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The internet, bloggers, citizen journalists.  Doing the job that the Lame Steam, Drive by, Professional? Journalists can’t or won’t do.

It’s Come To This At CNN.

Battle rages

Disney allows Chinese censors

Years ago I wrote an obituary for the Journalistic profession.  Sometimes I just hate it when I’m right.  This time while I hate it I must admit I’m pretty full of myself.  It’s hard to be a prophet in ones own country.  Not that I aspire to any religious seeing.  It’s just that some time ago I made what might be considered a snarky comment about the local rag.  Someone who works there took exception to my contention that journalists especially the local ones had long ago given up any pretense of objectivity and were firmly in the tank with progressives, liberals and radicals.

She harangued me, claiming that I slandered all of the people working there and who’d worked there. She then brought out the “I once worked with (my family member ) and always considered them, blah, blah, blah, and blah. I finally apologized for offending her and in reality I was sorry. I was sorry I engaged her in what I hoped would be a reasonable debate.  In the end after name calling and hysterical hyperbole (anyone want to guess on which side that was)  I just wanted her off my page and out of my life.  I  have no time for people so incredibly blind that they can not see what the rest of us see.  The way they report the news, the words they use, the stories they choose to tell convict them every single time they do it.

While the local rag has done three stories on Gosnell, the upshot is that to the “professional journalists” this is a local story for someplace far away.  People here are interested in it but don’t stir up the Anti abortion fanatics again.  After all they’re dangerous, and some of them certainly are.  Some people feel it is better they are in jail the rest of their lives if it saves infants from murder.  I believe that one wrong NEVER makes anything right but the fact that the media refuses to report on this story shows that they have abdicated their responsibility to stand as the nightwatchmen in our culture. They have now become part of the problem and a new entity has emerged. To paraphrase Ben Franklin in 1776,

“We’ve spawned a new professon here. Rougher, simpler; more violent, more enterprising; less refined. We’re a new entity. We are the new media.”

We are here.  Deal with it.


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