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I will be taking a small vacation from the blog world for the next little while. I figure two weeks to a month. That’s probably how long it will take for me to get my sense of humor back. Those who come here often will most likely know why, but let’s just say I have had enough fun and I don’t desire to have any more of that kind of fun anytime soon.

I am physically fine
Mentally average
Emotionally frustrated

……so instead of taking my rage out on the world in general, I’m going to log off and go kill some monsters. It’s very satisfying and helps me to not want to harm real live people or their unfeeling clones.

Ta ta for now.


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Over at one of my favorite blogs, IMAO, there was a post concerning a new poster that has cropped up in San Franny featuring Sarah Palin. While the poster is lame, uninspired and too wordy, the artist apparently posted a screed that just got my engines turning. I felt that some of his claims needed to be addressed as an intellectual exercise. Apparently we on the right don’t get enough of that kind of exercise. At least that’s what the artist claims.

It is an eternal principle that there will always be those who follow the destroyer. They seek to denigrate man and make him little more than the animals, or in the case of the left in this country, below the animals. These people look for anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praise worthy and seek to destroy it.

I do however love the out and out hypocrisy of his manifesto. So lets examine his claims one by one shall we ( I know, I know but indulge me. I ‘ve had a really lousy week).
We’re dumb? Most of us, at least on the right are either employed or employable, and we didn’t vote for “the man who would be king”

We’re big? Hello Michael Moore and Roseann Barr and Rosie O’donnell …………

We’re white? Guess again, conservatives come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Except dirty hippy and smelly radical

We drink beer and watch the NFL? Wow, 300+ channels and that’s the worst you could come up with. It’s a shame libs don’t watch TV. They could tune into the History channel and maybe catch a clue.

We over consume and under achieve? So what you’re actually saying is we power the economy and it seems to me that the left in their four years ( until now) of holding the White House and Congress only managed to pass the most expensive, job debilitating boondoggle in recent history. Other than that the economy has tanked, the terrorist are still free and Gitmo’s still open.

We think we are this nation? We don’t think we are, we know we are. Who defends it? Who believes in the Constitution? Who lives it’s basic principles? The left? Please don’t be obtuse. And yes those who protect, defend and believe in this nation are heir to it, that’s how it works. The left are heirs to chaos, destruction and anarchy because that is what the promote, seek and worship.

We’ve traded our legacy for fear and complacency? Really. Now that the right is standing up and fighting for our very existence, suddenly, we’re fear mongers. Now that we’ve learned our lessons from the left, hyperbole is unacceptable. I remember “conservatives want to starve school children” and ” conservatives want poor people and senior citizens to die”, but that’s not fear mongering, right. Speak truth to power ( of course that makes statement makes no sense but our intellectual betters can’t be bothered to speak english properly, they’re too busy saving the Snail Darter).

We distrust intellectuals and aspire to stagnation? Well ok. We distrust some intellectuals. We distrust those who lie to further their agenda. We distrust those who never leave their ivory towers and mingle with the rabble, except for junkets to third world dig sites.
We distrust those who manipulate data for their own personal gain. We distrust those who place reputation over facts. Who comes to mind here? Ah yes, Ward Churchill, Global Warming Scientists, Barak Obama, Keith Olberman, Sean Penn (I know but he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else so I’m counting him -it’s my post) and Al Gore the smartest man on the planet.

Last but not least, no we don’t seek stagnation. We also don’t see any need to change something that isn’t broken. This nation has stood for that last 200+ years as an example to the world. A free country. A democracy. A place where anyone, even an incompetent poser can become president. If it wasn’t Barak Hussien Obama would be flipping burgers at McDonalds or greeting people at WalMart.

So as usual the liberal has no leg to stand on, no real basis of fact and no argument of substance.

But then when have they ever let that stop them in the past. Sigh.

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(My prayers go out to the families so tragically affected by this senseless act of bestiality. That said there are a few issues that need to be addressed. This in no way should be seen as making light of or demeaning what has happened. God Bless all who mourn and sorrow)

Congratulations to the radical left, marxist, socialist, Daily Kos, anti-anything good, moral, or praiseworthy crowd. Thanks to them six people are dead, 12 injured. You have pushed people to the end of their ropes, you have driven some of them over the edge of sanity. How? By encouraging the belief that government is an evil, all rights consuming succubus that they have NO control over. You have continued to refuse to listen to the majority (and here in THIS free country, the majority is supposed to still rule). You have created a country in which people are afraid to say anything to their neighbor for fear of being sued or arrested. You have insisted that there is not God and that the only thing that is important is “your” rights, and “your” agenda.

This would be a ridiculous rant if it the left wasn’t already saying the opposite about the right. Yes the Daily Kos, the arbiter of civility, morality, and intelligent discussion (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more) has already trotted out the tired old refrain. “Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al, it’s all THEIR fault”. Wait I forgot George Bush and Carl ( the architect) Rove, my bad. While all of the above are proponents from personal freedom they are also strong proponents of personal responsibility.

Crazy is………..CRAZY. Do we know why someone does the awful things they do? No Can we stop them? Not unless we want to give up all of our freedoms and live in the Gulag. It is the price of living in a free land that sometimes bad things happen to good people. That’s why you live everyday as if your were going to be gone tomorrow.

So now that we know who did this, and there are many witnesses so they can’t claim he didn’t do it, how will this play out. He’ll get a trial (in many countries this would just be a show) and be judged by a jury of his peers (of course they can’t let crazy people on the jury so I’m not sure how to feel about that). Than IF he’s convicted (because of course there is the insanity defense, used so persuasively by the killer of John Lennon- I forget his name) the real fun and games will begin. Thanks to years of liberal back room deals, the death penalty has become the slow boat to life. He will continuously appeal until he either dies of natural causes or is killed in a prison riot by his prison pimp or “girl” friend. The next nutjob will be emboldened by his “Lifetime” movie biography and attempt to create for himself a cult following.

Maybe instead of rushing to judgement and name calling, we could all take a couple of steps back and respond with sensitivity, caring and concern. Maybe instead of vitriol we could try reason and calm. Maybe instead of automatically making enemies of those who think differently than we, we could share our common distress and try to find common ground on which to make the country and the world a better place to live.

Or we could just say as did Daily Kos Founder and chief lunatic:

Mission accomplished Marcos Mouslitsas

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