  Any other politician would have been forced to explain the irregularities.  They would have been forced to provide actually copies of the forms and if they couldn’t they wouldn’t be candidates long.

Voter fraud:  How many times did people vote to assure this man’s victory.  Past journalist would have been chasing a Pulitzer.  Of course that was when getting one meant you did an awesome job researching and reporting. Now it just means you’ve articulated the administrations talking points succinctly.

So pardon us if we don’t believe you.  Pardon us if we don’t assume that law abiding citizens who’ve never engaged in terroristic activities are behind the latest disaster.  Excuse us if we don’t believe that “some white guy with a gun” is always the shooter or that a “Tea Party Extremist” is to blame.  Since there have not been issues like that at Tea Party/ Conservative  or Libertarian rallies we would point you in the direction of your Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, Moveon.com, New Black Panther fellow tin foil hat wearing compatriots.

Since you in the media can’t be trusted to be objective, we have to get our news from other places.  Your integrity has been shredded, your lack of honesty highlighted and your agenda posted on the national billboard of the internet.  We are tired of being lied to, being castigated, being manipulated and more than that being insulted.  Most of us know we are not the problem.  We know we do not think or believe what you claim we do and because of that we are suspicious of what you claim others think or believe.  We are insulted that you think we are so stupid, so naive and so ignorant that we can’t figure things out for ourselves. That we have to be spoon fed watered down, spun, barely recognizable facts instead of being given the actual facts and being allowed to decide for ourselves.

But you’re right Mr. Pelley.  Your house is burning down.  But there is no one who cares and even less who would bother to bring a bucket complete with hole.   Good luck with that.


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So, my 17 year old son can’t take allergy medicine to school without a signed note from his doctor. He can’t have it on his person, it must be administered by a nurse.  My daughters when they were  still in school couldn’t take Midol with them to school because it’s a “drug” and must have a note signed, again, by a doctor because we’re all concerned about “the children”.   But girls as young as 15 and opponents of that want the age limit struck completely, can take a pill that will cause them to spontaneously abort any fetus that might have been there but maybe not.

So what happens when this girl, not under a physician care begins to hemorrhage or what happens if she’s allergic to this drug.  No one knows she took it except the people at the pharmacy and will they remember?   Will someone connect the dots when half of them are missing.  This is typical progressive bandaid theology.  Don’t tackle the hard stuff like making it unprofitable, unpleasant and a stigma to have sex indiscriminately.  It’s irresponsible, it’s dangerous and it’s stupid, especially  at an age where they change their minds about what their favorite color is almost hourly (some from one minute to the next) but heaven forbid we should tell the little darlings they can’t do something.

Next is without an article because the Lame Scream Press won’t touch this with a 10 ft feather boa.  Say they manage to pass a gay marriage amendment.  There is a real move to “rename” or “rebrand” marriage to fit in with it’s newer, hipper, gayer, image.  Now I don’t have any idea what they’ll call it. I want to know if the participants are going to have to find different titles.  Mother, father were gender specific.  So are there going to be two mothers or two fathers?  If not who’s going to be Daddy?  Is it going to be a permanent thing or are they going to try it on like a new pair of shoes to see how it fits? Maybe it will be a switch out kind of thing. One day one partner is Mom the next day they’re Dad?  How do those outside of the “what ever it’s called” know who’s doing what, are the partners going to wear a name tag, “Hi, I’m Andrew, I am the Dad today”?  Who gets what jobs, who get’s to be the one to tell the girls what it’s like to menstruate or to explain wet dreams to boys?  Men of course know all about menses  and women as well know all there is to know about how boys mature and what their issues and problems are.   A man can teach a daughter everything she needs to know about being a female because he “feels like a woman.”  Since he’s never been a woman how would he know????? Of course he doesn’t know. Being female is a physical state of being, you are born that way, physically. How you feel and what  you make of those feeling is totally a decisions “you” make and make up.  So please forgive me if I have very little faith that this particular social experiment is going to be productive. As with the other experiments  progressives have foisted upon us in the last 100+ years it will destroy more of the societal fabric and we will sink lower into the chaotic abyss.

City Councilmen Would Divest Pension Money  From a Potentially Koch-Owned Tribune Co.

You just can’t make this stuff up, seriously.  Here we have a company, Koch, based out of Wichita, Kansas, they have diversified their business so they own a whole host of different kinds of companies.  People flock to work for them.  They treat their employees honestly, they do business with integrity and they partner in the community to actually “help” instead of making publicity so they can market their “brand” (they let their marketing department do that- when they help they actually HELP).  The brothers have a serious Libertarian streak and they promote those who are for capitalism, freedom, liberty and the Constitutional Rights we are all guaranteed.  What they are not is a “Soros” type outfit. They don’t manipulate, they don’t prevaricate and they don’t lie.

So the Tribune Co. is dying.  Newspapers are becoming things of the past. Not because of the internet, not because of cell phones, not because of cable news.  No they’re dying because they have become so entrenched in liberalism that no one believes anyone working at a newspaper today is objective in anything they write about.  Occasionally one might find someone of a independent persuasion at a newspaper doing sports or business reporting but all the other members of the staff (90%) are  Liberal Democrats even if they aren’t  carrying the card.  It is the only thing that explains the silence on the Gosnell trial, the Benghazi whistle blowers and the mess that is Obamacare.  These disaster and more are being ignored by the “Lame Scream Press”.

I knew someone who was Conservative that worked at a newspaper.  The abuse they got made it almost a pleasure after 20+ years to be laid off.  These people are taught by liberal professors, they live in the same area’s, they go to the same events and they truly do not know anyone who has a different opinion then they do.  When you point out that they are biased they become defensive and combative and then the ad hominem attacks start. It’s a waste of time, frankly.  They couldn’t find objectivity if it kissed them on the nosey.

That’s all for now but I’ll be back soon with “Stuff you just can’t make up”.

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Today I saw an article  titled Illinois mom who left newborn to freeze to death given 50-year sentence.   In this article it reports that a 32 year old woman hid her pregnancy and gave birth alone, disposing of the bloody clothing and leaving the baby alongside the road to freeze to death.  Apparently they found the remains of two other baby girls in the woman’s trunk. The prosecutors dropped 11 other murder charges because she pled guilty to this one murder. All of this happened in 2004 when this woman was 23 years old and she apparently had been pregnant twice before.

I am confused about several things.  If this woman had this baby and left her to die on the road (which is without a doubt a horrific thing to do)  why was she facing 11 or 12 charges. As far as I know you can only murder someone once. Did she have 11 babies that they aren’t reporting on? If that’s the case did she first get pregnant when she was 12 and get pregnant every year there after or did she have multiple births?  Disposing of the remains must have gotten difficult. No wonder she was tripped up.  Now it is a given that I don’t have a clue about how the law works, but it seems to me that you can only kill someone one time. But this is really a periphery issue.

Another odd thing is that in all of the articles I read no one mentioned, why?  What was her motive? Not that she’s not guilty, she admitted it.  But what led her to do this, not once apparently but twice before?  Surely she’s not sane?   Sane people do not act this way. If she’s not sane shouldn’t she be sent somewhere that she can be helped and then sent back to prison.  I see this woman managing to get pregnant in jail (after all that seems to happen quite frequently) and doing something similar while in jail.  Where is the disconnect? Of course she’s from Illinois the home state of our abortion loving first family (don’t get punished with a baby, you know) so I’m not terribly surprised.  That said even pro abortion supporters seem to find this behavior abhorrent, which brings me to the other issue that confuses me.

What really  is the difference between this case and the thousands or hundreds of thousands of babies stabbed in the back of the head by an abortionist while still in the birth canal.  Babies that would have been born alive if only their head had come out faster.  Then again this is Illinois, the same state that tried to pass measures to protect the lives of babies born after botched abortions and where our president sought to block medical aid to said babies. Barak Obama has made his pro abortion sentiments known for years and he sided with abortionists on this piece of legislation in 2001 and again in 2002.  He claims he would have supported the bills if the contained the same language as the federal law, but they were amended to have the same wording, and he still opposed the bills.

Then there is this from the champions of a woman’s right to murder her own infant, Planned Parenthood.  Begun by Margaret Sanger, eugenist and racist this organization champions the right of women to ultimate control over their bodies and apparently any thing the comes out of said body. I looked on the big 4 web sites (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS) and could find NO articles on the above event.  It was as if Alisa LaPolt Snow the woman in the video, never stood before Florida legislators and told them that she had no information what would happen to a child laying on the abortion table fighting for life.  Apparently that was above her pay grade.  What she did say was;

“We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician,” Snow said, apparently unaware that such an act constitutes murder under most any other circumstances.” (naturalnews.com)

So let me get this straight.  If a woman by herself disposes of an unwanted infant she gets 50 or 60 years in prison.  If a woman allows an abortionist to dispatch said unwanted infant she not only get her abortion paid for, she goes free to be impregnated again, with impunity.   Life is so unbearably complex.  We put people in jail for the murder and abuse of children and we put them in jail a long, long time.  What could be more abusive than the murder of an innocent life.  We have become so schizophrenic in our thinking about abortion that it has lead to this.  Sesame Street famously (long ago now, it’s not politically correct anymore) stated that if it breathes, eats and grows that is how you know, it’s alive.  Infants in the womb who can breath, eat and grow if delivered are alive and when you kill someone that is alive that is murder.

How can we charge someone with double murder who shoots and kills a mother and her unborn child and yet we do, if the infant is not alive?  We must come to a intelligent, cogent, moral decision on this issue, because we are damaging ourselves and untold generations by our willingness to play “God”, in deciding who lives and who dies.  How long before we will be deciding if someones quality of life is appropriate or if they should be dispatched to “ease their suffering” or more likely to ease the suffering or burden of the family or the state?  The slippery slope begun by Roe vs Wade has not yet achieved critical mass but it soon will.

A country can be judged on how it treats it’s most vulnerable members.   What will history say of us?  I’m afraid to even guess.

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