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Guess what baracky?  I’m not going away.  Go ahead ignore me, marginalize me, I’m not in this for you.  I will continue to call a shovel and shovel, I will continue to shine the light of actual truth on the secret combinations you and your coven are engaged in.  I will continue to remind people what our country was founded on and by whom it was founded. I will continue to cling to my GOD, my GUNS and my country as it was before you fundamentally changed it.

I will also continually fight against obama care, government power grabs and any and all representatives and senators and lobbyists and partisans that support you, that refuse to fight you and that sit on the fence to see which way the people are going to go.  I will highlight those of little or no honesty, integrity and character no matter the color of their skin, the land of their forefathers or their religious affiliation.

I will continue to speak out until you kill me because that is the only way I will remain silent.  I will not go to my grave with the blood of my countrymen on my hands.  I will speak out, I will be THAT woman.  If no one read this blog I will still stand blameless at the last days of treason against my country and my God because I was willing and did remind my fellow Americans what our Constitution and Bill of Rights actually said when it was written, no matter how you change, alter and delete it in the coming eons of your reign.  I will not go away on my own so we will all know what has occurred if I suddenly come up missing, (it’s not like “you people” ie muslims, liberals, socialists, democrats don’t have lots of experience in this kind of activity) everyone will know just who to look to.

So go ahead ignore my blog, blame me for your bad decisions, make me out to be crazy, power hungry and demonic.  It’s called transference and all dictators with delusions of relevancy are prone to it.  Ask Hitler…………when you get where you’re eventually going.  I wonder if all the babies that have been aborted in Illinois will be there to not dip their fingers in the water to quench your fire.  I hope so.  I devoutly hope so.

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I was listening to a radio talk show this evening as I was coming back from spending a few wonderful hours with some of the grandchildren. The host was trying to make a point about “welfare” and “obamacare” and the “dole mentality”.  He asked the women if she had only a certain amount of money for groceries for the month and hot dog and steak were on sale which would she buy. She of course said hotdogs because that is what she could afford.  He then asked  her if someone else was paying for her groceries what would she buy and she said
“the steak of course”.  Of course?  Really?  The host also seemed to think this was a no brainer.

Just because someone else is paying for your groceries it’s perfectly OK to buy more expensive stuff?  It’s appropriate to take advantage of someone who’s trying to help you?  It alright to gouge someone who’s coming to your aid, who’s being generous with their surplus because “hey they have more than they need, I should have some too”?

For those who are confused let me clarify.  It is NEVER OK to take advantage of someone.  It is never right to gouge someone who’s trying to help you.  It is never appropriate to take something from someone just because they have more than you do.

The lack of integrity, the lack of self respect, the lack of compassion that this outlines is stunning.  We have lost our ability to think of others, to empathize, to understand.  Some of us simply want more then they have and if they can’t get it legally and morally they’ll take it from everyone else.

Once upon a time there were standards but I guess that’s all so 20th century.  It’s a brave new world, except it isn’t.  We pulled ourselves out of the Dark Ages by our bootstraps.  We had a rebirth where classical standards and cultural mores harkened back to a higher law.  Hopefully we won’t need a plague to bring us to our knees so that we finally can see the depravity we’ve sunk ourselves and our posterity in.  Or maybe we already have.  Pornography passing as literature in schools, violence and sexuality on display on every channel, violence against women and children on the rise all sound like the plague to me.  Of course in the old days you simply died and went on to a better world.  Today you stay alive and  have to marinate in your sins for quite sometime before getting to the point where you seek to be forgiven and by then it’s usually too late.

This is why were at this junction.  This is the time when we either have to put up or shut up.  Me, I’ll always “put up” but I’ll never shut up. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

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