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And The Winner Is…..

The National Enquirer wants to get a Pulitizer.  This is priceless.  The magazine the started out covering the supernatural, the private lives of celebrities and so called “miracle” cures for everything from asthma to multiple personality disorder.  They go through peoples garbage, they hire helicopters to invade their privacy and when all else fails they make things up or as they would say embellish the truth.

Well why not.  Obama got a Nobel Prize for DOING absolutely nothing. His prize was for simply articulating hope and change.  The Enquirer actually does things.  Of course, most of what they do is lack luster at best, in tremendously bad taste at worst.  Since the main stream media (MSM) are missing in action I guess something has to fill the void.  Becoming the mouthpiece of the Liberal Left has taken newspapers and magazines out of the real news business and dumbed them down to the level of your average scandal sheet.  No longer can the people trust the media to be fair and balanced, not when they cover one issue from only one angle.

Take Global Warming as a glaring example.  Since the release of the “hacked”  climate emails, the media has continued to prop up the claims of “climate change” when it is obvious to even the most scientific challenged that the data just isn’t there to support those claims.  Just this week the UN has had to backtrack yet again on it’s “Glaciers melting” hysteria because the science just isn’t there to back up the outrageous claims.  Do we here about this in the MSM?   No, and if we do it’s buried on page 10 under the fold next to an ad for Colon Cleansers.  How many local papers except in Massachusetts covered in any depth the Scott Brown phenomenon?  How may news outlets on television made fun of, slandered and or libeled Mr. Brown his family, supporters and ancestors?  How many Chicken Littles (Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, et al) declared the world would end should this one man be elected to “Ted Kennedy’s seat”.  As Senator Brown so clearly put it “With all due respect this is not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats seat, it’s the people’s seat.

For too long journalists have believed that they are the experts on, well, everything.  They know what’s best for us.  They have fallen into the Liberal trap of believing “we the people” need mommies not leaders, information not propaganda.  In fact they have become what the National Enquirer has always been a scandal sheet , just like the rest, run by the most unprofessional, unscrupulous, unmitigated ambulance chasers to ever live on this planet.  The difference is that the MSM truly believes it is different, better, on a higher, more professional level than the Enquirer.  With this claim to one of journalisms most coveted prize we see the truth.  There is no difference between the National Equirer and the New York Times.  None at all.


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As Clint Eastwood once demanded in the Dirty Harry movies “………go ahead, make my day”.

Democrats in Congress have decided now is the time for threats.  If “we the people” don’t vote for THEIR candidate they will pass health care legislation anyway.  Wow.  The arrogance, the hubris, the shear unmitigated gall of these people is staggering.  The more citizens, voters and companies tell them that this bill is not acceptable the more they dig in their collective heels.  What in the name of all that’s holy are they thinking?

Well, like their lapdogs in the MSM they are thinking they know better than ” we the people” what’s good for us.  They  assume they are our parents not our employees.  Working under the old adage “this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you” they are endeavoring to “save” us from ourselves.  Of course in usual Democrat fashion they are trying to stop the paper cut from bleeding by cutting off the finger, as it were.   They use fear and class envy to whip up the citizenry and then like the flim flam snake oil salesmen they are they try to sell us something we can’t afford, don’t need and that in the end will hurt us. Classic.  They’re also thinking that it’s their ball and if we don’t play by their rules they’ll take the ball and go home.  Liberals forget that it’s our ball, we paid for it, we voted for it and in the end we WILL take it back.

The Democrats in Congress are also thinking that once this is done, that’s it, no do overs.  Wrong again Patty Patty Buk Buk.  Anything they do short of murdering us in our beds, and don’t put that past them, can be undone.  Nothing in this life is set in stone except death, not even taxes.  As long as there is breath in our bodies, many of us will fight tyranny of any kind, from the left or from the righ. Of course we haven’t had to fight that fight yet, the left keeps us plenty busy.

So here we are at the hour of decision.  What do we do?  Well I’d say prayer might be in order but the way we’ve treated our Creator I’m not sure he’ll be inclined to lend us a hand.  After all some sections of the populace have been very clear in their disregard, nay downright hysterical hostility toward Him and His adherents. The doctrine of loving one another, turning the other cheek and seeking out the lost lamb is so selfish, narcissistic, egomaniacal, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Projection is a concept Liberals and Democrats do without even thinking about it. They think that way and so they assume everyone thinks they way they do. When it is pointed out to them that, no most of us are not self-absorbed hedonists they get all defensive, whine that we are mean and pitch a fit somewhat reminiscent of a two year old who is over due for his nap.

The solution to this situation is fairly simple.  Vote the blighters out.  Do some research, figure out who the best candidate is, not just for your state but for the country.  They may not agree with everything you want them too but being a one issue voter  or an “I’m voting against the other guy” voter has not worked very well so far.  As much as I hate to say it ,voting along party lines is not helping either.  Rino’s are just democrats dressed in red, donkeys in elephants clothing, as it were.  If all politics are local, that, it seems to me is where to start.  Vote for the candidate who believes in the Constitution, liberty, freedom and Democracy (with a BIG D).  Encourage candidates that understand the meaning of the words service, sacred honor and integrity.  Help with the campaigns of these folks with time, money and talent. Above all be engaged, aware and in-tune.  The time where  we could trust our politicians to do what they promised has passed, at least for the moment, due in large part to our unwillingness to take them to task, or to the woodshed for that matter.  We have to step up, be the parent, be the adult.

It is past time to Cowboy Up, way passed time.

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Well it’s time to move the Doomsday clock ahead again.  Crisis, chaos, pandaemonium  and hilarity ensues.  I personally agree with scientists except in one minor respect.  I think, nay I’m certain that we are already there.  We have arrived.  Now is the time.  The party is over and it’s time to go.

Of course why I feel that way is pretty much 108 degrees in opposition to our “great” scientific minds.  You know the guys who gave us “global cooling, global warming and now climate change”.  The people who are so involved in proving God doesn’t exist that they can’t be bothered to work on cures for diseases, finding alternate energy sources, or building buildings that can withstand disasters.

Then there are the rest of us.  So enamored of our little lives we think only about the next “fix” (new TV programs, movies, games- sport, video and or computer).  The lottery ticket that’s going to change our lives, the new man or woman who’s going to “make us happy”.  The better job with more money that’s going to cure all our ills or the new set of pills that’s going to help us not care that our lives are empty, sad and lonely.

We who have a spark of the divine are simply too busy, too intelligent, to mature, to sophisticated to need the Creator.  We understand how everything works.  We have come up with theory after theory and pronounce them as fact as to the existence or lack there of, of a higher authority.  We’ve traded a Heavenly Father for Barak Obama.  We do unto others before they do unto us.  We swear at each other, curse each other, neglect each other, abuse each other, maim and kill each other all in the name of …………..nothing.  We do it because we can, because we want to, because we are all there is ( and a bag of chips).

Some have bemoaned the lack of civility in modern life, some look with horror at the carnage  that our cities have become, some wish there were new places to discover just to leave behind the morass of modern life with it’s robot sex toys and prancing soft porn TV actors.  There is however no escape.  Even without the media one is under constant barrage from the forces of darkness and let there be no mistake they are there and they are winning.  One of the greatest tools in the arsenal of the destroyer is to make people believe he doesn’t exist.  In that way he has free rein to sow contention, hatred, disrespect and calamity without fear of reprisal.

Don’t believe me.  Look at the news.  See the horrific things man does to man on a minute to minute basis.  Look around and see the little and great indignities forced upon those who are weak and helpless.  Look at Washington, a greater group of nere’do wells has never been seen on this planet.

So go ahead turn the clock a couple of minutes but I’m here to bear witness that it’s all for nothing.  Ladies and gentlemen,


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