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It’s is interesting to see how people react to tragedy.  Some people get angry, some sad, some are afraid and some check out.  It says a lot about personal integrity, how someone approaches the unpleasant.  Around the country people are trying to make sense of the unfathomable.

Let’s hope the Boston Marathoner is a “white” American-Salon

Really, we want to hope that?  We want to hope that someone with no axe to grind just went out and set a bomb. We want to hope that a sociopath with delusions of relevancy is running around setting off explosive just to see people panic and die.  So much worse to think that a religious fanatic from groups and countries that have already warned us they will kill us (each and every one- including liberals, gays, democrats plus the other hard working and industrious among us, male, female, young, old makes no difference.

And this nonsense that people are being unfairly targeted.  Tell me when was the last time a Muslim “defender” condemned the actions of their “brothers in arms” or who denounced any action no matter how gruesome?  Someone of real authority or stature among the Muslim cabal. Yeah I didn’t think so.

Contemplating chaos in a nation of `soft targets’ (my way)

Oh please let’s give them a map of the best “soft targets” to use.  The left could get rid of a bunch of political opponents.  Just remember that when most of us die and go to heaven it won’t be to a place of endless torment (for the virgin women) it will be to a place of peace and rest. Like Miami beach without gambling.

Actor blames Boston attack on gun culture: 2nd Amendment must go

Now this is the best of all.  Just last week some kid ran around a college campus slicing and dicing his way into popular cultural mythology.  By the time the left is done with him he’ll be a victim not the criminal. So Jay, people use cars to bomb places…….we should ban cars.  People use knives to hurt people………we should ban knives. Kermit Gosnell delivered live babies and cut their spinal columns with a surgical scalpel ……….we should ban scalpels.  People used their hands to kill others …….we should ban hands, people use their brains to scam others and steal their lives………….we should ban brains. Wait a minute you live in Hollywood or at least work there, no wonder you’re confused and illogical, brains have been outlawed there for years.  Dude go back to whatever else you’ve been doing and let the adults take care of the important things, please.  There will be cookies and milk and nap time soon.


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