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So now what?

The highest court in the land has declared open season on marriage.  That’s right I said marriage. You know the sacrament, conceived by religion, perpetuated by religion, fashioned and created by religious people to focus the natural urges of human beings into something that is a contribution to civilization instead of an institution that brings chaos and destruction in it’s wake.  Why would God have ordained that men and women be yoked together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony?  Why is sexual indiscretion so abhorrent to Him?  Why is it that the indiscriminate use of sex is so distasteful and disgusting to people of faith?

Mostly it has to do with a belief that we lived before we came to this earth.  We were spirit children of a Heavenly Father, we had gender, in the courts above.  We covenanted with our Father that we would come to the Earth, gain a body, obey his commandments and return to live with him again.    We do not get to choose our gender, we do not get to do whatever we want no matter how depraved and degenerate, without consequences. We get to choose which path to follow, we get to choose what we do or do not do, what we don’t get to choose is the consequences of our actions.  Our Creator knows what will happen to us if we choose poorly, which is why he tells us what not to do or what to do.  He doesn’t leave us alone to make choices blindly.  He’s give us a guide, He’s asked the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us, if we live in ways that that being can influence us.

Here’s the facts though.  Wickedness never was happiness.  No matter how many people enable you, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many people are corrupted, no matter who speaks on your behalf, homosexuality is wrong.  I don’t hate gays, I don’t dislike them, nor do I treat them differently than I would anyone else.  The fact is that God created MAN and WOMAN.  They are responsible for creating families for spirit children to come to, to fulfill the measure of their creation.   They can not do that in homosexual unions.  They cannot create children from their bodies, without the intervention of secular medicine.   They will not create happy, healthy or well adjusted children because the basic premise of their life is a lie.

I am somewhat interested to see how this is going to play out.  Now that marriage is “open” I wonder how long it will be before people will be marrying animals, or having more than on spouse. Of course now maybe serial fornicators may actually marry the mothers of their children but I doubt it. If one considers that the father of lies has from the beginning sought to frustrate the plan of salvation, what better way than to destroy the cornerstone of civilization, the family.

The Supreme Court can not make enough laws, they cannot force enough churches to marry gay couples, they cannot manipulate the language or culture enough to ever make this right.  Because it’s not.  It is that simple.  Homosexuality is a crime against God and against nature.  I don’t care if you’re gay, I don’t care what you do in your personal life.  I care that you want to MAKE me approve, make me believe or feel differently.  I care that you seek to undermine my beliefs, corrupt my children and enslave my grandchildren to your personal Hell.

2 Luke 1-5:

1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Deny it.  I triple dog dare you.
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Most days I love it when I’m right (it doesn’t happen often) but not today. Today I’ve been assured that this country is on the fast train to Hell (the place not the curse word).  I wish it were not so but I’m afraid it is.

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So I have a question. Well in truth I have a lot of questions but let’s just focus on this one today.

Mr. Snowden has disappeared from Hong Kong.  I would ask if that was a surprise to anyone but why ask.  Of course it’s not a surprise.  He states he knew what was going to happen. He knew he was giving up his liberty, his freedom.  He knew that if the government thugs sent to get him had their way he’s never see the light of day.  Some of us refuse to believe even after “Scandalance” that our government might not be the friend of truth.  More and more of us everyday realize that “our” government no longer belongs to us.  It belongs to the crooked politician, the lobbiest, the career civil servant and the elitist.

So here’s my question.  Why does anyone query the idea that Snowden felt safer coming forward to an outside of the US news organization then to Congress or one of it’s committees.  RINO John Boehner has called for Mr Snowden’s head.

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I don’t know about any one else but personally I’m exhausted.  I’m tired of new allegations, new developments, new assertions concerning the lack of integrity, honor, truthfulness and honesty of the current crop of liars, criminals and degenerates inhabiting the halls of government today.  As if for the past 5 years this hasn’t been apparent to those of us who’ve eschewed the “zombie” press, recognizing it as the propaganda arm of the democratic party.  Most of us who recognized long ago that objectivity and journalism have long since parted ways, believe little that is said by those who have been supposedly trained as “objective observers” and are instead news makers instead of news reporters.  I’ve often blogged about this state of affairs so no need to beat that dead horse (PETA, it’s just an expression, go back to hassling the farmers who feed you).

We’ve been inundated with scandals since the 2nd coronation of his majesty obama the inept.  In his first term we had:

Fast and Furious

Black Panther-gate


and other smaller missteps that can be attributed to an lack of engagement by this president.  He is simply not connected to the “little people”.  Elitists have that problem almost universally, but this character and his cabal have taken it to new and dizzying heights.

Now, however, well into his second era, not only does the emperor not have any clothes on he doesn’t have any underwear on as well.  This has taken his actions and attitudes from insulting to embarrassing.  Even Europe has become disenchanted with the secular “messiah”.  We have become fatigued by wave after wave of scandal. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might postulate that all of these scandals have been revealed to desensitize us to to the lack of lawfulness that the administration is planning to unveil before this term ends.  Someone, a congressman (not person, this one is male) from New York has already introduced a bill to void the 22nd amendment. You know, the one that limits presidents to two consecutive terms.

Quickly lets run through the scandals flying in the wind at the moment: Hat tip

1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies:  Pro Israel groups and groups with the words “Tea Party, Patriot, Conservative in their names and this was BEFORE the election
2. Benghazi: At the very least there are a multitude of question with this one.
Why wasn’t the mission there protected?
What were our ambassador and CIA operatives doing there ?
Who was in charge during the incident and who gave the stand down order?
Where and what was the president doing throughout the attack?
3. Watching the AP:  Since when does the government have the right to simply scoop up information on citizens without a warrant?
4. Rosengate:  James Rosen (Fox news) identified in a complaint as a criminal. His emails and phones monitored as well as his families.
5. Potential Holder perjury I: Holder signed off on the affidavit on Rosen (see above) but told a Congressional committee under oath ” he had never been associated with ‘potential prosecution’ of a journalist for perjury.”
6. Potential Holder Perjury II: A left over scandal from the emperors 1st term AG Holder testified that he had only recently (May 2012)  learned about Fast and Furious but there is a good deal of solid evidence that he knew about it much before.
7. Sebelius demands payment: Fraud and abuse of her office, involves Health and Human Service Sec. Kathleen Sebelius who apparently was busy shaking down companies for donations.  These of course were companies the department might regulate. She would supposedly use said money to sign up the uninsured to obamacare.
8. The Pigford scandal: Over at the Ag Department reparations were paid to those who supposedly were discriminated against (black farmers) but morphed into a billion dollar debacle where thousands of minority and female farmers who weren’t discriminated against received payments as well. Yep, B as in billion.
9. GSA gone wild: This is the just the tip of the iceberg in DC.  What no one is saying but is in the back of most Americans minds is how many other Departments have done worse.  Outrageous conventions, millions of dollars wasted, bad behavior. What do we have to do to get the adults back in charge in government?

Which brings me to the impetus of my writing this morning.  Pay close attention, it involves some circular thought.

Bob Menendez is a senator from New York (of course).  It was reported that he would visit Dominican Republic to have sex with underaged women.  Some women came forward with that claim, then they said someone paid them to make the claim.  Menendez went to the Dominican Republic with a wealthy donor Dr. Melgen.  It was reported that Menendez was intervened with the government here and in the Dominican Republic when Meglen was facing issues here and there.  Now the FBI is on the case looking for those responsible for “faking the sex story”.  What about the abuse of power and being in the pocket of a wealthy donor?  Nothing out of the ordinary here, move along nothing to see. 

While I realize that waste, fraud and abuse are endemic to Washington DC, I am frustrated that no one seems to care that the FBI and CIA are being used by politicians to escape justice and punish those they disagree with.  They are being used to target “enemies” of the president or those who vocally don’t agree with the present administrations goals and aspirations. They have morphed, in fact, to a  “non military-army” along with agents of the IRS, Treasury, EPA, NSA, TSA and ICE.  These are part of the presidents Civilian Militia.  Who are the other people he has in mind for his “Civilian police force,” where will they come from and who will they be? Who will they report to and what will be their authority? I think we are beginning to see just what he had in mind.
Ben Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” But who pays attention to old dead white guys now a days?

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