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Today from of all places ABC News, a news story concerning one  “Brunswick City Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem James T. Brooks,” who was “arrested for a wilfull obstruction of law enforcement and influence of witness.” It seems the councilman got between the victims family (who a tip claimed had tried to get rid of the murder weapon) and the police officers wanting to talk to them about the tip.  

Now, while ambushing people as they’re coming out of a bail hearing might be in bad taste, it’s not illegal.  The police are trying to ascertain whether in fact the mother and sister of one of the defendants tried to get rid of the gun by throwing it into a pond.  Sounds about the right IQ level for the people most police spend their time dealing with.  In this most horrendous of crimes that a woman, with children of her own, would be complicit in the interference of a murder investigation of a child, an infant boggles the mind.  When would she stop protecting her son?  How many more people would have to die before she’d admit that her son might be responsible?  Does she really believe some stranger just made up a description because all black people look the same to them?

I know there are some conspiracy theorists out there who think this mother shot her own child in the stroller and now seeks to frame two innocent young black men for the crime.  Really.  Really?  That’s how you’re going to play this?  Well why didn’t they shoot the mother?  Probably because the morons didn’t plan to shoot the baby,  probably because they’re stuck on stupid, probably because after the gun went off they panicked and took off, because that’s what cowards do.  They prey on women, children, the old, the sick, the disabled.  And tell me where did these “children” get the gun?  Obviously they didn’t steal it from their fathers.  Do they have fathers? Or are they part of the more than 50% of the black community that was born to unwed mothers?  Do they go to school and if they do, are they engaged in taking advantage of the opportunities to learn and break out of the cycle of welfare, food stamps and poverty?  I don’t know the answers to these questions but I am smart enough to ask them.

While a rush to judgement is human nature, it might behoove both sides to step back, chill out and wait for the investigation to be over and the trial to begin.  It’s easy to paint both sides with the “racist” brush but the more that happens the more diluted the concept becomes until it’s like the word Nazi or Commie or any other invective that has been over used and thus diminished by it’s misuse.  The animals that committed this crime need to be punished for it. More than that they need to be taken off the streets so that they will not be a danger to others.

That is what justice is supposed to do, punish the guilty while at the same time protecting the community.  Instead of assuming that your race, gender, sexuality, religion or whatever is being attacked how about we ignore all but the facts.  An infant was shot, the mother was not, she identified two teenagers. Now the mother and sister on one of these defendants has been implicated in trying to destroy what may be the murder weapon.  This is tragic and sad enough without people adding their own agenda and narrative to the mix.

From either side of the great political schism.  Dead children should not be used as political fodder. Never.


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