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So sitting on the sidelines, in the nose bleed sections actually, it is hard at times to comprehend not simply what our government has done in the last 5 years but what our citizens have become.  Imagine if you would what would have happened if someone in the government had indeed gone “rogue” and decided to arm insurgents in another country.

Wait a minute, that did happen.  Col. Oliver North went to jail for his role in Iran Contra.  He did what he thought was right and what he thought his superiors including the president would have done if they could.  There were hearings, people called to testify, people lost their jobs and some went to jail.  The president at the time denied involvement but said that it was his responsibility, it happened on his watch, the buck stopped with him.  He was in charge, the responsibility was his and he apologized to the American people for what happened.

Fast forward to the present.  We’ve seen Fast and Furious, Birth certificate-gate, Social Security number-gate, Vacation-gates (multiple times) Golf-gate, Lavish party-gate, Biden Gafftasims, Voter Fraud (and the refusal of the Attorney General to prosecute), Beer Garden diplomacy, disrespect for our allies and bowing to our enemies, Immigration amnesty, the take over of 1/8 of our economy with a law very few want and even less understand.  That doesn’t even get us to Benghazi, AP-gate and now the IRS.

When one takes over the ship of state they become responsible for putting into positions of authority people who will follow and enforce one’s goals and direction while obeying and sustaining the laws of the land.  Apparently this group of teenagers were put into positions where they were ill equipped, ignorant and or guilty of neglect.  They took the money, they simply couldn’t find the time to find out what was going on in their departments.  Some of these “professionals” it seems, went into their offices, went to meetings, went back to their offices and then went home at 2:00 in the afternoon.  They seemed to think their only responsibility was as a place marker.  The face of the new order.  Those who did manage, micro managed until moral was destroyed and people no longer gave a hoot about their job or service to the public.  Of course hiring people who were of the correct persuasion be that ethnicity, age, race or political party exacerbated this debacle.

So now we see that government appointees have been using “secret” government emails to do the business of the government.  How’s that for transparency?  When the Associated Press requested, through the Freedom of Information Act the email accounts of HHS leadership they got a shake down demand.  They would get the information for 1 million dollars. Now in my reality we call that extortion.  Then AP was given 240 emails for political appointees but amazingly none for Sec. Kathy Sebelius.  It seems Kathy has been using several (not one but several) “secret” email addresses to do business for the government.

Why, some might ask is this a problem?  One of the facets of government is that all government business and the paper/electronic data it uses and produces belongs to the government and citizens.  Citizens and government officials can at any time demand an accounting of any organization or department, with the exception of classified information.  That information must meet requirements to be classified as …….well classified.  Government officials using emails to discuss classified information should be removed from office and sent back home to be educated in the risks that 14 year old email users understand.  The record of how government is run should be inviolate and those who are in positions of authority should be held accountable for their egregious lack of understanding of this most basic of principles.  Integrity, that word most people can’t find in the dictionary much less apply to their lives should be the hallmark of civil service but that doesn’t seem to fit into any government entity that is in existence today.

While these scandals and their pursuant issues are amazing to some, what is even more astounding is the publics inability to become enraged by them.  By now we should have Americans marching with torches and pitchforks in the street of every American town.  They should be demanding the impeachment of this president. They should be insisting that those in this administration that have appeared multiple times before Congress under oath, and lied, be charged with perjury, obstruction, and treason.  As a people we should be insistent that our government servants, serve us and and remember it is by our consent that they do so.

No more heinous people at the DMV. No more debauchery at the IRS, no more forcing the people to do what the president and his advisors deem necessary and what the people reject.  No more keeping people in positions to which they are not prepared or capable of.  Bad teachers, fire them.  Incompetent civil service employees, get rid of them.  Treasonous political appointees or elected officials, put them on trial and send them to jail.  No more cadillac health care, no more golden parachutes, no more elevated salaries in the public sector.  The laborer is worth of his hire, but not more worthy than those in the private sector.  We’ll see less people applying for jobs but the ones that do will want to be there for something other than the money.

Of course there is little we can do now except hold our representatives feet to the fire and make sure they understand that if this does not change they’ll be looking for new jobs come next election.  As for the “mouth that roared” and his sycophants we need more people to pay attention, more journalists to throw off the shackles of progressivism and return to the honored role of objective observer, instead of invested propagandists. More than that we need to make every one else aware of why these things are important, why it’s necessary to root out the miscreants and why it might just be essential to impeach a sitting president, vice president and others. Once the rats begin to leave the ship the sailors can begin to mop up the mess, until then there’s just too much rat offal to deal with.

Hang on it’s liable to be a bumpy ride.


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