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I wrote this in March 2013 and didn’t publish it.  The more things change the more they stay the same it seems.  We apparently aren’t any smarter now then we were 2 years ago, we are perhaps even less smart, which is depressing and disheartening.

When the immigration debate started years and years ago, I had a question.  I still have the same question. I’ve asked it to anyone who displays a proclivity for amnesty.  I’ve asked it to those on the fence on immigration debate.  No one ever answers my question because they don’t really want to think about it.   Here it is the question like the one in Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe.

So if we allow people to enter the country illegally, what other law will they NOT obey because it just doesn’t fit into their personal narrative?  Which laws can be dismissed as simply laws to protect “old white men”?  Which laws will go because they are racially biased or insensitive?  The answer of course is any and every one.  We are now seeing the results of social engineering on steroids. Thousands of illegal immigrants have been released, their crime?   Drunk driving.  That’s right and one has to ask how many times these characters have been arrested, because I’ve never known anyone to go to jail for that (unless they’ve killed people and not even then )

So we have illegal immigrants, felons already, driving a car without a license because you have to have a birth certificate to get a drivers license- so they shouldn’t be able to get a license which is also illegal.   Then there is the  drinking and I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut most of them started drinking when they were not of legal age to drink.

My question is: Why would people who’ve been rewarded when they broke the law (multiple times) seek to obey any laws.

Who’s says you can’t learn from bad experiences.  You can and you should.


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