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So I have a question. Well in truth I have a lot of questions but let’s just focus on this one today.

Mr. Snowden has disappeared from Hong Kong.  I would ask if that was a surprise to anyone but why ask.  Of course it’s not a surprise.  He states he knew what was going to happen. He knew he was giving up his liberty, his freedom.  He knew that if the government thugs sent to get him had their way he’s never see the light of day.  Some of us refuse to believe even after “Scandalance” that our government might not be the friend of truth.  More and more of us everyday realize that “our” government no longer belongs to us.  It belongs to the crooked politician, the lobbiest, the career civil servant and the elitist.

So here’s my question.  Why does anyone query the idea that Snowden felt safer coming forward to an outside of the US news organization then to Congress or one of it’s committees.  RINO John Boehner has called for Mr Snowden’s head.


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….is the most enlightening part of almost any story. Oh it doesn’t help you to understand the story.  No the comment sections give you insight into why America and by extension the rest of the world is the way it is.  Just today while reading one of the online sites dedicated to news aggregation there was an article about the Boston bombers listening or looking at a website called “inforwars.com”.  The host of the site is Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist par excellence.  The article itself was vague and without real facts except that it was reported by AP, someone involved in the bombings “took an interest” in the website. What exactly does that mean, he was there everyday, multiple times a day, multiple times a week, a month or two or three times in all?  I have clicked on articles and found myself on the Huffington Post which I consider somewhat like stepping in dog feces. So saying one or both of the bomb suspects were fans given that piece of information is like saying Mitt Romney is a fan of president obama because he spoke to him on several occasions.

No, the article wasn’t very thought provoking but the comments, now there was a gold mine just waiting to be stripped.  We have the conspiracy theorists, the sceptics, the trolls and the naive all there in glorious technicolor (that includes language of the blue, purple and black prose).  I’ll give you just a sample with judicious editing because some words just will not appear here ever.  When they do you’ll know it’s time to lock the old girl up and throw away the key.

The theorist:”Would those bull^*)# theories include the existence of the Bilderbergs’ power or do you think it’s just the name of an old hotel in Holland? Are the Bohemian Grove rituals nothing but bull$%#@^ he filmed on a set? Open your eyes! The word “police” has become a verb and Jones points it out.

The unbeliever:”I know! It’s what I’ve been saying too! Also, if you google, ‘tiny alien dogs takeover’ and scroll to the 17th page, you’ll see PROOF that tiny alien dogs are taking over! Total proof!”

The ostrich: “poor deluded Tom….wants to believe the big bag govt is after him. geez” (who apparently can’t spell or use punctuation)

The nasty old battle axe: Poor child, when you find an old man, you might be a lover for a while, but after a couple of years sex is only a 1 year event.. in the winter when it freezes hard. then later on you become his daily diaper changing mommy.. (being a nasty old battleaxe myself I recognize the prose…….I just try to keep it on a higher level than filth)

Mr. Clever:  “jones is a phuqing lunatic who needs to get laid more often or better meds” (He is so superior to us all. Figuring out how to spell a truly nasty, foul and disgusting word to get past the computers rule against vulgarities.  So clever.  Makes one wonder what other rules he skates around)

There are others of course.  Some better, some worse, some even courser believe it or not.

 So what’s the point?  The point is that these people are representative of the citizenry of this country.  These people for good or ill make up the country. Now it would be true to say that many people don’t comment on news stories on line, but the fact is so many of those who do have such divergent and disparate views makes it apparent that there is nothing short of cataclysm that will bring them together.  We’ve heard all about working together for the good of all. In school they force children to work in teams to create the ability to work with different kinds of people. Most often what we find is that one child does the assignment and the rest of them skate by on his work.  Teachers see it all the time but are hamstrung now to do anything about it given their restrictions and guidelines passed down by our “elitist” Education Cabal.

Unfortunately we have people in leadership positions on the left and on the right who seek to divide Americans from each other.  Some do so by their rhetoric, others do so to remain in power.  Keep the people busy fighting among themselves and they won’t pay attention to the implementation of laws to deprive them of their God given, Constitution guaranteed rights.  Keep them focused on each other and they won’t see the abdication of responsibilities and confiscation of property that will surely bind them to their “betters”.  Blame the people on the other side for government decisions made by those who have no loyalty to their party or platform once they’ve achieved their ends.  Make monsters out of those who disagree, to distort the message and demoralize the average person. All of this works in the favor of those who refuse to acknowledge the laws of the land, including but not limited to the president, his administration, Congress and the federal bureaucracy. 

We have been played ladies and gentlemen buy master manipulators.  We have become what they have desired.  Selfish, insecure, emotion-driven, ill mannered, bores with delusions of relevancy who listen to no one but those they agree with.  We claim anyone who criticizes us “hates” us.  We want government to make life “fair” and “balanced” but refuse to make any effort our selves to create the lives we desire.  We buy lottery tickets, go to the casino, watch reality programs all hoping for a get rich quick miracle.  We live for beer in the fridge and “soft porn” on the TV provided by the movie channels to make our sad and depressing lives survivable.  Is this why our ancestors left their native lands.  How would they look at us today, with disgust most likely. All of their sacrifice, all of their pain, all of their hard work for what? So that you can go home and drink yourself into oblivion watching things you’ll never see or do (in many cases that’s a good thing) in real life. 

We are our own worst enemy.  We stand in our own way and in each others way.  We are the problem.  We are also the solution.  Unfortunately for us there is no longer a 4th estate to point that out.  They have gone over to  the enemy and I do not mean one political side or another. No they have given up their search for truth, their objectivity, their intellectual honesty to those who will use them for their own nefarious schemes.  Too bad for them…….so sad for us.

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We’ve been asked that question twice in the last year.  First by Hillary Clinton then Secretary of State when she testified about the events preceding and including the Benghzi debacle.  Now from one of the most vociferous mouthpieces of the current administration MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, other wise known to many as the Tingler (for the tingles running up and down his leg every time his messiah speaks).  One wonders if these people work hard at ignoring reality or if they are just blessed to be completely removed from it.

What difference does it make Chrissy?  What difference does the motive have to do with the action?  Well first it speaks to intent, which even without a law degree I know impacts on what the law can charge one with.  Without intent to harm the perpetrator will not normally be charged with 1st degree murder (in this case).  If it were not intended, if for example it was a crime of passion or a belief of intended harm or to save the lives of others, there are many levels of crime one could be charged with, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter or death in self defense.  Second it speaks to whether or not the person acted alone, were they a part of a plot or as in this case a terrorist organization.

Then there is the method of the crime?  Was it done to kill just one person or was it designed to do a lot of damage and kill a lot of people and promote chaos?  Were they planning to deprive Americans of their rights and privileges under the Constitution?  It seems that even if they didn’t plan on that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  We had “body armor wearing, true automatic weapon bearing, special units” clearing people out of their houses at gun point (for their own protection).  We had the Mayor and Governor of MA telling people to cower in place.  Then amazingly they find the suspect in a neighborhood, hiding in a garage they’d already searched, lying in a boat waiting for the cover of darkness to get away.  What would have happened to that family once the special units and their guns went away?  Would the killer break into the home, kill the “Americans” and steal what money, jewelery they had and their car and drive off into the night to be protected and sheltered buy another group of anti-American traitors who have lived off the American dream all the while waiting for a chance to steal our wealth and turn us into just another 3rd world hell hole with slaves who appease, martyrs who refuse to accede and women (who meet both categories).

Why is their motive important? Why is the Tea Party’s motive important, why is the Koch brothers’ motive important, or Ran Paul’s or any other mainstream group on the right? We’re not supposed to look at the motives on the left  or on any group the left feels free to protect.  We are supposed to look at any group who oppose them however.  The Tea Party folks are dangerous we’re told by the Matthews of the left. They’re radicals, they’re deranged, they’re Dangerous.  However which group is it that has attached to it people who have already demonstrated their willingness to bomb, harm, destroy innocent people in order to make their point?  Which party hosts those who think it appropriate to destroy private property, siphon off the profits of those who produce and give them to those who refuse to do so?  Which party is the party that celebrates death, that thinks if someone disagrees with you that the appropriate response is to kill you or to slander you by saying you want to kill them?

Reasonable people don’t act this way.  Reasonable people can discuss even disagree without coming to blows or slander or hyperbole or worse.  We used to be a country of reasonable people until the “feelings” group got into power.  They don’t govern by laws and common sense, they govern by “fairness” and “equality” as long as that equality diminishes their enemies.  It’s like watching Middle Schoolers given any power whatsoever.  Leave the classroom for more than a minute and rival countries will form, they’ll be wars and rumors of wars, alliances will be made and broken, bribery, larceny and anarchy will reign because these people have not yet learned to control themselves. Their world revolves around what they want, what they think, what they “need”.

Some of those in power never left middle school.  They pose and preen and pout.  They are naive but also sly.  Throwing folks under the bus is nothing to these people and they have a single minded focus on “what they want” uninterested in the consequences unintended or intended.  They have the power and they are going to use it to squash those who would stand in their way.  While most actual middle schoolers do not understand the true uses of power the ones in government do know and are willing to do almost anything, some will do anything, to remain in power. If that means destroying the economy of the US, if that means allowing jihadist to create chaos and anarchy, if that means collateral damage, well can’t make an Omelette without braking eggs and those people wouldn’t have fit in with the new order anyway so it’s good they’re gone.  That’s what life is like in your average Middle School.  If you don’t remember you were probably on the side with the power-brokers and their cabal. Welcome then to the Middle School the rest of us endured.

It wasn’t fun then, it’s not fun now.  Too bad we can’t leave our children and grandchildren better.  They deserved better. But hey “free love, peace and rock and roll” are the all important memes of the day……oh yes, I forgot your cup of soul, rap and selfishness.”    My bad.

And yes little Chrissy it does make a difference, intention makes all the difference in the world.

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